Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader [All 3] Epic Rap Battle Of History!

čas přidán 10. 10. 2013
Here are all 3 battles between adolf hitler and darth vader !
Hope you like it!
Epic Rap Battles Of
All Rights go to ERB , i just made this video that people can see all 3 battles in 1 video .


  • Everyone should watch the rap battles on 1.5x speed it's awesome especially the third one with Boba Fett rapping check it out n see for yourselves

  • 2 and 3 were definity the best

  • “Someone who loathes you” (in the movie it’s “someone who loves you”)

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍💟💟

  • When I first watched these I didn’t realize how these lyrics are god tier.

  • This maked in *2013* and in *2020* BE VERY *COOOL*

  • Vader won that in my opinion

  • Who else is waiting for number 4?

  • *We’ll call my homeboy in Israel*

  • 1 battle: Vader // 2 Battle: Hitler // 3 battle: Boba Fett

  • Darth Vader

  • "war on two fronts" Says man who could have lost if others would attack them before he could.

  • Why the hell does even exist.

    • Thaddeus Johnson why do you question this is awesome

  • The joke about Hitler is that he never died and used his secret weapon to time travel 50 years into the future, his weapon falls out of the sky into a city the government picked it up with a huge truck and had it cover with a tarp. Not allowing anyone near. Die Clocka, aka The Nazi Bell. Google Die Clocka.

  • anyone notice that the series start and end with "I AM ADOLF HITLER!"

  • That Drop at 5:09 though... Vader roasts him

  • how the hell are you alive

  • Vader

  • Wtf!!!

  • Darth Vader won

  • You need to wash up dawg here step in my shower

  • Why is it that in this the one who ever raps second wins


  • 1:08

  • Step into my shower...killer line if you get it

  • Cringe🤦‍♂️

  • That was awsome

  • Round 1:tie Round 2: Hitler Round 3: Hitler

  • 4:29 is the third one Darth vaders is 4:56

  • Who won? obviously darth vader


  • Darth vader took the dub in the first 2 easy but I think they where pretty even in the 3rd one

  • Vader all the way

  • 2013: yo this pretty good 2020: yo i finally get all the references this is absolutely genius

  • Adolf Hitler sounds like a German Eric Cartman which is ironic because Eric Cartman actually dressed up as Hitler at one point

  • I loved how when the trooper asked “ what sir” he started to break it down

  • Vader wins everytime

  • I’m so damn surprised this is Available in Germany

  • I have a history exam tomorrow so this is very helpfull

  • Everybody gangsta till Vader starts his verse in part 3

  • You can tell the guy who was hitler was having a blast with his jokes.

  • "I beat you twice you sellout now you bow down to Mickey Mouse..." I love that part!

  • Dark vader is awesome

  • The last Hitler part in the second battle was one of the best roasts of all fucking time

  • 4:55 Darth Vader definitely won.

  • Cringes

  • If only that dam art school accepted him

  • Adolf Hitler: I’m sick on dis mic I don’t see no mic adolf

  • Honestly Darth Vader was really cringey.

  • Nobody: CS-tv recommendations: *Why hello there*

  • “Apartheid” is actually a dutch word

  • 1:Hitler 2:Hitler 3:Vadar

  • D.V

  • Bruh Boba wtf

  • Darth Vader

  • If Darth maul survived hitler should to and have a final showdown with a robotic legs

  • Finally could watch star wars after 21 years and now understand so many references.

  • Ok richtofen you just killed Vader

  • Bro I honestly don't even think any of these were a battle Darth Vader Destroyed

  • I just got the step in my shower joke I-