30 Tesla Tips and Tricks for 2023 | New Update Edition

čas přidán 8. 01. 2023
Detailing my top tips and tricks for your Tesla. Get the most out of the Model Y, Model 3, Model S or Model X.
Tesla 2023 Predictions: • 2023 Tesla Predictions...
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14. Hidden Armrest Storage (Model Y/3)
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15. Rear Seat Storage (Model Y)
16. Door Pocket Organizers
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18. Model 3 HEPA Filters (& Older Model Y)
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20. Cleaning Supplies
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  • Happy New Year Ryan! Thanks for all the great content. Still wondering how to control climate options without having to swipe up all the time to turn on key options without turning on everything. (Defogger but not A/C). Love my model y - we have similar produced vehicles (we have the 7-seat white/white). MyQ linkage and functions works great.

  • Thanks Ryan, learned some things. I know you can move the automatic side cameras image on model 3/Y screens. I’ve been waiting for this feature for my model S. Don’t like the location right now, I think it would be much safer visually on the top center of the screen. Again, thanks for all the informative videos.

  • Personally I think setting it to roll is more energy efficient because it doesn't use the brakes to stop your vehicle. If you stop short at a stop sign, your car slows to a crawling roll using all regen braking and your vehicle doesn't need to begin rolling again. Also the actuator wouldn't get worn out as quickly.

  • Wife and I just ordered our first Model Y and this video will be an amazing resource for getting up-to-speed quickly. Thanks for taking the time to make it!

  • Thanks for the great video. I’ve been really happy with the latest update, but there’s always a few things I miss so I’m grateful for this detailed breakdown

  • I don't know if this is new but the Off road setting under Pedals and Steering is very useful when driving in snow, the car is much more stable and the rear end doesn't move sideways when you speed up.

    • Didn't know that! I've used SlipStart but didn't think to try OffRoad. Thanks.

    • This got me through a snowstorm in Lake Tahoe without having to put on chains. I was very impressed with its performance in light snow although I wonder how much of it also depends on the tires you have.

  • You can actually add a 5th icon in the quick actions of the iOS app. You have to tap and hold on the far left side of the icon, then slide it to the far right of the QA menu.

    • Ha nice! This works for the Android app as well. Thanks!

    • My man. Now I can have the frunk & trunk right next to each other 😂

  • Tesla keep getting better over time. What's not to love about Tesla

  • Great video! Just hope Tesla will find a solution for those missing parking sensors! My car feels so dangerous and outdated without those parking warning chimes..

    • Completely agree. It's insane they haven't prioritized this.

    • @@sluggishnu I guess making fart sounds from far away are more important for them..

    • Weird they didn't find a replacement for that functionality before removing the previous method.

    • Just updated👍🏻

    • Like, you have sensors or a warning chime, when backing, with the new update?

  • Great video Ryan. Very helpful. Appreciate the work you do.

  • Thank Ryan! I never knew about the set rear hatch open height limit! I always thought there should be a way to limit it. I’ve always just quickly released the open/close button before my spoiler would hit the garage door. Now, I am going to set it and forget it! 🙏🏼🤙🏼

    • But watch out for your head, lol. I have mine set lower so it won't hit the garage door but everyone bumps their head when they go to retrieve stuff from the trunk area.

  • A minor, but useful is that they have increased the font size and emphasis for the information at the top of the screen. For old people like me it makes a big difference.

    • You talking the app screen or the car display? I have trouble seeing the Display time, etc

    • @@jamesallen8838 Car display, there was a very small increase in the top fonts, like time, charge status. I wish it was a bit bigger but that small change made it enough for me. It really needs an "old man" option.

  • ThankU for putting all of this out, it’s very very helpful!🙏🏿

  • The tire pressure came in handy when I got a slow leak but still had a full driving to do. I was able to watch it in real time very handy

  • Love the low-med-high for auto a/c. Now give us the same options for windshield wipers 🙈

  • Hi Ryan. To use the MyQ option in my model Y don't you need the Homelink option installed first? My wife watched this video and she thinks she heard you don't need Homelink installed to use MyQ. Thanks for the great, concise videos.

