4 Secrets to Learning German (and never forget it)

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0:00 Skit + Intro
2:13 Why learn German?
3:24 Why learning German can be difficult
5:25 The problem with traditional teaching methods
7:36 The right way to learn German
7:58 How to get into a powerful mindset
11:29 Use a smart method to learn German
13:40 Does Chunking work?
14:34 Finding engaging Material
22:15 The best Memorization Techniques
25:28 Summary


  • I am an older person and am learning German to keep my brain active. I think my greatest problem is my tendency to focus too much on the grammar and trying to get things "right". I also have trouble fitting in the learning with other things I do, so I'm not consistent in my approach. I've finished your A2 course Anja and the supplied resources are very good. I need to get the idea of chunking more firmly fixed in my approach.

    • I'm only 34 and also learn to keep my brain active.

    • my advice--- listen a LOT, speak a lot, and ignore the grammar. Only do grammar when you are very advanced. when people focus on grammar too much, their brains think about rules when they try to speak, and this makes it unnatural and slow. remember how your learned your native language...speaking and listening....just do the same. BUT it takes a LONG time and a LOT of repetition.

  • I want to learn German because my wife and I are visiting Germany and Switzerland this June. Also, German was my 1st language until we moved to the US (my parents forbid us to speak anything but English). My most difficult hurdle is trying to remember what gender is assigned to almost everything! I appreciate your videos and teaching methods. Danke!

  • I’ve been learning German for many years, but never really committed to it, which I regret. But I’m now more motivated than ever. I’ve got close family over there (ich habe zwei Deutsch halb Brüder) and I have always wanted to move over for a little while to immerse myself in the language. I am somewhere between A1 and A2, and I want to move to Germany this year 😂

  • I use duolingo to learn and practice words and sentence structure.. also I have a 920 odd day streak so that is what has kept me going. I also have quora digest emails in German for me to read and I watch all sorts of CS-tv stories and learning vids. Like this one. ❤ I lived in Germany as a kid but was in an English speaking army camp so never learnt too much. I feel like I owe it to myself. I hope one day to go to October fest, get drunk and practice on unsuspecting Germans. Also I'm a student nurse and hope one day for it to come in handy in the hospital.

  • Was für ein ausgezeichnetes Video ! Vielen Vielen Dank 🙏🏻

  • Instead of a mindset like "I will, I can, I want to learn German", I would recomment simply "I learn German" or even "I speak German (and I like it)" because this gives your subconscious mind the idea you have already learned the language.

  • I'm half German and half English 50/50. My mom was English and my dad's roots were German.. I've always been drawn to Germany and everything German from a very young age and I'm doing my best to learn in a college setting sitting in on classes in my early 60's aber er ist hart vor mich. Meine Lehrerin said she could tell I had a German soul. My greatest problem is remembering everything. From spelling to words itself, how to use them and yes grammar. But I will.

  • The biggest trick I found to speaking german more easily was by listening to my German roommate speak English. He was decent but made many mistakes. One day I realized that if I spoke his English mistakes in German he would understand me. For example, he might say "I want to make the wall blue". What he meant was paint the wall. Then he might say "I need to make the room clean". He used "make" all the time. So I realized that if I don't know the verb in German (while talking to someone) just use the German verb Machen. It totally worked. It opened up talking in German to me. Of course I would try to learn the appropriate verb but in conversation you don't have the time to look it up. I also never worried about getting der, die, and das correct.

  • Hi Anja. Thanks for all your videos, they're really helpful. I'm learning German because I'm a translator and I wanted to learn an extra language for work. I probably don't intend to learn how to speak German just understand it. But maybe that will change down the line. It is a beautiful language and I'm enjoying it so far.

  • 5:56 Das ist der Weg, der wir in den siebziger Jahren gelehrt wurden. Über die Punkte um 7:10 : Es war immer so. Es erfortete viele Mühe, ein Gespräch zu halten.

  • Rammstein and my love of their music for many years led me to want to learn to sing their songs, and not only sing them but understand what I was singing. This led to a passion for learning the language itself. Currently at the basics, but I know a ton of their songs by heart and the translation of them, so it's nice that when I'm singing along I'm knowing and picturing what they're saying in German. Learned a lot as a result, now really delving deep into the grammar side of things before improving on my vocabulary. I have a ton to learn.

    • Yes I remember so many noun genders and declensions etc from their lyrics.

