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Raging waves at Boca Inlet this weekend turned this into a dangerous situation. 3 people on 2 jetskis rolled over and could not re mount. They were battered and taking waves over head for several minutes before any help could arrive.

It was a rough weekend for south florida boats. Huge waves at several inlets including Haulover Inlet, Boca Inlet and Jupiter Inlet. We cover all 3 on the Wavy Boats Network and more videos from this weekend are yet to come out. Stay tuned and make sure to check out @Rough Inlets for our coverage of Jupiter Inlet and more Haulover Boats. Don't miss out!

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  • Scary situation. Why do you guys think the guy on the Jetski didn't help initially? 😳

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    • Scary situation. Why do you guys think the guy on the phone didn’t call for help sooner? And why didn’t he say there is a man in the water and he needs help ,instead of “I think” ?

    • Scary situation. Why do you guys think the guy on phone didn’t call for help sooner or said there is a man in the water that needs help instead of “I think “ 😳

    • Why did it take so long to call for help??

    • @Eugene Charles I´ll take fake news for 1.5 million Eugene Charles, you reject.

  • I think A hole needs to climb on so they can follow. I dont care how tired he is

  • The people in the rescue boat are not even wearing life vests. Unbelievable...

  • Like being in a damn washing machine!

  • Was there ever a point when these 3 thought it was fun? Why don't the waves carry everything toward shore? The one and possibly the only thing I understand about the ocean is to never, never, never turn my back on it.

  • za

  • Why do people never prepare for worst case scenarios? If you are totally out of shape , you should stick to reading books. But on the good side they were all wearing live vest... And you all filming suck ass , why did it take YOU so long to call for help, punks..

  • I’ve been in that situation. It is tough to try to get back on the ski. Those waves drain all your energy even for a young man like myself let alone those old/outta shape folks. Glad they made it home that day.

  • Mate you need to be confident in your skills going through a bar/inlet like that, these people clearly have no idea. why the hell would you choose to go there is beyond stupid

  • the rescue had no brain

  • Good job

  • Wow thanks for telling the whole story, that was even scary to watch! Thank you for your heroism, you saved three lives.

  • Assuming they had the physical strength to pull themselves back on , it doesn’t help to have all the folks on one side of that ski.

  • I wonder how strong the flow is there. If you fall over it will pull you into the open sea.

  • Sad to say but this is the result of inexperience/boating education , not being fit and having disposable money for toys. At least they wore PFD'S.

  • normal the guardien go to bim .but i see note this !?

  • i can belive this men on jetsky is not humain

  • The future of America.

  • Did they get the over turned ski out of the water?

  • Channel 16 vhf

  • Call harbor patrol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No time to screw around. Ski dude should have had gal hold on and tow to shore. Ski dude could have even gotten in water an assisted each one individually to mount ski. Just get it done. Geez

  • If you're overweight, extremely unfit and of a certain age, perhaps water skiing in crazy waves should be left to the opposite of you. Geez.

  • why not have ropes in the jet ski and let them grab to them?

  • There's enough stupidity in that situation to go around. You guys should have realized a guy hanging on the back of the jet ski was in trouble. Took you long enough to call for help! Nobody ever accused of Floridians of being smart! Damn! Shouldn't have been out there in the first place! I guess it's true! Stupid is a stupid does!

  • Yep that's why I don't go in the ocean or Big Lake I'm not trying to die

  • Leave em be they have vests on, dont give them fish teach em how to fish. Bad call on that one

  • Сколько дураков на свете!...😳

  • Glad sharks weren’t watching…

  • Landlubber here...jet ski's are amazing rescue tools. I honestly though a jet ski couldn't be flipped or was self righting.


  • The struggle to remount. Lol If you can't do 1 pull up. You are very ill equipped to do anything.

  • I swear some people are so brainless on the water, no business out there on jet skis in such conditions...

  • I have no idea how you can watch somebody stranded in this kind of choppy water and keep asking should we call for help? Every second is life or death.

  • I'm shocked to see the rescuers in the skid did not have life-jackets on. Why ANYONE would go out in these conditions without a life-jacket is completely nuts.

  • Thank God for life jackets .

  • Why risking life like that...I'm sure they really drunk a lot of Water...no jokes in Sea... Sea is not our friend guys ... Lifejacket saved them.

  • Why in the world would you go out on a jet ski with those waves?

  • How old are these people? Jesus christ!

  • Yes, you have the 'freedom' to be on the water in any conditions and you are free to risk your own life, but if you don't know what you are doing then you are literally risking the lives of the people who must come save you. Yes, rescue personnel signed up for that duty, but you wouldn't casually stroll through a burning building just because you knew the fire department would show up. Every time I see a situation like this it reminds me that Flori-duh is aptly named ...

  • I don't get it. The guy who was sitting on the rear of that jetski. He just sat there. He couldn't climb up onto it? I figured he must have been injured, but at the end of the video it says everyone was ok, and he's seen sitting there apparently just fine. And isn't the rear of a jetski where riders climb on? So he was blocking others from getting on. And then eventually he was knocked off, and separated from the jetski. Anyway, clearly all three of them messed up, big time. Too rough of water for their skill level and level of physical strength and stamina. They need to stay on smooth water, close to shore.

  • No physical fitness. These people should be on dry land and still I'd worry lol. But seriously... if your fat dont go on a jetski.

