Adding a Giant Crab to my Game So Netflix doesn't Sue me

čas přidán 13. 01. 2022
haha netflix please have mercy brrr

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Big thanks to all CS-tvrs / Streamers who played Crab Game, shared it with their audience & were unwillingly featured in this video, yall are great :)
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Vivaldi : The Four Seasons, "Summer" - 3 ( )
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so after finishing muck in my video "Adding a Dragon Boss to my Game Because Steam is Mad at me", i learned a lot about making multiplayer games, networking, and more. so when Squid Game become popular on Netflix, I knew I had to turn Squid Game into an actual multiplayer game. I created this game in my video: "I Made Squid Game, But it's a Multiplayer Game", and called it Crab Game. But Crab Game got millions of downloads (10m at the time of writing this), and now netflix might be out to get me, so i have to update crab game and make it different, so netflix doesnt destroy me for copying squid game. haha cool

Hey! If you're new here, welcome! I'm an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I'll try uploading every week, but I'm pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won't have time every week. But I'll do my best!

GTX 3080ti

Laptop / tablet
Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage

My Equipment:
Keyboard - Varmilo VA88M rgb
Mouse - Logitech G305
Mic - AT2020+
Screen - ViewSonic 24" LED Curved VX2458
Headset - Steelseries Arctis 3

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  • please subscribe for crab

  • Heck of a job on crab game dude! The evolution of games you build has been so fun to follow. I can't even imagine the complexity of this compared to Off the Sticks!

  • You should add a game mode called “death mode”. It’s a mode that everyone will get a random gam and be set on a random team.The point of the game is to kill as many people as possible. If you have 5 kills or less you will be disqualified

  • whenever I watch Dani, I get how to better 3d model

  • thank you dani you inspired me into game development and i love your content

  • Dani makes a new game: yea no one’s gonna play it Everyone: well that’s where your wrong

  • never have i ever been as mad and happy while playing a game before good job dani developer man 👍

    • hi shalz. and yes, he do be good dev

    • HI SHALZ

    • Karlson theme do doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

    • @Pesada fara no

  • 2:56 Yeah he really loves it, I can feel his emotion:)

    • Dani was never seen again.... guess twitch did send a hitman to kill our boy.. 😭

  • Is it just me, or is that crab looking kinda... THICC!

  • I love how Dani makes better games than a full team of developers

  • I can't wait for the day where the steam supports stumble upon your Chanel and finally understand your obsession with Jeremy

  • dani makes 5 trillion dollars off of crab game and karlson becomes the new half life 3

  • Dude, You can add the cosmetics and theme according to the universal events (from halloween, ,easter to Christmas), rather than changing everything, just make a code that updates itself if its Christmas, Halloween, etc. This just keeps people enjoying. Cheers!

  • I've been playing since it came out and it definitely isn't good for my wellbeing but I can't stop... but also nice video, I love all the anime and JoJo references

  • Person: **deep inspirational message about money isnt everything** Dani: *b-h you thought*

  • Imagine in squid game at the end there was a giant squid that they had to survive

  • Still don’t know why dream would be mad about the buttons game mode he’s too lucky to lose

    • @Falqui Cao 12 sextillion actually.

    • @Dani upgrade karlson multiplayer (you probably can do that)

    • @KataLST imagine attacking him in 2022

    • @StealthKey and you go cry about him being a good speedrunner somewhere else

    • @Soren bro wat

  • Hey dani! nice job for the crab game updating for this time :D i had 7 questions for you: first: Is billy a good guy in Karlson game? second: What make you an inspiration of crab game? third: Will there be new characters in Karlson game? fourth: What does means of "DON'T-TRUST-BILLY :)" after the trailer? fifth: When the Karlson game will release? it's been 3 years. sixth: Will there be a chapter 2 escape soundtrack music? seventh: Will there be a karlson soundtrack ost? cheers! your fan Alex.

    • also will there be more boss fights in karlson?

  • Never ask a girl her age And a man about is salary And DO NOT ask dani when karlson will be released

  • Dani takes a "small" break

  • So basically Jeremy represent the entire steam support

  • Dani doesn't uploads often but when he does, it's always TOP QUALITY👌

  • guys its ok, Daddy's working on something BIG.

  • Dani: "Australia insn't real" Me: *Dissapears*

  • Make a 2d multiplayer insanity room which puzzles unlock different levels (or, you cant do that?)

  • Dani, make a game related to the backrooms but make it cursed (or you can't do that)

  • At this point Dani is just accidently creating masterpieces, what a man

  • Makes sense how Crab Game won as *"The Most Competitive Game"* because people fight for 1st place

  • Can you make a 4D game? (Or you can't?) 4d game is actually easy if you say that the 4th dimension is time. Add 2 keys to control it and force player to hold one of the keys constantly to move in other 3 dimensions

  • 10:30 : Says the F word uncensored. 10:38 : Censors the F word.

