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All 50 TD Passes by Patrick Mahomes in 2018!

čas přidán 31. 12. 2018
Patrick Mahomes tosses 50 touchdowns during the 2018 NFL Season...check 'em all out!
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  • MVP

  • Where is the play where T. Hill broke his kids arm?

  • Rams vs chiefs will always be a unforgettable game

  • So excited for 2019 Season!!!!

  • 138 Denver fans are triggered.

  • Man I love Patrick Mahomes

  • Possibly 8 new defensive starters next year for the Chiefs. Hopefully the offense won't have to carry this type of load again.

  • That's my boy!

  • Chief fans. Yaw ever sit back and think, "damn we really have mahomes at qb?"

  • Future of the league

  • Dude had so many TD's it took 8 minutes to recap.

  • Just drafted him in fantasy

  • he sucks

  • A 8+ minute video just for touchdowns. The kid is special.

  • 0-2 vs Brady!

    • Not this year. Not happening...

  • The Raiders and Chiefs records proved to be inversely proportional at the time of their regular season meetings lmaoooo

  • Hill ✌✌✌

  • Mahommes goes from his 1st progression to his 3rd or 4th with blink..not to mention a lazer with a quick release

  • 3:11 I honestly feel bad for the Bengals RE that got blocked on the back (RIP his sack)

  • And this was only his second year in the league. Give him a better defense please

  • All these to just choked against NE

    • He didn't choke he had a great game they just lost

  • Mahomes is the best

  • My Chiefs finally got the QB everyone else wants and tries to compare to! It’s going to be fun as a Chiefs fan!!! Go CHIEFS

  • When you make a 99 OVR custom player in Madden franchise mode and set 35 touchdowns as the rookie year goal but you get 50 instead.

  • and he could of had more

  • he is so good

  • From a lifetime Cowboy's fan, permission to come aboard ? love this kid !

  • The chiefs should've gone to the Superbowl, not the garbage ass patriots. The NFL needs to learn that we don't all like the Stupid ass patriots as much as them

  • That is crazy seeing what 50 TD's in one season looks like. Some of those passes were unreal!

  • now i watch this and think what could of been...Kareem gone Tyreek probably gone. Coulda been a generational offense

  • I think he might mess around and throw for 60 one season.

  • My favorite TD pass by Mahomes was when he scrambled left and then scrambled right and passed to Chris Conley against the 49ers

  • Honestly this is all Eric reed look how far back mahomes is on every Throw...he got some zip tho

  • 2:08 When you press double a

  • I'm not sure if My Homes is great or NFL defenses are just stinky cheese baaaaddddd????

  • Yes he did mahomes is a beast baby

  • Patrick is truly one of the best to watch when the NFL is on!!!

  • Alex Smith's five years in Kansas City: 102 touchdown passes Patrick Mahomes in his first year starting: 50 touchdown passes

  • Allen will have more TDs than him this year.

  • Lamar Jackson is going be the best one day

  • People are saying this season was better than mannins 2013 season with 55 touchdowns and 5500 yards. Thats just not true lol.

  • Give him a good defense he will earn a ring in the future

  • Am I a Chiefs fan? Damn right I am! I live less than a mile from Arrowhead. Yes I am also a Wolverine fan, but that is college. I've spent half my time living in both states. We bleed Chiefs football here. In all my 48 years as a football fan I don't think I have ever looked forward to the next season just to see what one player is going to do like I am right now. 55 TD'? Maybe even break that elusive 60 mark? He could very well do it. Either way, this city has bought into this kid and are truly behind him. He has done everything right to endear himself to a city both on and off the field. He is a class act from to bottom and I credit his parents for doing their job right.

  • The scariest part that it’s his first season

  • Patrick mahomes is a good quarter back but its all about DAK PRESCOTT!!!!!

  • I had Mahomes and Tyreek on my fantasy team in 2018. All of the rest of you guys can GF yourselves

  • Imma go ahead and say he was my favorite player to watch last season. -Go PACK Go

  • But did he beat new england or win the superbowl???

  • The best qb of this genaration


  • I’m confused, is the only reason Tom Brady is the goat because of his 6 Super Bowl wins?

