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  • Stop this

  • Embak pintar

  • I have a feeling the apple would rocket off the drill if you didn’t do it right

  • No mames para que ayer dime para qué son estos tontos trucos te complicas más las cosas y terminas haciendo un desastre ayer dime para que la pasta de dientes y el pescado si te ensusias usa guantes de cocina en mucho más barato

  • Cookies with bikini wao

  • Did I just saw someone washing her hands with toothpaste...


  • idea of ​​an animal warming the wine just to take the cork, my God ...

  • How is separating egg yolks part of Hell’s Kitchen?

  • Do not watch

  • Who knows the song from 8:55

  • 🇫🇷 qui regarde en france

  • 4:50

  • Im offended of the one at 2:57 because they should not have genders, they should be able to choose what they want to be

  • 4:47 I thought this was supposed to be a kid friendly channel? Proves how dirty minded these people actually are 😳😱😐😂

  • 5:59 nature has provided you with a thumb why not use that?

  • Like aki Magyar és látta a Tokaj 🍷

  • No sabes como llegaste aqui? Yo tampoco.

  • Apple and drill worst one

  • uhh the bikinis are for girls, AND WHY DID U MAKE A N*KED B**B?

  • Very nice all the best

  • 4:49 the second one

  • Ok dear americans, you can do every you want with your products, ketchup pancakes or lemon fish but... the iced coffee pls no... i am a italian and iced coffee is a swear...

  • WOW recién me doy cuenta que tiene más de 50 millones de suscriptores

  • 4:28 that's not perfect heart *couple seconds later* Oh.....

  • Can't you just go out to buy a grater or peeler?

  • Demonetized

  • Thor: how do I look like? Rocket: you look like 0:43

  • I dont have rubber bands but i have a hot iron and aluminium foil Like who else have rubber bands or a bottle opener?

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Who else would wanna eat bakini cookies?


  • Todo esto es estúpido

  • 7:15 thats not even an on the go hack, finna use that at home

  • 4:49 lol

  • 4:53 not for kids

  • Hi

  • 12:44 is that a baloon?

  • Who else knows that song from Jeffy

  • Sou o único aqui brasileiro

  • Susriboros a fernanflo like si ya estas suscrito a fenanflo

  • Peanut butter is gross

  • 1950's : people in 2019 will have flying cars 2019: A CS-tv channel that keeps on doing the same hacks over and over.

  • 1:15

  • Who else watches but never does them like if you do☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • dah heck are those cookies? underwear cookies? LOL

  • 2:57 wait peppers have genders?

  • baleben

  • zoobi

  • 9:10 or you can go wash your hands

  • The chocalate cake hack is interesting, maybe i will try it.

  • And I thought men were lazy


  • Guys do not spread peanut butter like that YOU ARE BETTER.

  • I'm definitely using 4:49

  • Fake vedio

  • What a waste of my time. Pretty weak hacks and seen most of them elsewhere. Overall very weak.

  • niiiiice ,amazing

  • yea? i got bored , so i said to myself while im at it i might as well brush fish teeth .

  • nobody noticed at 12:44 ??

  • claquer au sol

  • Amazing kitchen tricks.. to add your knowledge on kitchen hacks watch this ckk.ai/TFh28

  • I had to stop watching it when I saw her using a metal whisk in a Teflon coated pan. Obviously, this woman does not know her way around a kitchen. Also, the music was really annoying and the helpful hints looked like they would just consume more time than help you save time.

  • some of these are Harmful and Are So fake its funny

  • all good thank you

  • 8:10 I did a warning about this on another video so here it is again Don't, I repeat Don't do the grilled cheese toaster trick. While it does work, most people forget that there are bread crumbs on the bottom on the toaster in a catch tray usually. If you tip it sideways those crumbs come into contact with the heating element which will cause them to smoke or catch on fire depending on how long you put it in for. So if you insist on trying it at least don't forget to clean out your toaster so you don't set it on fire.

  • Think the fish is going a little mintie 😂😂😂

  • Decoraciones de la casa y cosina

  • quien no habla ingles yo no

  • What kind of foil do you use to etch the cookbook?

  • A cheese grater is like 2 bucks but I think I will punch holes in an old tuna can instead cause salads are better with hint of tetanus😂

  • Who Carrie's a needle around

  • I like the freezing of peanut butter and making them like slices of cheese

  • What and why is Colgate in this?

  • Hay im from indonesian my name is andra you arr smart

  • Mukhang complicated but I'll try.

  • 4:49 keep those thoughts to yourself nobody what to see that ever again

  • It’s amazing !!!

  • pepper mal and female is a lie... all fruits are female part of flower after pollinisation...

  • If you have a nutrabullet, replace icecream with the frozen fruit that comes out of the machine . How dang healthy is that? wow!