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  • Who rubs their hands with tooth paste??😀😀

  • Yeah sure al freeze some peanut butter so a can make a piece with it in a few hours daftys

  • What was the coffee cube thing?

  • Pankeca 14:29

  • My life is so much easier now!!! NOOOT!!!!

  • *sees one scene of something inappropriate-ish*

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • That part about male and female bell peppers is complete B.S. That's just a myth.

  • 2:17 so its OK for your fish to taste like lemons or not...

  • I have forgotten my age, I am a kid, how old am I?

  • Here things are unbelilivable😍Always watch and Use!!!!

  • What was with the frying ketchup???? Anyone know lol

  • 0.20 nem tudsz megkenni egy kenyeret. Az gáz

  • Also 15:21, they're the same avacado, but okay

  • 12:50 Tryina act like drinking something cold after you burn your mouth is a hack

  • Tokai is Hungary I'm Hungary

  • All the crafts care very nice and good to taste and I tried some of them and they really worked if you agree hit a like .

  • Sml theam anyone

  • Now your roll can make your mouth minty fresh

  • Do any of them actually work

    • Yes like the one that makes your mouth minty fresh

  • Proof positive that nothing can’t be overcome with a little human ingenuity. EXCEPT, don’t sauté your chicken in a bottle of Coke. DONT DO IT.

  • Easier than using any of the incredibly common kitchen tools designed to do these things?

  • The melted ice cream and flour cake at 0:43 is the coolest tip here. I've got to try that asap!

  • 4:52 why?

  • Ohhhh 12:41 ummmmmmmmm......

  • I’m not bein funny but there name are 5 minutes craft and if u go back throw there videos and this one most of them are all over 5 mins.And most of these are useless just sayin no ofense 👍🏼

  • Check vidhose.com to post your video space.

  • Not everyone has a blowtorch in the pantry

  • 4:51 erhm... Yeah.. I guess you see it

  • The under pant cookie is better

  • *falta* *6* *escritos* *para* *minha* *meta*

  • im in my kitchen alot of the tme ,these hacks will help me out so much!

  • I would like to know more about that foil hack with the iron,,, anybody??!!!!!

  • This what’s good on the streets now?

  • Wow. I can tell there are a TON of children watching this channel!😂😂😂😂

  • 2:58 STOP with the sexism!

  • The soundtrack was enough for me! I rewound it like 6 times..

  • 31 0/0

  • Why were they putting toothpaste on that fish

  • A ketchup pancake??

  • Love 5 minutes hacks but not enough to actually try any of it.

  • 8:15 the cheese wasn't even melted lol Edit: If you can't open a jar you can also tap the lid on the end of a counter all the way around and it'll open easily.

  • Really cool! how do i find it again and post it to friends on facebook?

  • Good one Worth

  • 17:12 jUSt DoN't BuRn uR CoOkiEs!!

  • 4:49 No...just...no

  • About the egg shaked in glass - tried it once, had mush from egg. Thanks alot

  • And are you seriously usually putting meat into coca-cola and bake it?

  • All I'm thinking is if you don't want your chicken too oily, just don't use too much oil then you don't have to dry it with napkin. Just roast it with some butter under the lid or foil in the beginning and sometimes baste it with juices that the chicken produces itself during roasting.

  • Wow very nice

  • 2:20 why you cooking it? True carnivores eat flesh raw🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I love 5 minutes craft ❤❤❤

  • I'll just go ahead and put toothpaste on my fish, thank you ♤

  • Family video montage this the one we bought cookies please CS-tv make this one

  • the tricks for on the go should be called tricks for when you're broke

  • bogo ka

  • Like si ablas español y no entiendes nada XD

  • Bbbvעיעעע

  • Please subs me..

  • All of these don’t work

  • Hold on to I get my blowtorch out of the cupboard pffft

  • I like the video and music

  • Alguien que hable español..??

  • 14:05 My Mother's Tradition For Rolling Dough. Also The Family Member From My Mother Did It Too.

  • ORllnAL

  • Did you just assume the peppers gender? I mean its 2019... hahahhahahah

  • There's a great chance of getting metal shards in your food and eating them and causing bad internal problems when you make and use any of the graters in this video. Don't be cheap, BUY ONE!

  • 4:50 wow what an amazing hack 😐😐😂😂😂

  • 4:32 takin up their Infiniti sponsorship

  • Raw? I prefer cooked

  • Baking Xmas cakes HOW TO cook Christmas cakes

  • who watch and never do it LIKE if you do

  • corn flour is a karadeniz turkey flour ne dedun da etmedum

  • Is it just me or do they repeat the same thing that they did in one of there other videos

  • Suscriban se a mi canal soy Linda p.l no e subido niun vídeo de le like si se suscribieron

  • Ketch up pancakes? Disgusting

  • Wow these crafts come in handy.

  • mentirraaaaaa

  • My brother kept on hitting our door 1 hoya = 1 prayer

  • felt hungry

  • Why don't u just toast the bread??

  • 2:56 there is no flavor difference between 3 and 4 lobe bells. They also aren't male/female.

  • 7:38 Dave why does the chicken taste like coke? Dave: *shrugs

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you

  • 4:48 How does this make my life easier?

  • Any concept of how long it would take to juice an entire pomegranate? Use a potato ricer at least, sheesh.

  • Yes, go ahead and spray oil on the salad to defeat the purpose.

  • 0:17 no one does that. These hack are just repetitive uselessness.

  • A lot of the stuff not very smart really.

  • I Loved The Ketchup Bottle For Pancakes, Paper For Coke Opener, Knife Sharpener On Cup But My Favorite Was Burned Cookies Scrap Them On A Cheese Shredder!! Wonderful Ideas!!

  • 4:50 CENSORED, NO KIDS ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS PART Lol they ate the nipples. 😂

  • that fish at 2:09 is not happy. 4;33, she made bums.

  • Uhhh one of them have something very inappropriate like if u found it and reply saying what it was

  • Mmmmmmmm ice cream cake

  • Great

  • It's too good 😘😘

  • Stop

  • Rahatel omg

  • can i use gas oil?

  • How else though it was weird when they put toothpaste on the fish