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Check out a brilliant collection of lifehacks that every girl will love. Sometimes we do not know how to solve small problems that can spoil the whole day. Don’t worry and watch our video and your life will change!
Learn by heart the following tips:
- You can easily get rid of hair static by wrapping a hairbrush handle with aluminum foil
- Use a hairbrush to apply hair dye
- Lip balm perfectly softens the cuticle
- Check out a perfect recipe for tired eyes - take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes. Cold milk soothes tired eyes
- Soak kitchen sponge in water, put into a plastic bag and freeze. It’s a perfect cold pack for bruises
- If you have some cuts, stop the bleeding with a bit of pepper
- Place the oats in an old pantyhose and attach to the faucet to let the water pour through the pantyhose. The oatmeal bath helps to ease irritated skin
- Use tweezers to contour your nose
- Check out a tutorial on how to choose the right color of foundation
- Replace shaving foam with a conditioner
- Use sticky tape for overhanging eyelids
- We prepared brilliant lifehack how to make super cute freckles using mehndi cone
- Check out how to replace eyeshadows with lip gloss
Check out a collection of awkward moments every girl will understand. Sometimes you wake up and the whole day becomes a fail day. You will find funny scenes about girly fails. Have you ever had a situation when you don’t have a mirror in a bag and use someone else’s car window as a mirror? Guess what? It suddenly opens and the worst situation is that if the cute guy is inside.
00:09 Hair lifehacks
02:00 Use band-aid to remove a splinter
02:51 Milk for tired eyes
05:13 Makeup tips
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  • 3:05 or something around that; sure, I’ll just let milk drip on my shirt!

  • 9:05 ok chanel

  • 11:49 I think everyone saw the hand up I’m I right

  • بلا دقيقه ١:٤٨ لسبت البنطلون على مقلوب 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • 3:24 srry

  • Did anyone notice 3:42

  • And, for the sake of your health: Having a migraine, yeah they happen sometimes. But I do not recommend having caffeine to help stop the migraine. OK, migraines can be different for everything but proceed with caution if your going to have caffeine.

  • I knew the sixth one already

  • Я тут одна русская?)

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  • Repeating the content

  • 10:51 She is Captain Marvel

  • What

  • 8:10 is fake

  • I really didn't know you have mehndi in America

  • You guys look like dolls

  • In the first thing something holding her hair like if you Sall it👇

  • If u have sensitive teeth then don’t put a tea bag in ur mouth it causes cancer

  • 5 minute craft is ALL حرام

  • 28:31

  • Even turmeric stops bleeding and also helps to cure the cut early

  • This video makes me glad I don’t wear makeup

  • Shouldn't this be on the 5-Minute Crafts Girly channel?

  • 11:03 its french c est du français !

  • 2:39 tho 😑

  • 5:45 Michael Jackson:*hEeheE*

  • I did the q-tip hack before going on stage for a musical, and I worked great! now I carry q-tips in my purse!

  • No offence but the girl in the first 2 ‘hacks’ is always smiling with almost yellow teeth (not trying to be mean but maybe its better not ketting her smile)

  • No one: Not a single soul: 5 min crafts: 2:05 wipes the floor like that

  • 3:36 😂

  • 3:36 😂

  • Cristiano Ronaldo ??😹seriously lol

  • 6:19 what crazyness the mendhi will dark next day😂😀😁

    • next day that will turn fake into real freckles...😂😂😂

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  • 3:50 it looks really disgusting

  • I think they should brush their teeth more .. because their teeth are yellow..

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  • girl in the thumb nail is morgz mum every time she talks xDDD

  • When the hair was in the air i saw the finger standing there

  • Las últimas me deprimi... Puros problemas sin solución 💔

  • 2:38 The most painful moment! Awch 😫

  • 1:48 she really put them pants on backwards huh

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  • 1:48 she put them on backwards....

  • They used a balloon for the first hack


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  • Did anyone else notice at 1:50 she put her pants on backwards

  • 10:51 There’s a finger there

  • 10:51 I saw a hand

  • What was the thing with the nose right before the fake freckles

  • 2:39 credoooooo 😖

  • Caffeine can make migraines worse not better

  • did anyone see that balloon at 10:51 - 10:52 when she had frizzy hair

  • My aunt is just the twin of Vicky

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  • 7:10 Did she just geta text from Christiano Ronaldo

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  • 1:05. so that is why there is so much hair on the ground!

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  • At least this wasn’t clickbait. Good vid

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  • 11:18 GUMBALL!!!!

  • Hay quá

  • these are helpful but some work for all guys and girls

  • Black pepper for bleeding!!! OMG, Seriously!!!!!

  • Короче, россияне, лайфхак по удалению волос с помощью кофе, лимона, и зуб. пасты не работает, не пробуйте. Я пожалела уже о том, что проверила его, только всё кругом перепачкала

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