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Check out these crazy hacks that are actually insanely helpful! Super comfy ideas for your pillow, hacks for those who wear spectacles, peanut butter for your hair, nail polish tricks and a whole lot of other great ideas for beauty, cooking and more! :)
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0:10 For those in eyewear
2:03 Awesome bubble wrap tricks
7:58 Steak ideas
11:55 Slime hacks
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  • Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hacks in the comment section! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Lots of love! Stay creative! ;) XOXOX

  • That wasn’t really a creative stamp it was poka dots

  • You guys took hacks off of Natalies outlet

  • Cool

  • May God bless u people U saved my time and money

  • Aku suka sama 5minute craf ini karna aku bisa berkreasi dengan ini makasih

  • this was so boreing

  • 5:49 what if you mobe and it falls all over your computer??👐👐

  • 4:47 why she wearing a monster high shirt??🙌🙌

  • I feel like the peanut butter doesnt even work as a conditioner or that well as a shaving cream and they were just pulling a prank on that guy to make him slather peanut butter all over himself.

  • Don't use plastics try to use newspapers and tissue papers

  • 4:50 you can just stay with this bag on your head and go to work or school or just something like that

  • 1:55 please stop hurting my nutella

  • MamA app Ke lifs soo cute

  • 7:35 would you waste time washing the dish or waste money buying wrap

  • I like this channel it has some pretty interesting hacks but seriously, peanut butter instead of conditioner? no way, that would make your hair just as dirty. I also hate peanut butter.

  • When they use the CD slot to hold the coca cola they picked it up to drink and they were holding the coca cola back words.

  • who in df would ever want to put peanut butter in their hair?

  • samma

  • samma

  • Who waatches but never tries Like if agree

  • What Is Borax?..

  • Cotton or similar poofs are much cheaper to get and use to remove nail polish than tampons, even if you use one poof for each digit.

  • Bubble wrap makes a crazy-expensive shower curtain.

  • magic. press the down buttton it turn into blue 👇👇👇👇👇

  • I luv it

  • Lol, a couple of these people didn't even wanted to do the hacks they had to do

  • These aren’t helpful

  • Io

  • so when your saying there actully help full so all you other ones arent help full

  • Pouring hot chocolate over plastic bubble wrap isn't a good idea

  • this is by far the worst video on youtube.

  • This is not even 5-minute crafts,it's 19-minute crafts .

  • it's a pity that I did not look at it before because I had a small case with glasses ...

  • Take glasses off when sleeping

  • Just put iT in the wachinmacheen

  • Other hacks are repeated :-\ :-\

  • Do Not Put Slime On Your SHIRT 👚

  • Kon kon glasses pe sui lagte hua dekha tab video play ki

  • I liked the slime and pencil one.

  • A common situation! Glasses fall off your face in bed! A common situation! Nobody sleeps with glasses on!

  • 9:36 That guy had barely any hair... why does he need a shave?

  • 7:09 .... am i the only one questioning why they would promote that?

  • 1:58 yeah like the plastic is not going to melt into the precious chocolate

  • Nice video cool

  • What does xoxoxoxo mean

  • Take your glasses off when going to sleep

  • Who were specs hit like here

  • i want that gum (glue) 3:28...

  • Nobody is here.

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  • your channel v.very helpful

  • En vez de que me hagan sentir mejor esto solo me da lastima la gente muerta de hambre

  • حلو

  • Good.... 👍

  • RIP slime 12:26

  • nice

  • Your very very good idea

  • aranızda türk olan varmı

  • I ise glasses and this channel are soooooooo helpful!♡ i love it!

  • using the disk drive as a coaster? I don't think so

  • 4:46 Ahh my favorite part " *Suffocation* "

  • I tried the glasses one where ur glasses doesnt fall i heated it like it said to do guess what I had to play 50$ for it

  • I watch two videos that have glasses related to them what do I get millions of ads just for glasses 😧😆 like sheesh I already have 'em

  • Nice

  • How many times you will take the same meat piece 8:02

  • Anyone go into anaphylaxis after wearing leather shoes permeated with peanut oil?

  • За безумные русские лайфхаки лайк)


  • You can suffacate with a bag on your head. Half of these have a easy answer that is Heather and cheaper.

  • A the that was shaving u have no facial hair 😓😓😓😅😲😲

  • The beeeesssstttt

  • Awesome dear Friend

  • 7:46 would not trust that

  • SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! none of this is actually useful

  • Waisting tamps

  • Who keeps a spectacle on a sofa

  • Why you people repeated some of the hacks ?? Anyways good work

  • I I wish I had a woman with your beauty. I hope you give me a number that excites you

  • I HATE the music please change it

  • ve like your vidoes

  • Nederland is beter dan Amerika

  • you should not show how to sneak alcohol around it is not good

  • I tend to believe that five minutes craft is the superb channel I had ever seen .........if anyone think so plz hit like here.....

  • It was awesome and funny

  • No hate just saying never put a bag on your head u could suffocate or cant breathe

  • Xd

  • I love life hacks and I think I'm actually going to do these hacks!!! But I don't

  • 10:36 what is the white powder. Flour or pancake mix ?

  • first hack: take the glasses off.

  • U sayd helpfull u lier

  • What whaa

  • NEVER microwave chocolate for two minutes straight. That will just burn the chocolate and it may explode in your microwave. You should microwave it in 15-30 second intervals and stir it each time you take it out. Repeat until it is melted and Ta Da! Perfectly melted chocolate! 🍫🍫🍫

  • First hack: Take the glasses of.

  • hi

  • Your five minute crafts are awesome keep it up and I try to do them every single day!XOXO

  • Life hack: If 5-Minute Craft tells you to do anything with food or fire, don’t.

  • I don't see how hard it is to get dressed THEN put on ur makeup

  • oof