    • Yes! Same here! Rammstein made me want to learn the language and then after going down the rabbit hole of German bands such as eisbrecher,mono inc, megahertz,etc I then HAD to learn.

  • It is refreshing to know that someone has actually worked out how people learn language. I am dumbfounded as to why the education systems of the world is so ignorant when it comes to language education. For what Anja speaks of here is how children learn their first language: why have we not kept with what has proven to be effective? As an older person with dyslexia I was presented with two full pages showing all the conjunctions for “Tun”. The only thing I got from three weeks of this was a massive headache. The “Auslanderhehode” as me why I have not reached A1. What could I say? Thanks Anje.

  • 1. I've enjoyed the sound of German as far back as I can remember. I have several reasons for learning German but most of those developed from that initial interest in the sound. Since I started learning German I found that I'm interested in learning other languages in general. 2. The biggest challenge for me has been the grammar, especially the cases and sentence structure. Reading something that's already written isn't too bad, but stringing together my own sentences...I'm pretty frustrated with it at the moment. Ugh, remembering all the changing endings especially. I love the language but sometimes I find myself wishing "the" could just be "the" or "red" could just be "red" BTW I have Anja's A1 course and it's fun. I'd recommend it to whoever sees this. My frustration with the grammar has more to do with how I'm processing that information (or not) and isn't a reflection on the course

  • Ich möchte mit euch Deutsch lernen, weil ich Deutsch-Trainerin bin und es wäre höchste Zeit, diese Sprache wirklich richtig zu beherrschen und effektiv unterrichten zu können. 😂

  • I like that you mention repetition. That’s the only way for me. Take for example my learning numbers. I haven’t gotten past the teens yet on someone else’s video also a native German speaker. So I decided to walk to my corner store, the German numbers I was repeating in my head and when the cashier asked how many packs of cigarettes out comes the number two in German! I corrected myself going back to English. Well she laughed and so did I. So I’m walking home and again I’m repeating the numbers in my head I learned so far. I couldn’t turn it off! Obviously I haven’t gotten to conversations or writing anything complicated if at all, as I always learn numbers then colors then alphabet then object words or mix it up, but for me it’s more than I woke up with. When you said sentences they were just sounds to me. But getting used to the sound helps. I noticed something with teachers I’ve had. They hear what little I can speak and then because I can imitate the accent perfectly with practice they think I know the whole language and then I get frustrated because I’m not fluent and I give up and teachers always yell at me because they say things once and expect me to remember. Repetition I remember. I like to learn slowly and terrified of mistakes and some people say to me well who do you speak to in whatever language. I say no one. Just myself. I get odd looks. Sometimes I speak broken Spanish to my cats. I could practice German on them to get used to speaking. But it never hurts to try to learn another language. It came in handy once with someone wanting directions and they only spoke Spanish and I helped them and they cared that I tried and didn’t yell at me for any mistakes.

  • I want to learn German because since my family has German roots it would be nice to identify with my heritage more. Also, I have several friends in Germany and want to be courteous and learn to speak their language- not speak English all the time. Visiting Vienna this summer :). Thank you Anja.

  • Thanks for the video. I signed up for your course but haven’t stuck to it. This gives me motivation to start again! I have German relatives (in Germany and Canada) but they all speak English! I hope to hold a decent conversation in German with them one day!

  • My family is from Germany . They moved to USA a 100 years ago . The last person to speak German was my grandfather . They didn't teach use . Now I'm older and wanted to learn since I was a kid to learn .

  • I want to learn German because I love how it sounds and when I visit Germany again, I can practice more respect to my German friends by speaking German (at least basic German) instead of just speaking English while visiting Germany. My biggest challenge is certain grammar rules such as the 4 cases, noun declensions, and noun genders (especially the correct article to use for masculine, feminine and neuter and if they're in dative, accusative or genitive cases), both of which hardly exist in English and Chinese that I grew up with.

  • Great video Anja :) Everything made sense. Gut Gemacht!

  • First of all I'm so glad I discovered your channel this is exactly the kind of German study that I adapt to the most! Secondly my learning of the language can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to understanding the [die -der -das] und auch like the person in the video I can understand much more when the language is written down opposed to when a native is speaking in a normal manner.

  • I want to learn German bc I have a foreign exchange student that speaks fluent German and I really would like to communicate with her, it would be so fun. I also love the way it sounds and how different it is. I’m up to the challenge though because I’m motivated it’s just the grammar and word order is absurd. I can’t wait to see how far I’ll be in a couple months by watching your vids and using these tips.

