Adults Try 10 Things 97% Of People Can't Do | The 10s

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
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Adults React to and try 10 things that 97% of people can't do.
Content Featured:
Tongue to Nose
Wiggle Nose
Tongue Curl
Lick Elbow
Raise Eyebrow
Fist in Mouth
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Adults Try 10 Things 97% Of People Can't Do | The 10s


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  • I can do 2,5&8

  • I can do numbers 3,4,5,8,9,10 😄

  • I can do the 5th

  • I can do the 2nd one 😂

  • 3rd 4th 9th 10th

  • I can do 4,5,6,7 and 10

  • I can ,do th I can do the last one actually I can do that with both eyebrows which is even more unusual

  • I can do the third, fifth, eighth, ninth, and tenth.

  • I can do the fifth

  • Can do the second and its not heriditory for my family

  • Okay, I can do the second, fifth, seventh, eighth and tenth. 😅 I guess I’m unique.

  • 4/10. Not bad

  • Who else can fold their tongue

  • i can touch my Nose with my Tounge

  • I can only do #3 and #9 🤣

  • I can do 10/10. I'm a weirdo

    • Unicorns are AMAZING based on your name, ya I’d say your weird

  • I can do the clover thing

  • I can roll my tongue in thirds but no one else in my family can

  • 10:13 i nearly did a spit-take with my coffee with that, hahaha!

  • That's so kinky 😂😂😂😂

  • I can't touch my notes with my tough

  • And i can tickle myself

  • i can do 6/10!!!!

  • I can fold my tongue in thirds and tickle myself

  • I can tongue fold!

  • And eyebrows

  • I can do the tongue thing

  • I can put my tongue into thirds and I can tickle myself

  • I can wiggle my nose and put my fist in my mouth 😊

  • i can only do the bend thum its really easy :P

  • 2,3,5

  • i can the the second one

  • I can do the tongue curl

  • I can touch my nose with my tongue :)

  • If you tickle the top of your mouth yourself it ticklish

  • I Can do the thumbs one

    • Lifri & Lifra Crew I also have double jointed elbows I don’t know if that’s rare but I do

    • Yeah Im really can

  • i can do the three tounge thing sooooo i can! and i can do the last one

  • I can do the clover tongue

  • 13:15 It's math 😹 I looove him

  • I can watch more tik toks than anyone else

  • How come they didn't mention moving your ears?

  • 1. Yes 2.on left hand,my cousin can 4.yes,on my legs 5.yes 6. Yes , when counting 123,but a little 9.yes on my left brow 10. No

  • I can lick my elbow very well #special

  • I can do everything except the nose, the eye brows, and the breathing and talking.

  • 1. no 2. yes, but only with my left hand 3. no 4. yes 5. yes 6. no 7. no 8. yes 9. no, i can only raise one eyebrow 10. yes

  • i can move my second toe independently

    • sydney chan I cant

  • 1: no 2: yes 3:no 4:yes 5: yes 6:no 7: no 8:yes 9:yes 10:yes

  • who else was doing everything along with them

  • 1. nope 2. noo ;-; 3. NoP3 4. yeeep 5. YESYESYESSYEWSSIS*YYSS 6. no 8. well idk yes? no? 9. nOpERR 10. no

  • I can only do second last and last one

  • i could do the second one

  • i can do the clover

  • I can do all

  • I can do a loooootttt of these

  • I can do the 5th one it’s so easy

  • I can put my fist in my mouth and I have double jointed thumbs And I can raise my eyebrow

  • I can put my fist in my mouth and I can I have double jointed thumbs and I can wiggle my nose and I can

  • I can move/ wiggle my ears

  • I feel so so offended that she said the people with extra long tongues are weird 😡☹️

  • I can put my fist in my mouth and I have double jointed thumbs

  • I can do a clover

  • I can do a bunch of them

  • I can do all of them I'm weird 😄😹😹😄

    • Woah also FYI you are not weird you are unique ok your amazing even tho idk u

  • I should Rais both my eyebrows

  • About the raise eyebrow and put fist in your mouth i actally can do those so yeah...

  • I can do the tongue trick

  • 1,3,5,7,9

  • I can do a lot of tongue things

  • 1, 2, 9 and 10

  • I can lick my elbow and do the tongue curl, but I can also pop my shoulder out of its socket at will.

  • I can touch my noes with my tong 😏😅 a.. and my chin ..😂😂

  • I can do one and nine


    • The curl tounge?

    • 👍♥️

    • Brendaa Bee haha why are you so exited but anyhow good for you

  • My friend can do number 1

  • I can do a few 😏

  • I can do number 3

  • Lmao I can do 6 of em no joke

  • well i guess i am the abnormal one, cause i cant do any of them.

  • It’s called the three leaf clover and it’s not genaric you just need training