  • Lagyan lubid para madala sila..nku Dios

  • لو كان الكفار يعلمون ما يخفيه البحر ومدى عظمته و قوته وكثرة تسبيحه لله عز وجل وإنكاره لأفعالهم لما اقتربوا منه خطوة واحدة سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم والحمد لله على هذه النعمة العظيمة ونعمة الشهادتين ونعمة الإسلام نسأل الله عز وجل الثبات وحسن الخاتمة

  • Now everyone are save? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Look at the crossmoon in my clips !!Jesus Christ's judgement day is coming very soon!!! Psalms 50 15. and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me." amen

  • Don’t believe this situation.. life guards no life jackets ..instant fine in nz

  • Why people insisted on going jets playing in a bad ocean weather?? Idiots?? They are lucky some one's save them, next time maybe not that lucky

  • The Guy sitting on the Jetski is a coward and should be ashamed of himself. There is no reason he could not have tried to get further up on the machine so the people in the water can get on. What a scumbag coward and I would rather die myself then leave two others for dead!

  • Here is the jet ski… scary!

  • The man just looking why

  • The guy isn't even attempting to get back on. The waves aren't even that big!

  • What camera do you use?

  • Life jackets saved their lives. Those people are very lucky. Could of ended in lost of lives.

  • Fuk is wrong, just get on the jetski, they hanging off the back for no reason

  • Think of all the guys, families with children and all - going through there in their small open boats with no lifejackets on at all. From the vids if seen, hardly anyone use one..

  • NO ONE HAD ANY BUSINESS BEING OUT THERE IN SUCH BAD CONDITIONS. EVEN A PROFESSIONAL. I am so grateful that those guys called 911, who knows if they would have been able to make it out on their own. But, I have to say, in my opinion, those guys should have called for help about 4 minutes into the video. When all three of the people were in the water. I can’t say for certain, but even with Lifejackets on, I still think the could have drowned do to the waves battering them. Glad their ok. And, hope this served as a valuable lesson to others. The risk is not worth it.

  • shit like this is why it don't pay to be fat and out of shape

  • They should have a jet ski rental right there at the inlet. Sorry terrible joke.

  • 😨😨😨

  • Cure vida of Rescue

  • Life jackets ARE life savers

  • Why Boca Fire Rescue?

  • Why doesn't anybody help? are you just too busy filming? call the coast guard already.

  • There is a different class pfd for the ocean for a reason. There are weight ratings for pfds as well. This video makes the reasons for this plain as day. If you can’t physically get back onto a jet ski in the conditions that YOU drive a jet ski into then all you can do is wait for a rescue and hope the ocean is kind to you.

  • respect the ocean !

  • The sea was very angry that day my friends..

  • 😱

  • The police and the Coast Guard really need to be billing these idiots for the rescues. It's almost always because they did something stupid or ignored advisories and then rescuers need to burn gas and put their own lives at risk to fish them out. Maybe they'll be more careful if they know they'll be on the hook for $6,000.

  • At least they were wearing life jackets....it would have been a wrap for all 3 if not.

  • 😳😳😳😱

  • Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất….. là báo hiệu tận thế Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ Phản Kito là ĐGH xv

  • This isn’t the hardest situation to go on a jet ski but fear, luck of experience, out of shape and exhaustion that made them go through this situation. Ocean is the first enemy for those type of people.

  • 三世书之音:人在岸上退一步风平浪静?进一步就海阔天空。😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀

  • Colocando a vida do salva vidas em risco

  • Very intense

  • No a wise choice to go out in that anyway.

  • The Sea was Angry that day!


  • Never try to rescue people in the water unless you have training. You could end up being a victim with panicked people and cause more problems for rescuers.

  • Took u the camera man 5 min to decide to call the police! Wont be watching your videos any more!

  • Glad the people are safe. What happened to the jet skis? They would be a hazard to anyone entering the vicinity of the inlet.

  • Yall should of been called 911. Murderer

  • why dont the guy who holdin on the back for dear life hop on start it back up n go lmfao idiots everywhere , more money than iq

  • Old white people in jet skis. Trying to cross a dangerous inlet. You do the math. 🤷‍♂️

  • Stupidity of those who think they can battle the ocean ...is numbing.

  • Why did you take that long before calling rescue?!

  • So why didn't the guy hanging on the back of the jet ski just climb the rest of the way on? Its not that hard. He is most of the way there already.

  • Опасно.

  • I'm like 30 seconds in and mad that these people can't just get on again. What kind of coach potato old fat guy crap is this?

  • The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info

  • Fat people so funny they can't do normal things with out almost dying

  • If they were tossed over board by a boat, where the heck is the boat they were on?

  • Ive had this happen. Im a small person and to be honest we can all be keyboard warriors but having these waves beat the hell out your body for 10-20 minutes while either trying to roll your jetski or mount it while constantly being thrown off is cool sitting behind a keyboard. , physical fitness talk is just blowing smoke at that point. They genuinely needed help as i did.

    • That’s true. I’m in Northern CA and our water is freezing cold. Roll of a sit on top kayak and if no wetsuit the cold water will suck the breath out of you if you aren’t used to it. But, that goes to show that you to stay in top shape all the time if you want to play on the weekend in these kinds of waves and it IS easy to remember when you were in shape and forget that now you aren’t.

  • Luckily he had a USCG certified PFD. A lot of the ones wakeboarders and jet skiers wear are not, and sometimes. In SAR they’re still wearing them when recovered off the bottom.

  • Call 911 immediately. Not 5 minutes in.

  • You gotta be recording in super HD it keeps on lagging change your speed

  • I wud have help the girl first...them older guys shudnt been out der in them cond..

  • The people are drowning ..haveing life vest or not put the camera down n call police..rescue etc..

    • We are the ones who called the authorities. No need to put the camera down because it's on a tripod. 🤷‍♂️