8 Simple Life Hacks and DIY Ideas

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  • you dangerous mthfckr delete your video now!!!

  • Titles should've be 'LIGHTER'&'MATCHSTICK DIY HACK' Edit:-why don't you shot lightergun on that 10:59 bulb

  • 14:22 прикольная штука, на этом же принципе можно собрать картофельную пушку.

  • 11:20 как мне кажется нужно делать с большой осторожностью, или током уебет или замкнет нехуево...

  • So, you are building small weapons to maybe destroy someones eyes? 👎🏻

  • So cool how inteligent you

  • I always wonder, do they really have such a bad taste in music or is this just the common lifehack music?

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  • Jy is 'n dom naai. Die kak wat jy voorle is focken gevaarlik poes

  • 作成工程 8:15 完成 9:42

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  • Bug on a match at 14:01

  • Fir those person who said that this is for prisoner where will you get matches inside a prison

    • Same place you get every drug on the street how do you think they light there tobacco. Same place they get cell phones shanks you can damn near get anything in prison my friend. I was a cop for 10 years before I got hit on the interstate right as I was about to out to work an accident. Trust me my friend I was shocked when I talked to the guys at county wear I brought people that I arrested at what new thing they found. I don't expect everyday people to know this but now you know and I was going to ask how long he was locked up for a joke.

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  • Really creative👍👍👍

  • All this talent for such negative things. Your parents must be real proud of you knowing you make little weapons and post them on the internet. OMFG

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  • the title must be "8 Simple Ways to kill your friends"

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  • アメリカ・イギリス・ロシア人「cool」 日本人「危ない」

  • 8 simple life hack

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  • Hey, bruh I ain't here to kill my friends ok?

  • Whats the wire he used for the last one?

  • No 6 is freaking dangerous. But maybe it is called natural selection / Darwinism

  • Life hack number six is so dangerous .


  • These are pretty dangerous

  • So that's the asshole starting forest fires 🤣

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  • It should be very fulfilling to build these things

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  • A very smaal bullet u made with tip of a pen. Very very harmful for kids even for adults also. Not so cool buddy. It's a great great idea to go to prison...

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  • Título: "Como asesinar a alguien con fósforos de 100 maneras diferentes"

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  • and where does some one get that many hypodermic needles

  • They are harmful

  • building kid toys from leftover junk isn't a hack, it is just stupid


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  • Omg good work bro!! Super cool, and I liked CV the mini forecracker the most 👍 *Guys please visit my DIY channel*

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