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And again we prepared a lot of cooking ideas that will blow your mind! We love to discover ideas that seem crazy but very helpful in reality. I bet you didn't know that you can cook various dishes using a coffee pot. Yes, it may seem crazy, and that’s why you should watch our video until the end. For example, you can fry eggs using a coffee pot. Check out the tutorial. Use the french press to make watermelon juice. It will take seconds! I adore the next idea because it’s awesome! Have you ever tried to bake cinnamon rolls in orange? Check out the video and follow these easy steps. Take oranges and cut off the tops, scoop out the insides using a spoon. Insert cinnamon rolls into the orange halves cover with butter and bake. Yummy! Another cool idea is to make homemade cheese that will be perfect for breakfast. Also, you can amaze your family with a pancake that looks like a star! The next idea is great and could be used for camping. Make sausage barbeque with Pringles can. Supplies you will need sausages, a skewer, pringles can, and plastic wrap.
Sometimes guests may appear in the most appropriate moment but we know how to make a quick dessert that requires only two ingredients. Yes, it’s not a joke! Ice cream bread is so easy to make: combine melted ice cream and flour. Mix properly and bake. You may decorate with sprinkles, chocolate chips or anything you like! Also, you can amaze your friends with caramel popcorn that will be a great addition to the interesting film.
00:09 Cook eggs in the coffee pot
01:00 Cinnamon rolls baked in an orange
02:39 Cook chicken nuggets in a toaster
04:00 Ice cream bread
04:35 Fried cucumber slices

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