  • I thank you with all my heart for your wonderful explanation. I love the German language since I was young, but unfortunately I could not learn it. By chance, I became interested because most of my family now lives in Germany.

  • Tomorrow is the 6-month mark from when I started studying. During this time, I've had some personal hardships like major health issues, but I'm happy w/ where I am in my German learning. Problems: 1. prepositions 2. word order 3. the word endings for case/gender/number on articles, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns. Other than that, Keine problem!

  • I am planning to learn the German language. Your videos are super useful, having said that learning German is certainly going to be very challenging. I would love to learn German from a native German speaker.

  • I enjoy learning languages as a hobby while discovering cultures , history . Your approach is fun . I do have a difficult time with sentence structure , articles , prepositions , where to place nicht for examples . And so while also using duolingo , your videos and perhaps others while at the gym and relaxing i learn chunks . I figure repetition will make sense through frustrating times . Keep up the good work Anja and crew .

  • Being part German on my late mother’s father’s side. The biggest challenge learning German is when I see a very long word and I get tongue tied trying to repeat it. So I take a break and start again the next day. But it seems to churn in the old noggin and I seem to dream it and then it becomes slightly easier. I guess it’s my brain trying to process. My father used to say German was guttural. I don’t find that at all. It has some fascinating sounds to get used to. It does amuse me when someone sneezes and I automatically say gesundheit. I remind them that I’m not swearing at them because they give me an odd look. I only learned it in German as a kid. When my uncle used to get mad he’d rant in Yiddish and it sounded a little like German but don’t know if it’s related. I only understood the tone not the words. Maybe hearing the rare Yiddish got my ear used to German? In an apartment I was friendly with a German woman who was very elderly at the time. She never spoke German to me but I could tell by the accent. I have a lot of European mix in me but I seem more attracted to the German part.

  • I want to learn because my Oma has always wanted me to learn and I’ve never committed to it, but now I’m determined to learn. The most challenging thing for me is the grammar😅

  • Love the German language it all started around elementary school. Though I come from the U.S my first language is Spanish because of my parents followed by English which I use more in my adult life. I decided to take a semester of German and it is difficult to memorize all the grammar rules, the accusative, memorizing the der die das, conjugation of the verbs, it's really confusing. Either way I want to become proficient and fluent one day so I can visit Germany and the other German speaking countries.

  • "1,000 words to understand 50% of conversational German". Oh, Anja, compared to my ancestral language (Chinese) that officially requires memorizing 3,000 characters (equivalent to words) to be considered fluent, I better stop complaining or thinking that German is hard and motivate myself to look forward to understanding at least 50% of conversational German in no time. 😀

    • Learning is only hard if you have had a Traumatic Brain Injury ! 🤣 ME ! 🤣😂

    • On my maternal grandfather’s side was German. He was born in America so don’t know how far back his line came from Germany. It sounds interesting. Other places I’m learning to count, colors, haven’t gotten to the alphabet, beginning to learn family member words and I did see an ad in German with family member words that I understood and it seems a little easier than French and Spanish. I seem to like the sound of German. Sentences are a tongue twister but that’ll take a while to get. But I like the sounds.

    • @Armand Lombard I don't judge any languages by whether they're easy or hard, only by the amount of effort required to become proficient enough to communicate comfortably with native speakers conversationally and in written form. When I used the word "hard" in my earlier comment, I don't mean it's hard to learn although the way I commented is confusing if the context wasn't realized correctly. It's just about devoting more time to learn, absorb and practice German especially when I don't live in a region that has plenty of opportunities to practice speaking German. In my current life for example, after doing my German language exercises and practice, it's all back to English and Chinese (mostly Cantonese, sometimes Mandarin) again because none of my local friends and family members speak German. That's my definition of "hard" when it comes to maintaining what I learned from Anja's German academy. :)

    • In fact German is so far from Chinese, the pronounciation alone is miles apart. Please dont think German is any easier than another language.

  • I love the language. ( I have studied the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, etc.) and I have friends in Austria whom I wish to visit and talk to. My issue is age and I don't have the memory I used to. Still, I wish to continue learning as I can

  • Learning German is great fun for me, I think it's richer and deeper than ,say, English, yes, it's not easy, but all the little details like endings, cases, genders, difference between du and ihr and so on make you think before you speak and not to be lazy! Thanks for your amazing videos!

