3 things i learned from 800 days of vlogging

čas přidán 4. 12. 2022


  • i have footage of the dog with the owner and stuff but it was weird and i didnt want to use it without his permission.. was weird because i was sort of mad at him for losing the dog and because he didnt seem as upset as i felt i would have been if i lost my cute little dog in a red sweater. glad the dog is safe. people need to be better dog owners. this guy seemed super irresponsible

  • Was in HS for the bulk of Casey’s vlogging days. No better feeling to be sitting in the library during a free period and opening up CS-tv to see Casey had just uploaded from the day before. Thanks for all those memories, Casey. And here’s to new ones🎉😅

  • Seriously, how do you make every single simple story so attractive. You are an incredible artist Casey! Thanks for doing this.

  • and in those 800 days you inspired THOUSANDS (including me) to start creating. And because of you some of us are living our dream! So Thank you Casey!

  • You are a gifted storyteller Casey thank you for the endless inspiration

  • watching your vlogs has been a masterclass in editing, story structure, and how to seamlessly transition through the video, love it.

  • I want to buy a boosted board after watching these videos. And then realize they’re longer a company. I love seeing videos like these, Casey! I couldn’t imagine making a video every day for 800 days straight.

  • 800 days in a row was so insane. Not missing a single day. And it's not only that you uploaded a video 800 days, but that the quality of the videos remained so high throughout the experience. I became a fan during that time and I watched every single one of those 800 videos. It almost felt like we as viewers were somehow a little bit of part of your daily life.

  • So glad you're back, Sir - and even gladder that you're approaching it in a more healthy, sustainable, mature way. How could you not though, really? All part of living a life and resisting the urge to not learn from it.

  • The best thing that’s happened in the past 5 years is Casey starting to make videos again. Thank you Casey. I love this.

  • Man I wish I had u to mentor me in real life lol. I've learned so much from you tho I fell off for a bit and just now coming back to it after almost a year I'm fixing to cross the 1k mark and I definitely owe thanks to u because alot of the videos I made I drew inspiration from u ofc not anywhere near as great lol. Thank you Casey 😊

  • Glad to have you back on CS-tv Casey. And glad to see you're enjoying life and finding balance.

  • Casey, your daily vlogs were a breath of fresh air for me every day. They were inspiring me and helping me to have hope in my life.

  • I like to think the daily vlog Casey could always come back! Keeps around a calming feeling inside me. Love that he's back recording more though :)

  • Ive watched every casey video that ever was...and the VLOG changed everything about youtube and the way I now do my home movies.

  • No videos are like Caseys. Very fresh, funny, creative as hell, after all these years he still finds new things which would be impossible for me to do on a daily basis. Even tho i enjoy filming and stuff

  • We are ALL glad you're back making videos. Love the vibe. Feels natural, not forced.

  • I remember your daily vlogs being one of the highlights of the day. Coming home from school every day and watching your videos. Thank you for that time Casey <3

  • the thing Ive always wanted to know though is how you came up with each idea and executed it so quickly. Like practically what was your idea and execcution process like? Also, how in the world were you able to find different, and interesting stories to tell on a daily basis. I imagine, maybe it was about just capturing everything and then in the edit you'd generate the story???

  • Those 800 days were one of my lowest points during my undergrad, all isolated in the hostel! One of the best things that I looked forward to was your daily Casey! It has left a mark on me, I have cherished NYC and wished for being there! You made it all possible, through your stories! You are different man, there is something about you, that we all have an emotional connect I guess! Glad to see you back in the city, love to see the city again, almost daily now! Thanks a ton CASEY!