65 - Official Trailer - Only In Cinemas March 10

čas přidán 25. 01. 2023
They must fight to survive. From the writers of A Quiet Place and producer Sam Raimi, #65movie is Only In Cinemas March 10.
After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills (Adam Driver) quickly discovers he’s actually stranded on Earth…65 million years ago. Now, with only one chance at rescue, Mills and the only other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), must make their way across an unknown terrain riddled with dangerous prehistoric creatures in an epic fight to survive. From the writers of A Quiet Place and producer Sam Raimi comes 65, a sci-fi thriller starring Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, and Chloe Coleman. Written and directed by Scott Beck & Bryan Woods and produced by Sam Raimi, Deborah Liebling and Zainab Azizi. Also produced by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.
Written and Directed by:
Scott Beck & Bryan Woods
Produced by:
Sam Raimi
Deborah Liebling
Zainab Azizi
Scott Beck
Bryan Woods
Executive Producers:
Maryann Brandon
Doug Merrifield
Jason Cloth
Aaron L. Gilbert
Adam Driver
Ariana Greenblatt
Chloe Coleman
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  • FINALLY!!! The Jurassic Park/Star Wars crossover I’ve always wanted!!!

    • Jurassic Wars

    • I'm getting an ancient aliens feel from this. It'd be interesting in the film if this is how humans really arose on Earth.

    • @Tadano the Magi tf ?

    • After Earth

    • @Tadano the Magi that's what I'm taking from the trailers is this is something like mankind's origin story on earth...

  • It boggles my mind that the first Jurassic Park still has the most convincing looking dinosaurs even after so many years and such technological progress.

    • Animatronics vs cgi anima always wins when done right

    • *Prehistoric planet enters the chat*

    • @Flyingthunder1 Jurassic Park was what revolutionized CGI.

    • @LaughingOwlKiller true but the anima made it feel more real.

    • @Flyingthunder1 it was supposed to be claymation

  • This is a nice change of pace from a lot of the stuff put out today. It isn't trying to be all philosophical and complex, just a future dude with a gun and a mission. Simple, pure, badass entertainment

    • Exactly this is gonna be very refreshing after the last 2 Jurassic World movies , i just want Dinosaurs running around causing chaos no deeper meaning or weird plots

    • I agree. Nice to see a pure sci fi action movie... with dinosaurs.

    • Shouldn't it be Past Dude....am I reading the trailer wrong? The movie takes place 65 million ago. Right?

    • I just wished it was more than two people in the movie to experience it that just means I got to like that guy because the child definitely is not going to hold my attention that long

    • @Rick Base I'm glad someone noticed

  • Its so crazy that he doesn't have the look of an action/ adventure star. But he plays these parts so well. He's a great actor with a lot of range.

    • He was actually a US marine before being an actor.

    • @TopFix Yeah, literally a Marine. There should be action stars who are not pretty like a Ken doll but look like they could actually kill with their hands.

    • But he has the worst facial hair!

    • watch the ship !!! kylo ren orders it !

  • It’s rare these days I get so stoked for a movie! Looks amazing!

    • I think it's rare in general, that we get movies outside the Superhero/Villian/MARVEL/DC era. We definitely need more alien, predator, dino, robot, zombies, vampires, shark movies. LMAO. That's just me though. Hence why Avatar and MEGAN; was refreshing.

    • Back To Back Movies On SM Cinema

    • No, it doesn't.

    • Looks like a Sci fi original movie

  • This looks like it's gonna be a blast in theaters! Can't wait 🍿

  • I’m very excited for this movie. It looks like an original movie. No previous IP. Fresh, big movie star, alien dinosaurs meets Doom. That sounds amazing

    • So Turok?

    • @DJ Moon Knight what’s Turok?

    • Yeh. Gotta love a monster movie. Franchaise, not so much.

    • @Coffee With The Bearded Reviewer (CWTBR) a game

    • Terra Nova (tv show from 2011) had the same premise actually lol instead of 65 million years ago, like for this film, the tv show was 85 million years ago. Though I do agree this does seem interesting. (Also in the 90s there was a show called earth 2 that’s also similar)

  • I like the concept of humans not being native to Earth and instead stumbling across the planet when dinosaurs were around. That’s kind of cool. (Might’ve been an interesting twist reveal later in the movie instead of saying it in the trailer). The only potentially negative thing about this is the cast of two. That means no fodder for the dinos, no cool kills, until maybe the end if Driver’s character dies or something. It’s also possible the trailer just isn’t showing other characters who might show up later. I guess we’ll see. Overall, it’s nice to see new IP these days, especially to compete with Jurassic’s stuff.