  • Ich lerne Deutsch,weil ich Deutschland kennenlernen ,dort kultur , umwelt und bildung kennenlernen ❤️🥰

  • always love the way you explaining each sentenses, keep it up

  • Not only you are the best teacher out there but also amazing actress i love when you do small sketches i laugh so hard makes learning German even more fun. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in your work. ❤

  • We are wanting to come to Switzerland and although they speak different dialects they still have to know German as all paperwork and documents are done in High German. The difficulties we have is that we have no one to talk to that knows German. We are located in the Mid West of the USA. But we are doing our best!

  • I am learning German so I’m can spend time there. Plus as I am recently retired it is good for my brain. 😊 What I find the hardest is the sentence structure and the grammar. I have been doing Duolingo every day for several months but don’t seem to be progressing much.

  • I like the one about using gestures and simple words at the beginning, which is where I was as a complete novice. It actually does "work" and seems more natural in some ways, although I'm amusing to native speakers. 1. Why do I want to learn German ?: Just moved to Vienna, Austria and will probably stay for a few years. 2. What is your biggest challenge when learning German ?: Many, but in Vienna, a lot of people speak English, even maybe preferred in IT circles, so it is sometime easier to just use English.

  • I teach German at a homeschool co-op. We meet once a week and parents get the opportunity to expand their homeschool curriculum by utilizing some of the moms that may have talents in areas the parents are not strong in. I have found that the grammar is the part that is the hardest part for me to teach because I am not just teaching German at that point, I am teaching English as well. I am a native speaker as I lived in Germany until I was 11 but I never learned German in a formal setting. I have used your videos over the years for homework in my class. I totally agree with what you said here and I am thinking of changing my approach. I am interested in finding out more.

  • Von meiner Erfahrung das wichtigste ist die Liebe für die Sprache Wenn du motiviert bist und die Sprache liebst, ist alles mehr einfach Ich habe Deutsch selbst gelernt, doch ich mache Fehler aber ich versuche immer durch meine Fehler, mein Skills zu verbessern Gibt ihr nie auf und vor allem Liebe für die Sprache❤❤

  • Hallo Anja, I am very glad to know you and the way you teach German. Your videos are full of Lesson and Fun also. I am completely agree with your views on not learning too much grammar because it can slow you down! You will loose your motivation. Well I did A1. But I speak well German Because I learned too many Chunks Basic Phrases and Daily Life Vocabulary. I am living in Frankfurt I am trying to talk with people in German Language so that’s helps me a lots. I am trying to watch daily conversation /Dialogue Videos. Thank you Anja and your Channel is really good and helpful to learn German

  • Best teacher ever ,...you got into our deep problems in few minutes 👍

  • Completely agree with your views on not learning too much grammar because it can slow you down! l speak some german but disliked the grammar part and after all when we were babies and toddlers we learned how to speak easily, just by speaking, andthat is the most natural way !!

  • Hi Anja, I fully agree the method you describe and use in your Academy is the only efficient way to learn any language. (I also had to learn and speak other languages - about 4.). I no doubt improved my listening skills with the A2 videos and I need yet to finish some of the lessons. My challenge is that the speed and lack of reinforcement. For example, some of the chucks that we lean in one lesson/episode could be repeated on another lesson. This repetition would be very valuable. There are always new chucks but no reinforcement for the chunks already learned, Every video feels as an "information blitz" to me. I would be interested in the B1 and B2 (later) but I am not sure I can cope with the speed and amount of information without giving up. I am still to finish the units of the A2 course. All the best!!!! to you and your team

  • Ha, it's been around 170 years since my family spoke German. Even now it sounds natural to my ears and want to pick it up. I had Latin in college so the various cases, endings, etcetera do not seem that bad to me. Besides, unless you are looking for dementia learning a language is a good way to stay out of the nursing home. ;)

  • My biggest challenge while learning was grammar structure,Die verructe Grammatik ,I used to translate the things from English to Deutsch.No one disclosed how to stop tranlating but your 4M Formel helped me to overcome this barrier Anja, thanks a lot.

  • Love this! I want to learn German because most of my family are German. My biggest problem is hearing it. Some words sound so similar. I also struggle with pronunciation. This video gives me hope that I can do this!

  • I am a German graduate and I have lived in Germany but I wish I had a teacher like you. Basic information was not taught to me and so I had to build my knowledge without really learning basic information first.