    • 14 pro bowls, 3 MVPs, 517 TD passes, 70,000 yards. It's his whole body of work that makes him the GOAT. He's 207-60 in the regular season and 30-10 in the playoffs. His success is untouchable by any other QB.

  • Why are people disliking this video???

  • Lol what do ppl "dislike" about this?? Makes no sense. Altho Im still actually more impressed with Dan Marino having 48 td passes way back in '84.

  • I don't care what he did Kareem Hunt is a top 5 back in the league

  • Are we just going to ignore the block in the back at 03:10 ?

  • Are we just going to ignore the block in the back at 03:10 ?

  • Only wonder boy could hit all of those Wiiiiiiiiddddddddeeeeeee open receivers

  • 4:00 thank me later

  • Touchdown Kan-Sas City

  • Imagine if the chiefs had a defense

  • 50👀

  • 1:34 that trubisky scramble tho

  • So Brees fans always use stats when trying to claim he’s the GOAT, but won’t accept Mahomes stats for him getting MVP 😂 sounds about right smh

  • God is on Mahomes side. He's a humble and respectable player. He might not have won the afc championship match but the lord will reward him as long as he puts God first. This is the first time I see a true Qb be honest and be loyal to his game. May he blessed, like if u agree

    • Kat Reactor hey mind if you check out my mahomes video leave a like I would greatly appreciate it

  • This did will be known as the goat in 10 years mark my words

  • overrated

  • Super Bowl would have been so much better with him than Brady and Goff. It was so boring.

  • Rip Kareem hunt

  • I still wear the #27 I bought his jersey # and the next day Kareem was kicked I was told to return the jersey but I still wear it in public and get ugly faces 😂

  • Love me some Mahomie.

  • I was at the game where he reached 50 td's! #chiefskingdom

  • Mahomes Mvp

  • I am not an American and do not know much about American Football, but I am kind of surprised that all these passes count as TD passes. I was under the impression that only passes to a receiver already located in the end zone count as TD passes. And even such "handing overs" like at 0:13 are considered passes?

  • Oh Yeah? Ryan Leaf can throw over 50 picks. even their 31st defense can make it happen

  • If they still had hunt they’d be in the sb rn imo

  • Brady 2.0 in the making

  • He may have blown out my bengals 45-10 but I still got mad respect

  • F yeah

  • Rams vs Chiefs next week would've been a very exciting and entertaining Super Bowl!!#


  • As a pats fan brees deserves an mvp award....but not this year. Mahomes is easily mvp, its not even close

  • I wish tyreek hill would stop being cocky and actually try to win

  • with those offensive tools he beat nothing but weak teams,,against top tier teams he lost every time, hunt goes down,,all of a sudden it ain't so easy

  • NFL, do all 7 Ints by Nathan Peterman in 2018

  • HIS A STUD 👍

  • What's this guy's Madden rating

  • If they had a top 16 defense they would have gone 16-0

  • Chiefs fans I would have loved to watch you guys fall to my Los Angeles Rams in the Super bowl

  • Such a quick release.... the future of the NFL. I'm a Cowboys fan but this guy reminds me of Dan Marino just unique

  • Damn. Quick bullet. And accurate.

  • (Patrick Mahomes Sept 9th 2018 - January 20th 2019) R.I.P Eulogy - was given by Tom Brady

  • 7:23 that pass was crazy

  • MVP!!!!!!!!!

  • Good thing he lost in the AFCC game. The Rams would’ve ate him alive in the Super Bowl

  • Best QB in the league.

  • Modern day Dan Marino in that he's going to put up great numbers and never win a Super Bowl. Consider for a second that he put up all of those numbers and still couldn't make it out of the AFC. By the time Brady calls it quits, Mahommes will have Baker, Tua, Goff and Trevor Lawrence to take on. Unfortunately, the Chiefs play no defense.

  • For a 23 year old hes AMAZING i also love his eyes

  • Who's here after the afc championship game

  • Who needs a defense when you can out score any team’s offense in the league! This kid is next level. Just, Wow.

  • This kid is special, future hall of fame in the making #Chiefskingdom