  • As a huge dinosaur fan, I’m absolutely stoked for this movie, it looks like it’s going to be a horror movie centered on dinosaurs, the designs are awesome and I hope there are some big fights throughout the movie. I have a few theories on the premise, 1: They somehow traveled back in time which is how there are dinosaurs and the “Earth” looks different/the oxygen levels are different in the trailer, 2: This is an alternate universe where dinosaurs never went extinct and continue to rule the Earth, 3: This is an entirely different planet and there just happens to be dinosaurs since that planet is much like the Earth and evolution happened similarly. I’m hoping it’s something unexpected and I’m completely wrong, but considering the title, it might be time travel, either way I’m watching this opening night.

    • I have another theory for you: the protagonists of this movie aren't from Earth, future or at all. They're natives of another planet which existed 65 million years ago who just happen to resemble us. In the previous trailer the symbols on the hull and control panels of the wrecked ship aren't from any current human alphabet.

    • @Daniel Dickson I originally thought that too and it makes a lot of sense, they were the first humans, but it brings the question of how humanity would regress and how we would reinvent the English language, plus if they have powerful technology, wouldn’t it still be around in modern times, this is patched up if there is a possibility that these humans escaped their planet as it died like ours, found Earth, and caused the Dinosaur extinction, but had to use nuclear weapons, causing damage similar to an asteroid, they would then lay the seeds for humanity to thrive again by regressing to a caveman style of living and introducing new life, hoping that a simplistic style of living would keep Earth alive longer, and eventually became lost to time.

    • Look at Congress if you want to see dinosaurs in real life. #LimitTerms

    • 1 yes 2 marvel....boring now 3 not possible. Events that created the dinos took about 250 million years. Life could not evole exactly the same in a galaxyfar far away. Ripple effect. One long winter could kill an entire species. That would create a ripple effect. What they eat, what eats them and so on.

    • @Valen exept these dinosaurs don't look anythin like the ones frim real life, so the point if these being actually aliens is still a possibility.

  • I'm a simple man. I see Adam Driver and I say "It's driving time," and then proceed to drive all over the place. Truly a moment of all time.

  • Adam Driver never disappoints

    • He disappointed Han Solo in Force Awakens.

    • ​@veridian4 It wasn't him it was the script the same with ray and the same with fin blame the writers of Disney not the actors who got a terrible script

  • Honestly the aftermath/history after the crash would be interesting too, especially the effects it would have in the history of Earth

    • In the teaser trailer there’s a landscape and there’re conventional energy pylons. Did you saw that?

  • The concept for this movie looks amazing!! I'm very excited for this!! I can't wait for it to come out!

  • I just love these crash on an unknown planet type movies.

    • But what’s with the energy pylons in one of the scenes shown in the teaser?

    • It's actually Earth lol

    • @RoboKnightTV I know. But it's an unknown planet to the characters who crash landed.

    • Its earth

    • its not earth.. stop assuming things clueless kids

  • This idea is genius, I really hope they don’t mess it up

  • I can not WAIT for a new Dinosaur movie! This looks so fun!

    • What do you think of the trex deign

    • @Fighter Puppy For me it's too fast, vague and can't see much to judge on the design right now, Ima wait till the movie comes out

    • Hey Dangerville, nice seeing you here!

    • Hi, Dangerville! I didn't expect you to be here.

    • New? It's a Planet Of Dinosaurs remake.

  • excelente foi um trailer de tirar o fôlego muito bom

  • It looks amazing and seems to have an intreaguing premise. I suppose this is going to be an alternate history kind of story where humans did not evolve on planet earth but discovered it as aliens and later colonized it.

  • So damn hyped for this, wish it was out already!

  • This is probably the closest thing we'll get to a movie of "Turok".

    • dam, you just brought me way back to my gaming days. that was an epic game for its time

    • @Joe-ksterrr Could we also get a "Dino Crisis" movie while we're at it?

    • I was looking for a comment like this.

    • Exactly what I was thinking 💯

  • in my opinion, this trailer showed a lot of what it needed, I wanted to have the surprise of seeing the creatures of this "new planet"

    • Nope! They didn't even show him meeting Turok or the blonde girl from Land of the Lost in this trailer.

