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Do you want tot feel like a professional chef in the kitchen? Then check out these amazing cooking life hacks and tips!
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  • How to use dental floss in the kitchen? Check out here - 19:10! Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the like button🤗

  • Do you want TOT feel like a pro sheff

  • Isn’t it funny how the introduced us to the rolling the lemon to get more juice out then they go and put it in the microwave and say the rolling method is bad

  • Who would eat those exactly?😖7:29

  • Oh, yeah I would like some frozen yogurt droplets, Chef Ramsay.

  • I love the banana freshness one but don't see the point of make resealable bags permanently sealed.

  • Muito legal as idéias 😍😛😜🎂🎊🎉🍦🍧

  • 2:32 not sure in what third-world country this is done, but here in the US we use vegetable peelers in restaurants. A hunk of wire from a hanger is not NSF-approved and may contaminate with metal shards. It also looks like it will certainly damage your knife. Good chef knives ain't cheap.

  • After all these ironic and sarcastic comments, we cannot deny that this channel is the third most subscribed channel

  • At 3:29 don’t do this it will set your toaster on fire I’m not joking I did it and it caught on fire

  • The male - female pepper thingy is total BS

  • there is no need to bake bananas to use them for baking.

  • I'm so doing 15:11

  • Nutela mata macacos

  • I really like your vids but, You use the Microwave TOO MUCH! For instance... If you want all the juice out of your citrus, just use a fork!

  • This is all worst hacks for culinary people because our chef might stab us with sharp knife or tell us to retired from being a chef.

  • No chef uses any of this, because they have access to knives, peelers, and graters - please let us know where this restaurant is where the end of a tin can is being used to grate food, so that we can avoid it! tyvm

  • Instead of all that work to peel a cucumber... Dollar store!

  • Hi yeah youtube get them demonitized

  • Nutella with fruits looks bad

  • How hungry can be when eating food from videos

  • Culinary hack? Destroy perfectly good hanger. Attach to knife. Use to peel. Real chefs. Use $80 peeler.

  • Чё в Америке майонез махеев и ряба есть ?!? Чудеса

  • At minute 5:47 you show a 4-lobe "female" red bell pepper and a 3-lobe "male" red bell pepper and say the "female" saying one is better for raw eating and the "male" is better for cooking. OK, what about a 2-lobe red bell pepper: < i.imgur.com/ly5MQIx.jpg > ??? I cooked professionally for 18 years; I have never heard of a male or female bell pepper. I'm gonna say that's not a thing. Bell peppers produce flowers having both male and female parts (known as “perfect” flowers). As such, there is no particular gender associated with the fruit. Oh, and don't do the microwaving an egg in a drinking glass thing. Unless you butter the inside of the glass heavily, you'll end up scrubbing the cooked-on egg whites that hold to the glass tenaciously.

  • ....but how do I know if I am buying harmful or natural mayonnaise when in the store. I have not heard of either of those.

  • I can't wait to try some of these hacks!!! I wish I was that creative!

  • Excepting that the plastic used in making the sprayers for spray-bottles isn't certified food-grade/cooking-utensil quality. Great way to get chemical contamination from the junk China uses in their plastics, seeped right into your oil! There's a reason for why everyone doesn't do this -- including *actual* chefs. Try again...

  • Been a chef for fifteen years. Can honestly say I use all of these hacks. Every day. Surprised they didn't show the using a tenner to get a good crush on your line of charlie. Classic chef move.

  • There All Same.ALL Video Is Same

  • 1:27 fake

  • I'm no Gordon Ramsay, but I'm pretty sure you would get fired if you cooked eggs in the microwave. Like, I understand at home you might do it if you wanna eat poached eggs fast- But really, at a restaurant? What Olive Garden are you visiting? Even the ones in Florida aren't THAT bad!

  • Viva el café dominicano coño

  • Stop that music man

  • This channel is worse than T-series

  • Son: "Dad cook me something." Dad: 7:19

  • I like some of your ideas, but seriously, skewering two soda bottles to make a juicer? Just buy a $1 juicer.

  • Ruby ooooh

  • It weird how no ones mentioned 7:28

  • If I was a chef I would go crazy because of how weird some of the"hacks"

  • Frozen peanut butter..... into sheets.... that is not a hack , that's called being lazy and giving up on something easy. really...... you can't spread peanut butter on a slice of bread.... it's called change directions so you don't rip the bread.

  • 6:25 you are not sure where the cork is going 😕

  • What is this IODINE?

  • I want to meet the chef who uses a plastic finger guard when cutting vegetables.I'm sure I can find one at the unemployment line.

  • 7:28 Where's the age restriction?

  • Use a potato peeler

  • Some if these hacks are doing waaaaay to much !!

