A Really Sticky Road

čas přidán 12. 09. 2018
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  • 2:43 When I graduate

  • THE PENGUIN IS SO CUTE! and no im not linking it watch it urself

  • Well the sport for the sepak was from the Philippines

  • The vollyball where you use your feet is calld "sipa" in philippines

  • sport you called volleyball using your feet that sport is sipak takrahow

  • 0:41 when you can’t feel your phone in your pockets

  • We czechs do a similar feet volleyball as well. The version we created is called nohejbal and was imported into english speaking countries as football tennis

  • 0:46 yep,we play volleyball with our feet.you got a problem with that?

  • 0:55 Tennis football

  • I live in montenegro it's next to albania

  • "... just a little bater" - i see what you did there!

  • 0:45 i can't even play normal dodge ball!?

  • 2:05 did that dog just feel for a pulse!?

  • hi i saw ur face reveal

  • 2:43:5

  • It's a national sport in my country(sepak takraw

  • I know the sport it’s like a Asian sport me my friends and cousin play’s after school everyday

  • A common practice to help dragsters grip is to cover the starting area with glue, because no normal road would provide enough traction for an 8,000 horsepower dragster to function properly

  • That dog is a legend 🐶🐶🐶

  • 1:35 me when i leave a hotel with all the complimentary shampoos

  • 2:50 I remember those days..

  • 0:42 when you see your favorite food on the counter in the kitchen

  • 0:40 if you play minecraft and you see haker that is my face

  • that doggo is so sweet

  • 0:43 When I realise that it's Monday

  • 3:03 When schools finished

  • Professional hackeysack

  • They used a vine

  • The cat 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 0:42 When u realize that you shit ur pants when u sleep but you realize you can't make a clever comment

  • That cat. Laughed like heck. :)

  • 0:38 Cat: So u u have been 2 timing me?!?!

  • 1:00 ultimate hacky sack

  • Is it just me or does he sound like Leafy?

  • Omg 😯 1:908

  • good doggy 😘

  • In 0:47 philipines play “sepak”

  • My dad went to a giant high school that had many people from many ethnic groups and there was a group of Vietnamese kids who would always play that sport

  • Dude your Videos get me so Happy Honestly

  • 2:41 Penguin from 2005 coming back to Club Penguin after shutdown (2017, colorized)

  • Ok but why do you sound like leafy

  • 0:54 This is too playing in Czech Republic and call NOHEJBAL

  • I’m Albanian, and the way he pronounced aLbaNiA triggered me.

  • 2:43 nigga how is that penguin supposed to survive there without his parents nigga like what the fuck you let a baby live without a titty?

  • It's the buttercum road


  • CPR Dog

  • For a second I thought the penguin wouldn't swim into the ocean because I thought it was domesticated and it's hard for animals to become "wild" again after becoming domesticated. But once it touched the water it knew what to do which was pretty cool

  • Is this leafyishere?



  • 0:58 we dont call it volleyball with foot we call it football tennis

  • I love the dog that could do cpr

  • The cat was my favorite

  • 0:42 when I get into a duos game with ninja.

  • 1:53 when I see my crush (which I don’t have yet lel)

  • Imagine if you were choking and a dog saved your life

  • cat be like "Oh my dear catlord"

  • Wat a sticky situasjon. Lol

  • 0:54 *everybody else: claps* *me: WhAt ThE #%$@*

  • Wow

  • AWWWW the bat at the end is so cute!!!! Yesterday when I was at school there was a little bat near the school doors on the wall in a little corner!!!

  • when you play fortnite and hear shots Me: 1:46

  • Sepak takraw is a really fun game.

  • poor penguin

  • And with this video I've had my daily dose of internet for today.

  • 2:43 when you want to say goodbye but you don’t know got to say fuccing bye

  • That precious dog doing CPR 😊

  • 0:40 when your mom check your card then your search history

  • duh this is clickbait for sure...

  • 0:40 when your 0:40 joke gets no likes....


  • My yeezys got stuck

  • 1:01 I know what called that game is..(Plus I'm not full English person..imma Filipino though..) In Philippines..it's called 'sipa' (I don't know what meaning of it but in english is 'kick')

  • 0:40 When Your Credit card has 10 Money, but Tommorow, you get 100,000 Money in it

  • Bats the end of this video

  • The cats like "what just my eyes whitness"


  • 1:19 I litterally thought my Laptop was infested all of a sudden


  • 2:43 when you play the game without tutorial

  • the cat was like WTF

  • 0:40 when someone ask you what you said and you don't remember what you said.

  • I know drag racing thats nhra i go there im in robert hights trialer some times

  • The 3rd clipbis called "takraw"

  • The race car track for that’s Vandemere I’ve been there

  • Well I guess we know which country will have the greatest percentage of its population surviving World War 3... Albania! They can repopulate the Earth!

  • 0:30 When you take catnip for the first time.

  • Damn, I ain't walking on that road, *JESUS*

  • her feet stuck to the pavement mmm

  • 2:43 when it’s your first week and the teacher says partner up with someone and don’t know who to partner up with.

  • *Great for asmr lovers*

  • That bat looked like puppy

  • I wonder which of those 2 planes on the ATC was the one that crashed into the towers

  • 0:00 did yo bump your mic again? XD

  • That bat was adorable

  • 0:40 when you wake up late for work

  • 1:11 That was called 9/11

  • You made my day a lot better thank you sir

  • 0:50 it is clearly written there that the name of the game is sepak takraw. Not feet volleyball. Not volley soccer. It is sepak takraw