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čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
Dating a Doctor in Long-Term Relationship is the highlight of this months comments video! Please give this video a like and a share to your friends if you enjoyed it!
Poll Q: Would you ever date a doctor?
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We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often. If one of the questions I answered was not detailed enough or you want more info on the subject please let me know so that I can make a dedicated video giving you all of the info.
Please jump into the comments section and lets chat as I love engaging with you guys!!
A couple favorite questions/comments from this video are
1) Advice on dating a doctor
2) Religion and Medicine
3) Cell at Work
4) Reading in Low light
5) When to start going to the GYN
6) Am I left Handed?
7) Hookah is unhealthy?
8) Have I ever listened to my heartbeat?
9) Misophonia
Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and ask dr mike! I want to see your username pop up on my next responding to comments video.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Make sure to click the icon on the top-right corner of the video to vote in this week's poll! Would you ever date a doctor? Thanks for watching and supporting, love you all!

    • Love you Mike, but you never reply me, inspite of replying others.Though we know you are so busy but for someone you are their life, try to understand it❤❤

    • Doctor Mike yeah cause there hot,nice,intelligent,etc

    • as a doctor, how can you sneeze without covering your nose and mouth? it is your personal space, not a public one, but the habit is important. bruh

    • I would date a doctor or someone studying to be a doctor because I think they would be able to relate to the fact that a person has to sacrifice time for their studies

    • I probably wouldn't tbh.. I'm striving to be a cinematographer full time with online school plus working full-time. I'm busy their busy I can only imagine how bad the communication would be 😅.. But I have much respect for those who go into any field to help people.

  • king watch it. dont ask why just watch it. watch it dammit!! (I feel like i should be ignored when I am like this).

  • I have misophonia when my father drink coffee and my sister have misomaniac

  • i know this is a question in pharmacology but i wanted to ask. for a doctor to write a prescription and a pharmacist to fill it, are there prescription drugs that are almost spelled the same but are very different and can be morbidly dangerous for the patient if ingesting the wrong drug? do you have an example? also, why is a doctor's penmanship so bad? how can a pharmacist figure out what s/he has written?

  • you're mixed handed, which is doing some things better with one hand and other things better with the other hand. ambidextrous is different because it is doing everything with both hands.

  • Hi from the UK

  • I'm in med school and my boyfriend is in flying school and ngl.... IT'S HARD. Sometimes we are so busy that we can't see each other for days on end. I guess that's why we even moved in together early in our relationship just so we could see each other. It certainly was a good idea because now, even though we don't go on dates as much, we at least get to spend time with each other more frequently than before

  • I have a question, does ginger ale actually help with upset stomachs and the flu or is it just a placebo affect?

  • I have misophonia and finally found a therapist who deals with tinnitus and misophonia and hopefully when I go it will start to die down PS: I am very good at describing how I feel when people are eating around me now because of how many people I wanted to tell how I felt when they were eating, me getting annoyed, and them telling me to get over it

  • Would love to see a Vid on Williams Syndrome if possible. I found out since having my daughter who has it no one really knows about it and are always surprised when its mentioned!

  • Dr. Mike I’m sooooo in-love with you!!!

  • i love learning and procrastinating at the same time! especially when itʼs doctor mike ;>

  • Can you fix your hairline, just kidding

  • So...he stopped dating Betsy Alvarez?

  • Hey doc Mike...can you tell me the basic symptoms of diabetes....cause I doubt my mother is suffering from one but refused to get diagnosed saying she's fine....the symptoms I noticed are her urge to urination increased...from last 2 weeks I guess....and she's sweet tooth she needs something sweet after every meal....I don't know if it's just me fussing around?? Kindly help... Ps Love your channel

  • hello

  • Lol Why are you wearing a stethoscope ? You're shooting a video in your home

  • Hello doctor Mike, I have a question regarding thyroid issues such as hypothyroidism and the ability to conceive. Is it possible to become infertile?

  • I don't have misophonia but I can relate. A lot of sounds like people eating, breathing, scratching ect... makes me irratated easily. I get really pissy and anti social

  • i love how you're always so positive and passionate about healthcare and just as yourself as a person. Keep it up! (:

  • Cells at work please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not to get too controversial, but I’ve noticed that medicine and law are areas that attract big egos. The thing about big egos is that usually there’s a fragile underbelly. I wonder if anyone has advice for dating people in these professions because I think ego and the need to be admired/validated that often comes along with it can really mess a relationship up.

