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We share a new collection of cool life hacks that you will love:
-The cool fact is that the distance between the middle fingertip os the right hand and the left hand is the same as the height. Check this lifehack with friends!
-Did you know a cool fat that fire does not cast a shadow?
-The warming drawer under your over was designed to keep hot foods at serving temperature. No to store pans and lids as we usually do
-You will be surprised but your stapler has a secret section. Find this lifehack in the video!
-We will help you to find the period after opening on your cream. And remember that it’s bad to use cosmetics after the expiration date as it may cause skin problems
-The pocket on pants provides comfort and hygiene
-If you have bruises or other spots on your legs, we know how to hide them! You can create a beautiful print on your tights using a vase and marker. We love the print with stars. Check out the video and your legs will look flawless.
-Excessive drinking may cause a toxic environment in the inner ear that why you start suffering from vertigo when you are lying in the bed after an alcohol party. There is an easy treatment put one foot on the floor and the brain will receive a signal that you are standing something firm.
-Check out how to create hidden storage place using binders that you don’t need anymore. Follow this easy tutorial: cut them up and staple or tape them together. Ready! Use secret stash to hide sweets or even alcohol!
00:09 Incredible body facts
00:57 Holder for chopsticks
03:35 Makeup tips
06:25 How to reduce the level of stress
08:55 Secret stash ideas

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