  • The long-press is the emergency parking brake. You would apply that if you for some reason lost the ability to use the regular brake pedal. It does exactly the same thing as putting the car into park. There is never any reason to press it except in an emergency. The long press is to avoid applying it by accident while above the regular parking brake threshold. This is in the manual.

  • Worth mentioning that not all the features you mentioned are available everywhere. Oddly in the UK, for example, you can’t change the cabin overheat protection temperature, you don’t have auto brake pedal when regen is limited, to name but a few.

  • I recently rented a Model 3 through Uber's partner program. An issue that I ran into was trying to unlock the doors easily without putting the car in park. I searched for a while on the internet but did not find anything promising. This is a pretty big issue for me since when I pull up people usually try to get in right away and are frustrated when they can't (especially since the door handles aren't the most intuitive.) I actually found out kind of on accident that for the Model 3 (and I'm guessing at least the Model Y as well) that there is a little lock icon, that matches the one in the park menu, between the battery symbol and clock. This can be pressed at any time to unlock all the doors even while in drive.

  • Great video! One more thing I like is the text message reading and also you can reply back with voice command, pretty neat and very useful while driving! Also do you know how to turn on the front view on the camera? I wanted to use the front view camera when I am parking in my garage to see how close I am to the wall in front. I have 2023 model Y

  • Thanks Ryan! I’ve had mine for two years and I learned several things from your video.

    • Daniel, which model do you have and has the original epa dropped down? In 15 months my M3 LR has gone from 354 to 309 at 100% charge.

  • I lean a lot from your videos! I recently got my model y and was very disappointed to see that park assist, summon and other parking related features were not available. Apperantly (and hopefully) the will be added to the car through and update. Any guesses on when? Next update maybe?

    • That requires Enhanced Autopilot which is a $6,000 upgrade.

  • Nicely done Ryan. Very helpful as always. THANKS!

  • Good job, Ryan! I didn't think I would learn anything new. But I certainly did!

  • One thing I do often is to turn on the headlights during the day. Auto Headlights is working much better than in the past but you still have to manually set the lights on in daytime driving. I'll try the voice command for that next time. Thanks.

  • Pretty useful video Ryan, What I am not liking is the maps appear in "Grey" rather than in color as Google Maps does.I hope Tesla works on it and change it to a colorful screen for Navigation.

  • The parking break is actually automatically applied when going into park. Pressing and holding the parking break only disengages and reengages it. 14:10

  • I can confirm, the media controls for Tidal ARE there in the "card" area. Has been there since the Christmas update for both my and my father's 2022 Model Y Performances. Ryan, I was wondering seeing that you are a musician, can you please in detail go over how we should use the Equalizer to achieve the best audio quality from Tidal? You briefly showed it when showing the volume, but can you possibly create a video for us who are NOT audiophiles and don't really know the best configurations for the equalizer?

  • Very helpful, we don’t have the mimic Regen braking in the UK though. Live sentry mode viewing is limited to 15 mins per day and requires premium connectivity to. Many people don’t know about voice commands IME or they say it doesn’t recognise their voice, what I have found is that speaking too fast is the problem.

  • Love all your videos but this one was fantastic. Learned a lot!!! Thank you!

  • Great video as always. About that secondary brake, I have heard that it is automatically applied when you shift to P, so you don’t have to long press it to engage it. Do you think it’s true? In what circumstances do you long press the P for parking?

    • I thought the same but i’m pretty sure you want to use your parking break on an incline

    • The long-press is the emergency parking brake. You would apply that if you for some reason lost the ability to use the regular brake pedal. It does exactly the same thing as putting the car into park. The long press is to avoid applying it by accident while above the regular parking brake threshold. This is in the manual.

  • Answered my question about the regenerative braking option. Also how to get a shortcut for windshield wipers. The best software explanation I've seen so for. Thanks!

  • Good information. Especially the auto high beams. I did find what I think is a bug in this (have to figure out how to communicate this to Tesla). I don't think the high beams should activate when the front fog lights are on. A few days ago I had to drive home in heavy fog and so turned on the fog lights. Every time the high beams activated, it was a complete white-out. That could be dangerous.

