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Check out a new collection of culinary ideas that you will love! We always search for cool recipes that do not require lots of time and culinary skills. This time you will find a lot of ways to prepare cool and delicious snacks all your family will love. You will find a new way to cook sausages, how to fry breaded eggs, churros and much more!
You can make quick apple pancakes and your family will adore this breakfast idea! In a bowl, combine eggs, sugar, flour, oil, cinnamon, and milk. Stir the mixture properly. Cut apples in rings, dip into the dough and fry.
Another cool recipe is fried watermelon bites. Cut watermelon into small pieces. To speed up the process you can use cookie cutters. In a bowl, combine starch with water and properly stir. Add egg whites and stir again. Dip watermelon bites into this mixture and fried in vegetable oil.
We share a recipe for one of the best desserts ever! Churros are extremely delicious! They are crispy outside and soft inside. Here is a step by step recipe: pour water in a pan, add butter, flour. Stir over low heat for some time and after add eggs and sugar. Stir again and fry churros in vegetable oil.
00:09 Fried sausages
01:04 Apple pancakes
01:46 Fried watermelon bites
02:24 Homemade churros
05:04 Baked camembert
09:46 Tornado potatoes
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