A Patient Filed A Complaint! | Wednesday Checkup | Doctor Mike

čas přidán 22. 11. 2018
For this week's Wednesday Checkup, I wanted to share a story with you about how a patient encounter did not go as planned in my office. I thought I did everything right but the outcome was not what I expected.
In life, there are many times when we have good intentions where the outcomes are bad. During those times we need to evaluate why that happened so that we can avoid repeating the same mistake over again.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series this Sunday so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • i wish i had you as my doctor for my lower back pain!! I have a slipped disc in my L5 and my one doctor told me to rest and quit cheerleading! I wasnt doing any activity besides PT for 6 months, but then i changed PT places and they told me i should have been moving this whole time 🙄🙄. I would’ve love to have you. You definitely care for your patients and only have good intentions. You’re very educated and want the best for your patients!!!

  • I can see the patient's perspective on this one . I know several people with ankylosing spondylitis. As young healthy men who are able to be physically active, their pain was dismissed for years. In one case, it was dismissed for 15 years by multiple doctors. The reason the back pain was dismissed was all about being able to move and being able to function. But young people can function through incredible amounts of pain. And people with Ankylosing Spondylitis get relief from movement. So significant pain was dismissed and dismissed again because of the exact type of assessment that you did yielding the ability to move. The problem was that early diagnosis could have prevented spinal fusion and bone deformity. Although appropriate medication could have helped prevent further problems, they ended up having spinal fusion issues and back problems that are not reversible. Sometimes all it takes is for somebody to listen and take you seriously. Someone with fused hips and a partially fused back can actually still be very physically successful. Particularly if they are young and otherwise healthy . It just happens to be accompanied by an awful lot of pain.

  • I wish I could be your patient because I'm always sick and doctors don't know what's wrong😓

  • We Are Watching

  • How do you get around HIPPA?

  • I had an injury years back, I still go through pain and was told I have a faulty nervous system, I have to retrain my nervous system, I know the brain controls things, I know what they are saying, I didn't think for a second they were being spiritual lol

  • I am a nurse. One of my patients complained to my manager saying that I ‘turned on the light’ while checking BP at midnight. How can I do BP in dark? She was a postop patient and I needed to do her BP every 4 hours.

  • Wow that is not what you deserved at all! You seem like an awesome doctor! That being said I totally understand the patient's reaction because I've met my share of doctors in various countries who basically have your excellent approach and then recommend homeopathic treatments or acupuncture or even more hokum things that I won't mention here instead of actually what would work. I used to have chronic pain not as bad as that but I literally tried everything until I finally found what worked: kinesiology and osteopathy. I occasionally feel mild discomfort now, once every other month if I neglect my body. A good therapeutic massage of my back usually does the trick. No need for an MRI though lol 😂 but he probably thought you could see what was wrong and figure out how to fix it. I'm also guessing you're not the first doctor he saw about his problem so he's basically going from doctor to doctor asking for an MRI and being frustrated by them not doing that. I'm guessing that he's been growing frustrated by that and the never ending pain combined with his stress he lost patience and lashed out. Don't take that complaint personally my friend. Keep up the good work!👍🏻

  • I mean not to be ***that guy*** but isn’t this a violation of the Hippocratic oath? Albeit a minor one

    • @Calvin Cardwell I am chill, you're the one who doesn't even seem to understand the hippocratic oath tho lol.

    • homemadethot Chill man

    • It's not at all, lmfao. What the hell are you talking about.

  • I'd rather have a Doctor like you who thoroughly explains medical procedures to me than glancing over stuff. I'm sure a lot of people share that sentiment as well. Even though the behavioral specialist said its 5%-10% of patients. That guy should of just went and got a second opinion if he wanted and MRI so badly. You go Dr. Mike!

  • The thing that makes me the most upset is that you’re a DO, and you were treating the patient the way a DO should, when he was expecting to be treated like he was seeing an MD. You’re awesome, glad you can look at it maturely and learn something from it. ☺️

  • That dude was a psychologically troubled and 2-faced, whiny man-baby; He could’ve just compared your diagnosis with that of another doctor or 2 instead of filing that complaint against you! What a DICK. You should take Bear with you to that dude’s home and have Bear leave a Matterhorn mountain-size pile of shit on his porch. 🤔🧐🤓🤠

  • Sounds like that person is an prick. MRI's are expensive.

