8-Year-Old Girl Battling A Rare Brain Disease She Calls ‘Awesome’ | TODAY

čas přidán 30. 05. 2017
When Ellie McGinn was only 3, her parents started noticing she had issues with balance. After many tests, she was diagnosed with a rare disease that’s hard to pronounce: leukoencephalopathy with brainstem and spinal cord involvement and lactate elevation. Kathie Lee and Hoda share the brave young girl’s story (and reveal how you can help).
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8-Year-Old Girl Battling A Rare Brain Disease She Calls ‘Awesome’ | TODAY


  • She’s an inspiration❤️❤️

  • The 582 people who disliked were the people who’s name didn’t get picked for the disease

  • 7 8 9 10 *cAppUT*

  • omg i love her thoughts and energy!

  • This is a work of fiction and nonfiction and solely the 'property' of the original creator(s). Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are factualized to the best of the author's knowledge, at the time of the recording. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Refer to an actual physician for diagnosis.

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  • Can someone talk about how cute she is?! ❤

  • The best ,god bless

  • I wish the best for this girl ,she's so smart ,spunky and beautiful ,I wish and her family all the luck ,god bless

  • Ellie's mom kind of looks like Hermione Granger when she is grown up LOL.

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  • I

  • How are Ellie feeling after she was diagnosed with fatal brain disorder today?

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  • Is her mom an actress? She looks familiar

  • What a beautiful girl. Hope she's doing okay,

  • Easy peasy just call it Leukopathy

  • How is she now??

  • She's a very brave little girl

  • Awww 😭😍


  • I dont come on youtube to cry, come on :,(

  • We need to pray for this young girl and all children with rare disorders. I prayed and I'll pray again.

  • God Bless her 🙏🙏

  • She is so cute... Life itself

  • Dalam nama Tuhan Yesus kamu sembuh. Amen

  • bruh this girl actually has a life and is only 8 then there is just me

  • Legit thought this was the onion

  • The title made me think this was an Onion video

  • You are a hero. Be strong supergirl.🙏😊😁🌞👍.

  • Reminds me of 1 Litre of Tears

  • Imagine being diagnosed with awesome disease, then realizing its not awesome


  • Is she ok now? How is she doing im just curious I hope she is doing fine she seems like a super nice girl.

  • Her:She says the infection is awesome. me That's the infection getting to her brain Hey you'll get through it

  • I love you with all my heart

  • She taught me something today

  • She's so sweet and pretty I hope she lives a happy life! 😊

  • I looked up smooth brain

  • Doctor looks like Buddy Valastro

  • Wait Awesome??? that Rare leuko.ence.phalo.pathy disease its not awesome it's robbing Ellie's future. And her parents knows this. Shes needs to be cured ASAP. I pray that this strong bright princess gets supernatraly healed. All of these doctors and scientists are waiting or buying time for her to die so they can do research and find a cure etc. plus i hate that the media make this disease is a all the rage and a great thing. But lets be clear, nobody on earth should go though life with this. Thats including ellie. NBC Please do not take off this comment i being honest.

  • I used to live in Fairlington on the same block as her and would see her at the pool; she's the most happy and upbeat person I've ever met

  • A beautiful girl with an awesome heart! May God bless you and make all of your wishes come true!

  • Cute little girl..chooti

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  • Racemixing did this.

  • business care have a name !!!

  • I died from Awesome

  • My disease is rare cause I had a good in my heart when I was born.

  • the 1989 shirt that she wear at 1:00🥺🥺🥺 so cute really hope taylor could see this

  • That's nothing!!! Most millennials have the mindset of a toddler!!!

  • Welp... she will not be making it out of scary movies alive..

