A New Kirby Challenge

čas přidán 20. 03. 2023
Kirby and the Forgotten Land but Kirby has decided to avoid eating the rich

Thank you to Firubiii for putting this custom mode together!!

And thank you to Noteblock for editing this video!






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  • What's funny is the "old age" option actually can apply if Failboat plays the Treasure Roads. There's a timer there, so you can die by running out of time.

    • @alccoder on scartch i know. the point is you cant use the stones without the coins so why bother

    • that would be the "taking over ten minutes" sonic refrence

    • @Makena Forest thats after you beat the treasure road the first time youll get a rare stone instead of coins the first time you beat it

    • @alccoder on scartch even if they are beatable, theres no point. you need coins to use the stones gotten from them

  • Can't wait for Daniel to apply the "how will failboat die" poll to his real life soon, I'm hyped for some real funny highlights involving Chat doing its best to protect Dan's life so that he naturally dies from old age, causing Chat to win the poll

  • I remember watching this stream around the end, what a fun concept! Personally I think it would be fun if chat was controlling Bandana dee, and you played through the game as coins damage you. This would let chat have some input without the coins immediately killing you

  • This challenge is significantly funnier than most no coin game challenges.

    • ​@Reinbew true, failboat is good

    • It's failboat, what do you expect

  • The addition of “It’s a Monster House!” was absolutely perfect. As a huge PMD fan, it gave me happy skin parasites


    • Rose The worst part about these bots is that human nature wants to click on that link so bad

    • Finally, another pmd enjoyer. Monster houses filled a sense of fear in me that was indescribable and I loved it everytime lmao

    • @Yusuf the cat with a gun 9:10

    • whats the timestamp

  • I think the "There's My Ride" Rabiroo has become my new favourite Failboat trademarked Kirby character ever since "Beam Attack" Waddle Doo

    • @Raph Thib I replayed it like 6 times and went into a laughing fit every time lol

    • @Raph Thib same here

    • The muffled "There's My Ride !" at 16:07 sent me on a hysterical laughing fit

  • 15:48 good to know failboat just has a knife on him at all times

    • qr

    • Haven’t seen you around in a while

    • Kobeni core

    • *n o*

    • You mean you don't also keep a large, sharp knife at the ready at your computer desk at all times?

  • I heard Mr.Frosty's Patreon endeavor is going well. He was finally able to put all that gargantuan DUMPY to good use

  • The "there's my ride *boing*" sent me, my chest physically hurts from laughing

    • Specifically the second rabbit death where the audio was muffled, that's what made me lose my mind the most

  • The morale of this story: greed kills.

    • @RoseForThoselmao copypasta and then an actual comment

    • And birbs.

    • And barbage

    • @Captain Blue Well, no, old age never killed. Now BUTTERFLIES, however...

    • And old age

  • What a polite bear that was, ringing the doorbell to let Failboat know he had arrived. It's nice to see the wildlife in that area has manners.

  • This was a terrifying notification to get when I was about to take a bite of my bagel

  • kirby dropping dead amidst a shower of money at the end of each level is the funniest thing to me

  • Wow, Kirby games really get more and more realistic with death each game!

  • Makes me remember the stream, especially the bear mauling part

    • I grinned at the end when chatty voice said «My bear is here »

  • I haven't laughed this hard at a Failboat video in a while... I almost threw up my pretzels lmfao

    • But you shouldn’t eat

    • Chat saying skin parasitea when he ask what birds are under caught me off guard

  • Regarding The Butterfly that killed Failboat in the first 10 seconds of the video, it's most definitely Morpho Knight in disguise

  • I like how the chat quickly filled with ways that Failboat could die by "Natural" causes

  • I love how Kirby can kill gods but he now dies if he makes any income.

    • He is evading taxes so he has to evade money

    • Ever since haltmann kirby has hated capitalism

    • The only thing that can canonically harm Kirby: the horrors of late-stage capitalism.

    • or if Kirby ingests a butterfly, they just.. die

  • Can't believe I got a gifted sub from this stream lmao, this was such a cool (and chaotic) idea! I hope we get more modded Kirby content and gambling in the future ;)

  • 18:03: "Oh good my bear is here" I LOVE THE BIT AT THE END LOL

  • I took a sip RIGHT at "THERE'S MY RIDE." Oh my sides hurt.

  • Finally, now someone made a coinless challenge in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It makes sense because in some Kirby games, they’re just stars. But they changed it into coins, and since CS-tvrs are trying to beat Mario games without coins collected, here we are.

  • I like how they intentionally put rocks, trash, birds, and butterflies in the middle of the walkway specifically to increase the likelihood of the player touching them. Its like "hey check out this small feature!" but ends up being devious in this challenge mode.

  • Failboat's commentary and NoteBlock's editing go together so perfectly, a Failboat video never fails to make me laugh

  • A shame that Failboat died of old age but at least chat took the W

  • I was about to say Daniel uploading is perfect to sit back, relax and grab some snacks, but he told me not to eat, so I shall respect his request

  • Laughs endlessly at the suggestion being taken. Didn't even think of enemies giving you coins, did ya? Right back at ya!

  • 10:46 Galacta knight's last words should have been something like this

  • That ending was amazing. I love a good old-fashioned brick joke.