    • I like the first trailer I saw. The teaser. This one shows too much.

    • No, no. I think what they showed is just the ‘icing of the cake’. If anything I think they are hinting at something. When Adam’s character says, “there’s something alien out there”, I don’t think he is referring to the dinosaurs at all. There’s one clip in the trailer where he discovers the remains of a big dinosaur, bigger than the T-rex (or whatever name they decided to call it) in another clip. The remains look like it’s been sitting there for ages. I think these dinosaurs are the least of his worries, there is a bigger, more terrifying “alien” coming (which is what they spared us from the trailer).

    • @So Eun That would actually be intensely disappointing. I'm so tired of alien horror movies, we need dinosaurs to be shown as the pants-wettingly terrifying animals they'd be if you met them face to face.

    • and the dino looks too cgi

  • This actually looks awesome. Breath of fresh air for sure

  • I'm super excited for this, looks like there are a lot of different species!

    • none of them are accurate tho

  • This is the movie that we wanted Jurassic World Dominion to be. If the pacing of the film is anything like the quiet place movies then it should be an awesome ride

  • Here’s my theory he might not be on an uncharted planet he might be on an alternative earth where the dinosaurs never went extinct and continued to evolve into these alien-like creatures and human never existed.

    • That’s what I’m thinking

    • In the description for the film in the description for this video it states that the film is set on earth 65 million years ago.

    • Since the consensus is now that dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago as opposed to 65, I wondered if they were in an alternate reality where they were still alive 65 mya. But this movie is going to feature the KT impact, so that's a no.

    • @J.T. Dennis - While it might be a 'consensus' 1 million years is ZERO difference since they say 'about 66 million years' when you check that consensus figure. USGS website for example says "about 65 million years ago" when you are talking such a long period of time they cant put an official figure on it. So when applied to a movie saying 65 million years, its still within the given 'consensus' period. And yes I know the likes of National Geographic state 66 million, which is what many tend to call the 'consensus' but they also say about, they dont put an exact figure.

    • I agree 🙏

  • perfect blend between 'After Earth & Jurassic Park', would be good twist if time travel was involved.

    • Glad you said that as soon as I saw the trailer I said after earth mixed with jurassic

    • Well if there isn't time travel, then these people need to be not aliens who look like humans and not 'humans'. Because there is no way the 2 of them populated the earth, and their kids made it through the asteroid impact.

    • So... Turok

  • Damn, a movie I'm actually looking forward to this year.

  • Fresh movie for sure, I don't understand why nobody have the idea of mix dinosaurs and terror-sci-fi-survival like this movie. This movie will be memorable

  • This looks so good. I can't wait! Just a few more days!

  • I'm so happy to see Dave in a movie, of this caliber..As the leading guy.. Well done..

  • I feel like if we want another Successful dinosaur franchise, they need to do with Dinosaurs what Jp did at the time, make the dinosaurs with the highest effects (practical and cgi) and make them accurate, the reason Jurassic Park was a game changer was because it used the most accurate depictions of dinosaurs at the time. If we do the same thing people will get a new and positive taste of REAL dinosaurs

  • Got this one on my most anticipated movie list for 2023!!! Excited to see this!

    • Yup and I think the next installment of Mission Impossible too!

  • Finally a movie I want to watch, it's been a long time, sadly the movie doesnt look all that good but compared with the crap hollywood has been giving us, looks like it could be interesting

  • This honestly looks pretty damn awesome. Did Dino Crisis enter anyone else’s mind?

  • Do I think this is gonna win the Oscar for best picture? Not by a long shot. But it looks fun as hell to watch and I’m here for it.

  • Adam Driver is a great actor. was wondering what he was doing lately.

  • This Looks AWESOME And it's not some property or franchise i've ever heard of so it instantly has more space to craft whatever kind of story and fictional tech it wants without instantly being hated because "It's not like ____. This is #NotMy____. " Really looking forward to a movie for a change is kinda nice. 😄👍

    • #NotMy65MillionYearsAgo.

    • @R-Gii Reactions 🤦‍♂️ Is this actually a book series i haven't heard of?

    • @Death'sNítemare ShepardOfHope No, it's a history of the Earth you never heard of. This film is historically inaccurate. (By the way, I'm joking)

    • @R-Gii Reactions oh i'm familiar with Our planet as we believe it to have been 65 million years ago, but this movie is a work of fiction so i'm willing to give it a chance to be enjoyed. Kinda figured you were joking but i also felt it would be my luck that there really was a book or something this is based on. 😄👍

  • What a film 😲 I've just finished watching this n it was absolutely fantastic 👏 better than any of the jurassic Park films.

