Adding a Giant Crab to my Game So Netflix doesn't Sue me

čas přidán 3. 06. 2023
haha netflix please have mercy brrr
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Big thanks to all CS-tvrs / Streamers who played Crab Game, shared it with their audience & were unwillingly featured in this video, yall are great :)
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so after finishing muck in my video "Adding a Dragon Boss to my Game Because Steam is Mad at me", i learned a lot about making multiplayer games, networking, and more. so when Squid Game become popular on Netflix, I knew I had to turn Squid Game into an actual multiplayer game. I created this game in my video: "I Made Squid Game, But it's a Multiplayer Game", and called it Crab Game. But Crab Game got millions of downloads (10m at the time of writing this), and now netflix might be out to get me, so i have to update crab game and make it different, so netflix doesnt destroy me for copying squid game. haha cool
Hey! If you're new here, welcome! I'm an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I'll try uploading every week, but I'm pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won't have time every week. But I'll do my best!
GTX 3080ti
Laptop / tablet
Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage
My Equipment:
Keyboard - Varmilo VA88M rgb
Mouse - Logitech G305
Mic - AT2020+
Screen - ViewSonic 24" LED Curved VX2458
Headset - Steelseries Arctis 3
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  • This is the "I miss Dani" button

  • I really hope your okay man, ive watched you for really long. I really hope you will come back one day. Love from SWEDEN 🇸🇪

    • He is like a father to us, and when he left, he was a little to much like our father

    • @lop That must be the most truthful comment

    • Im doing fine :) new video soon ish hehe

    • @Dani Glad to here im really looking forward to your video! And Take your time we will always wait for the milk to come back

    • @Dani wait fr?

  • Hey man, hope you're doing well! I'm really thankful for your videos as they've inspired me and others to start learning game development, leading up to a commercial release! Take time for your next video, no need to rush it. edit: this somehow managed to reach the subreddit

    • Thanks, and that's awesome! Good luck on your games 😎

    • @Dani happy to see you are still doing great

    • ​@Daniwhen are you gonna make a video? I Miss you❤

    • @Dani ♥️

  • Hey Dani, I love your videos. I took inspiration from you so I can be a game dev myself, and it actually was successful, my first vr game that I published got 40,000 downloads and counting, Your videos meant so much to me that I even bought a plushie! If you replied and hearted this comment it will mean so much to me. Thanks

    • nice dude

    • Glad to hear :)

    • Cool

    • @Dani ok people, he replied to the comment, don't go spamming it with "where is Karlson?" Dani is working on it, you can just SHUT and wait for Karlson to release

    • @Dani Bro is still alive I aready paid for his funeral

  • wherever you are whatever you're doing you will always live in our hearts dani davito goodluck on whatever you're doing!

    • Dani spam Dani in this comment so we can get attention

    • Ď̵̨̡͔̩͕̲͕̝̹̤̜̯̄̑̇̓́́̍ͅa̶͇̥͙͇̻̻̭̍͗̉͆̒̌̍͛͘͠͠n̷̨̠͚͖̥͚̫͎͚̔̓̔̄́̃̎̌ȋ̸̙̜̄̄̇͐͂̿́̿́͘͠

    • DANIII

    • Dani

    • dani

  • He definitely got an assassination hit instead of a trophy. Rip Dani.

  • This is the "Rip Dani" button

  • Hi Dani, I just wanted to say that you are one of my biggest inspirations in life and your originality inspires me a lot on my youtube channel, thank you for all of your videos and I can't wait for the next one, take your time.

  • Hey Dani hope your good and that new video gonna be a banger I can tell love the content

  • i love how dani went from not knowing how to make a 3d game to making exclusively 3d games

  • I hope your doing well Dani, I know the next game is going to be amazing. We’re all rooting for you and still love and support you. Hope your doing well, Much love -Cole

    • @Dani have you checked up on Jeremy lately

    • @Dani this goin' be epic

    • @Dani the milk man

    • @Dani make squid game amongus imposter 😤😤😤

  • Hey Dani, It's been a while since I've seen your channel I decided to look at this channel one more time and I've been getting into coding and scripting because of you thank for the inspiration I hope you do well and see you next video!

  • Dani is like my dad, he gives me 10 minutes of joy and then leaves for 1 year

  • Dani is like the dad who goes for milk to the store but never comes back home, we know you are still paying the milk of your game. Miss you Dani :)

  • Yo dani, I hope you are taking breaks to drink milk and not just coding for days on end 😭 I got my exams in a few weeks, and I've been rewatching your content to help me get through the stress. You are defo my comfort youtuber. Can't wait to play karlson We love u 💜

    • Good luck on your exams!

