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čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
Dating a Doctor in Long-Term Relationship is the highlight of this months comments video! Please give this video a like and a share to your friends if you enjoyed it!
Poll Q: Would you ever date a doctor?
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We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often. If one of the questions I answered was not detailed enough or you want more info on the subject please let me know so that I can make a dedicated video giving you all of the info.
Please jump into the comments section and lets chat as I love engaging with you guys!!
A couple favorite questions/comments from this video are
1) Advice on dating a doctor
2) Religion and Medicine
3) Cell at Work
4) Reading in Low light
5) When to start going to the GYN
6) Am I left Handed?
7) Hookah is unhealthy?
8) Have I ever listened to my heartbeat?
9) Misophonia
Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and ask dr mike! I want to see your username pop up on my next responding to comments video.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Make sure to click the icon on the top-right corner of the video to vote in this week's poll! Would you ever date a doctor? Thanks for watching and supporting, love you all!

    • Hey Dr. Mike can we pleeease meet your fiancé? I bet she’s super nice and has a great personality also 🙏🏼😊. That would be so cool!! Also it would be great to stop the thirsty comments 😆😂

    • If you are the doctor 😍 Why not 🤷‍♀️

    • Dr Mike that cartoon of you doesn’t look like you

    • Doctor Mike If it was you...then yes! But in saying that Bear may wish to try & eat my chihuahuas!!! 🤣

    • Well......that's an interesting I'm not sure how well an Engineer - Doctor duo goes in the long run🤔...but both parents are Clinical psychologists , mental health experts....hence can still give it a thought! But I believe in knowing someone with good intensions ....let's not give it a specific name like it doc or anyone🙂

  • Doctors love nurses and younger women. Lmaoooo. Good luck ladies! Doctors are also very abusive. :(

  • I'd love to run into you! Buut, I can't since I'm living in Mexico 😔🤗 I love your videos!!

  • Hi there @Doctor Mike I really loved your videos. This is my mum's account and I'm only 14. I would love to be your patient. Wish I could meet you sometime, somewhere.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🥰

  • Doc, you're so handsome..

  • I love this video. Haha your sneeze at the end reminds me of me :)

  • Any recommendations on how to find/pick a good physician?

  • Actually to be the best doctor there is you have to be a devout Christian because I would say more than half of medical problems comes from spiritual problems and there is no better Dr than God

  • He is really cite, but in a “that guy is cute I think I might like him” but in an innocent kind of way, like a cute child... he lets that kiddish side of him show and I find that so adorable!

  • Doc Mike : I patientzone you Me : Well can't a patient be your bae

  • How about dating a medical student?

  • Also I HIGHKEY have Misophonia and it is a real struggle. You should definitely look into it and maybe talk about it in a video

  • Dr. Mike can we pleeease meet your fiancé? She must be very nice and she must have a great personality! 🙏🏼😊

  • God bless you, next time elbow over your mouth thank you :)

  • I have Misophonia! 😔

  • I love you doc!!!!! 💙

  • Lol same, for cricket/hockey I am left handed but I'm right handed for writing and other stuff.

  • رجاء أريد ترجة عربية

  • Is that scrub top tailored?

  • Hi from HK. My elder brother has highly recommended me to watch your videos. I did it today! I just subscribed to your channel as well.

  • Dr Mike :does watching in dark harm you

  • Hey I have a question.. if I ever get asked by a someone if I want to do “the good stuff” grass? Hooka? Hoooola? How do I tell them NO? Y’know without sounding “uncool”.

  • I love when you said : "i'v never smoke and i've never done drugs in my life".... Yeaaaa thats really great for you 👍💙

  • I'm so jealous of his green eyes...I've always wanted green eyes...

  • I don't think, the job is so much a problem in a relationship. As long as someone is passionate, I can see myself in a relationship with them, being humorous, good looking, calming and smart is also great. The only no go's for me are: manipulation, no trust or no loyalty. How about you, people scrolling through this before, during or after the video?

  • R u single?? Pls answer

  • Watch Hospital Playlist!!!

  • Why did your heartbeat sound like a jackhammer

  • I thought it was Tinitus or is that different? As I'm familiar with Tinitus as I've got it myself.

  • Dr Mike: Puts stethoscope on his heart *Machine gun noises*

  • Hello Dr ! I'm french student who want to become teacher but I found you realy inspiring and want to ask if you have some book recommendation for développing my culture . Thanks and good day !

  • Doctor Mike could you please do an updated grocery haul video? Or suggestions for healthy meals for couples and portion sizes between men and women?

  • Do you believe in God?

  • Idk if you’ll see this, but can you talk about what you know about Iron deficiencies and what foods to eat to help? I’m not the kind that likes to take prescription meds if there is a way to fix it with food lol. I’d also like to see a video about Rheumatoid Arthritis if you know anything about it. I doubt it tho cuz I have to see a specialist, but it would be fun to hear what you have to say on it. Love your videos!! ❤️

  • What is you're secret I look so handsome

  • Hi doctor mike I invite you to my birthday come to the Philippines soon

  • I have misophonia and it is fucking awful especially right now because my trigger is the sound of hands rubbing together. I can’t even begin to describe how much I despise it. I’ve tried breathing exercises and it’s kinda helping but it used to be so bad. I remember when I was in elementary I knew I hated the noise and I didn’t know why so I would tell people kindly ask my friends to not do it because it hurts my ears and they would do it just to bother me and it felt like torture.