  • I’m looking forward to this movie. Looks so good.

  • I am so excited for sth with Dinosaurs that Isn’t Jurassic World related!

    • I'm not, because the dinosaur designs are atrocious, and obviously influenced by JP and JW.

  • Finally another movie that looks actually dope

  • This is going to be terrifying. Can't wait

  • Yes! A space odyssey and dinosaur movie other then Jurassic park! I love space odyssey movies, they gotta keep em coming.

  • PLEASE BE GOOD PLEASE 🙏🏻 The world DESPERATELY needs a QUALITY dinosaur movie

    • I like how this looks. No "romanticising" the dinosaurs like in the Jurassic films, but showing them as frightening creatures,

    • Jurassic park didn’t do it for you? 🤣

    • @David R sure but I don’t wanna live in a world where there’s literally only 1/2 quality dinosaur franchise

    • ​@David R I loved the first three, but all of the "ooh and aah" dinosaurs are so cool" thing got old. Dinosaurs, especially most people's favorite, T-Rex, are supposed to be scary, not something you want to give a hug.

    • @Tadano the Magi they could've made the dinosaurs act like animals but still its movie culture so i guess this is good enough (i loved it tho)

  • First movie in a while I got the urge to see

  • I'm going to be cheering for this movie, but it's not something I would go see in the cinema. But I hope it appeals to enough people, bc I want theater to thrive!

  • Adam Driver is such a badass actor.

    • His Marine training should suit him well for this type of action.

    • @Daniel Dickson which is more impressive that the guy still choose academic and more artsy type projet than blockbusters, well he was in SW but just that

    • @david thirugnanakumar I didn't care for him in Star Wars but he was great in Logan Lucky and The Last Duel.

    • @david thirugnanakumar if I recall correctly, he turned to acting as sort of a therapy source after his military career ended unexpectedly from an injury.

  • Super Excited! Even if these Dinos look too different even for inaccurate Paleo designs... Now hear me out! I do expect a twist of some kind on these either not bein' Dinosaurs and this not bein' Earth Or they actually bein' on Earth's Future.

  • Hopefully it’ll also have a sequel/2 Parts like a quiet place.

  • This is the kind of crazy ideas that sci-fi needs to be exploring.

  • Looks like a lot of fun! I’m excited

  • Can't wait 😍

  • I'm glad to see what looks like Megalania, I love the new design approach they are taking on dinosaurs, its very unique :)

    • Megalania's didn't even live 65 million years ago. They were around during the last Ice Age around 40,000 years ago. What you see is probably a nothosaurus. Not to mention megalania is suppose to be bigger then that. At least the size of a saltwater crocodile.

    • @Michael Menei its a sci fi movie in 2023, I didn't know that was when Megalania was alive but you informed me, you didn't have to treat it like this movie is 100% accurate.

  • I am definitely looking forward in watching this in theaters .

  • It was an excellent opportunity to show dinossaurs with feathers -- cientifically correct and an almost exclusive visual for a new franchise.

  • this looks AMAZING! I WANT IT NOW!!!!

  • I'm like 99% sure I'm gonna love this.

  • Writers from A Quiet Place, with Sam Raimi as producer? I’m in

  • finally a good dark serious dino-movie, like the dino crisis game, And Very excited to see this new 65 movie in theaters. 🦖 🔫 Thanks you Sony Pictures for the trailer.

  • Looks like so much fun, can’t wait

  • This actually looks halfway decent for film made in the last 7 or 8 years

  • That is a movie that i want to see, no matter what.

  • Surprised nobody in the comments has mentioned Turok yet. That's the vibes I'm getting from this.

  • This actually looks entertaining and most movies are not these days I'm sold take my money gotta check this one out

  • I can't wait to see it!

  • This concept feels like it hasn't been done before, but I know it has been done 100 times.

  • I can't believe this movie is going to get released on my birthday :D

  • I am so ready for this movie!!

  • This looks amazing 😎

  • I think my heart jumped at 1:27

  • Finally! The first non-Jurassic Park or World movie where Dinosaurs are scary again!!!🦖🦖🦖😱😱😱

    • Not vegan or pets. I agree.

    • That would be awesome if the designs weren't so awful. Dinosaurs were real animals. You don't have nearly as much artistic license in portraying them as you might think.