    • gl on exams uh M I L K I L K L K K

    • @Dani tyy x

    • @John Manuel tyyyy x


  • Dude a day without a Dani video is like a day with no milk. But really I hope your good Dani with whatever you’ve been doing.

    • Confirmed dani is making another game, who knows we might get karlson.

  • I can't wait to see what you make next, i saw the comments you replied to and Im happy to hear that's you're doing well, GL Dani.

  • Rest in peace Dani. Steam and Netflix must hired a good hitman.

    • And twitch

    • @VeddyySide yeah but he posted 4 months ago

    • @Sway yeah but hes probably taking break

    • He moved to a new channel, which later got banned for unknown reasons. This caused Dani to lose motivation and retire from CS-tv.

    • @JourneycattYT 😐

  • Dani, your one of the most determined and best game developers ever!!! I really hope your doing great! And remember… Karlson can wait! You don’t have to overwork yourself!

  • People missed dani so much that they started donating just to hear a comment from him😂

  • It's been a year Dani. The community said you left to get milk from the milk store. The community went to get new games like Tears of the Kingdom. I hope you come back Dani.

  • the fact that Dani made the joke about not posting since last year in his First ever karlson devlog, and now he actually hasn't posted for a year, whatever it is I know Dani is gonna make it amazing. Keep up the Work Dani

  • dani do you know when you may come back? i know it’s probably a secret but it would be appreciated! you got me into programming and game design in unity. you’re great, keep doing what you do.

  • There are only two options. Either Dani is taking that well deserved break of his, or the steam hitman found him.

  • Hey Dani, I know you're not dead, because you're pretty active on social media. If you need to take some time, it's no problem! We just want you to be happy with what you do, your videos just get funnier every time I watch them, and I hope you are okay. Cheers from the Python community.

  • Thanks Dani, for getting me into game development! Looking forward to your next game!

  • Hi dani, take your time with making videos, and dont stress. And have fun!

  • Hope burn-out isn’t too bad, Dani and hope you’re well. Am excited for your next videos and don’t feel pressure that you have to rush anything. Your content is amazing, funny, and all around enjoyable! Have a good rest of your day :) (also revive Dani tutorials please I am in a basement please help)

  • Hello Dani, I hope you're okay dude, I know what ever your working on is great and i hope you can upload soon. Just take your time.

  • Dani, the type of guy to win an award without even trying. Those are some unmatched protagonist powers.

    • I’m calling plot armour

    • Bro_imxori of course it's not the real tommy

    • i mean.. he tried his fu**ing best at making games

    • Bro_imxori people who say their tommy arent actually tommy

    • Plot

  • We miss Dani, but we know whatever video he uploads next is gonna me awesome!

  • Dani I really hope you are doing well and I just want to say that no matter what game you make next we will play it and no matter what you upload we will watch it. You were such an inspiration to me to try to make a game myself. Take your time and have a good day

  • You helped me from not liking milk to liking milk. Thank you!

  • Hey Dani. I hope you're doing well! It'd be awesome if you came back, but take any time you need for new video!

  • Hope youre doing well cant wait for the next video :)

    • Thanks

    • @Dani obama

    • ​@Dani heyyy dani no way youre legit my fav youtuber ily cant wait for the next video (no pressure tho take your time its totally understandable and cool :) )

    • ​@Dani yo dani where have you been

    • @Dani upload a status update within the next week (or you cant do that)

  • Step one: leave for a year Step two: fans get worried and give donations Step three: profit

  • At this point Dani is just accidently creating masterpieces, what a man

    • @ВоIuga Why are you still here??!!??!

    • Welcome to CS-tv everyone

    • @CallMeBanana yessirr

  • Thank you Dani, for making one of the best games of 2022. You should make more of this!

  • No matter how long Dani needs to take a break, he will always be my fav content creator,

  • I now know why Dani is taking so long on his next upload. It will be the 69th video on his channel, so he's making sure it will be the best video yet

  • Hiya Dani, pumped for your latest project; I know it's gonna be a banger. Take your time, stay well :)

  • Feeling like Dani is now *really* working on Karlson considering his 1 year ago video in Dani 2 channel about Karlson keep up the work man we're still waiting for the milk lord

  • Dani: Avoiding being sued Also Dani:Creating new modes based on other games

    • wanna sue me? get on the line, there are like 50 other companies that want that too

    • logic

    • Getting sued speedrun any%

    • @Daniplant fungus feet, add it into the dani

    • Add pvp mode now

  • Hey man hop your not going through too much stress on whatever your doing so I hope your doing well.Keep up doing what your doing.