  • My brain is also wired to tie tones or music to words, which I think is a big reason I became fluent in Morse Code many years ago which was a requirement for a Ham Radio licence. It was the rhythm and tones that cemented it in my brain I think, and when travelling about I'd Morse Code car registrations and any road signs I saw etc as well as other stuff.. I suppose that's just how my brain works. So when it came to falling in love with Rammstein's music, it's funny that there are expressions I know that I know, but when I hear them spoken, my brain automatically goes to the line in the song or a word in the song, and then I'm like 'oh yeah that means (fill in the blank)'.. I have a brain that absorbs information but in a way that perhaps is a bit different when it comes to retaining it. Having said that, I obviously learned English as a child, so if I can do that I have no doubt I can wrap my head around German. It's a facinating language for sure. I did French at school, remember parts of it, but to be honest there was no passion in learning it, I didn't have a reason I wanted to learn it, it was compulsory in school and German wasn't an option. I'm sure if German had been an option back then I would've picked that instead as it sounds more interesting. I've forgotten a lot of French due to never using it since school, I remember bits here and there, but I do have a passion for learning German and think to myself I'll spend half an hour on learning some aspect of German only to be sat here 3 hours later still looking at German language stuff.. so yeah I guess go where your passion is.

  • I moved to Berlin two years ago and I started to learn German Although , I can easily manage with only English in Berlin I would love to be able to speak. At the moment I am at B1 level and my biggest challenge is the speaking. But possibly I am putting to much effort on talking correctly instead of just talking without shame. Thanks for the video, please inform me about the B1 course starting on 17.10.

  • My biggest obstacle is that I get burnt out on it too quickly. I know that being immersed is probably one of the best ways so I tend to go super hard on the lessons and will marathon them for hours and hours until I can't anymore...then I'll stop doing the lessons for months on end before I get motivated to start again. Recently, I was traveling in another state and heard some people speaking German and was frustrated that I didn't understand anything other than the word Super. Not that I should learn to eavesdrop but it would have been fun to talk with them while we hiked up this difficult trail together. Or to help another pair of German speaking tourists that seemed lost at one point. Sure they may also know English but sometimes knowing how to speak in their language can help prevent confusion.

    • @LydJaGillers I am Nishil from India.I got admission in OVGU, Magdeburg Public University.I want to learn German but fees are very high could u please help me to share this course because fees are very high to learn German from coaching and I love this course because I had seen demo course??We can connect on FB where we can connect.

    • @Nishil Chauhan yes

    • Did u buy This course??

    • @LydJaGillers So were you the one who zoomed by me on Duolingo with ca. 3500 points in a day? 😃 Anyway, I wish you all the best, and I understand re: sometimes doing too much. I also want to understand the spoken language of native speakers.

  • Anja thank you so much you are so energy and positive I like your lessons My biggest problem to learn German is the grammar and I know I have to memorize the conjugation of the verbs But I need to be constant and make more time to spend to learn but I really want to learn

  • I am Learning German in order to come to study in Germany for my masters. My biggest issues are lack of motivation, confused on where to start and which materials to use.

  • I learned words and phrases from my ex mother in law, but it is Bayern and different from what my daughter speaks in school. Lol so I am learning all over, and I love you and this channel

  • Liebe Lehrerin Anja 😊, Ich vorbereite nun für die B2 Prüfung und finde es schwierig,Deutsche Vokabeln zu lernen und merken ! Können Sie Videos über Wortschatz im B2 Prüfung machen 🥺,Bitte verlassen Sie Mein Komment nicht!

  • Refreshing content. the way she blends the English and German is absolutely fantastic. Her actions illustrations skits are simply the best. Mehn... I am glad I found this Channel. Thank you Anja.

  • 1. I wanted to learn German because I've actually loved and had a passion with native languages when I was a kid. German is the second friend I made with. 2. I'm literally confusing with my German understand. I mean, the listening, it's so many rules of the sentence that the speaker or native speakers often say and that's too complicated for me to comprehend German slowly and clearly. This is one of the enormous problem of mine I'd like to improve it.😖❤️ __🌹That's why I often follow you until now and you have some nice tips to make German simpler__ __Je mehr ich dich öfter anschaue, desto mehrere gute Dinge speichere ich und weniger bin ich verloren🌹___ __Besten Dank, Anja___

  • My biggest challenge has been trying to learn alone without structure or guidance. Trying to learn for 18 years and im still level a2

  • Hello Anja, thank you for making learning German fun and interesting. I am a beginner. I would like to learn German for many reasons. I love to read about Germany and study German history, especially WWII. I have always dreamt of moving to Germany and living there, atleast a few years. To study, work, and marry a beautiful lady. My biggest struggle with learning is that I do not retain anything. Nothing stays in my long term memory. I dont' have anybody to have conversations with and it doesn't apply to my daily life. It's bad and embarrassing. If I ever have an opportunity to take a German course at a university or a community college I will. Thanks again for inspiring us to try harder and do better. You rock!

