Abandoned - Blockbuster Video

čas přidán 19. 08. 2016
Ah yes, my whole childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for that one movie they never had. A huge part of our recent culture, and one of the most spectacular modern bankruptcies, Blockbuster was the best.
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  • this makes me feel old, and im barely 21, blockbuster was awesome

  • With the benefit of hindsight you could say much the sam about many companies but having watched a number of your video's the amount of theme parks, shopping malls and national chain stores that have gone bankrupt and abandoned all over America makes you think. Will the last store in the USA that closes please turn out all the lights

  • 2:18 I know where that is! I'm not sure what's there now but I live around those suburbs!

  • 10:58 It's kind of like how there are more and more record stores now... It is a nostalgia thing, besides also a functional thing. The thing is, they become like specialty stores or something, and not really something for everyone in the mainstream.

  • "They were doing well on DVD sales at the time." - Which is incredibly shortsighted on their part. Just because something works today doesn't mean it works tomorrow. This counts for business, technology, relationships, you name it. Everything ends sooner or later.

  • Blockbuster... oh the days of the Friday night spree with the kids- games for them and movie for me! Loved that cardboard bucket of microwave popcorn at the check out line!

  • My blockbuster became a chase 😭😭

  • That's probably the biggest revenge over a $40 late fine if I've ever seen one.

  • Now what we need is a way to rent the vintage stuff that streaming services don't show.

  • 4 years later and Netflix......well it is huge :)

  • Was in my local liquor store the other day, and had a random memory pop up that made me realize that the liquor store used to be my local blockbuster video. Ah memories.

  • You should make a episode about FYE (For Your Entertainment). It was also like Blockbuster but different.

  • Oct 2020 Family Video is Three Rivers Mi so closed ing H&M Mich Co

  • B kind and rewind ; ) From - Toronto - Canada

  • I feel bad for the kids that will never get to experience the excitement of going in and choosing a VHS tape or DVD. It was the coolest thing ever!

  • Loved this one! Can't wait to see you go exploring inside one of these dinosaurs.

  • Our old Blockbuster is now a place where you go at 2am to have a tooth pulled for 40.00...no questions asked.

  • Does anyone remember Video easy?

  • i always liked Blockblister

  • 2:16 I went to this blockbuster as a kid. I live in Palos Hills which is right next to Oak Lawn and there was a period of time where the fun thing to do on Friday with the family would be to hop around the local blockbuster locations to find interesting movies and, sometimes, games. We also had a Hollywood Video location, which vastly outlived the Blockbuster.

  • My blockbuster got turned into comort dental

  • God we had a Blockbuster very close to where I live. We used to go there all the time. Fucking loved that place. Now it’s some chiropractic place or whatever.

  • Our Blockbuster store is now a Korean BBQ restaurant

  • It would be a different type of video but could you do one on the small towns Walmart leaves behind?

  • If I were ever given a ceo job for a company, I would call in high school students from all over, and pay them well, just to have conversations about popular trends. Having four kids, all four years apart, I've really learned about changing trends over the years. If I could have gotten my husband to invest our money into the things they were talking about, we'd be millionaires.

  • your telling me $40 killed the thriving movie shop blockbuster?

  • Who would wonder what would happen to netflix if blockbuster bought them?

  • I went to BlockBusters I had Netflix down to CS-tv now I’m no good with names but I look at it verylittle. giby

  • God damn you Netflix

  • Next u should do Abandoned-South Bronx

  • Our turned into a realestate office then into a goodwill&mattress store

  • Them not selling to Netflix wasn’t a stupid move what was a stupid move was them not building on their online service. Once they stop offering online service they were screwed!!!

  • there is only 1 left

  • Now there's only one Blockbuster i believe. In Bend, Oregon.

  • Now there is only one blockbuster left in the world wild

  • I got a 200$ late fee on Call of Duty World at War (PS3). Nazi zombie's fault. Manager called and told me to come in and talk about the late fee with him. Like he was the law or something. I told him on the phone I'm not coming down there to talk about a late fee with a blockbuster manager, that's messed. I said, I'll pay 60$, that's what the games worth. he said no 200$ only...so I never went back again and I still have the game to this day, in a blockbuster case on my shelf. RIP Block Buster.

  • I bet Blockbuster thought it would be years before online video quality would be up to the standard they could offer. And they'd have been right. Streaming still sucks whenever the frame is too busy, or dim, or misty. But people will take convenience over quality.

  • My dad loves blockbuster but know family video has replaced the ones in my city so I’m going to promise my dad I will open a blockbuster when I’m older if I can

  • Yeah but blockbusters more child friendly cause there’s no adult films

  • 10:05 it’s Finch

  • Everyone knows their decline is because of BlockBlister

  • The last ever blockbuster to shut down was near me in Morley Western Australia. Perth rep dard

  • I live near the border of South Carolina and Georgia. Port Wentworth, Ga had a blockbuster that is now a hair supply store. They didn't change the sign so it's still the classic blockbuster sign, just repainted

  • Our Hollywood video was in in san juan texas

  • family video is far superior anyways (there’s an “adult” room too 🤣)

  • Sadly I was born too late to experience Blockbuster, but there was always a location near me that was untouched. They had taken down the sign and the store was clearly boarded off and shut, but they still had posters in the windows. It was kinda sad to just watch the store decay, knowing I was never able to visit it, until about 2016 when it got refurbished into a new store. Oh well, at least I have hmv.