    • @Thagomizer these likely are not supposed to be accurate portayals of real dinosaurs but are some kind of plot line creature that has evolved from dinosaurs into monsters on a alien planet. at least I would hope so, the rex looking creature was walking on 4 legs.

    • Nothing about this will be scary. Neither character will be in any real danger.

  • Looking forward to seeing this.

  • I can't wait to see this!

  • Dang man, I would of KILLED to be in the room when whoever pitched this movie did so!


  • This looks outstanding

  • I can't wait to see sith lord Kylo Ren go one on one with a Tyrannosaurus whilst screaming like a bantha, I mean child

  • This is exactly what I want in 2023 movies 💥💥💥💥💯💯💯💯💯

  • This is like After Earth meets Jurassic park and I'm all in for it!

  • Cant wait🔥

  • This looks excellent. The perfect 🍿 movie 👌

  • Beautiful, just beautiful! But im afraid the movie could be missing some herbivore creatures, their presence always make the world feel more "credible", that an real "ecosytem" exists per say.(stegosaurus, parasaurolophus would make great appearances with the more stylized-alien'ish designs of the movie.) But anyway, im not raising any "red flags" cause of this, it still looks awesome and the smell of potential is all over the place!

  • At 0:46, from the way the scene is filmed, the stance of the "creature" and the steam blocking the view, it really seems that it is walking on four legs..

    • I definitely believe you on that one because I just caught something as well regarding that... at 1:30 it 100% looks like its running on all fours man, I swear!!

    • 1:31 shows why it looks like that, with it leaning far enough forward its front legs are capable of touching the ground.

    • yeah they just copied indoraptor/indominus rex (which are fictional hybrid dinosaurs) from jurassic world, dudes weren't using real dinosaur designs or were not creative enough.

    • @Velociraptor Either that or it's related to some big plot twist like this maybe isn't earth 65 million years ago after all or something like that. The shot at 0:46 is very interesting to say the least, like why would they try to hide the fact it's a quadruped creature?

    • @dabdevil that's exactly what came to my mind.. they marketed the film around "earth 65 millions years ago" so maybe they try to hide any details that would reveal the real plot : an alternate/alien version of earth with a quadrupedal Indoallosaurus Rex.

  • I hope this is as good as the preview is

  • This is gonna be awesome!

  • This is going to be better than Shazam 2

  • A horror dinosaur movie? Hell yeah, can't wait for it. I hope they will make dinosaurs as scary as possible, also do some gore/brutal scienes.

    • It’s Sam Raimi😹

    • @GingY43 What you exactly mean by that? He make spiderman movies really well and made the fight with green goblin incredibly brutal. Don't blame him, this movie isn't out yet the trailer already looks sick, and for dino designs they looks preety creepy.

    • @RAIMBOWwhat he means is sam raimi is known for making violent gory movies. Just check out is evil Dead movies, even multiverse of madness was pretty violent for pg 13 movie

    • @RAIMBOW What he mean ?? My man don't you know Sam GOAT Raimi did The Evil Dead ? You should check it, mister gore/brutal, you certainly will find some good stuff.

    • @FOXx TITAN Honestly sorry for begin a angry and commenting before, i doesn't know about raimi a lot.

  • Superb… Real prehistoric action!!!!

  • Oscars should have a category for Best Trailers

  • This is gonna be HUGE!

  • Anything Adam is in I'm watching ❤️❤️❤️

  • hollywood take note, this is the type of film people want! forgot about the themes like dinos and si fi. a original story, no remake or squeal, no woke rubbish. just a epic stand alone film for anyone to enjoy. about survival, friendship and family morals.! sam raimi thank you for making new stories!

    • This is Hollywood….

    • This IS a Hollywood movie... Mix up jurassic Park with some Predator movie thème.... nothing original...

    • Don't take note on the Dino(possibly alien)designs tho, the ones in here are really bad, but everything else, take note

    • lmao "no woke rubish" if Adam Driver's character was played by a black guy you'd lose your shit huh

  • I’m so hyped I can’t explain it

  • I am waiting 🔥🔥🔥

  • Best episode of Ancient Aliens ever LOL! Stoked for this one.

    • If this is what they encountered when they first discovered Earth, I can see why they stayed away.

  • Awesome ! 😍 Now i'm really hyped

  • Filmaço 🤘

  • This looks amazing

  • I’M SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

  • So good, i'm so excited