  • *clara from heidi liked this*

  • 2:47 or anyone’s name Uh so y’all know how Addison is a name... Yea no I’ve got Addison’s disease 😂😂😌🤦‍♀️

  • God Bless You Ellie🤗🙏🙌

  • Doctor: "I am sorry to tell you but... your child has Awesome disease" Parents: "Oh that doesn't sound too bad! What does it do?" Doctor: "It causes you to go into a coma and eventually die a slow death from explosive diarrhea" Parents: 😱😱😱 Doctor: "Yeah they let some kid name it for some reason"

  • ok but what about the other kid.. that would probably get no attention :3

  • "7,8,9,10, kapoot,"

  • She’s cute🥰

  • And then im just sitting here saying my balance is bad

  • so cute, i love her so much

  • She is soooooo beautiful i love her

  • She’s a great little fighter keep it up Ellie

  • She is so CUTE

  • I tried to pronounce it and got it right the first time. It's a weird thing for me, I never have trouble pronouncing words or spelling words

  • 7...8...9...10....kaput.

  • She reminds me of the little version of my math teacher

  • Sheis extremely beautiful rare beauty in her.

  • How is Ellie?!

  • The people who disliked this were so blinded by how smart and funny this girl is they missed the like button

  • god bless her

  • Holy crap imagine being diagnosed with "awesome" disease, and you think your doctors just making a light hearted joke, but than they proceed to explain that it's a rare brain disease

  • "I dont feel good about getting rid of my condition, if i get rid i will not be myself!" Such a life lesson she taught

  • If I was that girl I would probably name the disease something stupid and I'll regret my desicion for the rest of my life

    • How does that relate to my comment?

    • Why? are diseases and conditions supposed to be some kind of a curse or punishment or something? I thought I was taught that diseases are kinda more like some kind of a test rather than some stupid punishment cuz maybe it's a no Brainer thing that life is NOT all about Fairness

  • This girl reminds me of my friend's daughter when she got cancer and her hair started falling out. They finally said screw it and shaved it. My friend asked what she thought of it and if it was scary. She said "no, mom. I think i look cool".

  • Is it me or does the title seem pretty onion newsey?

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  • Any updates?

  • WOAH WOAH WOAH. YOU GET HONORED FOR GETTING RARE DISEASES?? *starts licking the floors aggressively*

  • Aww bless her heart she'll definitely go far with this positive attitude. Wish for the best and hope she'll be able to fight whatever come her way~

  • Her brain is truly smooth

  • She has such an amazing personality!!

  • classic american sweetheart

  • Vitamins people, that’s what is helping her. 💕

  • What is it?

  • Aw she is adorable

  • Be thankful you are healthy. (If you are)

  • shes a swiftie😌💅🏻 shell be fine

  • But when she is older it’ll effect her more. She is positive now but when she gets older, she is going to be crushed. I hope she stays strong always.

  • basically, god was like "im bout to end this little girl's whole career"

  • What 542 people disliked this?

  • Ellie is wise beyond her years and I wish her and her family well

  • StAysafe

  • Bless her

  • Leukoencephalopathy...as a Greek, I see λευκό (white), "cephalo" (skull/head), and "pathy" (feeling/disorder)...not something I'd wish on anyone.

  • Omg i think my brother as that too, he as the same things as the girls describe she had, degenerative brain desease, difficulty to walk and speek, he doesn’t have any balance, it took years until they “find” a diagnose but they told us they wasn’t sure if it was really that, he got a medication to help stabilize it so it won’t degenerate but it took so long until he got a diagnose that he is in a wheelchair now but he is alive! He is 19 years old. I’m not saying that he have the same things as her but he Literally have the same symptoms and her story sounds like my brother and now I’m really curious to know if this might be what he have

  • God bless this girl and her family 💕

  • We can all learn something from this girl, and most kids

  • She was already amazing! So cute and well spoken. She's super considerate of others and very deserving of the award! BUT SHE ALSO WAS WEARING A 1989 SHIRT 💕 I'm so sad I saw this a few years later, but I hope she's still being awesome.

  • Lol just go to google