  • CEX has entered the chat

  • You should do Roger's Video and K-Mart

  • Blockbuster.....Epic fail!! Yes its their fault. It okay that they didn't buy Netflix. But they should have kept the mail order or even better just have the a monthly membership but walk in! Boom!

  • The fault of netflix and they took it out to everyone blockbuster.

  • And now their is only one more Blockbuster left on Earth (Which is in Bend, Oregon)

  • Now in August 2020 there's only one left in Bend Oregon. It's sad there's only one left

  • I'm sorry, wtf is _The B Store????_

  • how I miss blockbuster😭 I grew up in the early 2000’s so I got to experience the last few good years, and the amount of dvds I still have from them, and the pile of late fees I racked up as a child is insane!! And then I remember it dying out & I signed up for Netflix!

  • I think Family Video IS blockbuster!! FV replaced all of our Blockbuster locations and a few are still open.

  • Wait blockbuster is in ireland?

  • Toward the end at the ten min mark it’s the kid who played “shitbreak” in American Pie as a Blockbuster employee.

  • Remember video world

  • Bought my first DVD player at Circuit City and went across the street to Blockbuster Video. Both now gone.

  • Finch ?

  • most blockbusters in mexico have either converted into farmacias benavides / the b store or closed completely.

  • A movie about Reed Hastings would be interesting if it was like Social Network but with Netflix

  • There is still one that remains abandoned but fully branded and intact in Owen Sound Ontario. It's weird because it looked like it was still open and hadn't been disturbed at all. My husband and I stumbled upon it about a year ago and took pics with it 😂

  • All The B Stores in Mexico are permanently closed now.

  • So we would be streaming movies via Blockbuster?

  • 0:54 Also Mexico.

  • If a company is going to survive today, it should have the ability to identify and adapt to changing customer needs.

  • How about doing Montgomery Ward??? The department store.

  • Be kind, Rewind.

  • There are still empty Blockbuster stores in my area. They're rented out as Halloween costume stores every Fall. The local Toys R Us has befallen the same fate. I wonder if those Halloween stores are going to pop up this year. I can't imagine they'll do nearly as much business.

  • I've got a VHS copy of Disney's the Aristocats from Blockbuster I'd broght my copy to my sister's house back in the day well she rented her own copy from blockbuster and got them mixed up. So I've got Blockbusters copy with the please rewind decal on it somewhere.

  • welp, it's sad to see that Blockbuster doesn't exist anymore, here in brazil every Blockbuster store become Americanas, which is kinda Best Buy... but 100% made in brazil

  • “The B Store” also died...

  • 2020 update: One left. Bend, Oregon. There are two great episodes of "Last Week Tonight" concerning the last Blockbusters [two left at the time] you should check out.

  • We used to have a blockbuster in my city ( I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador) and I remember getting all excited when my brother rented a video when I was a little girl. When it shut down the bulding it had operated at for around 10 years sat empty until it got bought off by a spa.

  • Came back to this because Blockbuster has made a surprising tweet after over 6 years being dormant on Twitter

  • Oh man, seeing the in-store commercial footage makes me so nostalgic. Rented a lot of videos and SNES games there. RIP

  • Blockbuster pulled a Kodak, it seems...

  • Im hooked on your videos right now

  • The one near me in Chesterfield in the UK is a Nando's now 😳.

  • Is it just me or did all blockbuster's smell a certain way...a good way? I remember always walking in a taking a deep breath.

  • High ZING uh

  • In Brazil, the company was bought by a department store called Americanas. There are a few in São Paulo which still have the distinctive Blockbuster façade, but with other logo. And they still use the Blockbuster brand in Brasília (alongside with Americanas brand)!

  • The building I work in now was an old blockbuster and you can still see the old logos that have been painted over. And there are still some ruminates of the old store in our stock room.

  • God, I miss Blockbuster. :(

  • Now there’s is one Blockbuster left.

  • One of my Blockbusters where I live became a Batteries+Bulbs

  • I think I speak for a lot of people by saying we greatly miss video stores

  • Unfortunately we all remember Hollywood video

  • our Blockbuster was replaced by a Hollywood Video and then that was replaced by a Family Video and now that building is cursed and businesses struggle to stay open for more than a year. poor RadioShack only survived 5 months there before they closed all the stores in my state.

  • My dad used to work at a Blockbuster in 1994

  • Here we had Video Ezy, Civic Video & BlockBuster as the major Franchises... the late fees and worn tapes / discs... let alone the best video games always rented out... I miss them not

  • I've only been to a blockbuster twice in my life as a kid but the smell sticks with you forever

  • Didn't want a history. Class

  • It pretty much died in Asia as VCD and copyright stuff emerges.Then it was in the News that they are chasing people for overdued items. Netflix requires stable internet. VHS Tapes doesn't. And the joy to browse. Hong Kong: KPS (Japanese animation, PC games Titanic-Journey over time)->Blockbuster->nothing Singapore: Blockebuster UK & Ireland: Saw shop logos, but said taken over by HMV, then taken over by VideoExpress,to nothing. The shops are just empty. "No adult movies"

  • I liked Video Central it was way Better than Blockbuster

  • Wayne's name was pronounced Hi-ZING-ga

  • Netflix doesn’t even have Toy Story on it smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • As of August 2020 There remains 1 last blockbuster

  • Family video is still around and growing. Blockbuster was doomed by the amount of debt it was caring, and also slow to change.