6 Ways Bohemian Rhapsody IGNORED Queen's TRUE STORY!

čas přidán 2. 11. 2018
Is Bohemian Rhapsody Queen's real life or just a fantasy? These are the top 6 facts the Queen biopic got wrong about Freddie Mercury and the band!
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Bohemian Rhapsody stars Rami Malek (Freddie Mercury), Lucy Boynton (Mary Austin), Gwilym Lee (Brian May), Ben Hardy (Roger Taylor), Joseph Mazzello (John 'Deacy' Deacon), Aiden Gillen (John Reid), Tom Hollander (Jim 'Miami' Beach), Allen Leech (Paul Prenter), Aaron McCusker (Jim Hutton) & Mike Myers (Ray Foster).
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BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet.
The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury's lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid, where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. In the process, cementing the legacy of a band that were always more like family, and who continue to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.
#BohemianRhapsody #Queen #FreddieMercury


  • “ Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy... “

  • The Legend and the pretender!

  • 4:42 ya he was allergic to them

  • It’s a fucking movie people.

  • It was sill a good movie

  • I don't actually understand why there is so many inaccuracies with Brian May having such a heavy involvement in the film, you would have thought he would have been bothered by them!

  • that was an awful film

  • This was my era: was there in the late 60's, throughout the 70's and afterward. None of the issues brought up in this video bothers me one bit. We loved Queen for the music, not for their personal lives. We all had our own drama and listened to music to escape it, so we cared not a bit about details of the band. The movie was a very well played, feel-good movie and I have watched it several times to make sure I was not just caught up in a moment of nostalgia that would bias my opinion. Nope, I really loved the movie and they all put together a movie that will be watched for some years in the future. A big thanks to all who did so.

  • All men are unique! Eye colour does not make sense as its a film, not for documentary, we all know the actot was Rami and not mercury...

  • Well of course they’re not going to include all of that it’s a movie not a documentary besides that movie was good even if they didn’t include that stuff

  • One is they sang Fat bottomed girls before They made a night at the opera

  • As some others have said, I don't mind the changes; it allows the speed of time without the muck. ***One thing I spotted in the film...watch the beginning, which is Wembley. As Charles and Diana are walking to their seats, look who is sitting right behind them! (Spoiler Alert, it's Brian May and Roger Taylor.)

  • The real life story is too long to be narrated in 2 hour movie .but yeah Brian and roger both like it ... At the end of the conversation ...Conclusion

  • Is it just me or does the drummer in the movie look hot😭🥵

    • Well, I think he only looks gorgeous.

  • Fat Bottomed Girls was performed in the movie in 1974 but in real life it was made for the Jazz album in 1978.

  • The number of comments stating that it's not a documentary.. like an echo chamber in here. Just because you like something doesn't mean it shouldn't be criticized. The movie was made for the fans, so their opinion counts. And accuracy counts too.

  • One other thing that I saw was that they played “ who wants to live forever “ when Freddie was being diagnosed with HIV, this song wasn’t wrote about how Freddie had AIDS but for the film Highlander and how one of the characters was immortal. I’m not sure if they was necessarily a mistake but I just noticed how they used this song for the wrong purpose😂

  • well i and my friend became speechless and sad after watching his movie.The last song that he sang was indeed touch the heart of many... And the facial expression by rami malek that he practised exactly like freddie mercury, if you watch close up its looks similar especially the song part...After all this abt his carrier life story... fantastic acting!

  • I’m just saying the movie was not a documentary They actually did amazing on the movie the live aid was on spot no one watching the movie is going to be like HE DIDNT HAVE THAT COLOR EYE

  • I thought the fake teeth made Malek look ugly;Freddy's teeth did not seem so exaggerated to me,I wonder if the objective was to show that Freddy felt more unnatractive than he was?

