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How to look stunning on a budget
Here's the number of super useful recipes of handmade makeup items, not only they look great but also taste delicious! And not to mention, the positive effect on your skin! Give it a try!
1. DIY lipstick with dry flowers
Probably you've already seen a stunning transparent lipstick that has recently gone viral. Don't buy it, DIY it!
Take any transparent or semi-transparent lip balm and microwave it for 30 seconds. Place a dry flower inside a lipstick container and pour the balm inside. Let it cool down for 2 hours. Done! Lovely DIY lipstick is done and you didn't spend a dollar on it :)
2. Repair broken press powder
Have you broken your compact powder? Don't worry, don't throw it away - use our awesome life hack instead! Pour some alcohol and remove excess liquid with a paper towel. Press the powder with a coin and let it dry overnight. Great job! Your broken compact powder looks like new again!
This trick works with any powder makeup: powders, blushes, eye shadows and highlighters.
3. How to make a lip stain
DIY lip stain is a great solution for busy women who want their lipstick to stay put all day long. But don't waste your money on it! You can easily make it at home. Take some nontoxic school glue and mix it with a few drops of food coloring of your choice. Apply it on your lips with a lip brush and let it dry for 10 minutes. Now peel off the glue. Lovely! Now you have bold colored lips that will come off only in the end of the day.
01:04 DIY rainbow highlighter
05:25 How to make lip stain at home
08:49 Lipsticks you can eat
12:44 Cool beauty blender hack
14:00 DIY makeup organizers
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