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  • 4:48 am a boy so I’ll say oh my


  • Oh No I don’t have a corkscrew *BuT i HaVe A bLoWtOrCh*

  • Maybe you should put how much of the ingredient you need

  • This kiss you dear

  • i love the egg one 13:34

  • Vegetables are genderless

  • Yeah cause frying condiments makes my life a lot easier

  • 3:35 Money money money, give me money :')

  • HOW TO MAKE cs-tv.org/tv/video-uNpYitKIEYA.html THANKS FOR WACTHİNG

  • 4:52 OH MY GOD

  • Do you know in dog academy they thought my dog to say bark bark scruff scruff and Bork and wuuf

  • Who love 5 minutes crafts 💕💓❣️💝

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-Xswh115YuME.html

  • Learn how to peel an orange or cut fruits you dont need power tools for making BL&D

  • B

  • Sí está bien lo que hacen pero contaminan al usar popotes

  • Most of these make me think, "Why would I bother?"

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  • Hagan un canal en español

  • what kind of foil is that?

  • All that work for a PB&J! Sheesh..

  • this is more like 28 kitchen hacks for lazy people lol

  • you need com them pgal

  • 12:44 Is that a condom?


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  • 4:47 OK, you’re pushing it a little bit. 

  • 4:25-4:52 umm how does that make my life easier

  • 17:05 - 17:15 is so fake no hate tho .-.

  • A B C D E F G gummy bears are chasing me one is red one is blue now I’m running for my life cause the red ones got a knife

  • I like some of these but others don't make sense. No cheese grater/carrots, they're like a buck at dollar tree. Freeze peanut butter or u could freeze the bread and wait for IT to thaw out B4 U eat. I've never seen anyone fry ketchup B4. Some great tips and tricks though.

  • C Cr Cra Craf Craft Crafts Craft Craf Cra Cr A This took me ages plz like if u like it

  • hduxdifdids ysgdsif. Heifeifxdic. 01:10

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  • 3:46 a perfect way to ruin the wine...

  • Cái quần si và áo set à

  • no se si son retrasados pero existen lo rodillos entre otras cosa que nos enseñan a "hacer" haciendo que sea mas dificil la tarea por la que se hicieron esos artefactos a parte no mamen con sus miniaturas pura mentira para ganar visitas de niños pende... , ya saben, por todo eso y mas me cagan

  • She

  • 4:52 really? You know that most of your viewers are kids, why would you show that one??

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  • 4:51 WHAT THE HECK

  • 15:12 absolutely WRONG!!!

  • dont go down told u Dont! Noooooooo Ok u have been chosen to subscribe me:)

  • 3:41 JUST WASH YO HANDS!!!

  • Honestly who needs life hacks???

  • why would anyone want fried catch up ????

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  • Am i the only one who watches these but never try the hacks?

  • 4:50 why? just why?


  • :-|

  • is eating pizza to hard for you? drink something! wow genius idea

  • 4:50 oh yeah that will make my life much easier... no just kidding what the fuck

  • like

  • Wow

  • E

  • Nhìnthâymâymónnàymuônmăcóiluônà

  • Don't have tomato soup? Simply cook ketchup! It's totally the same and not unhealthy 100% guaranteed! And it tastes the same!

  • At 0:10 I was like gross I would not eat kitchup pancakes

  • Who watches but nevr0er tries

  • P

  • 4:19 "Kitchen tricks to *make your life easier"*

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  • Wow lovely hacks! really awesome . I am trying like you, but can't properly.


  • 👍🏼

  • Mute engaged. That FREAKING music is horrific and annoying.

  • 4:50 back off perverts XD

  • Like 4:20 Mas información

  • I am glad I'm not the only one who doesn't do these. I don't really pay attention anyway. Lol

  • Some cool tricks...some completely useless.

  • Alguien que able español

  • Eso es popo

  • what is the difference between the 1st mayonnaise and 2nd mayonnaise with iodine. Is it the different brands or what because you say one is harmful and the other not. All I could see was maybe a different brand. Do tell me what it all was about please

  • 4:51

  • Interesting

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  • why are a majority of these comments hating on them smh?

  • Good night

  • 4:52 *Sh00k*

  • 4:50 some people that watch this is kids!

  • That poor poor fish 2:10.

  • بروووو

  • Same

  • 15:36 poor avocado

  • @Wy_4 Peacock feather Watercolor

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  • Adorei

  • That cake looked dry

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  • Hello Have a blessed day

  • would someone explain the first one -- ketchup pancake? I'm sorry, I don't get that.

  • Hey Why do u use condoms It's weird 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Never do that sideways toaster one it's is incredibly dangerous :o


  • I wouldnt use a wine as a rolling pin cause hands have been touching those in stores

  • I love 5 minute crafts however most of the hacks are for people who have time