Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug - BARBARA | The Dodo

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Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug | This grumpy-faced rescue cat attacked her new mom at first - but look at her now 💕💕💕
You can keep up with Barbara and all of her adorable, grumpy adventures on Instagram, grumpybarbara:
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  • She is beautiful and you changed her life forever.❤️

  • She’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • "Bitchy Cat"

  • My cat that I've had since she was firat born still isn't sure if the likes my girlfriend.

  • 😍

  • RIP grumpy cat

  • I adopted a cat who had been at the shelter for months and was extremely depressed. She wouldn’t come out of the closet when I got her home. I was afraid she may be too emotionally damaged. But, I just went in occasionally and spoke to her gently and rubbed her belly. After about 10 days, she snapped out of it as if it never happened and now she’s like the 1 year old she should be. Great personality and loves my other cat. It just takes time and understanding. It’s very important to let them make the first moves when they are ready. I believe that builds much more trust. I learned that from Kevin Richardson from South Africa, the Lion whisperer. His videos about Lions are awesome.

  • Nothing a couple of wacks and a kick won’t help!

  • Thanks for not giving up on her! She loves you.

  • There’s no such thing as a cat that’s not adoptable.

  • That cat looks like jack Nicholson

  • "Hurrrgh, it's not like I love you or anything." - Cat, while snuggling

  • She's plotting to kill you.

  • If I was a cat named Barbara I’d be grumpy too.

  • such a cute face! glad shes happy and doing welll with her new mom ! barbara live ur best happy life with mom ♥️

  • People who get cats have to do research and cats that are traumatized will be scared or aggressive you have to let cats do what they want to be comfortable with there new surroundings I do rescues for cats and cats can take along time to adjust but once they do they will love you!

  • Lol, of course her name's Barbara.

  • Hideous looking fucking cat.

  • looks cross eyed to me +++

  • 'Owner, you have passed my test, I now deem you worthy'.

  • She is sooo Beautiful ☺️☺️❤️❤️👍

  • She's a lot to handle and she got a lot of love to go along with it. You are her soulmate

  • I have a rat who used to be a ferocious biter. My boyfriend didn't dare to touch him and didn't really like him. I touched him occasionally to let him now I wasn't a threat, i got bitten a few times, it hurts so much XD and I also carried him every night to the cage, and he slowly started trusting human hands. I wasn't difficult for me to give him space because I had four rats at that time and the other three were already giving me so much that it's wasn't at all a big deal if one was shy. The first two rats I got were in the same situation, one was pure affection, sleeping on me all the time, and the other one just shy and scared, but not aggressive. I focused on the affectionate one and let the other one adjust, now he is a big fat rat that I love just as much as all other I have.

  • Awww dammm....I thought the owner was Alynass Morriset.

  • This cat looks great! I love my european short hair cat :-) peace.

  • Behold, the new grumpy cat.

  • She's gorgeous her face is insane I love her

  • Lmao that cats angry face, i could not live seeing that everyday, always being judged. No thanks

  • She is cute and funny. ❤️. :)


  • Damn meow meow

  • Awwwwww cutie ❤️❤️❤️

  • She's so cute and presh.

  • ❤️

  • It’s funny that cats that look so surly tend to be the sweetest

  • that cat looks like rob swanson

  • These Rock! Barbara Rocks!!

  • Such unique fur - quite shag like in some areas i.e. belly.

  • "She's going to be living on my head." LOL. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  • You are a beautiful woman, at heart. that is a hell of a lucky cat.

  • We connect to all 'souls' Why is this hard to understand? Love is the key.. It bonds us together like glue.. Animals read your intent.. They know

  • looks like a angry cat

  • Curly kitty

  • This cat actually looks like my grandma

  • its been 1 year and 4 months of me hoping my cat will do something like this to me...well its also been 1 year and 4 months me suffering from her slaps tho .

  • It just takes time & lots of patience for these cats to adjust. Once they trust you they make a special bond. Unconditional love on both sides. What a wonderful woman. ❤️

  • Once they imprint on you... It's game over. You are now their "everything".

  • What a beautiful girl Barbara is 😍 she just needed time and space but to know that someone was there waiting for her to trust again ❤️ and know she will be safe once more.

  • “I’m a demonic presence but I love my mom. Deal with it”

  • For cats, you really have to earned their affection. my old rescue cat turned from a grumpy, angry old man into a super sweet, super patient, needy and loving snugglebug after one and a half freaking year.

