AFC Richmond players talk ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, FIFA video game

čas přidán 14. 03. 2023
Phil Dunster, Cristo Fernández and Kola Bokinni, members of fictional soccer team AFC Richmond, share details about the third season of “Ted Lasso.” They also talk about seeing their likenesses in the popular video game “FIFA” and answer rapid fire questions about the cast!
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  • I just love this show. I'm already sad if it ends with season 3. 😢❤

    • I love it if they end on a high. Not like most US shows which continue until no longer commercially viable.

    • @kiriakoz Exactly! Don’t be sad that it’s over. Be glad that it happened. I have a Grand Theory of Television: nothing good comes after season three. Sure, there may be good episodes, but overall, the harm done to the show’s legacy, by the dip in quality, outweighs the positive moments.

    • @TPRM1 a lot of uk shows end after 3 seasons. You're right, that's often the optimal number of seasons.

    • @kiriakoz beginning, middle and end. 3 act structure is so universal for a reason

    • @TPRM1 Breaking Bad? Better Call Saul? The Americans? South Park? Succession? The Wire?

  • Their chemistry is amazing. proof people shine on a job when în good company. Great show!

  • Loved this show so much! Congrats to the entire cast ans crew 🎉

  • Cristo " football is life " He stole our hearts ❤😘

  • Love this show, love the actors! And to the host, they played "AS" themselves at 2:40!

    • Sure…😏

  • For me, Ted Lasso is the best comedy show since Father Ted. It's absolutely brilliant - and the entire cast drive it forward. But Brett Goldstein is the heart and soul of it, for me.

    • I hear your a football coach now father

  • Season 3 is so good so far. Such serious subjects being discussed about mental health.

  • A brillant cast and show ❤

  • Just love the way Isaac says, "Bruv!" to everyone... And Phil's council estate Manc is incredibly on point! Cheers, Mate!

    • Phil's what?

    • @Isaiah Ayers His accent. Mancunian by way of growing up on a council estate.

    • @Lindsay Day I wish I could say that cleared things up for me. I appreciate it though. I'll have to Google that.

  • I was thinking that maybe they modulated their voices for the show, but that's really the way they talk. It's so fantastic!

    • What part did you think was modulated? The accents?

    • @E DsP Yeah I don't know what I was thinking. It's a comedy show and a character like Dani just almost doesn't feel real. I mean, the way he says "Futbol is life" feels like something an actor would practice in front of a mirror to get the voice and delivery just right. But he seems to just talk like that, which was surprising.

    • @JD Francis Dani was a pro footballer before trying acting, football is indeed life for him. 😊

    • @JD Francis Cristo Fernandez was a professional footballer since he was like 17, playing for Guadalajara until he injured his knee and had to stop playing professionally. He also speaks like five or six languages

    • You may have noticed that Jamie Tartt sounds quite different than the actor who plays him.

  • Well done to the editors, lining up the photos of the actors as they mention them.

  • They're so cute! I love this show. I need more seasons!!!

  • So glad that the show is back...but I'm going to miss it when it's gone.

  • Its a show wear you can rewatch the episodes over and over again.

    • so true. it really makes the soul feel good. it's never depressing to watch. They always have a positive outlook on this show.

  • In love with cristo!! He is adorable lovable and relatable

  • Cristo’s hair is glorious! And is his smile.

  • Playing with themselves in Jason’s house is crazy 😭😭

    • Phrasing... 😂

  • As a long-haired man myself, Cristo Fernandez's "mane" is absolutely magnificent.

    • I'm growing mine, and a bit sad that it won't look as fabulous as Cristo's

  • We needed this show during pandemic and we need it now when Russia attacked Ukraine. Only reason I am sane

  • way too 😎 cool. Love these guys ⚽️💜⚽️

  • They could definitely pull like 6 or 7 seasons and turn the to show into the new dream team

    • Nah. You never want to drag a series more than it needs to be. Gotta keep it short and amazing. Ted's character would eventually get redundant

    • But it’s a series about a football team not just ted there are story lines to keep you interested dream team done 9 seasons and was one of the most popular shows at the time. Ted is being paid a million an episode to do the last season that’s how popular the show is

    • @Trick daddy’s uncle don't matter

    • @venustiano carranza great counter argument very articulate 👏👏

  • Love these guys!

  • need more than 3 seasons man

  • It was awesome because it premiered on my birthday. So it was basically like a birthday present.

  • Dany Rojas, football is life Rojas, Rojas, Rojas This series is simply splendid, really good hahaha

  • When Phil points and shakes his head at 2.46 mins, you know that the guy at the end of the sofa got the innuendo. Don't go there, mate!!!

    • She should've said, Played as Yourselves. lol

  • Glad to see Al doing well...

  • He's an American football coach hired to be a soccer (real Football) Coach.

  • This show is a miracle. An entire TV program based on a one-off sports channel joke. By all accounts this should have gone down in flames with the Geico Cavemen show. But somehow it was actually good!

  • @5:17 - Cristo Fernández was a pro footballer until a career ending knee injury occurred.

  • I was so shocked about Jamie’s voice

  • Love the show

  • So funny and handsome the lot of of them

  • Good God Christo’s hair is glorious!

  • Jamie tart's accent is so good 😂😂....he goes poopeh instead of poopy 😂😂😂

  • I just can’t get over how posh Phil Dunster is… changes him so completely

    • Posh in what way? Is it his accent?

  • Sheinelle: You were playing with yourselves at Jason Sudeikis's house... Dylan: My adult crush grows... haha

  • he goes by Van Damme now😂😂😂.

  • Cristo's hair is looking very lustrous

    • His smile always gets me. He just instantly makes me happy

  • Funny that they ask which cast made could play in the World Cup when it's clearly Cristo. Did the show not do their research first?

  • Danny Rojas Football is life

  • daniiiiii rojaaaaaas

  • Ted Lasso comes to America!

  • Football is life is a Bob Marley quote

    • “Football is freedom” was Bob Marleys quote

  • The actor who play Jamie Tart looks like Starkiller

    • he is not its the guy that plays doomsday in smallville

    • He is not saying that he plays starkiller just that he looks like him And no he doesn’t look anything like starkiller

  • I sent a message to EA Games FIFA to include Ted lasso 20 Sept 2021!

  • 2:52 thats such a McAdoo answer

  • Wrong: Ted is an American 🏈 coach hired to coach soccer ⚽.

    • Wrong: Ted is an American 🏈 coach hired to coach (real) football.

    • @Madam Mikmak lol don't be ridiculous.

    • @HoratioVelveteen Say you are an arrogant American without saying you are an arrogant American.

  • That's a shampoo contract right there!

  • Jamie Taaaaaaart ❤❤❤

  • It is not soccer It is footballlllllllllllll

  • 5:59 di they just confirm s4 here?? i thought is twas gonna end after s3 :0

    • No, there isn't a confirmation yet to either a Season 4 or a spin-off.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • They did WHAT at Sudeikis's house?

  • Dani is so attractive 😂

  • They played with themselves at Jason Sadakis house??

    • Team bonding exercise that didn't make the show?

  • Drop the hair routine, Cristo.

  • Jamie Tart looks so pale, almost a vampire. They all look pale so must be the lighting.

  • FIFA😢 aka EAsportsFC

  • Dani Rojas Rojassssss

  • ⚽⚽⚽💪❤😍🥲😍❤💪⚽⚽⚽

  • That is some luuuuuuuuuuuuustrous hair.

    • Both Cristo and James Lance have gorgeous hair.

  • Ted lasso used to funny man now it just feels like a reality tv show. A program about a footy team that doesn't play any football