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Check out a video that is full of helpful life hacks for parents. Parenting is a very hard job and every parent needs life hacks to make their lives easier! We have a collection of unbelievable ideas on how to make your home cleaner, how to entertain kids and more life hacks that you will love!
Make an apron from a plastic bag and your home will be clean even if your kid loves to draw. You can make a faucet extender from a shampoo bottle and a kid will be able to wash hands easily.
Check out a collection of ideas on how to create super-cute looks for a toddler. You will love the project on how to make baby leggings out of adult socks. It’s better to take patterned socks. Firstly, cut the toe section off socks. Cut the sock along the sole part. Turn one sock inside out and sew two socks together. Ready!
Don’t you dare throw or give away an old t-shirt, not when you can easily transform it into something really cool! You can easily make kid’s shorts from an old t-shirt. Moreover, you can use the second part of your t-shirt to make a t-shirt for a kid. It’s the best way to make a tracksuit. Another cool idea is to transform a polo shirt you don’t need anymore into a beautiful dress for a little girl. You don’t need to have any special sewing skills for these projects. If your kid uses too much liquid soap, use rubber bands to limit it. Twist rubber bands around the pump nozzle.
00:48 How to keep your home clean
01:40 How to entertain a kid
03:25 Hacks for a little artist
05:08 Create new looks for a toddler
09:31 Educational games

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