  • I was confused by car wash mode - just today. Glad you explained it. I didn’t see it go into N so I wasn’t sure what to do.

  • Wish I had watched this informative video before recently returning the model Y LR I rented from Hertz for a month and drove over 3,500 miles from Chicago to Key West and back. Overall a great experience, slightly annoying no phone app only the key card. Sometime between Christmas an New Year a message appeared stating an update was available and to connect to Wi-Fi, no secure Wi-Fi so deferred update. Then on last day of return trip Louisville to Chicago Message that update would happen over connect, but warning car would not be available for up to 2 hours, deferred until reached home. Update appeared to go okay, but next day traffic aware visualization only worked very intermittently; so no autopilot for anything but a short period. Tried power off for more than 10 minutes, thumb wheel re-boot, leaving off overnight all to no avail. Not able to remove flash drive as Hertz locks the glove box. I did at one point turn off all autopilot options in the menu, power off and wait 10 minute before powering-up this worked but only for one short trip. The next day same problem. Note I did call Hertz and did talk to their representative on return to ensure the car was not turned around and given to another customer without some investigation. Unfortunately it has left my wife and I not a 100 certain to go ahead and order a model Y, but did prove that a novice can take a Tesla on a long road trip.

  • Voice commands are great. I do like the nav system, but miss Waze for radar traps etc. Tesla will probably not allow Apple Carplay, but if they could Waze, which ai think is owned by Google that would be awesome...

  • Great video for new owners! I will be forwarding this to all my friends 😎 THANK YOU

  • Did you know that on the Tesla app you can add a 5th quick control to the dock? It’s tough to do on the first few tries. But once it is there, it’s quite nice.

  • Thank you for your videos! Is there a way to have the audio volume adjust automatically based on road noise? I’m constantly turning the volume up and down when I’m getting on and off of the freeway. Thanks!

  • Thanks 🙏 for taking your time on posting this video I’m sure the editing took hours , very informative. 😊

  • I just ordered the base model 3 i was wondering a couple of qs 1- is there a speed limiter i have it on my present vehicle where its set to 60mph 2- are there different amounts of regen modes i want the most regen if possible always. 3- is there a great all in one video for each setting one by one to watch while in the car to turn on or off

  • Unfortunately the Zoom meeting option is only available to those that have the new Ryzen chip in their center console. I have a 2021 Model Y and a 2018 Model 3, both of which have the Intel Atom chip, so Zoom is not even offered to us.

  • Extremely helpful. I have had my Y for 3 weeks and still feel clueless

  • Great and fast/effective video as always, Ryan. As a new model Y owner I really appreciate your information. There are lots of other voice commands which are not "official". I wonder what the people at Tesla have been smoking :-). Have you tried "open butthole"?

  • Happy New Year! Question on the map settings. Do you know if there is an option to 'avoid freeway/highway'? Sometimes I want to navigate locally and not get on the freeway but can't seem to find if this is possible.

  • Excellent information, very comprehensive. Thanks!

  • Thank Ryan, as I type this my Tesla is updating to the parking sensors , I have learned a lot from your videos

  • Thank you for this video. We got our Model 3 a couple of months ago and some of these features we’ve not used.

  • The first week with my Y I just used voice commands to use everything. Then after the second week I pretty much just knew where things were. Voice commands are underrated.

  • Hi Ryan great info video thanks Question You can turn off the fan ( heat or cooling ) for the passenger side and have the fan on for the driver, is there a way you can turn on the passenger fan on but have the drivers fan turned off. I know there’s only one fan motor but I guess I’m asking is it possible to close the drivers side vent and leave the passengers one open.

  • Great video! I feel even more confident about my upcoming delivery

  • Outstanding summary! picked up a few things, really appreciate the video

  • Mastering voice commands on your tesla is a MUST. Nice video, thank you.

  • Always great information. Thanks Ryan!

  • Thanks Ryan, this was so helpful! A noob thing for me on day one was I ended up customising everything for "Easy Entry" and not my own profile. Doh.

