4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of steak. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which steak was the best?
Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sous-vide-steak-recipe
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4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • The message is clear: Get yourself an Adrianna. 😁

  • Julie's awesome. :)

  • in 10 years Emily is going to be on the Food Network with her own show: "Cook to Quick"

  • More Emily please!

  • Downvote for the Scientist and the science.

  • Kinda feel bad for emily for being used as level 1 chef

  • I don't watch beyond Level 3. My mind is not ready for that kind of knowledge.

  • I want to try a steak but I can’t cuz my country’s national animal is cow

  • 99% Of people talking about Emily

  • anyone in here know emily's instagram?

  • Progression Of Cooks Level 0 Chef - Level 1 Chef Level 1 Chef - Level 2 Chef Level 2 Chef - Level 3 Chef Level 3 Chef - The One That Check If the Ingridients Are Right

  • What does Emily do to stay a level 1 chef?

  • i really watch these videos just to see emily cook

  • I love Julie. Bring her back. She so nice and pretty.

  • Take a shot for everytime someone says flavor

  • Marinating a ribeye steak? Noooooo

  • Respect the beef

  • The real chef cute af 😂😂

  • Adriana: SHALLOTS!!!!

  • Emily: Do Cooking Things To It Emily Is Level 3 Now

  • Everybody is saying Emily got too good, but she went to the store and picked out a 1/2 inch flank steak out of an entire wall of steaks. She’s got a ways to go.

  • They ruined the beef... You only need salt and pepper!! Less is more guys don't listen to them

  • emily 20 years of cooking expereince emily: hey im a level one chef

  • level 2 was looking better than level 3 that expert was doing too much

  • Emily been watching binging with babish. Protect her!

  • We don’t drink alcohol... I can’t make that sauce.

  • Level 3 cook sounds like a Latina from Wisconsin. I've literally never heard whatever accent that is she has going on🤣

  • 10 years? She looks 20!

  • Steak in the U.S. does not use blood. they use a liquid called myoglobin i think

  • This has almost nothing to do with skill and everything to do with cut and quality. Of course the flank will not be as good as a dry aged ribeye.

  • i always root for the underdog Emily! she's so much more relatable to me on a Mom to Mom level. p.s. i just finished watching Rosemary Trout on an episode with Brad & Andy making the perfect turkey!

  • This is less amateur to chef and more "budget" to "money is no object".

  • Awesome idea!! Have them try each other’s dish and let’s see what they think. Try to have them guess which level was able to make that dish!!

  • The expert cook baddddd tho

  • Desensitised pan handling. Been there. I wouldn’t even notice small burns until I showered later.


  • my two friends fighting. Random stranger: Why are they fighting? Me: I can't tell. Random Stranger: why? Me : "Cuz I respect the beef"

  • Nearly got fired from a breakfast cafe for doing hollandaise off the stove, became sous chef of a different cafe for doing it, as long as a good outcome can be achieved, the method is okay

  • I want to see them taste each others food.

  • I really like Julie, she seems like a nice person !

  • level 3 chef fine as hell...10/10 would wife her.


  • Emily's steak sauce is made up of Ketchup, etc.😆

  • 3 ppl cook stake the way they enjoy it all cooked nicely

  • Me: place the steak on the air fryer, press beef button, done

  • Nobody talking about 1:52 what the heck lmao

  • I love Julie because she from were I’m from Manchester Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • 😔 if it's a good stake you dont need the extra. Wait a f'ing moment you're telling me not everyone has a cast iron, so you cant find one in Walmart for I got mine on sell for 12 dollars? 🤔

  • “The bone brings out so much flavor” I just want steak

  • Emily is hopeless, 7:04 wtf is that searing?

  • oh emily don’t ever change

  • Level 1: It's a hobbie Level 2: I do this everyday Level 3: I've been doing this from the womb Level 4: What 's cooking? I only know that as air and life.

  • I like Adriana, but put her in an episode with Emily and Gabriel and you have a show!!!!!!!!!! or Lorenzo, he rocks

  • Notice how they went out of their way to get 3 women for the steak episode

  • Aye the original food scientist is now back whats up


  • The first girl 🙄🤧

  • Next video: Hi, I'm Emilly and I'm a level two chef.

  • My Mum has been cooking for 26 years

  • bruh no wonder the grandma is pulling back from eating too much steak if she puts that much butter for one portion