Alexis Skyy Makes Homemade Dinner for Rob Kardashian

čas přidán 15. 01. 2019
DMX wants a makeup’Fix My Life’ interview (00:04) ►
Selena Gomez back on Instagram (01:05) ►
A Boogie wit da Hoodie gets first number 1 album (01:51) ►
Rob Kardashian has dinner with Alexis Sky (02:24) ►
Fyre Festival documentaries (03:58) ►
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Alexis Skyy Makes Homemade Dinner for Rob Kardashian
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  • Come on Rob, stop with the damn ratchets

  • Rob fat ass ain’t gon neva learn just want sum ass pathetic he should snort coke so he can loose those extra pounds

  • dinner consists of some pills titties and that vagina

  • Stop playing with rob, been with nothing but bad bitches continuously

  • Oh man the shit that people consider "news" is why this world sucks!

  • #Love #You #DMX

  • Lmfao at least she knows how to trap him. Boy is a beluga lol

  • Poor Rob can't see a set-up when it's right in front of him? I guess he likes left-overs. Hoexys Skye needed a come up because Fetty don't want her so she found an easier mark.🎲 She need to leave Chyna the hell alone because at least she knows who her kids daddy's are. Lol Ja-Rule is 🔥and we all Love him and his music. No other like him. Truly Original⭐👏

  • Rob need to leave LA, quit taking up rappers scraps

  • I thought Robs mom was taking care of him whats these women getting he probably wants her child support😂😂

  • Run, Rob, run!! She looks the fuckin same as black China! Fake and ugly af.

  • Rob go listen to outkast ft ugk - international players anthem. In 3 stack voice don't do it don't do it.

  • Hard head make a soft ass. Niggas to old to be doing the same shit 😒🤨

  • Alexis bout to be Dream's step Mama. 2019 wild already

  • It's over ladies anytime we have a news story about cooking for your man IDK y'all

  • She should have his baby cute couple

  • She bout to have Robs baby.

  • Rob was petty against his family w Blac Chyna, then petty against Chyna with Alexis S. Rob is petty, period! Does he want Chyna, back?

  • Keep ya penis away from the thots rob!

  • I disagree. I don't want physical copies to go away. They already make cars without CD players. Streaming can be removed or made unavailable at will...there's no credits for everyone involved to look at, no artwork, no photos, no potential posters etc or the anticipation of waiting and looking for the CD in the store and ripping the packaging and having a listening party. #80sBaby 🤷🏾‍♀️💜

  • Why does it seem like the Breakfast club promotes fighting? These people are over 40 years.

  • Rob & Kriss aren’t too dumb, kriss bought his home & assets so nothing is in his name & im sure his $$$ is in someone else’s name/account so the thots might end up paying him. The Kardashian’s need to go away!!!!!!!!

  • Does Charlemagne have a lisp? He sounds like he still sucks his thumb.

  • aint nothing wrong with the hoes but he would be a dumb MF if he fall in love with the hoes

  • Putting chicken 🐔 in the oven is a “Homecooked “ meal ?

  • Alexis is trying to get that bag Chyna got by fucking Rob

  • What a terrible picture of Selena

  • Breakfast club boat Cruz???!!!...some fu**cking going on

  • A way to a man is his stomach 😂 fatass Rob

  • If Robs sister didn't screw Ray j on video he couldn't get a date with one of those chicks on the tv show 600 lbs plus

  • Black China is a skank. Nothing attractive about her at all. Anyone is a step up from her.

  • This fool said was it a chubby hand im dead hahahahahaha

    • Selica L. 😂😂😂 I was crying .

  • I actually love Skyy for Rob but my boy shoulda learned his lesson from Blacc. Although, Skyy is such a good girl I don't think she would hurt him. 💕

  • Rob is very easy to poisen or kidnap heres some food or l got some candy

  • People in the comments complaining about what they're talking about. It's called the RUMOR Report, not the News Report. If you don't care or want to hear the rumors, don't listen. Simple.

  • a early welcome home to the OG X

  • Rob keep them rats running through your mother

  • Body count 2019..... #1

  • I was just binge listening to Dmx earlier 😁

  • This nigga rob don’t learn do he

  • I hope she’s in it for the right reasons she seems more genuine than chyna

  • Chips orha, Free to Lay!

  • Oh lordt no again!!!! Run far away Rob. Another thirsty THOT ready to use you!

