A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop? - Framework Laptop Review

čas přidán 26. 07. 2021
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When Framework told me they were making a completely repairable laptop I assumed it would be a flimsy chonker... I've never been so happy to be wrong.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa instagram.com/mbarek_abdel/
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 - You can't repair a MacBook!
0:15 - But you should be able to
0:42 - G.Skill
0:57 - Intro
1:06 - How Framework Started
2:28 - Opening it up
5:10 - Modular IO
8:30 - Motherboard
11:45 - Keyboard, trackpad, screen
14:20 - Setup and using it
17:50 - Micro Center
18:28 - Outro


  • I kinda hope they built in a passthrough connector to the screen so when they release a touch digitizer you can just take off the front bezel and just pop it into place.

  • Im buying one when my current laptop dies.

  • Never seen Linus this happy

  • 11:57 im crying XDDDDDDD

  • I have a question about the charger. It has been a few hours science I mailed the Support team of Framework, but I cant wait because I need to buy the laptop in USA and send it to Argentina (it's my actual residence country). The charger only supports an input of 120/140 volts or supports 220/240 volts? @ Linus Tech Tips

  • Man i know the Pain, how much it hurts when your laptop becomes useless cuz of Single F*cking Part Damage. Framework is doin such a great Job!

  • 11:45 I'm FUCKING crying

  • Fuck the size man! Why care how thick and heavy it is, the more powerful it is. I mean it is a tool, not a jewelry, right??😎😎

  • In regards to solid rigidity despite being really thin. It's all about profiling, bracing and anchoring. This is how we can make a platform you can walk and jump on with barely any flex, using sheet metal not much thicker than a few layers of aluminium foil. You can do a lot of it with plastics too, but sandwich and anchor some pretty thin polycarbonate or nylon with thin steel - you got yourself some serious wizardry.


  • Pops together like a little LEGO

  • 1:38 😂 wooh hoo hoo 😅 Almost did a downgrade

  • you mentioned linus about throwing in that fat 1TB module for steam but when customising the laptop theres no options for GPUs on frameworks website

  • Shouldn't you do a metrics video?

  • Nice !

  • 9:05 Wait what... THAT IS A THING?!?! 9:30 LINUS, THE ARROWS, BLACK TO BLACK, WHITE TO WHITE, NOOOOOOoooo... :( 17:25 Activate Windows, my dude.

  • Could be interesting prospect for small computer shops. Being able to buy parts from framework. Then being able to have their workshop techs preconfigure machines based on customer demand rather then having to buy machines based on the whims of various hardware manufacturers. The repair angle is also nice. Since often an unrepairable laptop can loose a small computer shop money if they come in. Although considering the PCs that sell in my area. I'm excited for when they can start offering budget components. Celerons or Pentiums to be exact.

  • Love this video

  • I'll buy one with a Ryzen CPU as soon as they become available. Immediately and without question.

  • RISC-V in the future, the Linux Community is going to love that.

  • "Someone can come along and design a magnetic charger and mimic it." Yeah, someone did. AND he also designed an enclosure for his mouse radio.

  • This is the future of laptops. Hands down, the modular design means there is no upper limit for what you can do to this thing.

  • Honestly so over my Dell laptop after the Dell repair center did a number on my laptop, the next computer repair shop I sent it too even called me up complaining of how shitty of a job they did with the repair(btw when I got it back from the Dell repair center, it came back with more problems then I originally had, which was I just needed a charging port replaced), they didn't even seat the ssd correctly according to the other repair shop. And the keyboard is no longer working right anymore and it's not a driver issue, and a replacement part from my research is basically unobtainable unless your a certified Dell repair technician and get it straight from dell for a stupid amount of money or pay even more to buy a broken version of the same model laptop and hope it has a working keyboard; definitely gonna consider these guys for my next laptop, hopefully they can come with/work with Nvidia graphics so I can run my simulation software on it

  • This is amazing. I hope they will produce a 2 in 1 Laptop with pen/digitizer support in the future. If that happens I will order immediately.

  • I definitely love this whole idea a lot, but I want to see this kind of idea on a tablet. I always prefer tablet over a laptop for being much lighter and smaller to bring everywhere.

  • and now linus is a shareholder in framework lol

  • Can't the USB C expansion have two USB C connectors on it? Is there enough space? That would be nice.

    • It's not possible to put two USB-C connector in one expansion card. You have to buy two of them if you want two USB-C port.