  • Hey Dani! I hope that you are doing awesome! Tommorow I have my birthday wooooo! I hope that you are taking your time to finish your project! I support you so much man! Can't wait for the next vid man! Peace ✌️😎

    • Thank you! Enjoy your day tomorrow :)

    • @Dani holy you are alive

    • @Dani dani i know your active but when are the videos coming back

    • @Dani why dont you try uploading a video (or you cant do that??)

    • @Dani Peculiar, exquisite, quite, sir

  • Hope you're doing alright dani and I hope you know you can take as much time as you want off of youtube before you come back👍

  • Every night I almost combust into tears bc I have nobody to rely on and nothing to keep my mind off my parents Divorce Watching you're Vids has really cheered me up cant wait for the next Karlson devlog and release date From your dear viewer

  • 7 months later, the hitman must have got him at last R.I.P. Dani

    • he still posts on his other channel Dani2

    • It got taken down this video

    • @NinjaProductions yeah last one on the other one was 3 MONTHS AGO!

    • RIP 🧢

  • dani's editing style is the most top tier thing in existence

  • Don't worry guys. He's trying to find the perfect milk for us

    • uh.. orange gang.. they... they killed him😣

    • @MrLaylaylom no twitter assassinated him

    • He is making the perfect 69’s celebration video

  • man is gonna set a world record for the most anticipated game

  • Dani videos never get old i rewatched this one 10 times.

  • Hey, Dani! It's me again! I've had an amazing birthday party and everybody at my school congratulated me! I really do miss you and your amazingly-hilarious videos! I hope that you come back one day with something cool hehe :)))))) Just know that I will always be a fan of you and what you do as an CS-tvr and a Dev. Also is it just me, or is Billy lookin' kinda THICC GAMERS!??!!? Also pls remember to DRINK MILK, and stay EPIC, GAMERS!!!

    • Dani, if you see this, how's it going, you good? I know your videos take a long while to make but but over a year? And one more thing. . . "You don't know what Karlson is?"

    • Don’t worry dani is just restocking his milk supply

  • Rest In Peace Dani. You were the best of the best I hope you somehow come back to life. Thank You, Jeremy.

    • bruh i actually got scared he died

    • He has made reddit post so he is not actually dead

    • @PoTheMemer yea i figured but i just scrolled trough the comments and only saw RIp this rip that rip bla bal and i toughed yea

    • Rest In Peace Dani. You were the best of the best I hope you somehow come back to life. Thank You,Andrew Dani comes back to life Screaming " WHAT DID YOU DO TO JEREMY YOU SICK FUC!!!

    • Dani fucking died skill issue

  • Hey Dani, i hope you’re game dev is going good. You make very funny videos. I hope the video releases soon

  • Muck, crab game, among us 3d and karlson, only Dani master of all four games could entertain us but when the world needed him most, he disappeared

  • i appreciate you, keep doing what you do and ignore the childish people

  • Damn, this guy made a hit game, made an incredible anime series, AND singlehandedly ended racism. Also the Jeremy Arc is my favorite of all time, love to see more of it

    • He’s to powerful!!!!!

    • Jeremy best girl❤️

    • im a man of many talents

    • @Dani name them all

    • @Dani like ur video ❤️ (also I want to make money by crates, Are they free ?)

  • Dani is a genius, he delayed the video so people can pay him money just for him to reply to them.

  • I'm 100% convinced dani wanted to work REALLY HARD on his "69th" video

  • Hi Dani! I hope you are great! You inspired me to make games. I love your videos, and comedy😂💀. Can wait your next video! ❤️

  • I hope your ok man I’ve watched you for the longest time and I really hope that your comeback will be greater than anyone can ever imagine.

  • Hi Dani! Here's my 5 milks for you. I hope you haven't forgotten about carlson and continue to work on it or will publish it soon.

  • "It's impossible to sue us now, because we have *crabs* " -Dani

  • Dani we actually miss you:( you were my actual favorite youtuber who i enjoyed watching everyday, by your videos i got over my bullying and traumas, you changed me dani,thank you.❤

    • Wdym "Were"? Since he went to the store to get some milk. You've got a new favourite now? It's like getting a new dad when he never came back.