  • I think the patient was getting emotional again from his back pain (being 20 and doing all that activity is stressful and imagin him being insecure about his body -explains why he runs all those miles by bike, but his schedule doesn't fit with the physical therapy so he couldn't do it anymore but the pain persists which made the frustration add up and he blammed the doctor in the process then filled a complaint) i know I shouldn't defend him but judging by his reaction and acceptfullness with Dr. Mike, I don't believe he felt manipulated or overly protected or repulsed by excessive kindness : /

  • That patient should not be hiking that long with a back pain like that. I understand that he wants an MRI, but was ordered some thing different. Sometimes, us as patients, are stubborn and closed minded, unfortunately. Therefore Dr. Mike, I think paying really close attention to the initial request is very important. I love that you learned from this mistake, that makes you a quality doctor.

  • now if you had pumped him up with pain med scripts and he became an addict he would've been 'happy'. some people like to get tests done if they need it or not.

  • Hey Dr Mike, I have to say you didn't do anything really wrong. But I do understand the patient's point of view somewhat. I have had long term pain and issues where I did all the research possible on my own and in many cases was more up to date on the specifics of my issue, so it can seem slightly patronising (although entirely rational) to offer basic solutions first. You also have to understand that people experiencing long term chronic pain are not always thinking completely rationally and are not usually in the best of moods.

  • ???? you did not ask what the surgery he had was?????

  • He wanted drugs

  • I completely understand where you're coming from when speaking on different personalities but... this sucks! Lol! I would love a doctor like you that is that attentive, thorough and caring. Since you obviously didn't hear it that day then i will gladly be the one to tell you great job!! You should be proud of yourself. ❤❤❤

  • He was drug seeking is what he was doing! He figured if he said he was very very active you would write a script for pain pills because he can't take time for major surgery and or more visits because he's a very very busy person. That's exactly what he was doing, I know this because it's what I did when I was using pain pills and a addict. I'm 10 years clean and remember all the tricks I would use or say to get a doctor to write a script and recommend a pain clinic.

  • Have you ever had a case of Munchhausen‘s

  • He came with a solution not for an evaluation and recommendation. I worked in IT for years and we often saw the same problem. The business that we supported would ask for a specific change. Instead of coming to us with a request/requirement to support a new business function, they come with a solution. Not understanding that it might not fit with current system functionality. It takes talking around and getting them to state why they need something and what benefit it would provide.

  • This is so American. He would benefit immensely from standing less hours at work!! It's crazy that society accepts that workers endure physical and psychological detriment. Instead workers live their lives accommodating their lives and health around their work.

  • Physical therapy really helped me with my back pain.

  • Sounds like this patient was trying to get some workers comp 🤦‍♀️!

  • You did nothing wrong. The patient was a coward and very immature. If he wanted the MRI, he could've said,"I hear what you're saying, but I would feel more comfortable having an MRI."

  • Yes I still remember my first complaint, I had a patient on IV antibiotics and as a night nurse I had gotten use to trying to interrupt sleep as little as possible. I remember they had two children visit each bringing in their own 2-3 kids and I ended up running them pb and grahams and sodas milk juices and everything but after everyone left and my patient was asleep I tried not to disturb them, the CNA got vitals and said they were still sleeping. So my notes reminded me their bag was due soon I went in, used the bathroom light to check ID against the computer and bag and program the drip. I was able to do my checks with the ivy and machine etc without waking them, the next night they had requested a unit transfer because I “left them alone all night and never even checked on them” I’m still a little baffled by that one fortunately my manager saw the recorded vitals every 4 and where I checked out the meds and recorded administering them and my initial shift assessment so I only got a lecture about increasing customer satisfaction

  • immediately thinks guy wants pills...then vid goes on. i’m way too negative.on h3h3 hila talked about a book she read that totally alleviated the back pain she was having.

  • Wow. I really don't agree with the advice your colleague gave you. You need to realize that someone who comes in with a chronic problem doesn't want to hear anything about his mental health in regards to his physical health (at least most of the time). That just makes it seem like it's a homemade problem or a lot smaller than it feels. He's also clearly afraid that there's a serious issue so it's quite the leap for him to get away from all that anxiety and pain and realize that he can't really change anything major at the moment and that it will take time to deal with it. You were very nice, but I think you overestimated your effect on the patient and the patients ability to disregard his own feelings and fears for your advice.

    • MRI's are not a quick and cheap thing, they are a very expensive procedure, so god forbid Dr. Mike decided for his patient to go through physical therapy before doing it. If anything Dr. Mike adviced the only acceptable option at this present time. It's a new patient, he doesn't have much info on his prior history regarding surgery, and the majority of the tests he was put through came back relatively positive. Rationalizing the use of an MRI for back pain is perhaps the same thing as someone having a bump on their arm and demanding chemotherapy, thinking it's a cancerous tumour. So while the patient's fears are valid, the fact he wasn't able to even try something else before the MRI really goes to show he wants simple solutions for something that obviously needs work. If he is able to stand 14 hrs a day, and go hiking every week for 8 miles it's clear that the back pain isn't always nagging at his backside. I think you're giving far too much sympathy.

