8 Simple Life Hacks and DIY Ideas

čas přidán 29. 01. 2018
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  • The sixth one is dangerous at many levels. Electrocution is the obvious risk, but there's also galvanic corrosion of the electrodes. If they were graphite I might not complain, but if they're metal, especially stainless steel, the best you can expect is just a massive dose of carcinogenic species like hexavalent chromium, when not outright acute metal poisoning. That should never be done anywhere, with any water that might come into contact with anything valuable, like your body or the ground.

  • -3000 brain cells

  • Bro, Your Channel should be named "Mr. Dangerous" or something like that xD

  • You dangerous ass! You're showing people how to make explosives and weapons that would do nothing but make someone hate you more! Shame on you!!!

  • Норм

  • any taking naman

  • Cool, but music absolutely bad...sorry!

  • Scd

  • 6 Its actually posionus dude

  • Hu mantap kali

  • i believe you misunderstand the meaning of "life hack", none of your 3rd world country DIY ideas will make life or life chores easier. for the first few seconds i had hope for DIY #6 until i realized what you were doing... you released toxic gasses into your Ramen when you heated up the metal and plating through your half-assed electrolysis process. but its alright, continue heating your food like that and eating it, hopefully it'll keep your genes out of the gene pool.

  • Plagiat

  • Bro simple and mind blowing ideas good work 😂 🤣 👌 👏

  • مفيش عربي هنا

  • like

  • Hana lagak

  • Ada orang Indonesia ga

  • Tai kotok

  • Very good

  • 5:40 he maked a gun powder then from that gunpowder he maked a bomb see 7:31 see experiement

  • Your video might lead to threat to someone's life..& These are not life hacks..no dearth of Mad people in this world

  • Waoo it's meisig

  • great brother!

  • Well done 📯📯📯🛠

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  • wow! "Life Hacks"!! Thats sounds so super-duper modern it sounds like we're 5000 years into the future! Get out of here with this sh**. Everyone whos being creative is hacking life now.

  • Oha

  • Best

  • you dangerous mthfckr delete your video now!!!

  • Titles should've be 'LIGHTER'&'MATCHSTICK DIY HACK' Edit:-why don't you shot lightergun on that 10:59 bulb

  • 14:22 прикольная штука, на этом же принципе можно собрать картофельную пушку.

  • 11:20 как мне кажется нужно делать с большой осторожностью, или током уебет или замкнет нехуево...

  • So, you are building small weapons to maybe destroy someones eyes? 👎🏻

  • So cool how inteligent you

  • I always wonder, do they really have such a bad taste in music or is this just the common lifehack music?

  • Awesome

  • Jy is 'n dom naai. Die kak wat jy voorle is focken gevaarlik poes

  • 作成工程 8:15 完成 9:42

  • З лазером вийшло найкраще!😨😨😨🔌🔭

  • Bug on a match at 14:01

  • Fir those person who said that this is for prisoner where will you get matches inside a prison

    • Same place you get every drug on the street how do you think they light there tobacco. Same place they get cell phones shanks you can damn near get anything in prison my friend. I was a cop for 10 years before I got hit on the interstate right as I was about to out to work an accident. Trust me my friend I was shocked when I talked to the guys at county wear I brought people that I arrested at what new thing they found. I don't expect everyday people to know this but now you know and I was going to ask how long he was locked up for a joke.

  • macgyver is back ☺

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  • 教坏小朋友

  • Really creative👍👍👍

  • All this talent for such negative things. Your parents must be real proud of you knowing you make little weapons and post them on the internet. OMFG

  • дядя ты дурак?

  • this f*ker probably causes all those forest fires.

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