  • 10:45 someone was foreshadowing 😂

  • I love it, I’ll buy one when they get some gpus in there

    • @Faris Hanafiah extra cost and lower performance still this thing is cool

    • Apparently, eGPU is supported for this laptop.

    • yeah thats the only thing thats missing

  • Damn this thing is gonna really piss off alot of companies because its such a great product

  • Framework should work with dbrand to customize the looks also :)

  • If I'm ever buying a laptop, it's gonna be Framework, for the ideal.

  • 15:28 How about the Volta Spark, it does support 60W

  • This is what I imagine when I think of a futuristic device. Not disposable fashion statements!

  • I suddenly hate every other laptop.

  • This is magnificent. I love this. CPU/GPU upgrades when, though? Unironically, I want a laptop which can handle MX style switches. The keyboards in laptops are grossss.

  • They need to make changes to the logo though

  • I will buy one of these if I can get a zen lapto

  • we need an anlienware x17 r1 review linus bruuuh!


  • Now they just gotta make a gaming laptop

  • all we need is a modular GPU and CPU made for these types of devices and i will never use a desktop again.

  • Could it be possible for chipmakers like Intel or AMD to make special thin laptop CPUs that slot in with their own connecter, like M.2?? Just a thought 🤔

  • Linus being sold, has me sold. The moment it is available in Australia, I will be buying it. If I had the capital, I'd invest as well. If Framework fails, then the other manufacturers will say "I told you so", we cannot let that happen. If Framework succeeds it puts the "but it isn't economically viable" argument to bed.

  • "Man, I sure wish I had a full sized Display Port Port" Yo dawg, I heard you like ports....

  • loved it. now this is innovation. not removing the headphone jack from phones :p

  • Looking to invest too if they ever go public~

  • This is so refreshing... I sincerely hope that this company succeeds.

  • framework HYPE

  • Looks great, love the recycling ethos, will consider ordering once available here. Some ideas for future development... amd apu, two nvm storage sockets, more plug in modules inc double sockets eg usb, externally accessable battery (although the disconnect option makes this less of an issue), a dock feature, and personally im excited for a larger display model, 144hz display with touch (ideally up to 4k), a keyboard with number pad, prebuilt linux/windows options. A discrete gpu option would also be great, maybe by exposing pcie lanes for an add on card

  • The incandescent steel preauricularly explode because argentina encouragingly pray out a cheap dictionary. volatile, boorish peak

  • I'd love to get one, but since theres no German Keyboard Layout that won't happen sadly. Framework, please add different keyboard layouts, thank you.

  • All this upgradeability and not even having 6 USBC ports. 1 power + 1 keyboard + 1 mouse + 2 monitors + 1 for other stuff = 6. Such a design fail.

  • once there was a concept of a peculiar phone... Something to love over some time. Unavailable outside n.America

  • I want one so bad, but I'm not in the market for a laptop. I'm looking for a 2 in 1 right now, but I almost want to buy a framework laptop just so there's a higher chance of me being able to buy a 2 in 1 from them in the future.

  • I'm wondering why you didn't casually disclose you are an investor in this company from this video.


  • Linus: “I wanna invest!” Linus Today: “ok so I invested…”

  • Linus was like “I’m not investing unless it has a huge touchpad”

  • The camera is sick

  • For me, Framework needs to do three things to make me buy one on the spot. 1: Different layouts. I might be weird that way, but I don't use a US layout. That one is lowest priority though. 2: I am actually avoiding Intel CPUs. Please let me have an AMD CPU or even an APU in my laptop. Intel is getting enough money from Apple and other companies that avoid AMD for no reason. And 3: Start shipping to Europe already!

  • "I want to invest" - And then he did.

  • I need to know if my Steam games will run on it so I can cancel my Steam Deck reservation! ( JK... I'm not canceling it, but I'm intrigued by this product and may buy it also.

  • I believe Motorola did this in the past with zero success! Unlike cell phones laptop designs are all the same an so are tablets so making this possible for more items all depends on consumers ability to see the advantages in a throw away universe?

  • A great video and laptop but.... this is aimed at the geeky people out there. The average laptop buyer won't be interested in this as you have to open it up to put the parts in, my wife is one of those who just buys an item and expects it to go. ps. you showed us the 5 screws to remove and open it up but how hard was it to removed the top??