    • You might order German history books and read them until you can repeat the phrases by heart. That's helpful, giving you a feeling for those "chunks". Routine is the key, and stay away from stuff that can't fascinate you thoroughly. It must be something you eager to open and read again and again. Ideal websites can serve the same purpose. But chat is very bad for beginners, as it abounds in mistakes, only causing confusion, just like the usual movie subtitles do because of their blatant inaccuracy.

  • Hallo Anja! Ich weiß nicht ob du diesen Kommentar siehst aber ich will dir danken ,weil du und viele deutsche Lehrer :innen auf CS-tv haben Leute wie mich Deutsch erklärt und gelehrt. Wenn ich hatte eine Frage zB das Unterschied zwischen Akk oder D , du hast so schön und einfach erklärt. Ich weiß genau dass mein Deutsch nicht so gut ist ,aber ich will jeden Tag mich zu verbessern. Ein paar Tipps für Anfänger : lesen und schauen viele Dinge auf Deutsch. Zum Beispiel gibt es viele Kinderserien auf CS-tv wie Kika oder die Sendung mit der Maus, oder vielleicht Mediathek. Mediathek ist wie der Netflix von ARD und es gibt so viele Serien und Filmen du gucken kannst und auch Untertitel für den Serien. Leider ist Mediathek nur in Deutschland gestreamt aber mit einer VPN extension oder VPN software , kannst du dann den Website surfen. Aber der beste Tipp ist dass du viel Spaß mit Deutsch lernen hast.

  • My biggest issue is retention and sentence structure. I told my German teacher it's hard enough learning a new language to have to go and speak in Yoda sentences. Lol

  • Wunderbar!!! Vielen Dank, Anja!

  • you missed the important one, for work haha. 1. motivation, and to keep at it. Even after progress I get impatient. I guess we need to embrace long time goal and not short time goal. 2. To be constant and learning a little regularly. I study too much at a time and give up. 3. I understand grammar is hard, but it's okay, I feel it's no point just complaining about the grammar, it is what it is.

  • The reason for me wanting to learn the German language would give me something to do as a hobby when I am not working. The difficulty that I would probably have in learning is the pronunciation and the proper use of grammar. You have some good tips in this video. The more practice one puts in to learn a language the better a person gets. Danke!

  • Is it possible to maybe have your mom do 1 or 2 yoga videos in German? I really enjoy Yoga and maybe in your Academie, there can be some yoga videos so that we can immerse ourselves in an activity and learn to follow the moves with Yoga? This may be helpful for people already familiar with the practice and incorporate them into their daily life? Or if someone knows how to find this please share b/c youtube algorithm isn't always so helpful.


  • My parents immigrated to the USA from Germany in the 1960s. I was born and raised in the USA. My parents wanted my brother and me to be as Americanized as possible and never really spoke German to us as children. I love them, but I'm so mad at them for their decision to not speak German to us as children when it's easiest to learn a language. I've been to Germany three times and everytime I visited my family there they wanted to practice their English. I'm in my 50s now and I finally want to learn German so I can have a real conversation in German with my parents. I've been watching you on CS-tv for about a year now, and I must admit I have a better understanding of German now more than ever. My challange is that I get hung up on the cases and memorizing the gender of a word, which is so important to know to set up a sentence correctly.

  • ...The biggest challenge is that is very difficult to have real life conversations in German when nobody around speaks german. Otherwise, Great video! I started in A1 with you and I am now starting B1 with your happygerman academy. I guess the videos for B1 are not out yet, right?. I Love your course. I have started to understand German much better and some things come out automatically. But, yes, it is a very difficult language and movies are still too fast for me to understand. I spent 6 weeks in Berlin at the end of 2020, after having studied with your method for about 6 months. I went three hours daily to class there. Even with that, my German language progress is slow, although I speak three other languages very well -the same ones that you speak, and I am a language teacher that have used your same kind of method for many years with my students. To throw oneself into the arms of this language and let go takes a while! Specially, as I said above, when you don't have anyone to speak German with. Aber Ja, Ich will, ich kann und ich werde Deutsche lerne! Große Küsse.