  • Ending: dani got sued so hes not uploading anymore

  • Damn, this guy made a hit game, made an incredible anime series, AND singlehandedly ended racism. Also the Jeremy Arc is my favorite of all time, love to see more of it

    • @Dani You cant make a game using roblox engine (or you cant do that)

    • yes i to would love to see more... BUTT WHERES NEW KARLSON DEVLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @HolgerDanske14 To me it sounds like you've been watching anime intended more for youn boys audiences. That's usually cringeworthy and what not, just like most things made for edgy teenagers. Anime does frequently have annoying tropes yes, but there are some fairly good series and I don't understand why you find all Japanese animation bad. Also, acting like all anime is the exact same art style is really inaccurate. This is coming from someone who rarely watches it, but I think you are unfairly generalizing.

    • @HolgerDanske14 but what do you want ? Some shitty American animation ? Those are real cringe also It's made by people in Japan it will not be in English bro..

    • @HolgerDanske14 It is if you're watching a bad anime. Just because the animation is Japanese, doesn't automatically make it bad.

  • you should make the backrooms in to a game

  • Pls make more I love Ur content

  • Dani channel: last video 4m ago Us: dani is too lazy Dani almost everyday i think: actually lazy what you thought i will say? (:

  • Should have added the crab on April fools!!!

  • Just to think that creating the "thought to be a sh**post" game at the right time would overtake something like League. I can't express how much I'm perplexed by this. I also can't imagine how long it must take to code stuff and let alone, deal with the mountains of feedback from complaining players. Thank you Dani for making a masterpiece. Cheers, Egg.

    • @Dani hey Dani, I was Thinking about... BEANS and about Can U make a Fnf Game? Never gonna give you up If u, yes u, the one reading this, if u are not Dani then I Will tell you the Next thing is ONLY for Dani, If u read this u are the BEST person making games EVER

    • @Dani make a 2D game (or you can’t)

    • Dani is sus I saw him vent

    • I know your IP address

    • I stubbed my toe running to the store in car to get some milk

  • I think twitch actually took him out

  • Why get sued by Netflix for stealing squid game when you can also get sued by tower defense simulator from roblox for the crate animation

  • Make a secret boss where when you picke up a chip and Billy goes crazy in carlesen. And he's rely bruh

  • can you make a game out of only Unity's particle system? (Or you can not do that)

  • Does anybody else think Neflix should embrace this game and try to somehow include it in Squid Game Season 2?

    • Cat momento

    • ✨its not a mistake it’s a MASTERPIECE✨

    • @BlueDrySlushie but it's a huge ass squid instead

    • @DaniYOOO, thanks for responding! 🦀

  • I didnt expect Dani to end Racism and Become an anime chracter in one video

  • Make a 2D game that is multiplayer (or you can't make it)

  • Dream said “ the ip leak was the best part”

  • Make a simulator game about all of your creations... (or you can't do that...)

  • Dani: Now its finally time to relax. Viewers: Where karlson

    • @Dani Why don't you try and make a miitopia copy (or you cant do that)

    • @Dani yeah daddy I mean dani where new karlson

    • 3:08 I'm guessing he's on the roof? =) Спокойствие, только спокойствие!

    • @Dani oh yeah

    • @Dani where karlson

  • its been a year dani. i really really miss you.

  • 3:06 to 3:10 is the best part no cap

  • The snowballs have small impact grenades in them

  • Will you make game where you can travel in space between planets and even land on them in Tesla Roadster? (or you CAN'T do that)

  • The entire gaming industry could learn a LOT from a dude who, singlehandedly, makes a game millions of players love. A true indie developer you are, Dani.

    • I mean yeah he made the game but didn’t come up with the idea himself

    • @Alive Meme is this a tuxbird reference fellas?

    • +gay

    • @Steven Shorts 🅥 + you're white

    • +L

  • I want a shiny gold banana on my head!!

  • 2:50 dream raged bc its the game he cant beat

  • The anime fight scene had me ROFL

  • Make a VR Survival Game [OR YOU CANT DO THAT?]

  • Can't believe Crab game actually won the "Best Competitive Game" award.

  • Dani did you know your name is literally almost my friends name

  • I wish listed karlson on steam and my father came back with the milk.

  • Make a horror vr game (or you cant do that)

  • i bet dani can make a backroom game ( there a 80% chance he won't do it because he gone) i hope he do it

  • Dani, the type of guy to win an award without even trying. Those are some unmatched protagonist powers.

