Adam Sandler and more join NHL Celebrity Wrap to predict Bieber-Binnington challenge

čas přidán 17. 01. 2020
Adam Sandler, Howie Mandel, Terry Crews, Matthew Lillard and more join Arthur Kade on NHL Celebrity Wrap to share their predictions and thoughts for how many goals Justin Bieber will score on Jordan Binnington in their breakaway challenge
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  • I played goalie. If giebshit canskate he can get one or two Maximum.

  • King bach might be right.. accidentally a goal slippin in

  • I don’t think a lot of these celebrities know a lot about hockey..

  • bieber will sing a lullaby and binnington will feel sleepy then score. Binny must be bieber’s fan to even start a challenge.

  • zero

  • The "let him score for charity" is nonsense. If Beiber scores, Binnington has to pay for the charity. At that point, he might as well shut down Beiber and donate anyway. Beiber has no chance of scoring. The only way Beiber would beat Binnington is in a karaoke contest.... And even that's debatable.

  • Not just any nhl goalie... Stanley cup defender!! #lgb

  • Come on Binnington... stop all of him

  • 0 WTF. Binner going to shut him out. Give him 100 shots. Still 0.

  • What kind of ignorant arrogant egotistical narcissist has the first name "king". That's just ridiculous.

  • Zero. Goose egg. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. Binnington was a supreme AHL goalie for the Wolves, then got called up by St. Louis and became a slamin' goalie with the Blues, sad to say. Go Hawks! Hang on to that 20th place with both golves!

  • Binnington is a brick wall

  • Haha, this is hilarious. I'm with the guys who say Jordan lets him get 1 in so they can donate to charity together. Although, I have no idea what Bieber's hockey skills are like--maybe they're better than I give him credit for. ...but still. Should be entertaining though.

  • Hard to see most of these fools watching any hockey.

  • Let me just say a number because I'm on tv.

  • Maybe one... possibly 2 that is all probably 0

  • NHLrs average 3 out of 10. Theres exceptional shootout players but generally the goalie stops most of their attempts. I wouldn't be surprised if Biebs could get 1 legit goal out of 10 tries. If he gets more than 1 out of 10 well then Binnington is doing something wrong

  • This just shows celebrities are idiots and we shouldn't lesson to they opinions. Sure, enjoy their acting but they clearly no nothing about hockey... or politics.

  • russell hornsby kinda know hockey i guess from the first part of his answer but the second part? you know he doesn't know binnington

  • Bieber's chances to score on a Stanley Cup Champion goalie are the same as Bennington's chances to record a platinum in the Music industry.

  • He looks so old

  • I predict Binner will allow 0 Bieber goals but will STILL donate $10k to the charity

  • Amateur, no shot to speak of, doesn't practice every day like the pros do, can't hit a four-inch space every time... this is laughable. He could take 1000 and get zero. Heck, half of the players on a typical NHL team would not be able to get any goals against their own goalies in a shootout. It's hard to score, even one on one. There are nine NHL goalies who have allowed zero goals in all their shootouts this season in the NHL. Player Team Att. Made Miss Pct. Martin Jones SJS 10 0 10 100 Thatcher Demko VAN 6 0 6 100 Mikko Koskinen EDM 6 0 6 100 Petr Mrazek CAR 6 0 6 100 Jonathan Bernier DET 3 0 3 100 Thomas Greiss NYI 2 0 2 100 Antti Raanta ARI 2 0 2 100 Anton Khudobin DAL 2 0 2 100 Linus Ullmark BUF 2 0 2 100

  • 0

  • These people are stupid it hurts my face

  • You can tell nobody watches hockey that says more than 2

  • I guess the Blues aren't winning the cup this year since they decided to hang out with Bieber.

    • *PLOT TWIST* The Blues sign Bieber to an entry level contract because he thought he could score on Binnington, and the Blues need someone to help sing the goal song when the Blues score a goal.

  • If Binn wants to he’ll save them all. But for charity, he’ll let one in. It’s for charity anyways

  • 0

  • Adam Sandler looking rough

    • ultrakool LLLLOOOOOLLLLL

    • @GAmsta Bri now you have, brah

    • I’ve never read or heard A 61 YEAR OLD say “brah”

    • @ultrakool He actually had a life

    • I'm 61 and I look infinitely better than sandler. wtf happened, brah?

  • bunch of retards

  • Hockey is soooooo underrated

  • Of course it’s 0 to 1 if he’s lucky. An OHL backup would stop all of his shots most of the time. These guys do this for a living. Justin Played Tim Bits in 98

  • Maybe 1 if binnington passes out.

  • Bieber is a douchebag. Get real

  • Michael Imperioli, my favourite! _,,This is "Scarface", final scene, bazookas under each arm, _*_"say hello to my little friend!"_*_ "_ (Christopher Moltisanti)

  • he will not score one single shot on binnington. no way.

  • Go blues baby

  • Binnington for sure were coming for 2 in a row to btw

  • Peter Gallagher omg

  • Jessy Hodges getting real. Stupid celebs

  • Peter Gallagher was like who against Bieber?

  • Maybe when bieber is going to get close to net, he going to sing, and binnier fuckin dies!

  • Is this happening at the all star game?

  • Who is Bieber?

    • He's a mediocre washed-up singer from Trono who attention-seeks at Leafs games.

  • Pretty obvious a lot of these guys have never played a sport in their life

  • They fact that these celebrities think he will score more than one goal, shows they know nothing about the nhl. 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ he will get 1 maybe if binnington lets him.

  • Will Jeffry Epstein be reffing this celebrity encounter?

  • Damn he looks bad.

  • I really hope Binnington doesn't let Bieber score even one. After Yummy and his marketing teams shitty tactics to make the awful song popular I hope Binn makes him look stupid

  • We can only hope that it's televised at all-star game/challenge cos most the players that won the vote are skipping or injured this year ? #NOGOALFORBIEBER

    • Players who skip should be suspended for 5 games. They show complete disrespect for the NHL and the fans who pay good money to see them there. And why TF has that asswipe Bieber been injected into things?

  • That title is cursed

  • “He’s very athletic”

  • most of these celebrities really have no idea what they're talking about. I appreciate their incentive but my god, professional athletes who dedicate their lives to scoring goals have trouble scoring on Binnington....but Bieber will do it...okaaaaaaaaay.

    • Why does that attention-seeking narcissist get to take shots at an NHL goalie? Who's allowing this, and why aren't they being fired?

  • 0

  • Love Sandler

  • Hey king Bach I love you nohomo

  • Brain dead, Racist Hollywood celebs. No thx.

    • Racist? I get brain dead but how are they racist

    • Hollywood just projects the country’s racism and violence back onto itself. People get uncomfortable looking in the mirror.

  • when you say "celebrity" normally that means someone youve heard of...i see why adam sandler was in the title ...he was the only one... a bit embarassing for the nhl? couldnt get michael j fox?

    • @Habination Honestly the only thing I'm curious about is if he'll manage to slip one past Binnington because that's all it will be if any.

    • @Some Dude ya ya ok.point taken. i just stopped watching before the big names came out. terry crews is someone ive heard of. i was kinda trolling. i get bored living under this rock.making up trade rumors from my basement :O

    • Terry Crews and Howie Mandel

  • FYI, the average in the NHL is just above 30% goals on shootouts...

    • And that's with the top five on each team doing the shooting. There's a pretty dramatic fall-off in those unreal goal-scoring skills between numbers 1 and 10 on any NHL team. Just like salaries. It's not for nothing they pay Pat Kane or Austin Matthews fifteen times what they pay their fourth liners.

    • Lol no not even close.