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🤔 How Italian is Juventus' Aaron Ramsey? Find out as the Welshman takes on the Ultimate Italian Quiz!

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  • who is after his stupendous dink vs SPAL

  • Viva l'Italia ❤️🇮🇹

  • volevate dire la squadra che ruba di più in italia non che vince di più

  • 2:20 Swear he says C***

  • ma si è fottuto la calabria

  • Any Welsh lad in Italy must stick out like a sore thumb!

  • this was my favourite player then he moves to Juventus i ligit cryed

  • You will do great things in Juve Ramsey! Good luck! -ARSENAL FAN

  • We miss you so much here

  • "Kiss on the cheeks",he probably watched too much italian mafia movies

    • @Alladeen Madafaker uh ok, my bad, well at least we have something in common

    • @BΣΣЯΔМV Btw im no italian but its just a stereotypical moment in italian mafia movies where they kiss on the cheeks,we do that too in my country but only to family or relatives we didnt saw for a longer time,not to strangers

    • well, in Argentina we give a kiss on the cheek whether the person it's a relative or a stranger, it's an old tradition you brought to us

  • He sounds like a roadman

  • His map is God awful.

  • He said CAZZO xD

  • Panchinaro! Non centrocampista

  • Haha sardinia is so small

  • What a plonker

  • Povera Puglia secondo aaron non esiste

  • Its weird to think i go to the same comp as him

  • Ciao Bella mean bye beuttyful

  • Ac Milan is more glorious

  • He couldnt have said 'ultimate Italian quiz' in a more Welshy accent!😂

  • Did anyone else get a Italian Lesson Add Called: Semana?

  • Score us some goals Rambo

  • 1:10 no he’s wrong, it’s actually Piemonte calcio

  • Wish he was back

  • What exactly did he say in Italian, the bad word?

  • The map of italy lol

  • I’m still upset Ramsey left us. Good luck at Juve though.

  • Stronzo di merda! Vaffanculo!

  • Ti xe finio

  • Comunque la capitale d’italia è Roma

  • - Do you know italian slurs ? - yes - *CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED*


    • Che vita di merda devi avere per andare sotto il canale di una squadra che ti sta sul cazzo per commentare cazzate 😂

    • @HUGO SANCHEZ nemmeno mi conosci🤣🤫

    • @Chiorbino parla lui Hahaha

    • Depravato mentale😂

  • Reading the comments as a guy who started learning italian 3 months ago, is quite confusing

  • I only know merda :D

  • Juve MUNNEZZ

  • Mama Mia Marcelo

  • Good luck Rambo, you gunner legend

  • 2:09 The way he did it.Mamma mia.😂👍🏼

  • 1:08 big joke 😂😂😂 7ucl

  • Fuck you ramsey fuck you

  • Karolak jak chuj

  • La mappa la disegna meglio di me

  • 3-1🔵⚪️☠️

  • rube merda

  • How do you say bench warmer in Italian.

  • Come back to Arsenal

  • Bad words really so racist 💩💩👎

  • 1:10 you mean Piemonte Calcio

  • Ma tu fai morire i tuoi fan

  • grande aaron

  • Dont let him score a goal

  • Parla l'italiano meglio di Insigne, Cassano e Balotelli messi insieme

  • Simpatica persona...si vede l' impegno x imparare la NS lingua in modo da capire meglio i compagni e il suo allenatore.... Umile persona

  • 1:42 Per Ramsey non esiste la Puglia

  • Y ahora con su primer gol de ramsey pom morirá un italiano :V

  • No pressure to follow in the footsteps of John Charles and Ian Rush then!!!!! Good luck Aaron! From Blackwood!

  • plz do this with some other non-italians on the squad this is a classic

  • Sarà il nostro fenomeno a centrocampo grande classe, buoni piedi e sa anche essere un buon incontrista

  • Damn I never know his voice that deep