  • Can he be my gynecologist

  • ❤️❤️❤️ pogi talaga 😊 filipina fan here❤️

  • mind body connection- is exactly how i walk. Bio-feedback. I have L5-S1 lipomyelomeningocele and was never supposed to walk. I started walking when i was 3 :)

  • Your sneeze is cute♥️

  • How long does it take him to search the perfect gifs ¿ HAHAHHA

  • Hygene etiquette on point Doc! 🤣😂

  • “What advice would you give an artist who’s in a relationship with a doctor?” Dr. Mike: Be Patient ;) See what I did there? . . . no, ok

  • What are the treatments for hay fever coz I have it..

  • I dream of marrying a doctor because I’m a medical hobbyist and I just want to sit and talk about medicine and all of my medical research to see how doctorly I am even though I’ll likely never go into medicine.

  • Blue light doesn't cause macular degeneration. Debunked notice.

  • Hi Dr. Mike, I really learned a lot about you talking about physical problems that is a result of a mental problem. 'been experiencing that for a while now and what you said enlightened me, btw how expensive is it to enter into a med school?

  • Another great doctor channel👍 i found you trough Molly Burke! We have a Norweigian doctor on YT as well. My doctor here is Aron Booster though, he makes great videos on MS! 🤨

  • The reason Cells at Work is so awesome is it shows what happens in the body through people and animation. When a doctor reacts to it its entertaining to see if the show portrays bacteria in an artistic/accurate way!

  • interesting how america and europe differ. in europe (i am talking about Croatia specifically), you don't need to go to obgyn in teen years or later if you don't have problems with your reproductive system or you haven't started having sex early. i was 20 when i first went to see obgyn to ask for a contraception prescription because my periods were irregular, but i didn't receive a full examination because i was a virgin. i just talked to the doctor about my overall health and got an abdominal ultrasound where i could see that my uterus and ovaries were fine. most doctors here will not do a full on examination unless there is a medical reason to do so and you are no longer a virgin. i know that virginity is a social construct and that they could do full examinations with no issue to virgins as well, but i guess it is some sort of country's conservative side that they still stick to.

  • Anyone realise how the poll says 91% on hell Yh but on the Apple a day it says 8% CS-tv needs a bit of help

  • "be patient" please don't tell me i was the only one who thought that was a pun

  • Fun fact: Instead of Hookah, we say Shisha (sheeshah) in Germany.

  • I have Misophonia, I cannot stand the sound of people eating loudly, I get very angry and almost go into a panic attack. It’s pretty awful.

  • I found out I had Misophonia through Shane Dawson. People would always (and still do) give me a hard time because I can be very sensitive to certain sounds. They just thought I was being “extra” but it’s a real condition.

  • Where did you study??

  • If you are interested in somatopsychic - body mind disease then you should try reading constitutional materia medica of homoeopathy therapy. They have researched many mind body disease & each symptom of disease related to activity & thinking of mind.

  • May I date with a doctor 😎

  • I found something that you might find interesting on mind/body interrelationship with health. Check out this video

  • Can you make more reaction videos? I would love to see your reactions on Cells at work, Greys Anatomy, and the Good Doctor. 🙂

  • Dr. Mike- Would you date someone without a degree? How important really is someone with a degree is for you? Is that a requirement? Sorry, English is my second language. Please be honest 🙏🏼.

  • I definitely have misophonia. It's terrible and seems unreasonable but I can't stop it.

  • I don't think the question is asking about misophonia I think it's more an ear worm situation. Ear worms are very interesting and they aren't a real worm but it's interesting to google. I get them quite often with music lyrics and the music.

  • i litteraly put night light which dims the blue light so ya...

  • Any girls had serious crush on him?😁

  • I just started a job as an essential worker and I have to wear a mask but it made me wonder if someone had the corona virus and was asymptomatic would wearing a mask be bad for them because they are re-breathing more of their own air.

  • Q: how to date a doctor? Dr Mike: be patience. Me: can I be your patient?

  • Bruh don't say "it can happen" for sexual activity before 13. Most 11 or 12 year old girls don't have sexual urges unless they're being manipulated or has been traumatized!

  • Been there, don't that. I also come from a family with several doctors. I could only recommend dating a doctor if you enjoy a lot of alone time and cancelled plans.

  • Be patient and be a patient. There is a difference

  • Ha! I'm left-handed with writing and do pretty much everything else with my right. There are a few things I can do with either hand, but my right will always do it better. No idea why I'm left-handed with writing.

  • The only thing that kept me staying at school was because i got to mess around with more dudes. They all look white and Italians and Jews and Irish. Geez i am not into them cuz I was laughed at by their white moms because of my accents. Well too bad I am not a Med student any more. Well yea I don’t care about their sisters because they all look the same on Facebook

  • I was so into the stethoscope thing until I touched it. I forgot to wear them every time I go to see my advisor and had to be reminded by my friends. What a joke

  • Hookah is a great way for making friends . Better than group therapy at a mental hospital. Thanks.

  • You should have said no to your girl friend when they start thinking about sex at age of 13

  • Family doc is not well trained on OB because no one goes to them when they have OB issues, like I don’t wanna go to speak to a white lady therapist for my yellow issue.

  • You better be a Mormon if you want to survive medical schools. Because you know, they have no friends thus no distraction. Their women are beautiful and fit and nice and pretty as hel l, and you know, not a bit ch

  • Im asking for a friend: Do you have a wife?

  • I'm a bit late to this video, but I really like the comment about modern medicine going towards a more mindful way of treating people. I work as a physiotherapist in a Nordic country and for us that's standard in the education, incl. more complex things like Psychosomatic therapy. It's very common for our patients to get very personal during discussion, because we often spend more time with them and it's more intimate than a 15min visit to the GP, because of touch and being physically close. I've had people start crying in the middle of a session, when trauma stories surface or realization happens, or people who have completely lost the mind and body connection after a burnout. It's difficult, but afterwards the path to recovery is a lot faster, sometimes even as soon as a call the next day saying their chronic low back pain is gone.