Adele - To Be Loved (Official Lyric Video)

čas přidán 18. 11. 2021
Lyric Video for "To Be Loved" by Adele.
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I built a house for a love to grow
I was so young that it was hard to know
I’m as lost now as I was back then
Always make a mess of everything
It’s about time that I face myself
All I do is bleed into someone else
Painting walls with all my secret tears
Filling rooms with all my hopes and fears

But oh my, oh my
I’ll never learn if I never leap
I’ll always yearn if I never speak

To be loved and love at the highest count
Means to lose all the things I can’t live without
Let it be known that I will choose to lose
It’s a sacrifice
But I can’t live a lie let it be known
Let it be known that I tried

I’m so afraid but I’m open wide
I’ll be the one to catch myself this time
Trying to learn to lean into it all
Ain’t it funny how the mighty fall
Looking back I don’t regret a thing
Yeah I took some bad turns
That I am owning
I’ll stand still and let the storm pass by
Keep my heart safe til the time feels right

Let it be known that I cried for you
Even started lying to you
What a thing to do
All because I wanted to be loved…



  • Yooo 🔥🔥 +1

  • Esta canción me rompe el alma de diferentes maneras cada vez que la escucho... :')

  • I DONT Like the fact that Adele has so much control over MY emotions.

  • That last, “I tried” took me out. The power in her voice is mind blowing!!!🤯😱

  • I think it’s a perfect song, in every sense. As well as her best song, hands down. Everyone complains about her always doing ballads, to that I say.. who else on the radio is doing them nowadays? It’s a dying art. Let her Jeep doing it, I personally hope she never stops them.

  • Fucking brutal

  • June 9th, my husband scratched himself and told me that he was going to tell people that I did it to him. This was the breaking point after 8 yrs living together. I told him I wanted a divorce because he refused to acknowledge what he did and he threatened to derail my internship and I shut down my request for divorce until august when I realized that I couldn't live in fear. I faced my truth and told him that I wanted a divorce and he moved out without telling me on 10-12-21. I began my internship in nutrition on September 15, 2021, and at first, I thought I needed his support but I have since realized that his leaving gave me the peace of mind that I need to get thru these next 7 months. Backstory: I quit my job in 2013, rented my condo, and followed his career to Syracuse, NY and we were married on September 27, 2019. All I did for 8 years was put his needs first and put mine on the back burner and it was slowly killing me. So, this song really hits deep because there isn't enough money in the world to sacrifice yourself for and now Dr. Gupta finally knows "all to well" that I won't live in fear.

    • como e possivel adele um album tao mediocre.

  • This song, is the best one on the Album. Her voice is raw and genuine. It sounds like shes singing straight from her heart with this one! Almost like on her first time signing in the studio, it was so powerful they said, "Yep, thats the one!" My favorite!!!!!

  • انا محمود مزيكا

  • Honestly, this is what true music is. This is what a true singer looks like. Not all the other overhyped artists who get famous just because of things like tiktok...

  • This song has seme lyrics as this stole it???

  • Beautiful by Lana del rey..

  • all about this song is sooo much emotion. another level of adele 🙌





  • 15:20 If Van Gogh had you as a subject, the sunflowers would have gone in the trash.

  • como e possivel adele um album tao mediocre.

  • my second fav song of this album

  • 😥😥😥

  • 🤎🤎🤎

  • Check out this guy: Great song no one knows about

  • ❤️🙏

  • Give her credit for moving on when most of us feeling like this stay stagnant.

  • Hits a spot I can't define💔

  • Can't listen to this without crying. You can feel the pain in her voice and the lyrics are so hard.

  • Why am I crying ♥️

  • I just knew that this song was "mine" from the moment I saw it. Thank you, Adele. 🖤

  • Visceral

  • 1000%

  • It's not music. It's poop.

  • Tom Jobim is really a genius!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Most beautiful lyric video

  • i cry to

  • good shiet :D

  • such a meaningful song

  • This song was sang for me..this was my life..🥲

  • I Love you Adele Lots of love 💓 from Nepal

  • Is anything more amazing than the people we may know, and the cunts we don't become, if Mr Timberlake and Ms Adele may , Mr Stapleton has to write it all? Hell mAh friends, I'll sing this with you all too!

  • This song made me cry.



