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Do you want tot feel like a professional chef in the kitchen? Then check out these amazing cooking life hacks and tips!
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  • How to use dental floss in the kitchen? Check out here - 19:10! Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the like button🤗

  • I highly doubt that any restaurant chef has to go cutting up a clothes hanger (NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!) to fashion a vegetable peeler.. I also can't imagine one having to improvise a grater with an empty can. I could go on about plastic bottles for pasta and such, but ooh kitten videos. Bye.

  • You guys always making people fool by ur thumbnail n repeated hacks

  • A lot of these are being re-used from other videos now.

  • Natural mayonnaise

  • Why can't u just poor juice in a cup without making life harder and putting in a plastic bag then putting it in ur cup???!

  • It's not a secret anymore

  • y u take same video😠😠

  • Don't know what restaurants you've been eating at lol

  • 2:20 none I choose the one without iodine

  • Ive been a line cook for 5 years an not just one restaurant (not including fast food ), and none of these practices have ever been used. Click bait.

  • At 6:24 wow so you don’t have a bottle opener but you have a blowtorch WDYM

  • All of this is a fake i tried all

  • This is the dumbest bs.

  • Nobody on this single planet would never do this even if it's for a pay

  • Why would you do the but thing

  • No respectable restaurant would ever do this. This video is a joke.

  • O ese tipo que habla :l

  • No hablo ingle

  • Cool Hacks its so good 😆😀😀😀😊🎈🎉

  • American are lazy and disgudting when it comes to food


  • Yeah right, I am SURE that chefs definitely use THESE hacks........

  • Some company develope their own hand wash is colgate better for washing hand come on people you need to wake up

  • I work in a real kitchen and ALL OF THESE are dumb

  • 10:39 orgullo de nuestro país

  • So does anyone know what food grade materials are? I do! A drill bit is not A coat hanger is not A sewing needle is not Steel wool is not

  • the picture in this title isn' t in this video!

  • Woahhhh woahhh woah before I watch any further who’s idea was it to put Bananas in the oven !!!

  • I’m a head chef at a 5 star restaurant and I can tell you close to none of these are used by chefs

  • Yeah, chefs don't use any of these.

  • I feel like some of these are just filler to make the video longer

  • Hmm that's odd... I don't remember any of these from the kitchen I worked in that fed 1500+ people daily

  • "harmful mayo?" No mayo is good for you, why are you calling it harmful though?

  • Fatally music

  • repeating

  • We love your videos

  • Coffee does nt freeze they actually froze coke and put it in milk becoz that melts really quickly in WARM milk

  • And stop repeating same hacks over and over for views

  • Wow fish hack is sooo fake just look at the fire "CGI" theres nothing underneath to light up like wood a stove. SO FAKE.!!!

  • What on Earth is “harmful mayonnaise”? And the “natural mayonnaise” doesn’t look “natural” in the slightest. And who has iodine to hand, to test mayonnaise? And why is this in all your videos?

  • can honestly say in the 30 years i've been in the restaurant industry i have only seen 2 of these hacks done, the poached egg in a microwave, and the towel under the chopping board.

  • Videos like this are why i un-subbed. This channel is just the same hacks repeated video after video, just with a diffrent title.

  • That bacon is raw AF.

  • Computer eat charginig

  • That is yellow

  • 45 amazing kitchen hacks! 40 of them you have already seen in 3 other videos we've done. All 45 of these will be included in our next video "47 amazing kitchen hacks!"

  • at first i really thought 2:29 was bread

  • After 2 months T series Vs pew die pie Vs 5 minute crafts

  • Español❓

  • please make a diy video on old phone cases chargers earphones cds and gadgets... please

  • Me deu água na boca

  • just microwave the bread to make it soft instead of putting it in the oven

  • Wai do u keep on repeating unlike if u agree

  • The video is great but the music is Horrible

  • Already hit a like and subscribe your channel

  • All epic wins

  • restaurants chefs make holes on a can to grate carrots. nice.

  • I’m a chef I work in a restaurant never once used any of these so called hacks

  • That's NOT harmful mayo. All that test does is prove that there's starch in it!! Iodine turns purple color when starch is present. It's simple science.

  • GOOD

  • 1:34 it's not relly nutella!! XDDD

  • 7:30 MATURE CONTENT!!!!!