  • I had horrible pain near my scapula the entire time that I was studying for my nursing license exam. I had tried massage, acupuncture, ointments for the pain. It wasn't resolved until a week after I passed my exam. It was definitely stress related! Mind and body are connected.

  • Standing 5h in a row gives me back pain how would not this guy get back pain if he stands 12h...

  • As customer service staff, complaint handling specifically, I feel you. Your words have just saved me from my daily uncertainty of why I am doing all of these, "Intentions matter". Just want to say thanks. Never thought I'd get to hear this in a medical, or med related video. Thank you :)

  • Patient files a complaint. A couple of months later Dr. Mike saves someone on a plane in the middle of the ocean. Patient regrets being ignorant.

  • I disagree with your colleague's opinion, and I would like to offer the perspective of a patient. 1. The phrase "Mind-body" is a cue to many people for pseudoscientific spirituality or religion, right or not, and arguing that is neither appropriate nor productive. However, 2. I'm a patient with very severe debilitating neck pain and migraines, and there's a huge problem with doctors not taking it seriously. Another problem though, that I think is more useful and relevant to you, is that we feel enormous social pressure to tell you what you want to hear. We don't want to keep complaining "no, those measures really aren't helping and nothing has improved." I wish more doctors knew about this, it doesn't get discussed often enough.

  • Your behavioural expert is questionable, not least because he sounds out-of-date. He didn't meet the patient, he didn't do an assessment and he had no Psych., Hx. A patient in their late 20s does not have a static personality type/disorder. In fact such psychopathologies are dynamic, evolving until the age of ~40. Notwithstanding this, there are psychological therapies that can assist people in their management of such conditions. Acting on the advice of colleagues and allied professionals has to be evidence based and this conversation with your behavioural expert was not evidence based. My view is he complained about you not because of an acute and enduring mental illness, namely personality style/disorder. Rather he complained about you because he presented anxious about his back pain and left your clinic anxious about back pain and his mental health. Thus, he was overwhelmed. It’s a shame he didn’t understand the mindfulness therapy I think you alluded to talking to him about; I suspect this would have been meaningful in the long term as a way to managing his back pain. He had obviously been suffering from back pain for a period of time and needed both a short term and long term plan. Regardless of the complaint, I hope your practice manager offered him a follow-up appointment with you, or you telephoned him and offered an appointment. Have you done a Psych. rotation?

  • 4:36 hmmmm 🤔

  • There's some people who just want the magic pill. They have pain in their back, and they want you to give them the magic pill that will not just treat it, but cure it. But when you tell the patient that they should probably lose a good 400 pounds, they get offended. =/

  • Some patients want to play doctor. Apparently he just wanted to light money on fire. FFS.

  • Mike: Stay happy, healthy, learn about ourselves ect. Me: What is this 'happy' you speak of?

  • you complain about him and he mades video about it so there it is, 2.3M views, more money. girl, stop!

  • I called in a complaint on my children’s doctor yesterday 😬

  • It had to be a woman, wearing heels, exaggerating their physical activity. Tearing up too. Puleeze!

  • Wow! I had a car accident two years ago and have had more than ten surgeried (some of them with my life at risk) and now take opioids and physical therapy everyday to be able to walk with great help. I love my thraumatologist (i owe him my life) but would love to have a doctor that can see me as a whole and not just as more than twenty broken bones. Hate the reactivity of medicine and think that your ability to see patients as a conjuction of body and mind. Thank you for being so open and trying to get the full picture.

  • Well ya if your using your back excessively after a back surgery it’s going to hurt. You have stress and it’s tense. Ya get it checked out but try other things first. I know what it’s like to have a mind body disorder. Gardner diamond syndrome back when it was very rare. (About 30 people in the us. It’s pretty hard to comprehend that your mental state is causing so much physical pain and symptoms. And it seems like every symptom you go to the dr for they say “oh it’s anxiety, its depression, its stress” without giving you the time of day and leave you feeling not fully examined, and put in this population of patients where everything is just related to mental instability and hormones.

  • I feel like you'd end up costing me more money long term. Trying to get in to see a specialist with a regular doctor writing you in more it is an extreme hassel that costs you loads of money as they are never happy. As someone that is still experiencing this I'd probably want to slap you.

  • So this person's back was almost constantly hurting and he hikes every week more than 14 km?! Are. You. Kidding. Me?! You did a great job... some people don't deserve the effort and the time.. in the end they will do exactly as they think.. no matter how much time you spend explaining something.

  • Some people are just negative by nature and complain for the sake of complaining

  • Sounds like that this patient was trying to find a medical problem to reduce his work hours, or get on disability.

  • I totally agree. My back hurt badly, and it was only due to the stress