    • The average laptop buyer is not a fan of spending another 1k$ if their laptop fails either. and you can buy this pre assembled

  • AMD CPU/GPUs and a Clear Bezel / keyboard mount options and I would be sold. Want to be able to see that beautiful modularity :p

  • This laptop sounds like someone took a note everytime I thought "why don't they do a laptop that..." and made a company out of it.

  • When they have Ryzen stuff and a proper discrete GPU I'll look into it.

    • tbh the one thing I got a little hung up on with the laptop is the aspect ratio. at 3:2 gaming even with a discrete gpu is gonna be hard. I feel like they would have to make a gaming version of the laptop to make that work

  • Anything that I can't remotely fix is just crap that I won't buy. I didn't have a laptop for that reason. Same goes for phones. I hate to use my phone, because it's just not customizable. I may have found a laptop that I will buy (depending if my reason to buy one develops).

  • 10:45 "Now I want to invest" Narrator: And that's exactly what he did.

  • Went here following your investor video. Awesome product. Can't wait to buy one but absolutely need a touch panel with a more than 180degree option. I would have liked to invest also, don't have a 225k available like you, but still.

  • We need a future gaming customizable monster of a laptop and maybe with customizable RGB lol My perfect gaming laptop would have a a big 17" 4k high nit OLED display with HDR and/or Dolby Vision ( I know wishful thinking) as I would use it a media center half of the time. A second display next to the keyboard it's so useful. Top facing quality speakers. DAC or better yet a Quad DAC audio headphones/aux output Latest Bluetooth with LDAC etc

  • Death to the Apple Genius desk!!

  • finally, I can get rid of one more prebuilt from my life. next stop phones.

  • Does anyone know if the laptop can support touchscreen input to be used as a tablet as well? Or is it too far ahead to assume?

    • On their website there is no touchscreen option, but you may be able to find one somewhere online to install.

  • I want one, wish i had the money to buy one myself, this is so COOL!!!

  • I see why he invested in framework, they seem to fit together perfectly.

  • I don't need a new laptop, but I'm thinking of buying one just to support them

  • This sound awesome would have bought one but I already have a HP envy and it is not good for the environment to switch that out just because there is an other device that would be better for the environment but if I will have to buy a new one I will definitely have a look at them because I love their approach

  • Who is here after the investment video?

  • gimme mini pcie 16x for egpu adapters and ryzen cpu and let me somehow attach a external extra cooler on the outside when i use it as desktop

  • In the company business space, this could be a game changer for business' to save a a fair % on laptop repair and management. Too many times i see laptops thrown away to be replaced for a like-for-like (still usually underpowered and "just makes the mark" grade) only for the employee to hit the same problem again all too soon. The over head alone (and other contractual costs) on fees to cycle laptops for repair by contract could save companies $$$ £££ in the long run. The right to repair move isn't just for personal users to benefit, but even big time businesses having to supply, maintain and repair hundreds if not thousands of units. This is brilliant to see!

  • This is awesome wish I could buy one

  • This is a company that actually makes me smile. It's genuinely cute in a way.

  • No grafic cards?

  • I choose to use wired devices only, no battery!


  • good luck with the investment

  • Laptop + crocs business model, sounds good

  • Linus’s point about the magnetic charging port brings up even more ideas. If this were to get third party support and a bunch of different modules it could really be something special. I like what framework is doing, I may look into getting one of these at some point.

  • I have one suggestion for a future chassis change or option - the expansion ports, an option for a screw to retain them vs the quick release. For large customers that may want to buy these in quantity due to their open upgrade and repair nature would love that as the ports are setup per user and locked down from accidental loss Overall, the concept and layout is spectacular and I'm excited to see how far they push this and change the game Bravo to Framework for going against the disposable nature of the consumer electronics business as a whole

  • Stonks

  • Just rewatching after the newest Framework vid because I am so excited about this big step for right to repair

  • 11:56 What a wonderful image and noise to go along with it

  • Linus actually invested in the company! he dropped an amazing video about it with a lot of clarity!

  • This makes me so happy! I hope they make a phone.

  • Unfortunately, not available in EU yet! Not sure if they can ship from US to Europe tho? How about the taxes?

  • My old 2008 MacBook Pro could be opened no problem (the battery compartment didn't even use screws). I regularly opened it up for cleaning, replaced the fans and the battery a few times and this laptop still lives today. Massive I-O also. Since that model it went downhill for Apple hard! I am so glad, that framework upholds these principles. I already lost hope that any company would allow for basic repairs. Love you guys, framework 💙

  • What about dedicated graphics?