  • The sheer excitement in his voice at 8:33 absolutely killed me

  • Finally a hard kirby game I didnt think it was possible

  • Bro, the “there’s my ride” bunny made me crack up way to much. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

  • Just what we needed. Another reason for us kirby fans to be terrified of butterflies

  • Watching failboat's gambling addiction slowly develop in real time "for the bit" is certainly an experience

  • 9:42 Fail’s laugh is so terribly traumatic that I shall hear it throughout every aneurism throughout life…

  • this was a fun stream to watch instead of studying

  • 3:21 I love the way he asked the question lmao

  • I was the silly goober who came up with bear mauling. I’m glad it was so enjoyed by the rest of chat. Also i won a membership at the end so uh…

    • Amazing

    • I was the one who said egg allergy

  • 7:06 For the record, it was the flower. When you touch a flower, it instantly gives you a coin. The other two take some time for the coin to produce.

  • I remember the stream, it was hilarious seeing the deaths that chat came up with

  • Only true boats of failure remember when this video was titled "do not eat". Now that the name is changed, though, I can finally have food again. Was starting to get really hungry.

  • Interesting to see Failboat as a pacifist for the first time

  • I think Failboat is actually going insane. Out of his last 6 videos, 4 are kirby. ALL are Nintendo.

  • I loved participating in this stream 😂

  • The chat saying "eat the enemies hammer" just gave me anime vibs like how tiff would always say "kirby, SUCK IT UP"

  • I watched that stream and I am still very happy that I guessed the next Kirby challenge

  • 2:00 I genuinely thought it was a sponsor which made it all the funnier

  • This was a great stream love your videos

  • Kirby learns the importance of not murdering people via being force fed money until death

  • Lol I remember trying a coiless run in the demo and very quickly realized it was impossible at the end.

  • ~IN LOVING MEMORY OF BUNNY~ “There’s my ride”

  • This challenge actually slaps

  • All it takes to be rich is to stand in Kirby's path and also attempt to best them in combat?! If only I didn't have a heart! ...Or the necessary universe-ruler level strength to best Kirby. We are all helpless if they decide to rule the cosmos. Thank goodness it's Kirby, the most precious entity upon this blue-green marble we call Earth!

  • Man you always make me laugh Fail. Thanks for making videos.

  • 12:49 you can complete the race track on foot. It takes ages, but you can do it.

  • The stream was really fun and the pullboards were nice.

  • When the chat member talked about a bear, I thought there'd be joke at the end, and completely forgot about the bear thing until the doorbell rang!

  • The title is just the demon on my shoulder every time I make myself a snack

  • 2:53 Didn't expect what the hat was gonna say

  • Decent run video! Thanks for uploading!

  • I remember watching the stream and cracking a whole time, and I personally chose old age. 😎

  • don’t worry i’ll always starve for you failboat

  • We were all so focused on the fact that the little butterfly was a demon the whole time, we never stopped to think about the Small Rock!

  • I remember watching this entire stream and was confused why dieing of old age was so popular

  • I love it when the Failboat fandom creates a new word lmao

  • my favorite moment is when chat starts talking about "barbage"

  • “Do mini bosses drop coins?” “Barrage”

  • Oh my gosh I really want to get this one! Maybe I'll be able to this coming month.

  • Idky but the _"There's my ride."_ had me dying. 😂 Those Bun buns chose Death, Violence, and Taxes must be paid to the Kirbo. 🤣

  • This makes me want a minimum coin challenge for this game!

  • this video taught me that they made different death animations for every mouthful mode object and thats pretty cool

  • Who knew all it took to make Failboat an Eco-activist was to make money fatal to him!

  • 18:06 not gonna lie, that was pretty creative

  • Alternative Title: Kirby and the Coin Disease

  • poor kirby, bro has been through so much

  • "barbage" had me crackin tf up

  • Dan you have made me smile when I needed it so thank you

  • What a stream that was

  • What about the part where reality shattered? That was easily my favorite part.

  • The funniest line out of context for me 8:33 “Yes he’s broke!”

  • I remember I saw the beginning parts of the stream and he accidentally named one of the polls “small rock” instead of putting it as an option. We all flooded the CS-tv live chat with “small rock”. It was hilarious.

  • i love how cannonically now the whole chat is its own separate character and the tts is its voice

  • Well it would make sense, how would anyone not die of poisoning from eating metal? God Slayer or not Kirby is no different!

  • "I don't know what the point means" Every Failboat video to exist

  • Thank you to whoever put reflected laughter during the ghost level ilysm

  • Game: *breaks* Failboat: oh!

  • HAL was so rich they gave nature, animals & objects in their OWN GAME a 100th of their entire salary

  • I can't wait for him to mess with the next game too!

  • Ah yes, do not eat, my Favourite kirby game! Anyone else remember it?

  • Question does he delete the whole stream? Or is there a playlist that saves it?

  • The dark level reminded me of a horror game that the coins were the murderer

  • Moral of the story: Out running a boulder? You’ll lose your smolder

  • It's hilarious that even when he's not playing Splatoon, or two player on any game, everybody who uses [name of text to speech thing cause I forgot] still says "father" before every sentence

    • I don't remember which stream the bit first started, but Miitopia definitely had Chat call him father so it does predate Splatoon

    • @PG28 yeah sometimes it's lil' buddy, a waddle dee, I bet one was probably like a Mario character or pokemon

    • Lil chatty is the name of the little salmon (sometimes other creature) that gives out the TTS donations

  • 16:58 “You can’t give me money, if you’re 500 feet below ground” 🤣

  • Being one who attended the livestream, more than an hour of this was quite pleasing.

  • What you don’t see is offscreen, Kirby is using every coin to gamble and put himself further in debt, making the mafia come after him and kill him. That’s how Kirby’s REALLY dying.

  • I remember this entire stream and all of the polls, also we got a sneak peak on the next mod, It was chaos

  • For whom it may concern, the original title was "Do not eat"

  • Forget Beam attack, Bear mauling is where it’s at