Abandoned - Circuit City

čas přidán 30. 09. 2016
Before the war between Circuit City and Best Buy, Circuit City was the number one electronic store. In only a matter of years, the entire company went under leaving hundreds of stores abandoned.
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  • New Abandoned video! cs-tv.org/tv/video-79CwOt2tZxk.html

    • Why is BatteryPlus blurred out

    • This is probably pretty late but could you do a video on Hastings? I miss that store so much because it was really the only place I could fully nerd out.

    • Bright Sun Films I’ll assume that next year, you’ll be doing a new Abandoned video of Sears since they filed for bankruptcy today and might not recover.

    • I would love to see a show about "Go Hastings" It was a fun in amazing video so you get movies or DVD's In much more!

    • Bright Sun Films There is a a little area near a huge Target that one had a Circuit City, but then became a Jo Ann Fabrics. Now, NEXT to it, the Toys R Us is closing

  • As always those that suffered most were the thousands of employees who lost their jobs

  • 4:33 See Carmax?

  • your videos are awesome. On the same theme, you should do ‘The Wiz’.

  • why the fuck is battery plus blurred?

  • When you give up on your employees, they give up on you. They only have them selves to blame.

  • someone @ cuestar

  • I remember them back the day....I got Minidiscs there....

  • the Canadian gov building in Lethbridge Alberta is a circuit city

  • I always preferred Circuit City over Best Buy until my local Circuit City store closed, then I no longer had a choice.

  • I wonder how the Circuit City website is doing now amidst this planned pandemic.

  • Man circuit city was like a pc richard but except better and they used to sell cds

  • FYE

  • There used to be a Circuit City in the Fairfield Mall in the Bay Area in California. Its now currently a Drive Raceway karting track, but the outer facade was never changed. So, if you know what the outside of a Circuit City looked like, you can definitely tell what the building once was....

  • So CarMax is what did Circuit City in?

  • my church was a circuit city. I miss the circuit city.

  • Circuit City and Radio Shack were both victims of arrogant management that didn’t give a crap about customers or employees. Good riddance.

  • I remember dad buying our first VCR in 87, and going as a family to get it at Circuit City. Wonderful times. First movie we got was Star Trek: TMP.

  • Wow. So that's where TigerDirect came from. Whodathunkit! Great job, Jake. Loving these Abandoned videos.

  • I remember circuit city had this great policy where if you paid to have your car stereo installed by their technicians and you kept your receipt, if you got a new car, they would transfer it to your new car for free.

  • I still have a circuit city receipt lol

  • I always liked Circuit city over Best buy.. also never knew carmax was part of this... very informative..

  • I remember circuit city

  • This is this videos 4th birthday

  • The Source doesn't like you either.... thought we were going into an abandoned store ya clickbaiting bastard

  • I just found out this might have been a scam. Edit: I am talking about the revival and it was prob shitty customer service but still waiting 2 WEEKS for a refund according to some guy on twitter IS TERRIBLE!

  • Oh man. I was little guy then. But sure do remember getting to experience shopping here before closing up in riverside Illinois

  • I used to love going to Circuit City as a kid, because it was all black and red inside and I thought that was the coolest look ever.

  • Hello there I see that at 11:50 you used part of my video which I had originally posted several years ago. Great video. If anyone else wants to see whole clip go to my channel and see full video. Thx

  • I remember getting my first phone from Circuit City. The Motorola Razor. My cousin was working there at the time. It was located in Colonial Heights, Virginia

  • Im shocked the source is still chugging along

  • Before I seen this video I never even knew about the source

  • When will corporate executives learn that their treatment of employees, as well as the quality of their merchandise, matters. I see Amazon treating their employees pretty badly, and it makes me wonder about their future in 5 years. I also am tired of shopping for womens clothes modeled by asian anorexic 10 year olds. You have to order an XXXXXXL if you weigh more than 120 pounds.

  • 4:19 Good animation and detail

  • This took me back down memory lane. I worked at Circuit City from 1999-2005, so I lived through many of these changes. So many memories.

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  • Take care of your employees, and theyll take care of the business... this is why all fast food sucks.

  • I liked Radio Shack more because if I knew what to fix I could just buy a transistor or a crystal or transformer.

  • Always blame the CEO's Same as the Sears CEO was a total jackass.

  • I thought it was a go cart racing complex😂

  • Had a bad experience shopping there when I returned a crappy electronic. They ended up charging me a $75 restocking fee on a $800 product. I stopped shopping there and you know the rest.

  • I'm a low voltage telecommunications installer and at the time the bankruptcy was announced I had 3 new stores in New Jersey I. progress. When we returned after a weekend we found chains on the doors and the jobs were never finished.

  • Though not a store, you should do Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked program.

  • Do radio shack

  • So many big business start to go downhill when they people at the top seem to think they know so much more than the people at the bottom. Screw the working stiff and eventually screw the company. Upper management makes money off the back of poor working stiffs. Corporate greed is destroying America!

  • I liked my circuit city I didn't like best buy because their employees had attitude issues when you would ask them to do their jobs

  • 8:12 why was the “battery plus” logo censored?

    • I was about to ask the same question

  • Best Buy not commission - while technically true, that's not entirely the whole truth of the matter. They tracked sales by employee. If you did not sell as much as everyone else, you got written up then eventually fired. That's WORSE than commission. That creates even worse sales tactics and high pressure sales.

  • I want to know what Circuit City was doing to their stores towards the end. Three different locations here in SoCal STUNK TO HIGH HELL when you walked through the door. Not the rest of the store, just the entryway. Stunk of some kind of chemical. In one of them Best Buy moved in afterwards. Still stunk for a while until it eventually went away.