  • Dr. Mike thank you for explaining about mind body connections! I suffer from Migraines and my trigger is stress. I literally laughed at my doctor when he explained how my internalizing the stress in my life was physically effecting me. He said the saying “stress can kill you” was not necessarily just a joke!🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Dr. Mike sneezed without covering his mouth! :O

  • I want to become a doctor like you..

  • It will be kind of embarrassing getting check by Dr. Mike. Even though for him is normal, for me would be so embarrasing. I went to the Dr. Once and was gonna get check by a doctor. I was expecting an old guy and i was wrong. A very handsome young guy just walks in smiling. I was so embarrased the whole time. 😂😂😂😂

  • There's an app called choices: stories you play and an animated story book inside it called Open Heart about a young doctor starting a residency. I think you should read it. Also your very attractive.

  • Doctor's save lives . God has instilled in Doctor's out of this world wisdom. God bless Doctor's. Of course I'd date a Doctor. They are the creme dela creme coz all of them are very very successful and very very kind to people

  • saya he wants to save trees but tells ppl to send letters...smh

  • You know Doctor Mike, in China when you sneeze we say that somebody is thinking about you :)

  • “Advice on dating a doctor.. be PATIENT” LOL. So you're a cultural Atheist, interesting, you're the proof that you don't need religion/God(s) to be happy, you be healthy and let love flow in and out of you, be positive and try to be the nest version of yourself daily and try to be happy and enjoy life

  • Hmmm can i date you tho🤔😂😍

  • It's like they put through a machine data of how a perfect guy would be and this guy was borned

  • I heard if your not having sex there’s no reason to go to the obgyn. Is that true ?

  • Mike : be patient Me : I already am one

  • Would you ever date a doctor isnt my question.. my question is would a doctor ever date me?

  • DR. MIKE, COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SNEEZE! What are you, a heathen??

  • yes doctors need a patient partner(pun)

  • Baby I'm you baby girl. I love you.very much come and see me ivy

  • You just missed something important. It's not science, art or religion. You missed the experience of having with the Spirit. What a waste of life you have. And that smile you have. Being awesome is not everything.

  • You're life is meaningless if you did not consider who you are worshipping. Thanks for this video. I'm inspired but not totally. You need to be spiritually connected to God inside the Church of Christ. Godbless 😊

  • you should watch greys anatomy season 2 episode 21

  • Hi from an old lady

  • Your a professional doctor but deliver medical information and facts in a very entertaining way

  • 🥰🥰

  • Why do your videos have a very subtle background beat? Almost like a heartbeat but not quite. It is annoying!! LOL And I learned something new. Well, a new name. I think I have misophonia. I react strongly to repetitive noises but I do not realize this anxiety is building up in me until I explode. Or erupt. ugh

  • Why family med?

  • Love you all videos

  • What happened between you and Pia Wurtzbach?

  • I bet 99.9% of Dr. Mike's fanmail is people asking for Feet pics... If ya know what I mean :/

  • Stick sports and brushing I’m leftie but everything else is right handed

  • I m a new subscriber from south.....loving ur videos....🥰

  • Time to move I guess...

  • I had a friend who had a paralysis on her right arm and hand, because she was so anxious to do test in school, that she initially faked illnesses, and then for months she couldn't even grab the pen to write

  • Meanwhile, I am watching this video with earbuds in because the sound of the microwave was causing me major anxiety. That happens to me a lot with a lot of sounds. Maybe I have misophonia.

  • Dr. Mike on dating a doctor: Be patient Me: ok... Cool. Makes sense Me: *contacts a viral disease*

  • He's fwineeee

  • “I’ve never smoked. I’ve never done drugs in my life.” “I’ve tried hookah.” Those statements are contradictory. Choose one.

  • The beauty of living in the US? I mean, if you compare to theocracies, it’s undoubtedly better, but out of all the first world countries, the US is the most religious one, and that’s because religion is being forced in by older generations. Ever read the words “God bless America” in your money? Well, originally it was “E pluribus unum” (from many, one), but religious extremists changed it. Also, did you know that you must be a Christian to be president of the US? That’s an utterly ridiculous requirement for a country that prides itself with supposed “freedom of religion”.

  • 8:58 BLESS YOU 😂