Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader [All 3] Epic Rap Battle Of History!

čas přidán 10. 10. 2013
Here are all 3 battles between adolf hitler and darth vader !
Hope you like it!
Epic Rap Battles Of
All Rights go to ERB , i just made this video that people can see all 3 battles in 1 video .


  • Vader won easily

  • Someone who loathes you BITCH now stand up and rhyme. One of my favorite lines in the whole series

  • The person who pretend to be Hitler even had to be bit racist

  • WW2 in a nutshell

  • he reminds me of richtofen 😂

  • anyone else randomly thought about this account and just started watching it again?

  • Logic vs Eminem

  • I honestly think the 2nd one was a draw cuz hitler had some good limes but so did Vader like his verse was good

  • Darth vader is fengelein FENGELEIN!! FENGELEIN! FENGELEIN!!!

  • WTF did I click on lmfao 😂

  • Here take a trip on my train. That is so dark

  • I just realized how bad he roasted him when he said "for your goose stepping ass" 😂😂

  • Now they need to do a 3 part Kaiser Wilhelm vs Anikin

  • I think overall Vader won but Hitler took round 2

  • Boba Fett shoulda said “doing your mom”

  • I think they were both too great in the first 2 to judge but the 3rd one Vader won

  • I literally can't say who one this it's so evenly matched

  • "Lightsaber? You need a life saver!" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I feel like I’ve been scrolling way too far down into my recommendations...

  • Trotsky VS Stalin

  • i came from the fine bros and i dont regret it

  • Farther Vader every time

  • We all now know if Hitler was a rapper he would have been crazy dope

  • rawest beef since biggie and pac

  • darth vader won in a landslide

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Hitler: Kills boba fett with a stone age weapon

  • Imagine a guy named Hitler killing about 11 million people and then all of a sudden we just start making funny rap battles of him and Darth Vader

  • Definitely Vader won

  • Vader won obviously

  • bro at first i thought vader won the second one then when adolf started 💀

  • Vader is not history right??

  • The ‘got them fired up’ line is possibly the best of all of the ERB lines.

  • Wait a second, didn’t Disney make cartoons against the Nazi’s?

  • Napoleon Dick 😂😂

  • Now you're 6 6 and black and cant get a date 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Vader 3rd versus is the best

  • Vader won that

  • I’m Jewish and ngl this is funny!

  • Lol vader won

  • This is why hitler Started WW2 Because he got roasted by Darth Vader and Hitler thanks Darth Vader is Jewish

  • Results. 1.A tie 2.Hitler by a whole lot. 3.Darth Vader by a whole lot.

  • Fired up

  • I’m waiting for Part4

  • Adam

  • Your mom. Won XD

  • Yes 14 year old jokes

  • Is weird to say hitler one

  • Lol is this blocked in Germany?

  • Nobody: *Intro at **4:04** “ Epthic Rapth Bathles of Hithory*

  • Vader defiantly won

  • What’s with the triangle in the background ?

  • Still waiting on that call from Vader...

  • Idk why but when he said “suck my robot balls” I died laughing 😂😂

  • dark vader

  • ,

  • I say vader won round 1 and 3

  • This was made by people with extra chromosomes

  • *y o u b i t ch*

  • I think that Vader only one the first. Why? Because in the second hitler walked thru vader. The third Hitlers verse was nonstop good while Vader's had only one good line. The line was the fired up line and that's it. Edit: looks like I forgot about the first. So the first Vader won with his verse being strong and and Hitler's was decent but not as good as Vader's.

  • When the 2 best roasters go at it