A$AP Rocky: 1 Hour Of Chill Songs

čas přidán 5. 05. 2017
0:00 L$D
4:01 Better Things
7:23 Been Around The World
11:26 Purple Swag
13:25 Peso
16:16 Wassup
18:57 Houston Old Head
23:19 Acid Drip
26:06 Roll One Up
28:49 Demons
31:53 LVL
35:33 Phoenix
39:27 Purple Kisses
42:47 New York Bittersweet Symphony
45:34 Bass
48:54 Back To The Future
51:55 Kissin' Pink Ft. A$AP Ferg
55:30 Leaf Ft. Main Attrakionz
1:00:25 Ridin' Ft. Lana Del Rey


  • love 💥💚

  • Asap always has the best sweetest tastes regarding the samples he chooses

  • I never really listened to a lot of rocky but this playlist is dope

    • @J2xor yah bro if you got time, just listen to his albums in order, he has 3 of them

    • @rbin I gotta listen to some more of his music

    • If you haven't you missing out, he one of the best of all time, my personal favorite

  • so it just existed for 4 years and I never saw this playlist... poor me

  • bruh $andman should be on this

  • To the creator of this Playlist: I appreciate you so much friend!

    • Same

  • Asap is so fucking fly

  • como no esta en spotify lpm

  • how is this man real his songs just give off a perfect vibe I cant explain it it makes me feel comforted honestly idk

  • Great!!!

  • I hate how the best ones aren't in Spotify like wtf.

  • Crazy how some of these songs 10 years+ old 🙏🏾🔥

  • Song playlist ??? What are the name of the songs played in order???

  • phoenix / LSD /kissin pink 🔥🔥

  • 31:53 lmaoooo

  • 2019 Thumbs down. Coincidence?

  • I wish "Get Lit" was on here. Still an awesome playlist though. Lol

  • 2021?))₽

  • I am wondering, who this female in the picture is and if she is doing good after 8 years. I bet rocky doesn't even know her name by now.

  • min 52

  • lit but where if fucc sleep?

  • i need this on spotify


  • LSD and Wassup the best ones!

  • sad that the trip stars already with lsd. its the best song on the playlist

  • Drunk as hell vibing to this

  • Open two tabs, start at any time. Play this video on both tabs, one with an 11 second delay, its trippy

  • Quién se empeda con estas rolitas??? ... Para ser compas! 😁👌🏼

  • the fact that this doesn't start with peso is a crime

  • Appreciate the list dude.

  • No sundress

  • New York bittersweat

  • Влад течет от этой подборки

  • it's so easy to fall in love....

    • purple kisses just hit different with that bass and shiiiit

  • this is sickkkkkkkk

  • егорка шип топ лучший ))))))))))

  • морген топ

  • This shit Lit my Nigga

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  • West Side Highway?

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  • Knocked out studying and a few tests to this!!!! Thanks...

  • 34:04 bless your ears with this verse

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  • Name first song?

  • Lives with mom, don’t give a fuck cuz..ya..

  • listening to this high af

  • Put that on my set would go perfect on this

  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCnaZ-b19U-20iAxfpJ4y2RA

  • amazing!!!!

  • Haha I knew the first song would be LSD

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  • 10:13 hgolllytr asfras

  • 644 am on acid havin a good time haha

  • Masterpieces✨

  • ASAP rocky❤️

  • Listening to L$D while high is like falling down an endless pit

    • @Bruhman420 Nice man. I wish to live there man its just amazing there I hear

    • @Nathan Mwangi i have, come from the Netherlands haha

    • @Bruhman420 damn Fr bro? Try some weed to

    • @I'm my own senpai Thanks fam Good Vibes broski!

    • on acid it feels like being reborn

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  • RUF👍

  • the beats are amazing in this track, always come back for more

  • who's tripping rn lol

  • Love A$AP 🔥😍

  • morioka is back.

  • if you here in 2021 you really have a goat tier music taste

  • 44:00 name song?

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  • That shit where the dudes like "keep it good kids, cus your know i love you" wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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  • Dope

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  • Palace asap rocky

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  • Bro i was trippin with this ❤

  • went straight from 1 hour of la flame to 1 hour of flacko. CS-tv actually getting stuff right.

    • You on the right track my friend

    • Haha for me that bitch threw it in reverse XD

  • fuck this is so good

  • s22 br

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  • starting with L$D was a great choice

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  • So good..

  • 2021 rocky still bumping in my headphones 💯💪he the real goat

  • I have Benn looking for chill A$AP Rocky songs for like 4 hours and then I see this

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  • the best playlist for concentrate while i’m studying. A$AP!!!

  • A $ A P

  • Заебисьььь....

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