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7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 7. 09. 2018
7 Hidden Disses You Missed In MGK "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
MGK is known for his rapping skills and ability to continuously produce high quality and originial music. MGK is also know for idolizing Eminem, he has in the past mentioned him in interviews and said that he looked up to him as a person/rapper. Fast forward to today, Eminem and MGK are beefing over something that happened 6 years ago involving Eminem's daughter. With the release of Eminem's new album, he dissed MGK, Tyler The Creator, and many more artist. MGK decided to respond back to Eminem with the song "Rap Devil" which he completely ripped on Eminem. Make sure to watch the full video and leave a like. Don't forget to enter the iPhone X giveaway!
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  • I suppose you had that man bun on in that interview because you were doing a movie...didn't see no gun to your head. Homo

  • His last 4 albums have been brilliant and successfull.

  • Mgk net worth is 8 million and Eminem is 210 million

  • Quit following these crazy fuck nuts. Follow Christ. These guys have nothing for you.

  • Eminem the rap legend of all time

  • Fuck rap devil Fuck MGK Fuck i phone Love eminem and killshot

  • The guy narrarating ends every sentence like he has heartburn


  • Doesn’t makes sense to me

  • So you technically wanted to outline eminem diss that was thrown a him and whilst insulting him you're insult us too

  • At least now Eminem is back becau se of MGK. This conflict at least has that going on.

  • You red sweater,your black leather,you dress better,i rap better Eminem is the crap

  • Rap devil

  • This is great!

  • Painful listening

  • Let’s talk about one of the most worthless CS-tv videos ever.

  • It wasn't his last 4 albums my can't count and either can you. Do ur research

  • MGK has two different 👂 s

  • Im here after the beef is over lol

  • May Get Killed

  • Hidden?seriously?

  • Part 2 Of This Video - 1 Million Hidden Disses You Missed In Eminem's Killshot (MGK Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

  • tough talk from a rappers paying millions of security a year

  • Stan, Stan son!

  • MGK MGK I’m come from China PR,支持你很牛逼很精彩。虽然我也是stan吧哈哈

  • Topanga?

  • mgk won

  • ew

  • but he wouldn't even be famous without this beef though... how & also why would he come back from it x)

  • Lol I thought that was tapanga off of boy meets world .haha

  • I only have question? Who is machine gun kelly?? I've never of that girl? Is she a crapper? I mean rapper.

  • WHat a waste of a video You literally pointed out the only things that were seen in the video

  • Eminem won

  • RAP DEVIL 😈 Insta: king_gul1 (king gul)

  • "i think my dad's gone crazy" yeah Hailie you right, dad's always mad cooped up in the studio yelling at the mic

  • Eminem no1

  • I don't agree. Rap Devil wasn't even close to a good diss. He has some other better songs where he has collaborated with Tech N9ne (and Twista too.) Eminem is the clear winner.

  • Eminem will forever be the best....MGk is good and I like him...but eminem is a legend

  • Bullshit he was throwing shade at da man idk da song but it was recently

  • Is it just me or is that ted mosby from friends with Eminem at the shoe place?

  • Ok so if MGK said 2 albums he might be correct. But recovery and the Eminem show is just so wrong

  • Umm he's last 2 albums only sucked the other two did well


  • Rap devil 😈

  • Fuck that MGK👎

  • Tap devil

  • This video was ALL wrong ! 2019 tho ?

  • Why does he look like nick foles tho?

  • rap devil

  • K for mgk rap devil was actually pretty good but he was literally just put to rest like you don’t try and diss eminem “my biggest flops are you’re greatest hits”. “Until you die let’s see who can out petty who” like clear example eminem was just feeding him petty lines you guys think eminem destroyed that was just a grenade compared to the nuke he can drop on him

  • Rap devil

  • Eminem is the G.O.A.T but cmon you guys can't accept that MGK had those fire bars in Rap devil

  • The fuck is this?

  • Who is MGK Dog rapper

  • MGK dissed EM on Tech 9’s track

  • Eminem won because of killshot

  • Eminem you fuck

  • Homo

  • Rap Devil

  • rap devil

  • So this entire dis between Eminem and mgk Was over a compliment in the sense

  • Dude..if you mentioned my daughter in a song like that you'd be a marked man period.

  • MGK:Homie we get it you are the greatest rapper alive Eminem:You just dissed me I'm perplexed insult me in a line compliment on the next

  • Who here knows that rap devil was uploaded to sound cloud 7 months ago but uploaded to CS-tv after the kamikaze diss

  • we want mgk back T_T

  • HIDDEN ?? WHAT ??

  • heard killshot?

  • Lethal injection Go To Sleep Six Feet Deep.. ☺☺☺☺

  • Eminem didn’t mention the tweet on kamikaze he was going after lots of new rappers and mumble rappers he went after other rappers just as hard as mgk

  • Here's that autograph for your daughter I wrote it on a starter cap


  • Rap devil

  • so many things wrong in this vid and so biased...

  • Krino has dissed me Eminem and nothing that's been 10years

  • Mgk is a poo poo

  • Killshot

  • Slime shady is the winner of rap war lets

  • 8:01😂😂😂🤦‍♂️😂😭

  • 3:26 lol corny hats 😂

  • Who else just went to number 4?

  • Rap devil

  • He opens for fall out boy... how lame

  • Eminem daughter is better than mgk

  • those diss likes lol

  • he was insulting em in this song? no idea

  • Rap devil

  • MGK can't grow a beard that's why he says they're weird, hahaha hahaha hahaha.

  • Then killshot released and destroyed MGK'S career to bits

  • Insult me in a line compliment me on the next DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Think if ur like people like us with kids we love any1 talking like that and isn't even a musician is a clown

  • Eminem is why better

  • Man I was probably the only one who understood the beef lmao

  • Emanem

  • Rap devil

  • Rap devil😈😈😈😈

  • Yo, eminem killed this lil no body, if mgk come back again he will get smack down again by Eminem

  • Dude shitty video. Wast of time

  • Recovery? 2:37

  • I love Machine gun Kelly

  • RAP DEVIL vs Rap God...