  • Damn that was nice I got chills!!!!

  • Ikopoasana

  • I’m speechless after listening to this song. Amen!!!

  • To Be Loved,To Be Truth

  • Sangat terhibur Salam dari NTT🙏🏻

  • This song hits different when your in a road trip at night while everything is dark with only the stars and Moon.

  • Simply beautiful I love me some Adele” just Beautiful 🥰 the song 🎵 was breathtaking.

  • Sempre Adele...não existe outra voz igual!!!! Amo ouvir!!

  • Holding back tears from this song, I don't know about anyone else. What a powerful song, and her voice. My God. 👏 I haven't related to a song so much in such a long time as I did with this song. I needed this song. Thank you Adele. 🤍

  • Listening to this kinda makes me feel like Adele. Like I’m suck into Adele’s mind and understand her pain. She’s back and coming back even stronger.

  • Chills from the top of my head to my feet oh my god! Best song on the album hands down!

  • Sin palabras …

  • Surreal

  • Loving this song

  • This album brings me back to when my mom and dad divorced, and damn, this song especially makes me feel what I felt back then

  • We are in the musical era once again with new stars breathing life back into them Bette brought us hello dolly with standing ovations Now we NEED Adele to bring life back to Mary Poppins !!! This generation needs that Acting is cake Only Adele's voice could follow Julie Andrews

  • This song...made me say, "wait, she sounds like a Taurus!" Looked up her DOB and sure enuf, A Bull! Us female bulls have a hard time in the love department❣ The verse that makes me cry is...To be loved and love at the highest count! I actually think of the changing relationship with my adult child (first born and first to leave the nest) and my absolute struggle to transition from mom to whatever it is that I'm supposed to be..bcuz I have no clue😥 but I TRIED!

  • Teenagers writing songs about their boyfriends sounds simple enough. Now Adele is a woman sharing some serious stuff. I'm amazed by her ability to lay her heart wide open for the world to see. That's what makes her an artist. There's so much humanity in everything she does.

  • 😍

  • wow...this hits my hands in the air for this one!!

  • 😭😭😭😭 🍷🍷🍷🍻🍺🍺🍻

  • I built a house 🏠 ……

  • Je viens de voir one night only ........ d'où ma visite ici ...... de l'eau a coulée depuis rolling in the deep. Mais cette chanson est tellement d'actualité en ce moment et tellement ce que chacun doit acccomplir dans sa vie. Peut être êtes vous un ange pour guider l'humanité vers DIEU ..........

  • known, known That I will choose, I will lose It's a sacrifice, but I can't live a lie Let it be known Let it be known that I tried, that I tried Let it be known that I tried

  • Adele is a great artist . OMG i lov her all. My music is To Be Loved, siento los sentimientos en ella dentro de mi, que linda letras Dios mio.

  • this is beutitul insane, an angel singing

  • This song is everyone's story in a profound.

  • “I’m so afraid but I’m open wide ”🥺💛

    • Wow. Masterpiece 👏 Bravo

  • OMG it gives me goosebumps , this it sooooo emotional ♥️

  • Goosebumps!! Just bought this cd and this track is amazing 👏 From the piano intro to her vocal runs...Bravo.

  • what the fuck is she talking about :)

  • This song is growing on me, absolutely love it

  • That last I cried is just so good

  • Wow, her voice like beautiful

  • Damn. Raw emotion.

  • This is such a masterpiece, she is so vulnerable and honest on it !

  • You see....I was ok til that last part when she started yelling "I tried". Now, I'm not Wow...Adele

  • She is singing about her past and looking back on it...but she's also singing about my present...and it hurts because I'm right there and I'm scared...I just want to be loved at the highest count

  • This song has me in tears. Beautiful song

  • I’m ready for your Live concert 🔥😊🔥☺️

  • Wow. Masterpiece 👏 Bravo

  • the only praise i can give to such a masterpiece are my teers.

  • Good song, to support me

  • 잃는것을 선택한다고 해서 그게 슬픈것만을 의미하진 않는다. 최근에 여자친구와 헤어졋는데. 많이 아팠지만 나도 잃는것을 선택할 수 밖에 없었다.

  • *Omg! Her voice and vocals are mind blowing* 🤯🔥

  • masterpiece !!!!!