    • @Victoria Parraga please give me email to get more information pls

    • @Nishil Chauhan Yes. I highly recommend it.

    • Did u buy This course??

  • I really struggle to study, because I don't even know where to begin. I just finished A1, and am starting A2. And I just feel the level of work just jumped so high... Hope this video helps to motivate me. :)

  • Hallo Anja, i'm a beginner learner, i really loved your teaching technics, they are so authentic! Because i have German friends i want to talk with them in their native language. I have difficulty with pronunciation when it comes to speaking, it sounds like i still talk in English language.

  • Lol, my motive for learning German was because of 2 of my favorite German bands, Rammstein and Tokio Hotel and then I just wanted to understand the songs better. I also love how challenging the language is and I love a challenge. Ich liebe deutsch!

  • Hi Anja, once again let me clarify that I like and love to watch and learn Deutsch through your system. Answer 1. I am interested to learn the language as I respect the country and the people and every year I travel to Germany and Switzerland to meet my son and family. Answer 2. The biggest challenge is that I fail to remember the words when I need to use them. To add, Ich bin 68 jahre alt.

  • Hallo Anja. Ich lebe jetzt in Deutschland , deshalb möchte ich meine Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich möchte fließend Deutsch sprechen ohne übersetzen. Meine größte Herausforderung ist Sprechen und Hören.

  • My real motivation in learning Deutsch is , Do I understand the W I and W II by German mentality ? Secondly Were German defeated in both of them or not? I badly need to answer these two questions. Your second question was ist deine Größte Herausforderung? I find pronunciation is the most difficult part to inquire in Deutsch

  • Great video. I'm interested in the language because I'm interested in the history and the people. I used to work with a lot of Germans. My biggest challenge is of course the four cases; nominative, akusative, dative und genetiv - unmoglich !

  • Ich möchte Deutsch lernen, weil ich Krankenschwester bin und in Deutschland arbeiten möchte. Meine Herausforderungen sind das Auswendiglernen, die Motivation und was ich lernen soll. I also want to be able to share bible with patients and pray with them.

  • 1. i want to learn german because i'm in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend lives in austria!! i wanna move there one day rather than have him come here, and it's best if i learn the language and become fluent soon enough before i get there. it's also just super fun to learn new languages and now that i have an actual reason to motivate me, i have even more fun with it! and 2. the thing i struggle with the most is exposure to the language. i know that part can be as easy as watching or reading something interesting in german once a day, but then i stress myself out because of that "i don't understand any of this" mindset you mentioned here. i'm working on overcoming that! danke schön anja! thank u for the helpful video :)❤

  • Seit etwa 2003 lerne ich ab und zu Deutsch. Zur Zeit soll ich schon fließend sein 🧐 Ich kann mehr Deutsch verstehen als sprechen. In 2004 bin ich zusammen mit meiner Mutter und meinem Bruder nach Deutschland geflogen. Unsere Reise durch DE, Polen, Prag und Österreich hat 2 Wochen gedauert. Meine größte Herausfoderung? Wörter, die SOOOO ähnlich sind - viele Präfixe auf Stamm-Wörter (z.B. kommen, ankommen, aufkommen, trinken, ertrinken, bringen, beibringen, verbringen, usw....most of these I actually know already, but there are tons more that I don't.) Manchmal hat das Präfix eine bekannte allgemeine Bedeutung, manchmal scheint es völlig zufällig zu sein. Auf der anderen Seite, liebe ich *DOCH* die Deutschen Fälle. Sie interessieren mich sehr. Ich habe mich vor Monaten in die A1- und A2-Klassen eingeschrieben, war aber beschäftigt und musste nach etwas mehr als der Hälfte der A1-Klasse aufhören. Ich möchte bald zurückkommen 😤

  • I'm learning german because i will go to Germany to study. My biggest challenge is that I always forget words and I find it hard to speak a perfect sentence. Like, I have to think and translate a lot inside my head before speaking so it made me clumsy somehow

  • I spent a week in Berlin, and I loved it. I want to be able to speak German well when I visit next time. I'm also hoping to move there sooner than later.