  • No 6 is insane WTH man you need some special efeect to look like mercury he is a legend man

  • Think this is a bit pedantic. Should not rip this movie apart over such tiny things. It’s a short slice of their lives together. You theoretically could not have included every moment at every point that it actually happened in real life in under 3 hours. They made changes approved by May and Taylor so that other sequences made sense. Simple as that. And I’m not a huge Queen fan but this film was probably the best biopic I have seen in a long time. The Live Aid sequence was perfect to 95% accuracy, and Rami Malek was incredible and more than deserved his Oscar. Cannot understand how this could not have won best Picture.

  • It was a pretty gay movie

  • Loved the movie

  • I don'f find your post as an attack to the movie. Why are people saying "there's a movie not a documentary" ... If a documentary they wouldn't be actors but videos of real Queen ... We know it's a movie ... She's just naming some details. BTW, i would love to know who raised the sound in real Live Aid concert. In the Movie we see "Miami Beach" doing it. But Tom Hollander said it was not him.

  • whatever the real story is they did a fantastic job of making them look like the characters they played. good to note that whatever the reason of getting Paul prenter out of freddie's life he needed to do that. he Paul was ruining him. so much pain in freddie im so sorry he's not here today. all bands have probably have gone through some of the same issues the film. if all these things have to follow the actual correct timeline it would have been soo much longer. the film is still good whatever the real story that belongs to queen and when and where and why .....

  • The eye color is something that bothered me in the movie. If they're gonna make prosthetic teeth, why no contacts? Also, when you've watched the live aid concert a million times before a movie was even thought of, it's very hard to not see a generic performance in the movie! If that makes sense? Idk. He looked at the audience like he was following a script or watching the actual performance and trying to follow along. It was kinda creepy!

  • It's a movie not a documentary It's a movie not a documentary It's a movie not a documentary It's a movie not a documentary It's a movie not a documentary


  • I loved the movie and nothing they did bothered me. Like they said they didn't want Malek to look exactly like Freddie.

  • Ok as a Queen fan of many years I’m aware of the inaccuracies in this movie. Some annoy me others not so much as I realise it’s not a documentary. What is great - no matter what you think about it - is that this movie has introduced Queen and it’s incredible music to a new generation to fans, and has given older fans, such as myself, a renewed love of their music. That has to be good.

  • +1 Subscriber, I really like this, it's interesting!

  • The changes are minimal and the movie is already over 2 hours long. There wasn't one flat spot in it from start to finish. So overall as a movie it is simply outstanding. Easily one of the greatest.

  • “Yippee ky yay, movie lovers!” 😂

  • oh well. i still love queen and the movie

  • If I see one more comment about the movie not being a documentary I'm jumping through my window.

  • I'll never watch this movie

  • I thought it was an amazing movie. even if it was not all true. I loved it

  • Who even is Galileo?

  • Amazing , I loved so much

  • “If you think 6 minutes is long I pity your wife”

    • Funny how the video is nearly exactly 6 minutes long 😂

  • I was fully aware going into this film it would have differences to real life to make it watchable and have the emotional effects it should. I know from reading about queen which bit is right or wrong however it in no way spoils the movie for me. It was a fantastic film to watch and in the end actually made me feel good about things which I think was the band and creators dream in the end

  • Since you ask, I was a bit disturbed by the moving forward of the AIDs diagnosis and the reveal to the band. I had seen interviews where the band said they knew Freddy was ill, but he did not tell them until much later. And I had known that they all made solo albums. I find Hollywood's need to create some great arc and conflict annoying and distracting. The story as it really happened is beautiful and poignant. I was especially touched by their real life stories of recording with Freddy as he reached the end of his days. There is a great Queen bio with a lot of good interviews and history.

  • :( I'm so sad!!! He's dead R.I.P. Freddie Mercury

  • Για τον πουτσο καυαλα ειναι το Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • I just watched this movie last night. Even know a few things were changed for the movie that pretty much always happens when Hollywood gets involved with making a movie of real events..but overall I thought the movie was awesome.


  • This was a great piece of emotional storytelling which captured the spirit of Freddie and the band more than the letter... Which is exactly how stories should be... If you want facts and figures, watch a documentary.

  • Seriously? Are any of these points important? Come on! What a waste of my time.

