8 DIY Giant vs Miniature Healthy Food / Funny Pranks!

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Did you do some sports exercises and feel a little hungry? Eat a miniature energy bar. But if you've done a lot of exercises, than a light snack doesn't help! Take a huge bar! Watch our new video and choose your favorite size of healthy food!
Supplies and tools:
• Corn flakes
• Rolled oats
• Almond
• Sun dried blueberries
• Knife
• Salt
• Sugar
• Honey
• Parchment paper
• Clear plastic
• Paper
• Double sided tape
• Labels of different sizes
• Scissors
• Big bottle of water
• Nylon webbing
• Hot glue gun
• Long thin straw
• Sunflower seeds
• Pumpkin seeds
• Frying pan
• Raisins
• Hot water
• Blender
• Peanuts
• Low fat butter
• Brown sugar
• Cardboard
• Foil
• Scrapbooking scissors
• Kiwis
• Bananas
• Baked milk
• Raspberries
• Milk
• Plastic cap
• Decorative glass bottle
• Paints
• Brush
• Small cap
• Protein powder
• Carrot
• Food colorings
• Beetroot
• Sprinkles
• Gluten free bran cookies
• Rolling pin
• Chocolate chips
• Cocoa powder
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