  • Thanks for the informative video!! Love all the things I can do with this car

  • By the way Ryan Shaw When you're in park the parking brake is already engaged. You'll only need to press and hold the park button when your front brakes fail

  • I just got my Model YLR after lurking on this channel forever. I notice that when using voice commands to control temperature, you can only do so in two degree increments. So if you say "set temperature to 67 degrees", it won't do it, but if you say 66 or 68 instead, it'll work.

  • I'm a new owner and you helped me a lot, thanks!

  • Great videos as always!

  • I hated the new media control at first but now I love it.

  • Sharing destination from Google map to car? Holy crap that's awesome. I had this feature on mercedes but only through their app and it used to crash half the time and didn't have all destination from Google. Thanks man!

  • just a small correction or let's say more details. 5:24 - not all cars have this options in the menu (my 2019 model3 LR does not have it either), I am not sure if only facelifted (after 2021) have it or some other configuration 🤷‍♂, 9:04 - sharing destination from Google maps works only if your phone and car are set in same language (this is something what english speaking people do not experience, but little hint for the others), 11:13 - you can add also the 5th icon in quick controls although it is a bit tricky and differently to achieve on iphone and android (try google that)

    • If you're referring to braking when regen is limited, I too have a 2019 m3 lr dual motor and I have this option but don't have other things like bio weapon defense 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @@danielwinters8545 bioweapon mode requires installed hepa filter which is physically bigger and model 3 does not have that (if i am not mistaken, not even the latest model 3) so bioweapon mode only for newer Y (i think since 2022) and of course S (newer models) and X (all models)

  • This video is super helpful! Thank you!

  • Please hear me out, the "secondary parking brake" does nothing, parking brakes apply upon putting the car in park. Holding the park button or pressing the button on the touchscreen reapplies/relocks the parking brakes, the red P appears if the parking brake is activated MANUALLY as said in the manual. (touchscreen/gear stalk)

    • Not sure why Tesla even labels it as a parking brake since it is an emergency brake to be used if the main (front) brakes don't work.

    • It does. It clicks when you hold the P button. So it does something..

    • @@TimothyHa_ It relocks the brakes. That’s it

    • @@wroniec Yeah, I said it does something lmao

    • Park locks, the rear brakes, holding the button, will also lock the front I believe, I could be wrong.

  • Only thing I would say you missed was quick controls. you can add a fifth quick control within the app nice to have. Happy New Year.

  • Ryan’s you can add a fifth (5th) quick command on the app by dragging a command to the far right and waiting until it highlights. It then appears in the bar and the widget

  • Picking up my new Model Y this Tuesday. My first Tesla. Thanks for the tips.

  • Wow I discover a lot from this video and it is really very helpful for a Tesla owner.

  • it is very clear and useful tips and directions, Thank you.

  • Thanks Ryan. There's a helpful for this new Tesla owner. I tried sharing a destination from the map app on my phone. I see the destination on my Tesla's navigation screen. However, I cannot add it as a favorite. I'm able to see the pop up with the favorite star, but unable to flag it as a favorite. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Please provide some insights on phantom drain and also on how to get out of it. Thanks

  • excellent video thanks for all the tips Ryan

  • Also, I was going to be in a huge accident where the car suddenly braked hard for no logical reason other than a pedestrian standing in the between the two driving lanes.. I was speeding up to around 80km/h and it brakes so so hard it freaked me out and thank god I wasn’t rear ended 😢

    • Glad that you didn't get into an accident. I've had a couple of over reactions like that when using autopilot it FSD. Tesla should continue working on that. And they probably are. That pedestrian is lucky. Why would anyone in their right mind stand between two travel lanes when cars are driving 80km/h that's insane. Just the gust of wind produced by cars going at that speed could had put that pedestrian in a really precarious situation.

