4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
Today we're using toilet paper in every way you shouldn't.
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  • I would love to shoot the cannon with spitball

  • People are STARVING...

  • 2 million trees harmed in the making

  • I wish I could mute her

  • Cleaning would be long and tiring 🐈

  • The super cheap stuff that doesn't even have a name is bathroom tissue and it costs 50 cents for 4 rolls

  • Or a few hour if u have a Nate

  • Calli: I cannot wait to see it in footage. Me: boi at least you get to experience in real life 6:28-6:32

  • haha this video was so entertaining!

  • 420

  • The race of the century! Racing with toilet paper!

  • There are definitely going to be people using T.P. Matic 5000s on Halloween.

  • Its like when you have full air in your lungs and try to breathe

  • no bad words pls

  • kepow 9:03

  • 1:36 why 420 tho 😂😂🤣🤣

  • 10:17 that could be a Halloween decor

  • *B A T H R O O M T I S S U E*

  • Imagine it raining after they tp’ed the house

  • soak a role of toilet paper in liquid oxygen and light it

  • 9:06 is nice

  • Btw your wife might be the happiest person on CS-tv or maybe the world.

  • People in 3rd world countries now have dirty bums because of you guys.

  • Nate are you Calli's husband

  • The tp terminator

  • no one : not a single soul on earth : Calli when vacuuming toilet paper : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOUUUUHOUUUU

  • So how did they break Mark's shoulder?

  • 1:38 noice

  • now egg it.

  • Anyone else notice the 420(lol) on one of the packs

  • Imagine what there naybours think

  • Do you know how much tp you used that could have gone to feed the homeless

  • Quickest way to get rid of that mess of tp in the vacuum...one match😂

  • Anyone see that stand fall at 12:00

  • The look on his face when she ask what CS-tvr you got it from... he was clearly lying 🤥

  • Thankfully we don't have to think about buying papers for washroom Hehhe just a fun fact

  • "Mine tore a lot a bit"

  • F for mark

  • Calli: "yes im so happy.... oh noo we have to clean that up" Nate: "Yes we do" XD

  • You can use the tp 5000 to fastly mummy somebody