  • La es ta fa ao ge so fode gas te las me ro ke food

  • I'm going to call bull!! Restaurant chefs wouldn't need to use any of these hacks! Ridiculous

    • The best is the "hack" that requires a power drill to peel an apple...and still needs a friggin peeler!!!!😂😂


  • I can do it but not working thats all

  • Eu Amei

  • Those things don't work worth a flip

  • eww who eats a banana like that

  • For the people who don’t know why and get annoyed at the fact that they repeat some of the videos in some of their video compilations: they do this so you wouldn’t have to go back and look for the specific hack that you’re looking for in many of their videos. So instead of putting it in just one video, they repeat certain videos to go along in a related collection/subject. Like if you see a video in “things to do when you’re bored” you might just end up seeing some of the same videos in “kids crafting hacks”, etc. it’s not that big of a deal.

  • I'm not sure what restaurant you're going to, but..

  • Using a hand torch on wine? That would make the wine slihtly boil at the top because of all the heat from the torch Idk if culinary chefs do these hacks and also -1 subscriber and you can't just repeat dumb hacks and say "45 SECRET CULINARY HACKS USED BY RESTAURANT CHEFS''

  • Yes, because everyone has iodine laying around their home. *Sarcasm.


  • My father is a chef with close to 30 years of experience, knows many other great chefs and has worked in numerous kitchens over his life, I've spent a good chunk of my life in kitchens with him and I can promise you no self respecting chef would ever do any of these so called 'hacks' and be satisfied with themselves. (Also if I ever see anyone do that to a bread roll or other loaf of bread that is stale I will slap somebody, you never serve stale bread and doing that ruins the crust) the worst part is I do sometimes enjoy your videos but the click bait and over re-use of old content is getting incredibly annoying and ridiculous. Sorry but I just thought of sharing my view on things. Again no chef would do these things! Bye.

    • weird flex but ok

  • 4.39 what r these things?

  • What kinda raw bacon is that?

  • 6:10 or you could be normal and use soap

  • This is cancer.

  • What’s Nutella? Jk lol Keep scrolling Vegemite is better Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi Ok I will stop now

  • How about toasting your bread so it doesn't fall apart

  • Making cookies that look like butts and boobs.😂😂😂 Mineta would love those! Like if you watch BNHA/MHA

  • 7:53 alzheimer inc

  • Iodine just finds starch? It has the same effect on rice?! I don’t see why it is harmful to have starch in foods , and one agree?

  • Saw the majority of these hacks in a differnt video anyone?

  • Bacon wasn’t even cooked but okay🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Thanks for the clickbait 👍

  • Half the comments are “you repeat your videos” Other Half Why Would You Cook That At 7:00?

  • I will point out anytime I clearly see a fake hack 0:56 You can crearly see that the roll that was baked is a completely different roll then the 1 that was stale And the one that is 'softer' is different if you pay attention 1:14 there are not nearly enought carrot shavings for the steel wool to have even come close to shreding the bad part off of the carrot, qnd as they sgred it no now flakes come off qnd at 1:16 you can clearly see that they just put a few carrot flakes around to make it seem lile the carrot is reqdy 2 eat 1:24 the straw does not go into the strawberry nearly enough to poke through the other side, they obviously make a hole in the side with the stem to meke the hack seem easier 3:00 if the other hack really worked this hack is unnecessary and is only there to add to the run time 4:20 (Heh) they try to make it seem like the entire banana has nutella but if they cut just barely more off it would show a hollow banana and if they cut more it would just reveal a normal banana 5:30 the yolk would have exploded, you would need to very carefully poke it with a sanitized pin to keep the yolk 5:40 this acts like the cherry does not have a skin, they made a hole in the cherry before going in with the pin 6:00 what is this meant to do? It doesnt even tell us what it does, just another 'hack' to expand the run time 9:37 they already did the same hack but with fork 10:00 this takes up MORE space then if you would just place them normally 10:28 again, what is the hack here? Wasting food so you don't have to walk 2 steps and put the knives in a drawer? 12:48 so the hack is.... Using a product as intended? 13:00 these are very obviously 2 different shots because the mushroom is too tall and too tough to go through the egg slicer easily 13:23 again, obviosly 2 diff. Shots to make it seem nike the hack worked better then it did 15:13 if the other cherry hack worked, you would not need this and again they act like the cherry has no skin

  • Make my pub

  • Why destroy a perfectly working hanger when you can go to a store and buy cheap $1 peeler? ...that is just plain stupidity

  • ololaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • every video has at least one syringe

  • Goodlike

  • Can someone explain the mayonnaise and iodine? What's the tip here, a little iodine in your mayo tastes better on your sandwich than a lot of it

  • im in culinary school. please dont EVER do any of these.

  • Q: what do I call a fake spaghetti A: an impasta

  • Why did eggs need to be turned upside down? for what reason actually?

  • Please dont repeat same hack..i hate it!