AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

čas přidán 6. 10. 2020
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  • If someone told me that this was a long lost song from the 1980s, I would have believed them in a heartbeat

  • Brian sure did sold his soul to devil to still be able to rock. Totally worth it.

  • WoOOW

  • Bien mieux qu'une promenade dans le parc

  • Legends never die!! Love AC/DC!

  • Wonderful to have the boys back!! love the delivery Mr Johnson gave to ACDC and still continues to! But I am just baffled by the drastic change in his voice after 86. Why??? I know touring 3 years straight was hard, but the thunderstruck voice just never sat right with me. Wouldn't there have been a way where he could have had a vocal cord surgery to restore his voice to 80s era for the 90s? I know he did have some sort of operation done to him sometime in 96. Sometimes I wonder if Bons voice would've rasped worse with age and time through the 80s era.

  • AC⚡DC Forever!

  • similar to ballbreaker?

  • Crank up this new album in the quarantine . Rock will power you through! Brian still hitting it hard at 73 and Angus at 65 .

  • Wait ...!? Did I see someone actually say thank the USA for AC/DC? Some of these youngins discovering something for the first time and think they know more about a band than those that grew up with the band an era when many artists and their classic songs are retaking the charts. It's a sign much of today's music is junk , youth is discovering music when it was actually music and saying "wait ?! what is this ? WOW " "So you don't have to actually curse every other word and people actually play instruments ?"

  • I wanna say thanks to all who are working for AC/DC (I mean, not only the musicians). This band is really beyond the limits. I thought "rock or bust" will be their last release because of Brian's problems and all the other troubles. But AC/DC is here again, against oll odds! 2020 is really weird but it's good, because something good can still happen

  • This band will never quit

  • Peter Sellers is tapping his dead toes too this heavy groovy shit

  • Wow! Great tune, and Brian Johnson sounds friggen fantastic! Considering his way of singing you'd think his voice would be totally wrecked by now. AC/DC always delivers it seems!

  • Sounds like Phil Rudd is back

  • I saw AC DC warm up for Kiss at Market Square Arena back in 77 we ran out to buy their albums to see if we would like them . Turns out we loved them lol. They weren't the warm up band for long. Keep on Rockin in The Free World Cya Dale! !!!!!!

  • This song sounds relly like back in black or is it just me?

  • This is the 2020 is not that bad.... When we all thought the end of rock n roll... BUT You got something new.... 🤘🤘🤘 \m/

  • 🦋🦋🦋

  • Holy crap! I was looking for Shot In The Dark by Ozzy Osbourne and stumbled on this! Had no idea there was a new AC/DC single!!! MY DAY IS MADE. Welcome back, Brian Johnson!! :)

  • I like it a lot yet i feel there's something missing, just a little bit more oomph, i don't know

  • Brian Johnson is a fucking legend. What a voice!!!

  • Edmonds City You heard it from someone not me. Berien Monarchy I shall protect you with all my heart and Arms.

  • This rocks...Angus and the boys still know what to do...I'm 60 ..I saw them in 1979 with Bon...but I love glad he's back!!!

  • Stiff upper lip

  • Awsomeee baby!! Hell yeah!!

  • Yeah baby Kathyrn Martell

  • Just the thing we need to cheer us up a bit the day after EVH dies.

  • I hope the songs on their album have guitar solos longer than five seconds!

  • It’s good to be alive✨✨✨

  • And just when you thought 2020 was the worst year of your life!! Along comes "A Shot In The Dark" from the one and only......AC/DC!!! 🤘😎🔥 Rock N Roll, the way it was meant to be!! Got it cranked to "11" so my lil brothers can hear it!!! 😉👍🙏 #RIPDYouvella #RIPNYouvella

  • And the solo of the guitar??

  • Thank s for aACDC we are still rock and roll toilet a pandemic year no music wear a mask no social distancing Their song hits the mark where Shot in the Dark Pleeese vote

  • 2020: i cannot be swayed ACDC: *sips tea* Let me tell you why thats bullshit

  • 2020 así que trajiste a AC/DC de vuelta? A qué costo? Van Halen 😟

  • A Shot in the Dark beats a walk in the park. But a walk in the park beats a kiss from a shark. However a kiss from a shark beats a shot in the dark. It's like a rock paper scissors kinda thing. I have it all written down somewhere...

  • I thought this was gonna be an Ozzy cover

  • Return!!!!!!!!