  • I want to marry a man that loves animals as much if not more than I do

  • That cat looks like Eartha Kitt (aka Catwoman)

  • My cat bit my toes for attention -∆-"

  • The other alley cats probably told her that if she continued they will kick her out

  • Thank you 💞

  • 1.4k dislikers for this video must be stone hearted and cold blooded.Cat's love is eternal.Forvever.

  • 1.4k dislikers for this video must be stone hearted and cold blooded.Cat's love is eternal.Forvever.

  • Beautiful personality, love her looks with her sparkling eyes. Her eyes talk more than her miaow. Happy she has a loving mom. Have a nice evening. Adopt don't shop.

  • Ya, if we give aggressive pets a chance . They may change. Aggressive behavior is pain coming out. Cats is not independent. They can not feed, clean litter out, go to the vet, doctor themselves, etc... People, every animal is different with different personalities. Stop stereotyping . 😢

  • Lovely 💖

  • It's not their soul she picks up on... It's the smell if animals...

  • Aww

  • She decided to give the human a chance.

  • Crazy cat lady!

  • Don't use the word "literally" unless you know it's actual meaning. Cats, including this one, cannot fly, so she was not "literally flying off the walls and the ceiling."

  • ingratiating little sods are they not

  • she is so pretty.

  • Beautiful little face. So cute. I'm glad you found each other. ❤️

  • Who dont have a hard time,,but all we need is love,,lovely cat have a lovely mom.

  • more vertical spaces!! lol (exert from "my cat from hell")

  • What a wonderful, sweet story. You rock!

  • the name barbara fits her *perfectly*

  • you are a very special person for cats to warm up to you and trust you. thank you for helping these cats, you are an angel in the truest sense!

  • Ah...Barbara is beautiful!!! I am so glad you both found each other. I have 3 of my own feline roommates who I love dearly. I’m not saying that dogs are NOT just as wonderful as a companion. It’s just that ever since I was a young teen, + had my 1st cat, I feel that they are easier to care for when one lives in an apartment. I look foreword to seeing you + Barbara on Instagram!☺️

  • So what you're saying is you are a miracle when it comes to Barbara. You saved her life. You're an angel. Thank you

  • Gotta love that feisty little face. You go, Miss Barbara!

  • Her face look like a lil bub

  • This car looks so weird... I find her beautiful and ugly at the same time

  • The dads cat is same way. Until she swats your face and hisses.

  • I also follow the Sterns and I recall Barbara before she was adopted. The part I believe her owner left out is that she is on medication for her aggression, she didn’t just get over it. She had a specific behavioral problem that required meds in order for her to behave. Happy for them non the less but this is extremely misleading.

  • New Cat Mom = hero

  • That’s so sad what she had gone through! I’m so glad she’s all happy now and I’m glad someone adopted her. God bless ❤️🙏

  • Sweet Barbara. Love it!

  • We have grumpy cat's rival, Malevolent Cat.

  • It’s Emma Stone

  • the more i think of how the grumpy cat's name is barbara, the more i giggle uncontrollably.

  • Without cats youtube wont even be a thing!!!!

  • gorgeous

  • She's the light of my life 😻😻 i love it 😍🌼😚

  • What a unique kitty! Look at that curly fur!

  • awesome is all i can say😘

  • Omg, it's like a Ron Swanson cat . . . I love her so much! 😄

  • You both are beautiful

  • I'm very happy she found you. Your gentle, patient, unconditional love was not lost on her and was ultimately rewarded with the greatest gift one creature can offer another - their trust and love and affection. Cats seem to me to be deeply complex emotionally centered beings. You giving her space to sort out her trauma, while clearly offering her comfort, support, and concern was spiritually mature and noble. I know how you ached to smother this sad creature with all your heart to force through her pain, let her know she wasn't alone. You restrained your needs out of respect for hers and won a very exclusive heart forever. I'm so happy for you both. I hope you're both blessed with long, healthy, happy, lives together.

  • Awesome

  • Damn ninjas cutting onions ...

  • I'd recognize a face like that anywhere. She's got to be part Devon Rex.

  • I keep watching these videos, they make me sob like a baby, and they also make me appreciate my cats more and more. Thank God for the animals

  • Samuel L jackson cat version

  • Had a similar thing happen with our female cat, so aggressive, almost blinded me when she scratched my eye ball during one attack. She then fell pregnant and when she gave birth she was extremely distressed. She tried to give birth behind a set of drawers but realised she had no room, I pulled the drawers out after she gave birth to three kittens she was happy for me to move them and her to a box nearby so she and they could relax and be comfortable. After that we bonded. She is now one of the most affectionate cats I've ever had.