4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
Today we're using toilet paper in every way you shouldn't.
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  • anybody think that Nate looked like Eraserhead from My Hero Academia at the end

  • Ahhh toilet paper math, so confusing.

  • 12:00 they probably knew what would happen.

  • You should try to make yourself into a human mummy with the toilet paper gun

  • The neighbors must *LOVE* you guys

  • Me, I just grab the first large thing of toilet paper I see as soon as I walk into the aisle

  • nobody: their neighbors: o_0

  • Cali the mom. Nate the child

  • Little did anyone know what would happen a month later

  • I wish she didn't laugh the whole video

  • Now that's how to tp a house

  • The neighborhoods of the kids who watched this are in big trouble !

  • "These giant toilet paper rolls would last a month for a family. Or a few hours if you have a Nate." Is Nate a name for a cat?

  • How are you going to clean that😭

  • *not sponsored*

  • 9:54 That looks like a giant yellow Turbo (TurboCharger)

  • Her laugh is so cute 😂😂

  • I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw them tping their own property.

  • Never give Nate tp again

  • Calli:this tp will last a month for a family or a few hours if you have a Nate. Me:or if you have my brother Hayden

  • Put the fan on reverse

  • Why not just put a stick through all 5 paper rolls to make it quicker and easier xd?

  • Are them two married?

  • And this, childeren, is why global warming exists.

  • Nates comment about people using TP and other people using it standing. Completely true. I wasn't aware anyone did until i met my boyfriend.

  • was that 420 sheets per roll

  • Nate: That thing just gut punched me Calli: Yes I’m so happy!

  • I never knew some one laugh that much from toilet paper

  • Just weigh the rolls

  • I use this with my family

  • I wanna see them clean it up XD

  • F

  • When that toilet paper is called “toilet tissue” You know its off brand

  • pls try polishing things with tooth paste!

  • Are you guys brother and sister

  • 0:37 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • which brand sticks better on windows with soap?

  • "I wanted to compare side by side" ÷)

  • Scottie 1000s is 5 miles long

  • Gosh man, that girl gets way to excited and almost screws up the experiment everytime! Calm down girl

  • Nate: " I got an idea " Also Nate: _teepees own house_

  • 0:36-0:39 Calli: or a few hours if you have a Nate Nobody: Me: *explodes from laughing*

  • 😭😢

  • Sending prahs to grants family after his passing


  • hurray for science!

  • What if it started raining while they shot his video

  • Cali on a marry go round being TPed by the to guy

  • No one is going to say anything about her trying to find the cruddiest tp!? 1:28

  • so what are the 4 tricks? can someone put the timestamps?

  • Ugh why is 1 ply toilet paper a thing? 😂

  • There boss is dead

  • I just would really like too know what the neighbors are thinking when they see them doing these kinds of things

  • Anyone here after hearing about Grant's passing..? We'll miss him. R.I.P

  • Rest in peace 😞❤

  • Will be missed...

  • WHO watching in August 2019 Rip.

  • I'm sorry but her laughing at everything even when it's not funny is annoying.

  • "A month, or only a few hours if you have a Nate" haha XD

  • he was born in 1976 i think its a hacker

  • Everyboddy gangsta untill nate gets the TP gun

  • That moment you tp your own house

  • The bad thing about messe videos is..... The cleanup


  • In other words if you put a stick in between the toilet paper you can unroll it faster by walking instead of bending down on rollin

  • If you put a stick in there you can unroll it faster

  • Who else was watching this on the toilet and thinking is the tp going to get stuck up my a$$🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮😮

  • What about the TP-Metron Or BloieMetron (Blow-e-Metron

  • Can you do a video of what's inside of the playhouse?

  • Imagine being they're neighbors and looking over the fence to see what their up to

  • what will you do to all of the used toilet papers? one tissue equals to 1 tree. i'd like to know...

  • holy litterers

  • I would enjoy the videos more if she didn't force herself to laugh at every aspect of their creations.

  • 11:14 how to make an instant mummy

  • For saiens!!!!!!!

  • 0:38 Or a few hours if you have a...what?

  • For all the bully’s that do spitballs buy the all new spitball shotgun

  • TP is a scam...be civilized and use a bidet


  • Can burning paper over an ant hill get rid of ants from the ash.