A$AP Rocky: 1 Hour Of Chill Songs

čas přidán 5. 05. 2017
0:00 L$D
4:01 Better Things
7:23 Been Around The World
11:26 Purple Swag
13:25 Peso
16:16 Wassup
18:57 Houston Old Head
23:19 Acid Drip
26:06 Roll One Up
28:49 Demons
31:53 LVL
35:33 Phoenix
39:27 Purple Kisses
42:47 New York Bittersweet Symphony
45:34 Bass
48:54 Back To The Future
51:55 Kissin' Pink Ft. A$AP Ferg
55:30 Leaf Ft. Main Attrakionz
1:00:25 Ridin' Ft. Lana Del Rey


  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-3tnmWafvtVg.html&ab_channel=ElReaper

  • When Flacko said the future was bad. He wasn't joking

  • We pay your type. Keep speaking

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  • Rocky is blessing our ears

  • Houston old head needs to be on Apple Music

  • Idk how I got here but I’m here vibing 🤞🏾

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  • Почему я не вижу ни одного РУССКОГО человека?))) Отзовитесь, ребята!

  • I'm listening to this in 2021 Who else wit me😍🔥 High as a kite Thank you Asap Rocky

  • Thank you CS-tv algorithms for recommending this.

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  • i thank you for this

  • Watch my vid

  • Skip to 19 minutes and increase playback speed to 1.25x You’re very welcome.

  • So I’m not the only listening to this while doing hw?

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  • L1ttle d1aper b@by br0wn b01

  • That's my studying music for some reason.

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  • i can see them in my head with a vision of them with their death wound like a zombie or spirit, to LVL

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  • Still chillin with this songs, memories as fuck

  • The best vibe🍫❤️

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  • still unbelievable 3 years later

  • 2015 Bumping all of these songs while I browse through tumblr looking for you know what

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  • (3) Mr. Murray-Green Beans (Music Video) - CS-tv

  • I'm flowing while coding, Thanks A$AP, Thanks FlyingIndigo

  • Hollywood!

  • Greetings from Czech .....perfect set

  • ASAP Rocky trash he overrated

  • These sounds are awefull, when I close my eyes and hear this I see a poor black man who is attempting suicide.

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  • great collection of rocky songs

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  • He is the best rapper of this generation, I don't agree with all the shit he talks about but his flow is the truth and the beats go hard.

  • 😌

  • 31:50 your fucking welcome

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  • these vibes are keys to success

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  • cheers for this one needed it. can sleep to it aha.

  • what about keep it g? prod spaceghostpurrp ?

  • Ridin was the perfect song to close it out with.

  • some skips in this one, i guess from his beginnings? other than that is good :)

  • 1 hour of nothing but some of my favorite songs in history no lie


  • I am flying rn

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  • Acid drip is so dope!


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  • 1:03:52

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  • Stevenne Brightfieldhe

  • *Houston Old Head is such a vibe*

    • whole loveliveasap mixtape is a vibe

  • durooo muy heavy

  • man fuck covid

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-kLEQNsEUPtI.html :D

  • I wish I could sit on this beautiful face

  • tu fait planer frérot je découvre

  • 'boobies up in my direction!' such a vibe ! edit thanks for the likes

  • This isn't darude sandstorm

  • it dosent really matter to MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • more like a chill 1 hour of claim casino songs

  • Good to listen to driving

  • houston oldhead is just too smooth man

  • I just turned the number of comments to 2021, this is what I listen to when I'm depressed and studying.

  • Love you.9X5LE9-TZMYX2-5J4ACS

  • 2021 Still got to have this on while cleaning

  • Playlist pra tomar uma gelada Playlist pra fumar um Playlist pra dropar aquele doce Playlist pra ficar de boa Playlist pra dar aquela madeirada de domingo a tarde

  • Todos fuman, estudian, juegan o trabajan mientras escuchan esto. Yo lo escucho mientras lo escucho, hermano.

  • daaaaaaamn

  • Who else not high just vibin

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  • Dude, ASAP is the GOAT. Listened to him since I was 14, still bumping his tracks non-stop till this day, at 23. Timeless.

    • try to refer to him as asap rocky or just asap because there are other people as well as artists in the mob that use that name;))))))

  • 23:23 Acid drip my favs

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