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  • Ya do it😁😁

  • Does an art project; looks around house for glue; "Uh! Where did I put my glue" Mom: " Check the Sponge, Honey!

  • This was actually some what decent for once!!!👌great hacks!!!!

  • Regaladme la funda del minuti 23:32 que es de mi movil jajaja 😂😂❤

  • 7:08 what is the song?

  • 9:17 Darth Vader made an appearance! 😄

  • At 0:40 there using the tip of the siccors and when they use it again they use the middle of the siccors to cut it like🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

  • 6.20.... wouldnt the glass stones pop with the heat ? Just wondering

  • Cat hair slippers?😲 No, just no.

  • 0:57 I sat there like O-O

  • So I’m 4 steps away from my front door and I drop my shopping. *takes out sewing kit and removes shirt * I’VE GOT THIS! THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!

  • 5 mi. Craft best♡♡♥

  • I love your channel

  • Ada simbol iluminati sama tanduk iblis

  • I WiLl SuCKsCRiBe

  • bagus ya vidionya seruuuuuuu

  • ๏_๏

  • #Awesomeness

  • woo

  • You guys sould do satisfying slime vids

  • 2:59 Like if you've got cement at home(if you or relatives are builders,this doesn't count :) ) Yeah that's what I thought

  • 10:00 I am sorry but that face actually scared me.

  • Hi

  • Wao

  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 😒 😒 lamest. Video. Ever

  • Superb

  • koj Acvod

  • Go! At tova nood

  • At tova nood

  • Repeat of the one I just watched!

  • 6:09 did any one else think of forks on a chalk board or metal scraping on a rough surface *shivers*

  • If you want to, can you paint the concrete when it dries?

  • nice

  • S Sa Sad Sadi Sadie Sadi Sad Sa S Bored

  • The girl eyes from the pillow is two different colors

  • Nice

  • I wanna do 13.41

  • Feliz Navidad 🎄🎁

  • 14:42, the gift bag full of sweets: if you put the glue as in minute 14:53 it will get INSIDE the bag itself, making it impossibile to store anything inside. So I suggest you to not put glue on the inner part of the top flap but only on the outside after you close it, in order to seal the bottom of the bag with the lower flap. Give it a try ;)

  • En verdad es muy sorprendente❤

  • Donde compraron las piedritas blancas y azules y dale like si te gusta

  • 5:57 Is anyone else SOOOOOO ANNOYED THAT ITS CROCKED 😠

  • Let me just go grab my........CEMENT cause I just have cement lying around

  • 13:37 y’all are nasty af

  • If you want me to list all the dum hacks in the video then just watch the whole video

  • Some are useful

  • So you are gonna stop in the middle of the street and sow a bag with your shirt???

  • Reali? ????

  • I seen a poop in your mom mouth

  • 1:35 does it have to be pink lol

  • Hdgdjtd

  • All repeat diys with diffrent poster

  • Our Chanel name "MK techgamer "

  • name of the first song?

    • They're just instrumental tracks that no one know where they come from!!

  • Great ideas

  • Pls subscribe to my channel cs-tv.org/tv/video-kkiAsouCZOU.html

  • Ammezing just mind blowing osm👌👌

  • bekar

  • Superb

  • Osm

  • What is the name the item used in 5:05?

  • You are just repeting

  • Does anybody still flip about the girl With them blue and green eye

  • روعه شتركو في قناتي بليز ❤ 💗 💗 💗

  • This is so good it's unbelievable

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-Nuyn874U1mc.html

  • The one with the scissors cutting the foil should have just been "Don't cut with the front end of the scissors but cut with the back" like smh that's 1st grade art class

  • Is butter paper and parchment paper same ????

  • masuk pak ekoooo

  • Ummmmmm....? What do I say about 13:37

  • you are showing before ones

  • 13:28 EWW!!

  • No one liked my comment.... so I liked my own

  • Very worst video

  • Please don’t do that pillow face one. Not only is it creepy but you can damage your eyes from photocopying your face. Advice from a semi normal person.

  • diyเจ๋งสุดๆเลยจ้ะ

  • הרעיון הזה של ישראל

  • My friend : “Omg cool socks where did you get them” Me : “Oh my mum was just brushing my cats hair and made it into yarn” My friend : “So you’re saying that she made them out of cat hair” Me : “Yup”

  • Not existing.

  • 3:08 were are we supposed to get sèment from 🤨

  • Socks....out of cats....fur....That is both gross and incredibly impressive

  • The rock picture frame was very nice ♡

  • Wow amazing

  • Wow , amazing hacks !!😚😍😍😍😘

  • everything is great except the fact that you made socks out of your cats hair!

  • Umm..more like 50 hour hacks?

  • Sub for sub Comment done when you have subscribe and I will Sub back!!

  • 5:28 Trypophobia warning 😂

  • Its very nice looking these video but some times show same video

  • Its very nice looking these video but some times show same video

  • Why they call ribbon tape tho

  • FAKE

  • Great to watch while high

  • Ini di ulang ulang terus aku ngga suka deh

  • Song? 7:30

  • Лучше бы из этого цемента сделали дороги в России😂😂😂🤣🤣XD

  • Where’s the nonification squad at??

  • 13:39 thats sickヽ(*。>Д

  • Lol at you guys creeping out over the car hair.. What do you think wool is made from?... Anyways love these ideas! Thanks for this

  • wow