  • Thank you for your videos. I really enjoy them. I love the sound of German and I want to travel there again with my family. I found difficulties in the 4cases, noun genders and so on, which is not in English grammar. I am Japanese, I confused about the 4cases is different from taught in Japan.

  • My grandpa’s grandpa came from Stuttgart, Germany before the 1900s. His grandpa said they didn’t need to speak German anymore because they were in America now. I passed German in high school, but I forgot it over time. I didn’t have anyone to talk too. But I still want to relearn German. I tried Anglo Saxon language and no way. That’s even harder to learn. I’m also learning on duolingo.

  • Biggest challenge is making it stick. (I learn words and sentences but can't retain them) I see the words written and I know I should know them, but I don't. I do some but not enough, Ich lerne worten, aber Ich (remember) keine viele, nicht genug.

  • The part where it says 'mein roter Ball' is exactly what I do when hearing songs I've learned the lyrics to in German.. I hear and sing the words but picture what they are saying rather than think of how we say it in English. Translating into English is not a good way, in the sense that Germans have a totally different way of saying things. Also I found when translating word for word, not only is it said wrong by myself, but some words when you put together mean something totally different that doesn't even remotely mean what the words individually mean, ie idionyms etc.

  • I learn German with both grammar and MEMORY...a lot has to do with context....I find german fascinating!

  • the biggest challenge for me are - the pronunciation (especially "r" sound), the verb conjugation, and the listening !

  • My family and me wants to move to Germany, so I want to learn German to make my life easier in Germany. I was learning German in high school and my biggest challenges was gramatic genders. They are so frustrating because you must learn it with the word and you cant associate with anything in my mother language or English language.

  • I want to learn German because of family, culture, and would love to visit germany someday. The hardest part for me is speaking (i don’t know how to form sentences) and understanding what people are saying. I pick up on words or a phrase but thats about it

  • Glad I found this channel. Great content and presentation. I strongly recommend watching videos of former Germany football coach Joachim Low. His diction and articulation are in my opinion very good to those that want to train their listening comprehension. Give it a try and you will see. Danke vielmals.

  • I am learning German, because i want to be able to have a voice with my friends and be involved with their conversations, and not have to wait for them to ask me special questions. Of course, my challenge has been on grammar. I barely learned English grammar and get totally lost with rules in German because of that initial lack of knowledge. How many times in our youth did we make fun of a non-native speaker? Even if only making fun of them in our own minds. It is because of this that i have a fear for perfection. So I dont have people making fun of how I speak...

  • I have a few reasons to learn German. My ancestors come to South Africa from Germany in 1750, I am now working for a German company in SA and I want to move to Germany. Also just loving the language.

  • Das einzige wirkliche Geheimnis ist, dass es sehr schwer ist und man mindestens 5 bis 7 Jahre lang täglich und intensiv daran arbeiten muss, um es anständig zu verstehen. Wenn nicht, dann willst du es übernicht nicht, ehrlich gesagt. Vielleicht ist es einfacher, wenn du auch Vorfahren von dort hast, aber ich weiß nicht genau. Ein guter Akzent ist auch sehr wichtig und kommt nur ganz von selbst oder nicht, im Großen und Ganzen, würd ich sagen.

  • I love you Anja. You are a superb comedian and a great teacher !

  • Iam a Kenyan working in Saudi Arabia and iam trying very hard to learn Germany. I really like your teaching. Iam already finish A1 and iam now in B1. My dream is to come in Germany for a greener pasture and I know that by the grace of God I will make it in Jesus name 🙏🙏

  • my biggest challenge in learning german is grammar and its sentence structure

  • Understanding native speakers is my problem. But I love to speak with people, so I hope that very soon I will manage.

  • I'm planning to study in Germany that's my main goal but I'm also into the language itself.

  • Vielen dank für dies Video! 1. Ich lerne Deutsch denn ich mag ausländische Sprachen lernen, es braucht für die Arbeit und vielleicht wir werden in deutschsprachigen Land einziehen. 2. Meine Herausforderung ist in Deutsch mit viele Grammatikfehler sprechen denn es ist sehr schwer in Deutsch anfangen zu sprechen.

  • Anja du bist die Beste, du hast ein Händchen fürs Unterrichten. Der Inhalt hat mir wie immer sehr gut gefallen. Prost

  • Manage expectations. That is, expect to study for hours every day and still not understand anything after 6 months. Expect to pick up some words and phrases after 7 months. Expect to comprehend some sentences after 8 months. Expect to carry on conversations after 9 months.