    • @SadBoy_99 tru tru tru, bro was like a dad to me:(

    • Cap 😂😂

  • Oh dam, he's still working? Well, I know what you're making is gonna be absolutely phenomenal, just be sure to drink your milk. Edit: wait is it Karlson? I bet it's Karlson... well, I hope it is.

  • I guess Dani received an assassination instead of that trophy… damn

  • Thanks to Dani for inspiring me to become a game creator.

  • Dani i seriously cant wait for your 69th video, you were the reason i got motivated for game development which made me unique in my school:) My exams have started and i rewatched 10 of ur videos just to remove my stress (and it is) . I was just wondering if u have some plans to realse karlson in mobile? its ok if its not possible to upload it in mobile i still love ur content even after 1 year of you not uploading, your content is a banger and your editing and your humor never gets old hoping to play karlson this year ❤

  • Dani: Now its finally time to relax. Viewers: Where karlson

  • I don't care how long the next video takes, just make sure it's the best yet.

  • RIP Dani you brought us all smiles to our faces and now you have nothing left but your awesome games. Thank you for your super funny content.

    • he isnt dead he is still alive he repliede to some comments

    • ​@PaisleyDig nah that was an imposter among us.

  • Dani is probably going through a lot right now, either that or he is spending a lot of time developing karlson so uhh good luck at whatever is happening dina

  • I love how one of the last things he said was: "so i will give you an update for if i get send my trophy or an assasination" and after that we havent seen him in over a year

  • Yo Dani hope your doing ok man. Looking forward to the next video take all the time you need. Drink milk hit billy and beat your wil-

  • Karlson is like a middle child everyone forgot about who’s actually a good guy inside

  • Rest in peace Dani . You won’t be forgotten

  • Man this CS-tvr has great potential! I hope he has a good upload schedule to maintain his rise to fame!!

    • I dont know if this comment is a joke or if its serious, but just to remind you, it has been over a year since Dani uploaded this video

  • Imagine Dani is just not posting until Karlson is done so Karlson is his 69th video.

  • Hi Dani hope to get another video soon but I just hope your doing fine physically and mentally and hope you don’t have stress to try and get games out

  • I've been happy to see you reply to people here. Hope to see you again soon, take your time so we can be even happier when you come back! I've got important exams in barely a month that'll decide whether or not I'll be able to continue towards being a developer (games, softwares and websites) or not and I'm hoping I'll pass. See you soon, I'm gonna hit the sack now (it's currently 2:13 AM)

  • The entire gaming industry could learn a LOT from a dude who, singlehandedly, makes a game millions of players love. A true indie developer you are, Dani.

  • Dani your the one that made me get into game design and I'm planning on making a game now.

  • I really want him to make more videos even if he is working on a game he could atleast update us on the progress

  • Dear Dani, I finished school, got a job, a wife, 2 kids, they graduated, moved out, i retired, wife died. Now im here in the retirement home counting my last few days and you still have not posted a video. Please upload to bring back my wife!


    • @Yolo what the f**k

    • Dude no shot , i saw a comment it said Dani died of aids 💀

    • ​@The Laughing Snowman damm hahaha

    • @The Laughing Snowman 💀

  • You probably won’t read this but I’m so sorry about all the pressure from your fans and I know this won’t do anything but know that I and many others know your doing great and you should take as much time as you need. Keep up the good work!👍

  • Hi dani i see ur liking comments so i thought it would be a good time to tell you that ur videos keep me motivated on game dev:) been here since off the sticks!

  • dani is the person who fully made me start making games. i hope your doing well dani. i got so impatient i remade billy so i can bully him

  • Dani we miss you man . take your own time but make sure to do a come back don't leave YT

  • Dani you better have a amazing explanation for being gone for literally more than a year.😢

  • Have a good break! Honestly I thought you were not human from how much you were doing when uploading! Glad you're taking some rest time! Dont stress and flow!

  • Don’t worry guys Dani has gone to get some milk he’ll be back.

  • dani makes 5 trillion dollars off of crab game and karlson becomes the new half life 3

  • looks like Dani is taking a well deserved break, let's motivate him with a controlled shock

  • Dani went to get milk and never came back the end 😂😂

  • its been almost a year and a half...... dani this new game better be epic. much love man come back when you're ready

  • anyone else also think that Dani should have parts on maps ion karlson where Billy needs to go and collect a key or something so you can continue, that way he is actually useful and not just something in the game to bully, although bullying him seems fun.

  • It seems that Dani is finally going to upload "soon". But please... JUST LET IT BE KARLSON