  • Again, you R talking to much....

  • Haters gonna hate, some people were against Rami getting this role

  • I thought it was pants

  • I dont like the fact that they changed that he was diagnosed before live aid as i felt watching the film that was freddie saying good bye not a big deal and still love the film but for someone who love queen music but dont really know nowt about the band i feel abit duped rip freddie true legend xx

  • I think John deacon Is one of the best bassists ever at least on my top 10

  • Actually I saw Queen play we will rock in at the Nassau Colosseum in 1980 the day after they played the Madison Square Garden show and even though it was 1980 Mercury did not have his famous mustauge yet. That was September 1980 and I do recall his having it for the video for the song The Game which must have been filmed in late 1980. I also remember Queen being still very big and on tour during when Live Aid happened. This movie wants to act as if Live Aid was a humongous event and that they played the best they ever did but many of us who saw them live by that time this was nothing new. Malik looked good at the long haired Mercury but looked not at all like Mercury during his post The Game days.

  • It doesn't matter anyways coz I did enjoy watching the film and want to watch it again and again. The casts are all fantastic . They could perform Queen's song onstage even just lip sing!!!

  • Can u not ruin queen please

  • whatever the reasons some things were changed to make the movie so what its still a movie not a documentary like others have written here, freddy got smart and left paul good for him paul was no good for him jim was so .. get over the differences it must have been hell to realize inside that he was a gay man i mean not being able to be ´that openly and comfortable with his choice by the way was his choice not the press that attacked him for it thats the press for you and still is today i believe. he made ammends and was able to love and be loved. we who didnt know him should fokus on his incredible talent as an artist and let hime have his privat life privat.

  • Hollywood sucks I would have loved to seen the real deal

  • When I first heard not everything in the movie was accurate, I was a little disappointed. I went in seeing this movie, knowing Queen's music, loving Queen's music, but that was it. I was really hoping to learn about Freddie and Queen's story. I, of course, loved the movie, and I still do, but when I heard some stuff wasnt true I got a little sad. But here's my opinion on it now: I thought, honestly, (from reading comments of people saying this) that Brian May and Roger Taylor werent telling the truth when helping out with the movie. That they were lying to make Freddie look bad or whatever. I was so angry and disappointed. I then delved into research, and I watched tons of interviews. I wanted to know if the cast knew that it wasnt accurate. Thinking about this now, obviously they would know Queen's story. They did months of research to become and capture the essence of these legends, SURELY they would know. There was one interview that I feel like answered all of my questions. Rami talked about how chronologically, it wasnt correct but they did that to add dramatization for the movie. The way they had it ordered for the movie made it more emotional for those who dont know Queen's story. I mean, I wanted to ball my eyes out. And theres only so much they can fit into a 2 hour movie. For those who were already die hard queens fans I understand why you'd would be upset, but I believe that this movie wasnt supposed to be one that talks about Freddie's private life and the dark side of everything. It wanted to celebrate his life and Queen's legacy. It wanted to show how they made these iconic songs. No, it wasnt completely accurate, but it still told facts. I think the most inaccurate thing was the order of events, and they did that to make it more dramatic. The way some of the stuff happened wasnt completely accurate either, like how Freddie met Jim and Mary and how Queen became Queen, but it still told their story. Plus if Brian and Roger thought it was good, then why be so critical of it? Ultimately, its their story, and even if you are angry with how this movie turned out, you are gonna have to get over it. Their story was told how they thought it should be told and we cant do anything about it. At least it wasnt put into the hand of someone who didnt know Queen at all (which Brian mentioned in a video I saw of him. They had to do it before someone else did). All we can hope is that Freddie, from heaven, is looking down proud. I hope John enjoyed it too.

  • I hate Brussel sprouts

  • The only people who know what went on on queen are the four members of the group. No matter how avid a fan you are or how rabid the press were, only they know their private conversations. It's arrogant to think we know the 'true' story. And each of the members of the band will have their own opinions and recollections. It's also arrogant to think you have a right to anyone's personal life. I can vividly recollect when I was fifteenen listening to Bohemian rhapsody in Casey Kasems' top 100. Brilliant.