  • Circuit City got me to buy a 85.00 dollar HDMI cable!!! 2 of them!! Like an idiot!!! Like a total jack ass!! Fuck you circuit city!!! When I realized how stupid it was I swore I would never go back and put a curse voodoo hex on them! HAHAHA It worked!! Fuck you circuit city!! !!

  • I worked there. It was a giant toilet thanks to the CEO. Corporate made us feel like crap every single day. They were like Kodak.

  • The prices were always higher than Bestbuy and Media Play. And then the Divx DVD scheme was total consumer thievery, your DVD player had to phone home to authorize playing a DVD disc (This was dreamed up and put to market by the Lawyers at CC. of course headquartered in Hollywood) Nope I was not sad to see CC go, and the Liquidation sale was a scam too, the prices were higher than the stickers under the going out of business sale price stickers placed on top of the original prices ! WHAT A SCAM. The only use that CC was to me and people I knew was to go see the latest tech and figure out were else to buy it. that was sad. PRICED themselves out of business.

  • Only two stores will remain in the future: Wal Mart and Taco Bell

    • Maybe for a little while, then Antifa and BLM will loot it and burn it down.

  • I remember buying my first bookshelf stereo system Aiwa from there

  • Surprised that Best Buy is still in business

  • What about Fry's Electronics?

  • The 2 old Circuit City locations near me became a furniture store and a superfluous Best Buy location.

  • The company closed stored and never owned a single piece of the property. I know one the closed while they were big time when the lease came up and they left rather than pay double the lease. Double and triple is common or at least was as they came due as last year two great local restaurants in business from the day the building opened like 15 or 20 years back closed as they one had a 200% increase and the other 250%. A new place that took the bait on the least on the first lasted less than a year closing the end of Feb before COVID 19.

  • I’m a 90s kid. I was in a Circuit City maybe 3 times in my life. The go to for electronics was ALWAYS Best Buy.

  • It always amazes me how so many of these companies thrive and grow and sell and make billions, and some other business comes along doing the same thing, they do it better, and the 1st company cannot figure it out, they get that deer in the headlight look ! And the company dies , Just amazing, how this happens over, and over and the CEO of a once thriving company is not smart enough to see what the completer is doing better , and make the proper adjustments.

  • "I don't like The Source!" Talking about "The Source" this way, it's like this video is from a sci fi movie about an alien technological presence that sets itself up as a galactic god or something... YOU SHALL NOT DISRESPECT THE SOURCE.

  • I miss the old style cabinet TVs. I liked when a television was a piece of furniture.

  • I'm sure the smart phone did not help this franchise.

  • Sub sid dee airy

  • Come to see abandoned, get to hear a story I saw in real life. Prices and dumb decisions killed them. Why pay 400 more?

  • Circuit City was always a joke here in MN, their stores were small and dark and I never liked them. However MN is the HQ home of Best Buy.

  • They should NEVER have dumped home appliances from their inventories.

  • Have a feeling sprint will be on this soon

  • My mom used to work there :p

  • I'm pretty sure they "went out of business" so tech companies could limit competition.

  • So after watching a couple of ya vids...... circuit city bought inter tan which bought the silver dome as well? Man ... you make some great vids .... been watching the last couple of days .... 👍🏽

  • Best Buy workers were paid on commission until 1990.

  • Can you tell me the names of the background music

  • This should have been a bankrupt episode

  • May I ask why the Batteries Plus logo got blurred out? I love all of your videos. 🥰

  • Wow. Circuit City is the reason Carmax is here. The more you know.

  • I didn’t catch any discussion of DivX, their attempt to rip people off with limited plays on purchased DVDs. I can’t remember all the details but I hated it back then and totally believe it was part of their downfall. They had such an elitist view of it and it didn’t seem far off from when they folded.

  • As a Canadian you should do an abandoned video on Future Shop

  • 8:12 Why is it censored?

  • 4:41 Agreed, my mom uses carmax

  • I was at 22% when I clicked on this.

  • Bought my 1st VCR from Circuit City for 279 in 1993. I remember the menu options and how many buttons were on the remote control. Another member was buying a computer signing a 2 year contract with compuserve. Maybe a video you could update with.

  • Shit like this is just another reason why you never, ever, buy an extended warranty, or whatever "re-branding" they give the concept.

  • My circuit city is now a best buy

  • I wonder if there’s an update now.

  • We should all agree Carmax is 100% Better than J.D Byrider.

  • Look at divx. This shows what clueless, greedy toolbags the leadership were.

  • One of my marketing professors at VCU taught a course in the early to mid 90s that had a lot of Circuit City executives and directors in it. They enrolled to freshen up on digital marketing technology or something like that I think. My marketing professor loves talking business and was drawn to them after class to talk. He asked them what they though of 'Best Buy', which was still not not in Richmond at the time. They said that Best Buy is 'off the radar' and 'not even worth studying'. That is their hubris.

  • Someone should look into future shop

  • Ya, the source sucks, they have no selection and it's super small.

  • I went to their new website (specifically the video game section) where Tetris 99 is $40.95 (retail is $29.99), several games from as long back as nearly a decade ago still use rating pending versions of the box art, no new releases, and odd order in which products were presented. Excellent relaunch, complete success!

  • Can you do a video on Discovery zone?

  • I saw my local circuit city being down l'm not joking it is for real

  • There’s a Michael’s craft store near by, and you know it was a Circuit City because of the “cube” entrance.

  • Remember when radio shack used to sell resistors, and other random electronic parts in the back of the store? I also remember the store used to have a very distinctive smell.

  • Don't forget their ridiculous attempt to imitate Best Buy's Geek Squad, Firedog. The original name of which was IQ Crew.