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čas přidán 12. 04. 2019
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This amazing 4K short documentary will take you to Bratislava, the capital of Slovenska Republika. This charming capital city with its lovely cobblestoned streets, historically significant buildings, majestic monuments, old castles and the longest single-pylon suspension bridge in the world (Most SNP) is well worth visiting. In this 4K video you will see the top attractions of the city:
Bratislava Castle (0:33)
Svatopluk (1:38)
Most SNP “Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising” or UFO bridge (5:19)
Panska Street (6:05)
The Sculpture “Man at work” (6:25)
Schone Naci Statue (6:35)
Main Square (6:55)
Mikhailovsky Gate (8:06)
Devin Castle (9:35)
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If you are looking for a wonderful European city then Bratislava is a great option for you! It’s a nice city for a day trip because it’s 1-hour from Vienna. Take in the scenic cityscapes from Bratislava Castle which sits on a high hill and enjoy the eye-popping views in glorious 4k UHD on your Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc.
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The Rotary Lights by Cody Martin
Thank you for this World by Borrtex
Expand by Michael FK
Under a blanket by Muted
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