  • WE'RE SO STOKED FOR #PWRUP!! Bon and Malcolm are our heroes. We try to play like Malcolm and we sing about Bon in our single Tuned In (Antenna Up) Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge who mixed AC/DC #longlivebonscott #longlivemalcomyoung #makeamericarockagain

  • Been a fan of you guys since the late 70's. I'm over 60 now and I still crank it up when I hear them. Good music never dies!

  • I can't wait to Monday

  • IM 15 BUT the sounds it's amazing in my ear

  • "I need a pick-me-up A rollin' thunder track" Yes, that's exactly what we were all thinking. Thank you AC/DC.

  • 2 out of 5 stars. Yayyy

  • I guess they are comfortable with that. No huge drum banging. Simple. Relaxed. Reminds me of the in game music for Rebel Galaxy. Brian isn't bon. I get it. But I wish AC/DC showed some balls. Faster stuff. Harder. But I guess...they didn't try to throw in current events to sell their new little song. I didn't hear trump In the lyrics

  • I did not miss Malcolm.Great job. Love it

  • Well...its another song from black ice

  • When the LION roars, the rest shut up and listen ❗️

  • ACDC pump everytime!!!!!

  • They are back!

  • Great song but the vocals are too low in the mix - crank it!

    • Put the volume up a few notches and Brian's voice shines.

  • you are my exemple

  • This band is like the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars you got to see it to believe it. Both put on on a great show

  • Who made ACDC huh

  • Welcome back guys, excellent...👌 Mal would love this for sure 🎸👍

  • 🇧🇷


  • Hope this is reflective of the rest of the album.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • O sii que chimba pues volvieron, 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • F YEAH!!!

  • AC/DC Back!! Hell Yeah🎸Great Song. Some times a break makes Inspiration back!

  • Just when I thought 2020 was a complete wash out. They’re back together and they sound GREAAAAT,

  • Looooove it

  • This is gonna be ROCKIN" AWESOME ! 🤘🤘🍺🍺🍺✌✌



  • AC/DC Is The Best Rock&Rolllll Band In History...Can’t Wait 2 Buy Tickets...ND 🇺🇸...

  • Nobody can do what Phil Rudd does.

  • When we all thought ac/dc had left us Ac/dc: oh no, we ain’t done yet

  • As a long long time of an acdc big time fan am I the only one, atlhough glad they are back, that think that this song has no real soul and can be forgotten as soon as being listen to? I mean come there any good riff that gets you by the guts?? I am just trying to talk to the acdc fans out there. Hopefully the rest of the album will be better. I was so thrilled that Brian was back I could not wait to listen to it...... and yet the song, at least to me, was disapointing.

  • They should be shot in the dark

  • Sad to think that Tony Stark will never get to hear this

  • 2020, trump? Biden?....... ANGUS for president!⚡🤟

  • As lendas viveram para sempre. 🤘🏻 The legends will live for ever. 🤘🏻

  • Now they've made the same album 18 times..I like this band. The only.thing that's different than all the other records..this one has different song

  • Lo mejor que nos pudo haber pasado en el 2020, que AC⚡DC volviera con alineación de lujo, nada más ni nada menos que un poco de rock clásico que ha sabido envejecer muy bien en los instrumentos de, claro, unos genios. A pesar de no ser nada novedoso, pretencioso ni en búsqueda de cambiar el mundo, logra emocionarnos hasta la médula. ¡Gracias AC⚡DC!

  • Shot in the dark you got

  • love it - and dont need a guide to the personal pronouns

  • AC/DC are like sharks and crocodiles...... They’ve never had to evolve to stay awesome

  • Trop cool la dernière. Je vous écoutes depuis que 15 ans et je m en passe pas je vous adore continuez comme ça. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎

  • putain que c est bon

  • I’m glad the bands back let’s rock and roll!!!!! 🎸🤟

  • You hoo they’re back!

  • Best rock and roll band ever. AC DC baby.

  • Definitely greatest band ever. My 9 year old loves them. Last year for her Valentine’s Day box, she made one with the AC/DC logo and Angus Young cut out for her party. I was so proud!

  • amazing

  • Reply your age here pls !!

  • ᕦ༼✩ل͜✩༽ᕤ

  • How could someone dislike this, this song is pure diamond.

  • AC/DC you never disappoint. AWESOME SONG!!

  • 오예!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘👍🤘🤘🤘

  • They will rock forever🤘🤘

  • real ac/dc sound : yeah , i'm still eighteen

  • Farrk I hope these cuntz do a Aussie tour , I'll be spending for a VIP if possible. I'll sell my TV again totally. As I did for Black Ice. Farrk y'all live once do it once.

  • We all needed a shot of new acdc!!! Thank you gentlemen!!!!

  • мужчины жгут!

  • GODS