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Planning a trip? Don't forget to watch this video! It's full of quick and easy tips. Everything from folding your clothes properly to hiding your extra money. This and much more useful stuff! Check it out!
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  • That's the way to pack your socks! 14:44 :D

  • yeh craft aacha lekin in ka liya pase chahie

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  • Very nice

  • Bahut ghtiya hai 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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  • It was wonderful

  • perfect idea to hide money while travelling

  • Did anyone else notice that the time on the phone was 4:20 😄

  • Wann know really life hack?, Stop watching this video and do something else

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  • 7:49 spongebob on steroids 💀😳👀

  • 70% of these " life hacks" in totally pointless

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  • You don't put plastic bags in water. It's bad for you.

  • love the cash hiding ideas!

  • 4:20 thats cool

  • Onek. Valo

  • Is nobody going to mention the 2 dollar bill at14:33

  • Yes, hide your ten dollar bill in the cover of your 200 dollar smartphone. That will keep it safe from pickpockets.

  • Wou that wey cat

  • 4:29 when you are a lazy boy

  • What if u have no frying pan and no random tin foil?

  • So when you loose your phone and offer a stick of gum, you lose $100.

  • 16:16 what if you accidentally give someone 100 dollars instead of gum

  • 1:17 pe jo aaya vo Mr Indian hacker ne bhi kara h

  • 6:59 - Yeah, because we will definetely carry a craft knife when going camping let alone an emergency

  • I am surprised by how many hindred dollar bills they have.

  • ..the video is 17 minutes

  • I don’t believe the sack pumping up the bed 😐

  • Great! now I have too look for other spots too hidden my monies ..the gum and brush lol lol definitely not the pad those gets lost for me when I travel.

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  • Very good

  • Did anyone fall asleep

  • 2:58 dangerous because possible set all other match fire!

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  • 16:36. Wow her/his phone screen said 4 20

  • 3:03 i like

  • Why are you reapiting the same you have no new ideas

  • no pump ? Yaa nice hack but don't only prblm is that it will take 2 3 months

  • 95% i watched!

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  • What just happened in the first one? She used plastic bag to inflate the mattress?

  • Mtlb ab hawa hi use krnge log Air machine ya dusri process ki koi jarurat nh Packet me vr k sb hawa rkho or grni me pankha band rakho dosto

  • 7:08 where do I get a cutter in emergency?

  • I wounder how many grabs of air in the bag it took to fill up that airbed. I have an air bed and I use the pump. There are battery operated pumps, but catching air to fill a bed?

  • Girh

  • The potato in foil is a lovo dinner / lunch. Lovo is when it’s cooked in foil on the ground

  • Make more travelling vedios

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  • Life simpler? *Sees thumbnail with NAIL POLISH BEING POURED ON MATCHES* How big do u want the fire to be?!?

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  • Muy bueno lo están haciendo

  • I think this channel will be the next rival of Pewdiepie and T-Sries 😂😂This has over 45M subs!

  • *the time said **4:20*

  • wHAT?? This is not just about camping crafts, this is about moving in...

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  • I like how it's called 5 minute crafts even though It takes more then 5 minutes

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  • ... srslyBeNdInG DoW FoR ThE WaTeR To cOmE OuT????(lol) 4:26

  • You don’t have a match but you have a battery 🤨

  • At--7:47-- Who needs a needle? Why not just pour a few cap fulls of the soap on the sponge?

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