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Check out these crazy hacks that are actually insanely helpful! Super comfy ideas for your pillow, hacks for those who wear spectacles, peanut butter for your hair, nail polish tricks and a whole lot of other great ideas for beauty, cooking and more! :)
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0:10 For those in eyewear
2:03 Awesome bubble wrap tricks
7:58 Steak ideas
11:55 Slime hacks
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  • Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hacks in the comment section! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Lots of love! Stay creative! ;) XOXOX

  • I wish there was a mute button. The music in every single one of these videos is unnecessarily loud and distracting. Annoying. Cant even fully enjoy the video without having to lower the volume...every single time.

  • nice

  • You understand that tampons are expensive right?

  • Oll video mix old video

  • My glasses broke today and I tried to fix them but it did not work

  • Really i impresed with thid helpfull channel Its amaizing

  • Yes I just broke my glasses arm if my parents find out I am busted

  • My mouth started watering on buble wrap hack ( for chocolate😂)

  • 7:30 please dont do that. Instead use banana leaves. Plastics produce some chemicals when food it is kept or wrapped. Thank you!😊😊

  • After pewdiepie.😊😊

  • 3:36 I heard somewhere that the person who invented this hack got locked up.

  • Why are Russian hacks here??????

  • Nicely done

  • peanut butter all in your hair for the gum that's good but everywhere on your head i feel bad for him

  • I don’t even have glasses why am I here

  • Phone ke baare mein Bataye

  • 12:51 have they heard of blue tac.

  • I like it very nice

  • Türk yokmu ya

  • Just me or is it kinda weird that like a 23 year old is wearing MONSTER HIGH

  • Just me or is it kinda weird that like a 23 year old is wearing MONSTER HIGH

  • hacks are repeated

  • 14:08 she/he erased the wrong thing lol.

  • 0:08 whats the name of the song? Plz someone tell me

  • Também podiam escrever alguma coisa em português é que eu quase que não percebo nada de inglês y

  • Hey thanks 5 - min crafts your very helpful . My glasses broke and its been a year that i havent fixed it. I saw you can fixed with dental flow so i did it and it worked ! Thank you!

  • full of repeating stupidness😤😤👹

  • If you watch 7:44 it shows that the coke doesn't even change, so the person didn't even drink it.

  • 5 minute craft! 2:12 “freeze for 30 minutes” 😑

  • What part of that is Russian that's basically racist

  • What a nice video

  • I like it

  • 1:46 does it work someone tell mdd plzzz i need to know 😯

  • the is extra

  • 5 -Minute craft is so Good 👌👌👌😊

  • If your name is 5-minute craft than why did it take like 20 minutes

  • Wow

  • Music basssss!!!!!!!!!

  • ngl some of these are pretty cool


  • dont sleep with your glasses on, kids

  • they that you are what you eat. But i didn't remember eating TRACERRRRR

  • I wonder how much money there paying that guy to put peanut butter in his hair.

  • App to rich ho


  • This video is very nice 👌

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-kms7HGqN2A0.html

  • Hack #1 take your glasses off instead

  • This channel is very helpful , intresting and lovely

  • Repeated hacks......

  • How you can do this ##Very nice

  • as an optician, never never never EVER EVER EVER USE A HAIRDRYER TO ADJUST YOUR GLASSES. you'll just end up going to your optometrists office to get them fixed in a few days. just dont do it.

  • this is amazing :) and I love the music that starts after the intro :D

  • My choclate is burn

  • This is 19 minute crafts......

  • sir aap btaya b kren non cheez istmaal kr they hain

  • 🌈🦋What did you spray on the window before applying bubblewrap?👩🏻‍💻?

  • Nadie abla español 💅

  • A lot of canal is trivial and simple.

  • Looks like 5 minute crafts is the time for making the stuff and it's not about the video timing

  • 11:41 whÿ ÿòū špíll späghet brøther

  • 0:44 I wouldn't recommend using that life hack, it could damage the glasses, and if you need ajdustments, go to where you got your glasses, or just any place that has glasses.

  • Nice hacks! Very helpful!

  • Ifzal☺😅😇😵😨😈😥😀😁😂😃😗😙😘😱

  • Ifzal😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😍😗😚😗

  • xem di xem lai kklo thay chan

  • I like the rose petal ice cubes (I have something planned for that. The pool noodle ideas for the boots and wine glasses I will use. But, I'm wondering who is gonna try the Wi-Fi aluminum can broadcast lol. I think I'll google and see if this bounces signals. 🤔

  • Placing the can in the DVD tray is stupidity. moisture in the compartment is problematic

  • That wasn’t really a creative stamp it was poka dots

  • You guys took hacks off of Natalies outlet

  • Cool

  • Aku suka sama 5minute craf ini karna aku bisa berkreasi dengan ini makasih

  • this was so boreing

  • 5:49 what if you mobe and it falls all over your computer??👐👐

  • 4:47 why she wearing a monster high shirt??🙌🙌

  • I feel like the peanut butter doesnt even work as a conditioner or that well as a shaving cream and they were just pulling a prank on that guy to make him slather peanut butter all over himself.

  • Don't use plastics try to use newspapers and tissue papers

  • 4:50 you can just stay with this bag on your head and go to work or school or just something like that

  • 1:55 please stop hurting my nutella

  • MamA app Ke lifs soo cute

  • 7:35 would you waste time washing the dish or waste money buying wrap

  • I like this channel it has some pretty interesting hacks but seriously, peanut butter instead of conditioner? no way, that would make your hair just as dirty. I also hate peanut butter.

  • When they use the CD slot to hold the coca cola they picked it up to drink and they were holding the coca cola back words.

  • who in df would ever want to put peanut butter in their hair?

  • samma

  • samma

  • Who waatches but never tries Like if agree

  • What Is Borax?..

  • Cotton or similar poofs are much cheaper to get and use to remove nail polish than tampons, even if you use one poof for each digit.

  • Bubble wrap makes a crazy-expensive shower curtain.

  • I luv it

  • Lol, a couple of these people didn't even wanted to do the hacks they had to do

  • These aren’t helpful

  • Io

  • so when your saying there actully help full so all you other ones arent help full

  • Pouring hot chocolate over plastic bubble wrap isn't a good idea

  • this is by far the worst video on youtube.

  • This is not even 5-minute crafts,it's 19-minute crafts .

  • it's a pity that I did not look at it before because I had a small case with glasses ...