  • I look at all my recommended videos...there all 5 min craft HELP ME

  • 15:27 why dafuq would someone do that i mean CMON it can break! just use ur hands or fill your toilet paper carton thing with a hard material and use it cause the tortillas will be SHARDED WHY WHY!

  • 13:19 is not safe, if u have the equipment you should consider it dangerous, also why use that when you showed a life hack where you can use a knife as a skin cutter i dont get it.

  • Love these tricks. People are so creative.

  • Used by chefs? I dont think so. Im a chef but i never use a hot knife for seal bags or use a bureauclip and two forks for salad.

  • I tried the Colgate bikini cookies..They were OK.

  • How did they get 49 million subs

  • When they bake something they don’t tell what they put it on or how long. That would help with hacks.

  • 1:10 or you can just eat yogurt like a normal person

  • 7:51 riddle me.. i mean what the purpose of the aluminium foil? I need answer

  • Best way to cleanse your kidney naturally using parsley www.healthsathi.com/cleanse-kidney-fast-naturally/

  • 6:29 Sacrilège !

  • colgate is bad for skins

  • The Banana hack was fake, cause I have bananas that sit out a couple of days! And they don’t get rotten without Foil :/.

  • Chujowe jak barszcz

  • Also on a channel where craft appears in the title, i expect to see a craft not a hack

  • What was the purpose of the mayo one?

  • Hi guys, please follow me and do subscribe for my channel.. ♥️ I need only 1000 subscribe please♥️🚶🏻‍♂️

  • 4:21 want some gru Nutella? 🙌🏻

  • What was the point of the banana

  • @4:57 Why would u put toothpaste on the fish ???????? I didn’t get it. Can someone plz explain it!

  • 13:51 🙄🍈🍈

  • I don't ge T the Mayo thing

  • You are really irritating us..

  • Eeeeew! That bacon wasn't cooked. 🤢

  • If you visited to see the burger trick don't bother, it's just Click Bait. I used to watch this channel each time a new video was added, but I refuse to give sites that use unincluded click bait content my time or support. You don't need to deceive people, you had a good thing going there for awhile..

  • I Like It, Visit bit.ly/Culinary-Traditional get in information..

  • Why is puting knifes in rice a hack

  • 1:25 ur not slick the top of the strawberry was already cut open smfh

  • Y u need to eat undergarments?!🤣🤣 mentality....😏

  • I'm up here rewinding stuff I missed like I'm ever really gonna try one of these

  • Life hacks are supposed to make thing simple and more efficient, some of this stuff would just make things take 20 times longer... Like the nail to slice the banana inside the peel, you could legit peel it and slice it in less than 10 seconds and that "hack" would take mins, probably multiple... Further more your title says cooks use this stuff? Where? I've been in the food Industry at legit every level over the past 15 years and not 1 time have I ever seen anyone use toothpaste as some sort of disgusting hand cream or sanitizer or whatever, matter of fact that would more than definitely violate health code and probably get the person fired or business fined

  • 13:05 Yeah, I don't think a restaurant chef would put an apple on a drill to peel it.

  • The way this guy cuts everything gave me an anxiety attack. Cut flat side down everyone

  • good but when i go back in the stone age strart using those things

  • as a chef this is all bullsh*t


  • Repeats all the time😠

  • 20 years working side by side with chefs, and never seen them doing that

  • OK, I know for sure that ketchup pancake thing at 17:51 is fake, but it's great animation!

  • Fish with a toothpaste seriously????

  • Horrible music

  • 19:00 19:50

  • Ohhh so we all have a magnetic bottle holder in our house. Wait no, you didn’t say where we got that did you. BTW! Who is gonna glue two handles to the wall! These are the most pointless videos🙄. Also you show “Life Hacks” (The same ones), In like multiple different videos. MAKE BETTER CONTENT! 🤑 P.S. we all know we put like seven ads on each video. #AdRevenue

  • No chef would use any of these

  • like si quieres q pongan los ingredientes en español :-)

  • Who's gonna get a drill out to eat a freakin Apple.

    • 😂😂😂 Was scrolling down to see if anyone commented on the drill!

  • A lot of repeats again 5 minute crafts. You guys need some new stuff not just different titles.

  • 7:26 ummmmmm, r those....... What happened to family friendly contenttt!?!?

  • Awesome....Really enjoyed it☺☺

  • What was the point of the iodine in the mayonnaise?

  • I've worked in many restaurants across the United States. One hack that is common that I never see in these videos is - *TO* *CLEAN* *COFFEE* *POTS* *USE* *TABASCO* *HOT* *SAUCE* *AND* *CRUSHED* *ICE* It works!

  • That "wine" they make at 17:21 is NOT safe to drink. Do NOT drink that unless you want some serious illness.

  • Indonesian traditional food ➡ cs-tv.org/tv/video-TjJdoUel1lc.html