A Day in My Life (Seoul) 🇰🇷 VLOG #4 | Erna Limdaugh

čas přidán 24. 12. 2016
Hi guys, I'm back with a new video.
On this video I'm just gonna simply show you guys what I usually do, my lifestyle etc.
I try to show different sides of me that I never really showed in any of my videos before, I hope you will get to know me better through this video!
Wish you a Merry Christmas:)
BGM; by Danielions Music
Check out his page for awesome musics!
J.Lu - Off to (Feat. Summer Soul)
rosy - Pink Parlor(prod. 102)
Summer Soul - Christmas Garden
Steel - Tell Me Now (Feat.민영)


  • Oh yes

  • Your video was just simple and flawless😄

  • no wonderrr I thought she didn't look Korean :o

  • Where did you learn Korean language??

  • Your skin is smooth...

  • Last name is not Korean.

  • Zorlama ile Güzellik olmaz güzellik allah vergisidir .

  • Cant download sad ammp

  • Nice Vlog 👍👍

  • caralho eu acordo parecendo q voltou da guerra, e o meu “café da manhã” é um pão com ovo bemm tranquilo

  • I love you 😘

  • Summer Soul ♥🇧🇷


  • She looks like my dream girl! 😍😍😍

  • Ur pretty sister I'm from Morocco and I wich one day I can have money for travel to Korea and see u 😘❤️🙏I'm fatima 💐💐

  • who are watching from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵 make this blue👇👇👇

  • Your nail polish changed? Did it? Or am I going crazy 😜

  • Ni siquiera se parece a la hermana de Hobi, cómo pueden pensar que se parece? 🤣

  • Wow I want a white room too it looks so amazing

  • It's the first video that made me meet you and I wouldn't regret if I knew you earlier ... I liked you a lot .... Lot of love from algeria .... You wouldn't believe but I looks exactly like you ... Like a sisters 🐰😍❤❤❤

  • 3:37 that fast cat😂

  • Say hi for me, please ❤

  • As an Indian I just wanna kill myself

  • Do you find this aesthetic video? 😭❤️

  • I walk up and quickly beat my meat to start the day off

  • 여자들 화장으로 엄청난 인생 낭비 삶의 50/1을 화장하는데 쓰지 말고 탈코르셋 하자

  • I love how organized your life is, this is literally how I wanted in my life when I grow up

  • You are so beautiful.....hope can meet you in my drEam..

  • Color of your nail Change. 🤣

  • Hee nice life 😉

  • Whats so interesting about videos like these? There is something wrong with people who watch these videos.

  • I lived the Seoul lifestyle for 5+ years. As I got older, you grow out of it and that style loses its meaning...

  • Why you dont talk in your videos?

  • This video was shot in different days 😉

  • 나가기 전 준비하는게 영상 반이네. 볼거없다

  • Lol I liked how you put a moon to cover your chest.

  • I love the snack shops! Can’t wait to walk the Myeongdong area too. Anyone know the restaurant where they ate late dinner?

  • I’m going to Seoul for my 3rd visit on the 23rd of Sept, going to check out black stone. Already mapped it out.

  • My Name is also Erna

  • How does she have space in her stomach for all that food???? 😕

  • 0:26 I will never Have tht. Bcz Periods.😖 i m Afraid of Whites On My P-DAYS. Otherwise it looks Lux 😅

  • 0:26 I will never Have tht. Bcz Periods.😖 i m Afraid of Whites On My P-DAYS. Otherwise it looks Lux 😅

  • 👍

  • These videos are so peaceful...it calms my mind and provides me peace for mind.😇😇😇....no worries...just me and my simple life....😪😪😪

  • I’m in Seoul now til the 18th, what is the name of that chicken place you’re at?

  • Can I Have Your Playlist 🥺

  • She puts a lot of beauty products on her face but still her face is perfectly smoothy. I hope I also have that kind of skin type that is not so sensitive to those products

  • the thumbnail looks like clc’s elkie

  • Its impossible to put on scrub and facial mask early in the morning 🤣🤣...and that hair treatment...unbelievable! i work in seoul in a company and even koreans dont do this all...if someone exclaims they do all this then they might be getting up at 4AM to be ready on time..in reality majority of people works overtime in korea so its impossible to get up at 4

  • she’s not native korean. she’s nothing like jhopes sister just because she’s asian. she’s not y/n. she is an average resident of seoul which is not the land of bts kdramas and wattpad. please stop.

  • Can you do a vid on how you do your hair😊🥺

  • Por favor subtitulado permite que se subtitule en español

  • z

  • Hey can you help me ?? I need your help reply me kindly

  • A Day in My Life Vlog terfavorite.......... sampe di ulang-ulang nonton, kualitas videonya juga bagus, editing dan musiknya pas, tolong buat lagi ya ka tapi agak lamaan videonya....

  • 3:37 그곳에서 무슨 일이 일어났는지, 고양이의 목적은 무엇이었는지 궁금합니다😂

  • アロマ、動物には良くないからやめたほうがいいよ(゚ω゚)

  • I clicked because I thought you are jhopes sis💀🤦‍♀️

  • Army?

  • 종아요 ㅎㅎ

  • Got