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  • 4:48 How does this make my life easier?

  • Any concept of how long it would take to juice an entire pomegranate? Use a potato ricer at least, sheesh.

  • Yes, go ahead and spray oil on the salad to defeat the purpose.

  • 0:17 no one does that. These hack are just repetitive uselessness.

  • A lot of the stuff not very smart really.

  • I Loved The Ketchup Bottle For Pancakes, Paper For Coke Opener, Knife Sharpener On Cup But My Favorite Was Burned Cookies Scrap Them On A Cheese Shredder!! Wonderful Ideas!!

  • 4:50 CENSORED, NO KIDS ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS PART Lol they ate the nipples. 😂

  • that fish at 2:09 is not happy. 4;33, she made bums.

  • Uhhh one of them have something very inappropriate like if u found it and reply saying what it was

  • Mmmmmmmm ice cream cake

  • Great

  • It's too good 😘😘

  • Stop

  • Rahatel omg

  • can i use gas oil?

  • How else though it was weird when they put toothpaste on the fish

  • Don’t Press Read More. Like If You Made It

  • That pomegranate hack seems to be extremely time consuming

  • ????여기 한국사람!!! 손!!! 한국사람이면 ↓

  • 12:12 that orange now has steroids

  • Brilliant thankyou🍳🍰🍌

  • Ta de Brinks? Ter vinho champanhe sla E UM MASSARICO DESSES E N TER UM SCA ROLHA?!

  • Nah ki magyar rajtam kívül?😂🇭🇺

  • Interesting, but added dialogue (rather than muzak) would assist

  • Eww girls butts and Brest

  • (((Hienz))) eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyhhhhhhh YAFAKTURSHT

  • Hola

  • No me agrado nada el del minuto 04:24 Que mente sucia 😭😱😠😤😥😨😵😲


  • Bum biscuits and Colgate on a cod......your welcome

  • 4:40 so bikinis and underwear cookies are for children.. Imagine a kid bringing that to school or something...

  • I never know if I should trust these at all

  • WorkGreed.com/?cashid=41635

  • Некоторые достаточно интересные, спасибо. Но многие уже старые трюки

  • very good

  • Nobody needs this information. Move out of your parents basement and get a job.

  • You,re dum

  • io creo que lo de la palta es mentira y no entendi ni verga no se ingles

  • Watch this: Theo jansen walking machines cs-tv.org/tv/video-U3HeXd4fMQs.html

  • Ame

  • so at the end of the video you had Lemon peelings left after took the the bowl out of the microwave what did you do when those peelings.... I NEED TO KNOW NOW!

  • some of these hacks are kinda cringy......ugh...no thanks

  • show support to my page if you can

  • How is this not demonitzied 4:49

  • 4:43 oh 🤢🤢😑😑😑😒😒

  • So useful im too retarted to make a sandwich so glad i found out how to make one without ripping the bread now it only takes me 8 hours to make a sandwich👌

  • haah!!! do you think that it is sauce on the thumbnail it is actually pancake mix with red colour in it

  • Hmmmm...... maybe i do the cookies

  • Which is better boiled or not

  • Who would want chicken that tasted like Coke?