28 Ways to ANNOY Your FRIENDS in Minecraft

čas přidán 4. 03. 2023
Here are 28 Ways to Prank Your Friends in Minecraft, that you PROBABLY didn't know..
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  • pro tip: subscribing makes you a 100% better prankster

  • ever notice that light gray stained glass truly ruin your friendship

  • It's honestly nice to know that Dexter still plays Minecraft after being trapped in a 3DS with Alek

  • Everybody knows the pain of glass panes look exactly the same as an empty inventory 😂

  • Every minecraft player knows that pain of panes looks exactly the same as an empty inventory slot

  • Every Minecraft player knows the pain of glass panes.

  • As a pe player the 21 boat cram its really hard to make a boat since you need one wooden shovel and 5 wood and you cant drop it after making it and you cant spam it

  • For the light staind glass one it only works on java!

  • Speaking of drip leaf, someone dropped me into a pit (44 blocks, no armor) with them once and I lived! :)

  • For the carpet pranks i got another carpet prank , insted of puffer fish , place some magma or lava blocks under the carpet to burn ya friends to crisp

  • I saw one where someone replaced a piece of obsidian from their friend's nether portal with a coal block. That is so evil 😈

  • ya with the flying machine its annoying but if you are good enough you can slime block clutch down and survive.

  • For the light gray glass. Just break the chest

  • Mallow deserves so much more subs

  • i like to write the entire lyrics of never gonna give you up in books and leave it in a chest or give it to someone when they try to rob me they get rick rolled

  • perfect, now i just need friends to play with =(

  • At that last one they can just use a auto clicker to get out the armer stands

  • keep going, almost at 40k subs, u gonna get it!!

  • The library, Stainglass, to truly ruin your friendship