  • After being tricked once, one should learn from one's mistakes .. Omg

  • Yee is so trash

  • Rob, don't need to eat anymore food. Nigga shaped like a gallon of Milk.

  • Rob is a sweetheart, good for him!

  • Chyna mad because Alexis treating Rob like a man supposed to be treated

  • Man dmx is a legend and deserves more respect.

  • That picture of Selena Gomez - petty af! 😂 Just plain wrong.

  • Whoever deemed this "news worthy" needs a new job🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Bed wenches are the worst not surprised can't trust these black hoes no way.


  • How about she go cook her children a meal


  • VIP at a house party.?? Things are real different now.

  • Rob... :sigh:...he just needs to get it together. He has horrible taste in women. Smh. I’m sick of thots being desired.

  • Blac Chyna The Sequel.

  • It’s a set up. Chyna is trying to put her friend on for the next simp session. She was like let’s fake fight, then you hit rob up and secure the bag. He’s gonna do it cause he’s salty lmfao

  • Big Fat ROB! his only talent is being born from a hustlers vagina; waiting for the day they all exit like the Osbourne's', why give a platform or mention their existence when their contribution as a whole to the average person or humanity is zero. I have always felt a tiny bit or scorn for people who idolize talent-less morons, you know the only reason you are talking about him is because of his last name and not because of something he makes or does besides dumb shit.


  • Lets face it . This dude Rob is not cleanning toylets at a Golden Coral somewhere cause His name is Kardashian . Otherwise....... You could be a Dissabled crippled kardashian and bitxhesss would still try to fxxxkc . Thirsty for fame and glorry gold digging asszzz hoes.

  • 😂😂😂😂bitches gone burn in the hell you don’t believe in 🔥👹god females ain’t shit

  • Mute Charlemagne Jessica Reid.

  • She looking for a baby dabby...Poor little angel.

  • You are what you attract. Rob at one point was very shallow and a player just like the women he’s been dealing with ,honestly it’s karma🤷🏾‍♀️ I think Chyna liked him for real tho. Hmm childish people dating childish people 🙃

    • His siblings are whores, that's all he knows. He just wants to deal with Black thotties.

  • DMX a real Nigga 💯

  • This foo is the biggest simp

  • Rob is the type of person to leave the cookout with 2 or more plates

  • Soundcloud: BN Brizzle check it out

  • While his eating she cleaning the bank account oh I mean the dishes

  • I must be the only person who finds both Blac Chyna and Alexis ugly

    • Betsy wong maybe on the inside but Alexis is gorgeous. Chyna ehhhhhh

  • This is news to blackouts

  • Idk how a whore makin a meal wit a lame he wouldnt get those bad thots if he didnt have money foh no homo look at em he a lame cornball

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant by him out of spite. She did it with Masika and Fetty Wap, wouldn’t be surprised if she did it again smh

  • This fat simp will never learn

  • Easy money for her!!!!

  • She about to pull a black Chyna. Wait, so 2019 yr of the documentaries that end careers and get people lock up!!! even the dead R. I. P Aaliyah & MJ

  • 😂🤣😂 these thots know when a man is hard up for pussy and these dumb dudes just dont learn

  • He hooked

  • Rob man you're a disgrace 😂😂😂🤣 the Kardashians taught you nothing absolutely nothing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nothing with tomato sauce enchilada or picante

  • She probably make some bomb baked mac & cheese though. *Shrugs

  • A way to the hearts is through the stomach....don't eat bothing re Rov...Now you no Kria Kim or kloye ain't going for that. Make sure you ware your rain coat.

  • Oh Rob🤦🏾‍♀️ There you HO again!

  • And the recipe came from The Black Chyna How to Scam a Weak Minded Ass Kardashian collection. Get it bish! !!!! That lil dude is an all day sucka.

  • Great for Rob K he deserves to be pampered. Plus that lady is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Becareful Rob, becareful ok!!!!

  • These sluts smell the simp in him he will get played again

  • -___--



  • A boat cruise 👀👀 that would definitely be dope. The Ghetto on the Sea 🌊. Sign me up!

  • Smh there's no hope !!!

  • Thirsty, trapping ass evil witches. But he's stupid for falling for it.

  • Crazy pic of Selena Gomez jesus christ

  • She’s a whore!!! She’ll be pregnant by him very soon!

  • Finna fall for it a again. what a simp

  • The stuff Iyanla does is so inappropriate and harmful. He needs an actual therapist or psychologist.