  • Auto hi beams work flawlessly on the 2023 Model Y Unlatching the door worked when I needed it when the car was out in rain and then tem p fell below freezing. However, while the door did unmatch and could be opened, the window was FROZEN. I didn't want to risk the window breaking by closing the door. I spent 45 minutes with the door pulled as close to being shut as I could while blasting defrost mode the entire time. Eventually, the window thawed enough that the window could go down. Tesla needs to make sure windows don't freeze or at least can be thawed out faster than 45 minutes!

  • Great video as always, BTW sending trips to Tesla Maps also works for Apple Maps.

  • You should have mentioned how you could add a 5th button on your app by dragging to the far right, it will open up a 5th spot.

  • This is really handy thank-you. I wish they would stop moving stuff around though - always having to learn the new location of stuff..

  • Only thing that I've found annoying so far when it comes to navigation is that when I'm away from home and I slide down to navigate home quickly it prompts me to add a work location. I work from home so I wish I could disable that option as it keeps doing it.

  • Thanks for this Ryan! Just ordered by Model Y and waiting on delivery. Fellow Monrovian here!

  • Thanks, Ryan. I picked up a few new tips. Happy New Year.

  • GREAT post with excellent directory listing, Ryan!

  • I enjoyed this video and learned some things. Ryan I’ve had my model 3LR for 15 months now and from the original epa of 354 at 100% it’s down to 309 at 100% , should I be concerned? Tesla says this is normal? Frustrated in Texas….

  • I always learn something new! Thanks

  • My biggest frustration when I was driving a rented Model 3 was the blinker wouldn't turn off after completing the turn or lane change, and couldn't turn it off until I moved the stock in a special way that I had a hard time replicating. I hope the blinker mode you listed fixes this.

    • Even if this isn't enabled, all you have to do is repeat the same action you used to turn the turn signal on (up or down) and that will cancel the turn signal.. Before I knew this I was performing the opposite action, but then the opposite turn signal gets activated, if only briefly.

    • I may have missed it, is there a garage door open and close feature?

  • @1:45 other item for hiding the music mini-player card and the player controls moving to top of fullscreen music UI, is... favorite button for Slacker streaming, is ONLY visible on the fullscreen controls bar. (maybe tidal too?) Thumbs up/down are on mini but not the favorite Star.

  • Excellent video. Thank you!

  • Sure wish Tidal had a "Shuffle" option!

  • fun, I lived and worked in WLA for 30 years, I could not even estimate the number of meals I have had at Tito's. I have been in Texas since 2005 and haven't even thought of Tito's for years. Thanks for the memory refresh.

    • Amen to that. Problem is, now I need two tacos w/cheese and a regular burrito w/cheese. Oh, and fill the box with chips and salsa.

  • Auto Wiper is not good up here in cold weather (Canada) it leaves marks a lot and we end up using more windshield washer fluid! We need option to enable.

  • Ryan, any clue when they’ll reset the strikes for FSD disengagement? I have 4 right now. 😢

  • Why dont you cover voice activated / controlled things and controls on steering wheel. It totally simplifies many things so you dont have to look at the screen

  • is there any way to see stoplights on the maps like you can for apple maps??

  • I noticed you did full clicks to turn on and off AP. Did you know you can just do light clicks to accomplish the same thing?

  • Great film and super informative

  • You did talk kinda fast! I had to slow down the playback speed :-( but you did a really great job of explaining a lot of things, thank you. I have a 2018 model 3; some things have changed quite a bit. Voice commands “zoom in, zoom out” are useful for me when I want to see more or less on the map. I’ve never seen this voice command delineated anywhere. Thank you for what can you do and for what you’ve been doing!

  • I think voice commands are a great feature unfortunately not so if you're an Aussie. When travelling for instance i say navigate to Bermagui which is on the south coast of New South Wales and is well known, it came up with so many variations none of which was any good. On the other hand navigate to eurobodalla botanical gardens worked a treat. One day it will work in Australia, Great Britain and heaps of other countries.

    • If you spell out the letters it works just fine on foreign words and names. Of course you have to be able to spell.

  • Very helpful!

  • Question for Tesla owners- I’m wanting to get an EV and am trying to decide between a Tesla and a Rivian, which would y’all get?

  • This is the best Tesla video I’ve watched thanks for making this