  • I don't have a problem with because I know all movies do this. I wish they were more upfront educating the audiences this fact because the people who don't follow Queen might think it's all true instead of a movie telling a story.

  • Great performances, great music, great acting, great story, great movie!!!

  • Well, this ruined the movie for me lol

  • None of the changes bothered me because that's the nature of movies. Absolutely loved the film!

  • People are literally out here complaining about Rami's looks as if they had an opportunity to cast the actual Freddie Mercury

  • Freddie had a smoldering masculinity about him which doesn't shine through in the film

    • Sparkles probably the only thing I missed in the film besides his brown eyes. I definitely found him more feminine than masculine in the movie, but I still think Rami did very well at capturing an overall essence of Freddie.

  • It’s a movie, not a documentary. Many bands have movies about them for example, Metallica has a movie about them and there is a book that does have their scripts. Of course, movie companies mix things up to make movies more interesting.

  • The movie shows a bored and jaded recording engineer during the making of the song Bohemian Rhapsody where in real life Roy Thomas Baker was an enthusiastic wild man who really championed the whole thing with some great ideas and over-the-top production.

  • Not changing his blue eyes to dark eyes to match Freddy's was really odd

  • Hello

  • you died 28 years ago and ur still great

  • Im just scared that most people will remember Bohemian Rhapsody as a movie, not a song.

    • Me too... After it's release you actually have to search up "Bohemian Rhapsody song" to get to it and it's quite sad

  • This hairy doosh from last century smh. While birdbox get ignored by the boring awards. I mean academy awards.

  • I still don't get why they didn't change Rami's eye color with CGI. It wouldn't even have been that difficult. That was the only thing that irked me as a longtime Queen fan - every time I saw his blue eyes, I got thrown out of the story.

  • Queen didn’t beg Bob Geldolf to play Live Aid like the movie suggests. Geldof infact begged Queen who were tired after touring famously telling Mercury on the telephone, “This is the world. And if anyone was born to play to the world, it’s you Freddie!”

  • Rami malake is short Freddie is much taller

  • Queen shirt: fat bottomed girls

  • Them playing Sun City was always glaringly whitewashed.Airbrushed is the rest ! But hopefully this film will only want people thirsty for truth.Good video !

  • Still a great movie it did the job of explaining who is QUEEN

  • 🙏🙏👏👏👍👍 Dear God!! I am so tired of watching beautiful Queen clips and in the comments all people do is refer to the movie. 🤬I could overlook a lot as I know it’s not a doco but the 2 things that bugged me the most was that the audience is lead to believe they hadn’t sung together yet they were on The Works Tour and they made the newbies cry thinking he was performing with AIDS and it was his last yahoo. Such rot. I was at Live Aid and no audience member near us cried!!!! They made Rami look like someone had punched his eyes, that he was *about to cry, vomit then collapse!* Was Rami sick?? Well done! I hope this sets more movie believers -straight- I mean on the right path! Cheers! 😉

  • Another song timeline difference, in the movie the band are shown playing "Fat Bottomed Girls" during their US tour following the first album in 1974, but in real life "Fat Bottomed Girls" wasn't written and recorded until 1978.

  • They forgot to add wher Freddie sold his soul and signed the deal where he go aids .

  • Good video. I very much enjoyed the movie, but the decision to play with the HIV timeline was deeply disappointing, the story of Queen, of Live Aid and of Freddie are compelling and interesting enough, and I felt to insert his AIDS diagnoses as some sort of motivation was a huge disservice to the band and ultimately undermined the goodwill of the movie. This had the effect of making me subsequently question everything I had just seen, and you subsequently learn how much of the movie was fictionalised. And while I still "like" the movie, this stopped me from loving it, I felt rather cheated in fact. Don't get me wrong, the movie is wonderful and deserves all the praise it's getting, I just wish they exercised a little more restraint and a lot less artistic licence. RIP Freddie, #ThereCanBeOnlyOne

  • The movie is bullshit. they could have changed his eye colour in post. A rushed, sanitized biopic.

