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7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 7. 09. 2018
7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
MGK is known for his rapping skills and ability to continuously produce high quality and originial music. MGK is also know for idolizing Eminem, he has in the past mentioned him in interviews and said that he looked up to him as a person/rapper. Fast forward to today, Eminem and MGK are beefing over something that happened 6 years ago involving Eminem's daughter. With the release of Eminem's new album, he dissed MGK, Tyler The Creator, and many more artist. MGK decided to respond back to Eminem with the song "Rap Devil" which he completely ripped on Eminem. Make sure to watch the full video and leave a like. Don't forget to enter the iPhone X giveaway!
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  • RAP Devil

  • A sheer and utter waste of time.

  • "Where it all goes from here is unclear" Enter: Killshot.

  • Ooh btw weird beard was a reference to Ems song Business.

  • Eminem is such a great artist and father always gonna be on eminems side never machine gun kelly hes the 'rap devil' but eminem is the RAP GOD!! (:

  • MGK had a shoevel to dig his own grave

  • Waste of time. This narrator is just repeating the rap devil lyrics!!!! Thumbs down!!!

  • Eminem ripped machine gun Kelly

  • *why so many dislikes* ?

  • Sorry but four .are a bust ....tilts head Did you reach before agree Just saying

  • Rap devil

  • You forget that mgk Re-ignited this when he dissed eminem in a song by tech9 which he was ft in...

  • "Rap deil"

  • R.I.P MGK

  • How is it we know more about this then the one breaking down the song ffs. M blew mgk out of the water. He keeps going at m he will lose his career like so many others.

  • Never liked mgk

  • when will we see Hailie Mathers on video accually communicating with the world

  • Umm you said he’ll be 46 in August? Wrong.. in October

  • The dude thats narrarating in video is mgk

  • This dude thinks mgk got over on Eminem.

  • In the lyrics the boy is heroin that's what it's called on the block boy=heroin

  • Rap devil

  • ANYWAY rip MGK’s career

  • Anybody who dis Eminem or talk about his family I don't listen too because who ever writes music and talk about his family has no love value or family value especially

  • Yeah there's something in that song that you did Miss miss the part that the song is whack!!!😂lol

  • Fuck you

  • rap devil

  • I own shade 45 u queers

  • That kid will never be nothin but a pussy

  • This dude is so biased, he can't even get facts straight 🤣

  • This idoit insults his own idol and ems daughter

  • Lol mgk didn't respond quickly, rap devil was available on sound cloud 8 months ago, he already wrote it because he had heard a rumor that eminem was coming with an album that had a diss on it... facts, oh and the fact that mgk continued the beef on a feature with tech n9ne, so looks like you need some reading material

  • Screw kelly

  • Yeah I would say you’re missing a lot of details bud you don’t listen to rap music do you bud go by yourself The Slim Shady LP dissect that motherfucker Haha

  • Rap Devil

  • Rap Devil

  • Mgk is crazy

  • Rap Devil

  • This is a breakdown for mumble rappers. MGK sublimmed Em in a verse with TechN9ne this year - Em responded to this.

  • Geez, anyone get too 4 and turn this whack off. Waste of my time....

  • Lol.. Why dnt u ride MGK d*** 😂😂 Pls make a video on Binge also on what we missed in that mumble rap wasted EP.. I wl be waiting..

  • Need to get rid of auto tunes to be taken seriously, seems everyone wants to sound the same anymore and turned their backs on originality, and Shady don't need to stand up he still towars over mgk who got his style from shady!

  • You can't be twice as young as you That's 45÷4=11.25 so mgk is 11😂

  • Rap devil

  • Ummmm.....there are so many things wrong with this video. MGK very creepily called Hailie “hot as fu%k”. Then went on every radio show for the next 6 years complaining that Eminem was mad about it. He was shunned from Em’s Shade 45 and acted like it was the apocalypse or something. Like it was ruining his entire career because he wasn’t allowed to go on ONE radio show. Then he decides to sneak diss Eminem like a little b!tch on Tech 9ine’s song as well as on Twitter. Finally he goes on Funk Flex and disses him there on a freestyle. So how about we stop blaming Eminem for any of this. The entire beef is on MGK’S shoulders.

  • i love how much people love em we needed this beef to be reminded of what he is

  • you are wayyy off with how this beef went

  • Mbk

  • Rap devil

  • Mgk don't know how to make a diss song

  • Worst video ever, badly researched, no substance, no hidden disses? I guess there aren’t any in a superficial song.

  • Rap Devil

  • What did I just watch 😒😒..

  • MGK needs to give up Eminem already won and Eminem is the one and only slim shady.

  • Stan stan son

  • Why talk about those 2 pussy losers? Those 2 bitches will never fight for real. They act so tough but would lose a fight to a wet paper bag.

  • It don't matter tho everything MGK said in Rap Devil was Truth

  • Mgk killshot himself with his new album

  • It only been 3 albums

  • OMG my record only went 4x platinum instead of diamond, what a bust.

  • None of this stuff was missed, alot of this seems unintelligent favoritism to mgk and a complete lack of understanding to how repetitive mgks lines were

  • Rap devil

  • Was this video sponsored by Diddy?

  • Fuck that I still don't like mgk..EMINEM IS A LEGEND ..But his got balls dissing the rap god ain't easy ..

  • I licked and subscribe

  • Fuck mgk . Emeinm is n.1

  • I didnt miss any of this that's how trashy it was and how childish the "insults " were

  • They weren't "hidden" they were just so weak they were ignored .


  • is mgk vanilla ice’s son?

  • Rap Devil

  • This hidden because the diss was a mumble?

  • fuck mgk. he isn't even close to Em

  • This man obviously doesn't understand the eminem timeline. If you want me to spell it out, just ask me to, you Mgk pickle riders

  • 0:21 the moment in history when the weird part of youtube got a foothold in normal youtube. 😊

  • Nice try king trending. Lmao

  • Killshot

  • stop misleading people into your own delusions just because you lack complete info. fool.

  • Rap devil

  • Good video thank you. Eminem is washed up now fuck punk shady

  • Fuck machine gun kelly

  • Did MGK asked u to Make this Video Or You R Just MGK Fan?

  • The diss wasn’t this complexed. MGK isn’t that lyrical to think things he said went over someone’s head

  • Get of mgk's dick bro!

  • Killshot trumped rap devil

  • Rap devil

  • dont try to defend this kook. hard to watch this

  • RAP Devil

  • Oh man.. I know Stan’s are among us now we have man buns fans 🤮

  • Rap Devil

  • Rap devil

  • Let's just be honest... don't neither one of them want any problems with Upchurch.


  • Your comments sounds like you're a fan of MGK .... A bit too biased. Eminem cannot be beat, he is the rap God. Since when did the devil beat a god???

  • MGK is good looking.

  • Eminem will continue to be the greatest as long as he is alive

  • I been an Eminem fan since the beginning but I gotta say in MGK killed it in rap devil

  • Wait wait wait. You cant say let's talk about it and diss the next sec... Ridiculous. And death threat? Bs! You step to Em lyrically and boom you eat a bullet musically

  • Obey Eminem

  • MGK was holding that fued all by himself. All those drugs have made him delutional and paranoid. You're missing some key details. And non of these disses were hidden, the rap is extremely basic and easy to understand xD