    • Plot

    • @Bro_imxori people who say their tommy arent actually tommy

    • i mean.. he tried his fu**ing best at making games

    • @Bro_imxori of course it's not the real tommy

  • Make a game in 10 minutes (or you can't)

  • just release a demo of karlson. WE JUST WANNA SEE IT AND PLAY CAUSE IT LOOKS SO COOL

  • step1: go onto a site that streams "Spree" step2:go to minute 32:58 step3: drill

  • Dani hasnt made a video in 3 months i guess he did get an assasination :(

  • The entire gaming industry could learn a LOT from a dude who, singlehandedly, makes a game millions of players love. A true indie developer you are, Dani.

    • Dani's what every indie dev strives to be, but most people couldn't pull it off. His skill is _really_ underrated here. He's the only guy I've seen that could singlehandedly pull off two fully fledged multiplayer games in the span of a year, while working on another larger project and off the heels of a bunch of other smaller projects. This guy is a game developing _machine._

    • @Riael Kratek why tf you even compare to paid game..... ofcourse people complain when they paid for it.

    • @Riael Kratek I said it's average *AT BEST*, and the only reason why it's popular is because of his CS-tv channel.

    • @Dripz average? How the hell is this average, this and muck are straight up insults to the gaming industry, this is the same level as goat simulator where it's done at a really shit quality, but it's fine because it's intended to be shit so it's actually good! Meanwhile ds3 had spazzing ragdolls and people were bitching about it because it makes the game bad. I don't know what drugs are being consumed here but I don't understand how this trash is getting so much attention

    • yes.

  • make a choose your own adventure game (or you cant do that?)

  • Make a multiplayer driving game.(Or you cant do it)

  • What has he been working on for the past 4 months?

  • Make a game where you bully Billy in multiple ways. (or you cant do that)

  • The fact that both Crab Game and Muck were meant to be just small games and they both became extreamly popular just shows that what matters are not the graphics, but Dani's hard work and sense of humor :D Thank you Dani, *very cool 👍*

    • YES

    • :D

    • *THICC*

    • *Your mo---*

    • It shows the power of his youtube channel

  • 3:10 when your brain shuts down mid-sentence.

  • Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us 👍👍😍😍😍

  • Can you make the backrooms into a game (OR) YOU CANT THAT???

  • 10:19 I know this is a joke but I'm offended Because I live in australia

  • Awesome video. So many laughs. GREAT work bro!

  • It's been a year daddy, I really really miss u. mommy said you went to the store to get milk.

  • 1:33 nah he fell into the backrooms

  • Damn dream really loves this game

  • Dani is an amazing youtuber, why wont he make more videos is he playing minecraft again

  • Dream: literally beating up and raging at crab game Dani: Oh! He's loving it!

  • ( joke) next ep: make a real life go outside see the sun and touch some grass

  • Why don't you make a VR multiplayer game?(or you can't do that)

  • make a multiplayer shooter game (or you cant do that?)

  • Dani you said you were doing milk reveal when you hit 1mil at the end of episode 2 on making a 3D game so do that pls.

  • Dani: Avoiding being sued Also Dani:Creating new modes based on other games

    • divide and conquer

    • @Dani ok now add a mechanic where you plant plants to fight off dead corpses that comes from the dead called zombies!

    • This is like matrix dodging a bullet only to break ur back from matrix dodging too fast

    • Muck

    • @X Nemesis Probably not how suing would work, but if Nyetflix touches Dani, he has an army of gamers to help him.

  • legend says dani got assassinated by twitch

  • what program do you use to animate

  • Dani is in the shadow realm…….. he is gone

  • Ordinary people:wow this cheap anime is epic Gamers:were are those sounds from I wanna see the actual anime

  • Dani somehow has the power to create low poly games that are masterpieces, just incredible.

    • @Steven Shorts 🅥 ayo bot

  • oh you dont know what karlson is? well it's a game dani's making so go wishlist now bonners aka gamers aka baked light b o i s

  • I know Dani is plotting something big for his 69th video...

  • Dani is still alive, He is still making another shi-...... i ment good game :) ( please dont kill me)

  • Nobody: Dani's worst nightmare: i will not update crab game anymore

  • why get sued by Netflix when you can get sued by Netflix, Fall Guys, AND Nintendo

  • Ay Dani even tho you may never see this comment do you remember your game Muck? Well most games you make are well pretty good and people enjoy speed running them so why not add a thing that can attack you that’s a goblin that have bones as armor and maybe add a new weapon that’s a spear

  • Dani make a game on unreal engine 5 or "you can't do that "

  • Make a multiplayer vr game (Or you can’t do that)?