  • She may have lost weight - but she gained even MORE soul with her voice. Wow. ❤

  • To be loved and love..this has a deep meaning..the best feeling when you get someone who truly loves you and loves you for yourself with your flaws, like a mother loves her is easy to love someone but it is hard to be loves someone.

  • Isso é lindo e triste, Adele... 🥲

  • 13 years with my husband.. 14 miscarriages.. 1 still born.. 3 beautiful healthy babies... and its been almost 3 years since he left me and our babies. I'll own i made some mistakes..we both did. Adele, thank you for this one momma, this hit me in the heart in more ways than one. almost 3 years and the wounds still feel as if they were from yesterday ..fresh..bitter...broken. hes all i knew for so long. his family was my family. (i have none) i lost everything i knew for 13 years in 2 hours. a whole lifetime. GONE. Just like that, i was and am nothing. I see my mother-in-law in town and she walks right by as if she never knew me. that hurts. My heart stops every single time he comes to pick the babies up each weekend, my heart stops when i think hes going to just say hello to me when he does arrive. nothing. Silence. I'll say the hardest part for me tho, is each and every single night i go to tuck my babies in and kiss them goodnight i have to speed out of the room to keep them from seeing me ball like a baby (currently doing so while typing this) cause all i see is him in their beautiful little faces, they have his smile, laugh, the list goes on, and then in that moment thats when it hits me, that question that makes sure its on time in my brain every night just like clockwork- "why wasnt i good enough, what could i have done differently, why did he stop loving me, does he hurt like i do, does it bother him to see me the way it does me?" so so many questions...then comes the 2 hour crying alone in the bathroom session....just to get up and survive the next day all over again.. im so so sorry to anyone that has ever felt this pain, i wouldnt wish it upon anyone. Ever. Adele thank you again, this was a hit and run for me momma, straight out the feild ha. I hope our pain will one day be used as our strengths. i hope this pain will lesson, just a little at least. Hopfully thats not asking to much.. or maybe just ,maybe i deserve it.

    • zmvz

    • In Adele’s words you’ll be the one “to catch yourself this time”. We are stronger than we realize. You and your babies will be fine in the end no doubt.

    • I feel you pain....and I truly believe many people here wish you the best. You are so strong to pass this single day, single minute again and again. Really...I wish and believe this, too, shall pass. Let's do the best and let it be with no regret. BIG HUG :))

    • Dear i understand and know how it feels After 33 fantastic years with my husband ( i was 15) he left me for a 27 years old golddigger on my 50th Birthday ... My whole world broked down I losted the ground under my feets I had dedicated my whole life to him and our Family Invested myself and my life in him He just left And i just wanted to die Disapear To much suffering I still cry everyday My life is over I am 53 I just survive for my kids 25 and 22 I am alone When i see him (56) pass by sometimes in tonen with this bitch that stole my life... It’s hurts so damn much She’s young and beauty My suffering is Too much to handle But I tried.

    • i am so sorry for all you are going through. i can actually feel your pain through these words and it hurts even though i do not know you i cried like i did!!. Stay strong for you, your kids will draw strength from you too. cry if you have to, it can a relief sometimes just make sure you add more strength every time you do so that eventually you find yourself crying less and less cos you are getting stronger and stronger.. avoid in-laws until you are strong enough to just say 'hi' and walk by (even if they dont respond). Learn a new skill, go dancing, join a social club, make new friends.... basically occupy your mind with so much positivity that the negativity will have no choice but to flee! Eventually, everyone will wonder what makes you tick... The pain will definitely go.. just a matter of time... feed it with positive thoughts and actions. Good luck dear. you are stronger than you know! sending light and love your way! peace

  • back in september i lost my grandmother, my bestfriend to stage 4 breast cancer. some of her final words were "im ready to go, im ready to go meet jesus" and the last thing she ever said to me was "its going to be okay. its going to be alright." this song really struck home, it really reminded over her year and a half long battle how hard she tried and how she was just so tired after so long of trying. a true beautiful work of music is exactly what this song is!! im writing this at 12:00am, december 3rd, it is now officially my grandmothers birthday. i am so blessed to have been able to meet such an incredible woman, who although she was fighting the hardest battle of her life she still took care of everyone else. her and this song are such an inspiration, absolutely love you for this adele!! truly not a better time for this album