  • Rami looks too skinny in compare to living GOD Freddie

  • Sacha could of done better, i love Malik though, but that’s that.

  • When you make a movie about someone's life story. You can't get everything perfect? There's always one or two things you have leave out. To me they didn't have to mention Freddie had Aids because we all knew what he died from. We all knew Freddie caught Aids 2 years afther live Aid but in the movie he caught it in 1985 in which he didn't. To me its movie of the year and Rami was fantastic as Freddie mercury.

  • Still loved the movie regardless

  • I want to know if Freddy Mercury really had problems with his vocal chords prior to killing it at the Live Aid performance (as depicted in the movie), but I cant find any mention of him having vocal troubles.

  • Ugh, this movie was down right slanderous. There's 3 angels in this movie, and one train wreck. Guess which one of the four is dead?! Yup, not the three angels... Fuck the alive members of queen. Freddie Mercury is a legend!

  • 3:37 little disappointed as a fan but also a person of colour in South Africa 🇿🇦

  • I feel Rami doesn’t have the charisma that Freddie had. Not comparable. The movie doesn’t deserve an Oscar bc they just put a pair of unnatural looking teeth and a mustache on Rami, hoping the two look a like. Correct, they don’t need to look exactly the same but At least the actor should present Freddie’s confidence. Rami doesn’t have that. Rami was a robot repeating Freddie’s moves. One scene was obvious that Rami’s eyes were wondering around looking for his body instructor’s moves. Freddie never wondered his eyes when he was singing or dancing, he was always 100% devoted, Freddie’s moves were very artistic where Rami looks like a robot simulating Freddie’s moves. It takes an artist, confidence, and a genius to possess that kind of charisma. I don’t see that from Rami.

    • Freddie had beautiful dark shining eyes. Not criticizing Rami’s looks, I guess it’s bc no one can be as good as Freddie.

    • Usually movies are more exciting than real lives. But Freddie’s real performance is much much exciting than the movie.

  • The band said everyone nailed it down to a T so I see no problems here.

  • It was a good movie and all it did was make me want to buy all the queen music that I don’t already have.

  • Brian May's actor looks more like Brian May than Brian May

  • I prefer to watch a live show instead of movie

  • For all of you complaining that the movie didn't completely tell Freddie's story, it's not a documentary. It's not meant to capture the complete story of his life, plus the movie had plenty of details about his life. If you want his full life story, watch a documentary. Just stop complaining

    • For every video or article pointing out the inaccuracies in a biopic there's a hundred people who willingly clicked on it just to point out that it's not a documentary. I might ask you why you're complaining. It's like a braindead echo chamber. WHAT is wrong with pointing out where a biopic differs from the events it's based on? NO ONE has given me an answer to this. Because there isn't. People believe what's in a biopic. What are they supposed to do, google every single event that's portrayed on screen individually (because listicles compiling inaccuracies are now verboten). That's why people write these things. Believe it or not, some people actually want to know how the movies differ from real life. So those articles are for them, not you. Basically you're saying Hollywood should be given free reign to rewrite history for the sake of money. No.

    • I love the movie and I really appreciate how it emphasized Freddie's incredible talent and energy and the band's music. I'm glad that they didn't emphasize many of the things in Freddie's private life that would have filled the movie with seamy things that had nothing to do with the band's incredible talent and their contributions to the world!

    • +VultureClone what was wrong with it

    • I don't care about the inaccuracies, I'm complaining because the movie was shit. At least other music biopics are pleasingly formulaic, but this movie is just pathetic.

  • I'm not bothered by it. The film does exactly what it should -- it takes you there, opens the door, and it's up to the audience to decide whether they want to learn more. It brings Queen's legacy to a new generation. I have found most people who have seen this movie then go on to Google them -- watch their videos, find their interviews, and learn the facts about them. And that's more than one could hope for.