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Watch this video and learn how to decorate cake and turn it into a masterpiece without an effort! You will find easy tips and instructions that will teach you how to decorate a cake like a pro. Find helpful and easy tips on how to frost a cake without an effort, how to make beautiful decorations and quick desserts. Besides, decorating a cake is a very cool way to spend time with your family and friends. After watching this video you will know how to create a gorgeous cake for your BFF’s Birthday.
Cookie box is a perfect gift for your friends and you can make amazing cookies by yourself. There is no need to have any special skills to create a masterpiece. You will find a lot of ways to decorate cookies with icing and how to make decorated shortbread cookies that look gorgeous. For instance, you can make cookies for kids with teddy bears, owls, cats or Mickey Mouse! Your parents will love the idea of heart-shaped shortbread cookies or cookies with stuffing. Use ordinary items that you can find at home to decorate cookies. You can decorate cookies using a hammer, whisk, toothpicks, plastic bottle caps, whisk, pasta, and even earrings! Use a straw to make lovely button-shaped cookies. You don’t even need to have a collection of cookie cutters, make them from alumi

00:09 Rainbow cake decoration
01:48 Cute bees
03:26 Decorated shortbread cookies
06:24 Cookie decoration with glace icing
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  • 9:47 Galaxy

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  • Normal people: Candy melts & sprinkles 5 Minute Crafts: cOnfEctIonAry GlazE & cOnfecTiOnaRy dResSinG

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  • Nobody: Not even Troom Troom: 5- minute crafts: COnFeCtIoNeRy GlAzE

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