ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

čas přidán 16. 10. 2020
Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.

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  • The fact that we grew up on the same side of bmore been through the same shit I can feel this man pain

  • Don King did the same shit

  • Revancha

  • Natural born bone breaker.

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  • I got mad love for tank and money mayweather

  • Tank has Always been my favourite fighter.

  • You see why Davis won? From the very second of this video Davis is training. Santa Cruz got complacent, showing off his achievements. Complacency vs Hunger, it looks like Santa Cruz lost his hunger, "It's a dream come true", dude's playing basketball at the start.

  • Floyd would make himself ppv name mayperview

  • Boxers transcend athletes. They're special.

  • having an opportunity from Floyd is such a blessing!

  • All honesty floyd sells the fights for Davis, Gervonta has no charisma even Snoop didnt know who he was and he black

  • The clown show with bozo Mayweather...

  • As soon as GTD get his first loss ..see if Floyd still believe in that man

  • Tank if you’re seeing this you motivate me so much bro I’m you’re biggest fan good luck on June 26 you got this champ 🙏🏽

  • The way tank laughed. Its just phenomenal 😂😂. Most humble fighter

  • Check out JAHARI BURKS VS JARED CHESNEY...............WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd has mad love for Davis, I see how he treats him like a younger brother, factz!

  • I hear the name 'Gervonta Tank Davis' and immediately the words...Warrior, Brave, Determination and Inspiration instantly spring to mind. Thank you Calvin for training Tank.

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  • This is like a movie, two warriors going at it 🤨

  • I felt his coaches saying put your mind to it and work hard ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

  • I cried 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  • 6:05

  • Still hoping that someday I will work with the money team,

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  • That boy tank talk like a 5th grader 😂 Let me chill ion want no beef lil bra

  • I wish the dude was a little bigger in hight and waight then his fights would have been fun to watch, he's like 5'6

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  • Floyd knows what to do on camera dude a sniper fr

  • So who called out who?

  • Floyd told to Davis in which round he must end Leo and maybe gave a little money to Gervonta

  • 46-4

  • When will he fight Ryan????????

  • 0:31-1:50 2:47-9:09 14:25 26:46

  • Pain on both sides

  • Anyone know the name of the Spanish song in 9:19?

  • 9:10

  • Barz son!!🔥

  • Gervonta: sounds a bit like Tyson Mayweather: he's the one.

  • Floyd said Davis is the face of boxing. Let me tell you why that is laughable when the most popular and dangerous fighter is Canelo. Mayweather promotions has been mismatch him with all his fights. Davis isn’t even the most popular in his own division. I think Floyd is scared of him losing so due to that they always mismatch him. He fought a faded Santa Cruz at 130. That was a total mismatch, then he fought a 38yr Gamboa a guy who is way past his prime. At this time in his career Davis should have fought Vasily Lomachenko Shakur Stevenson Ryan Garcia Teofimo Lopez Devin Haney Miguel Berchelt Oscar Valdez Joseph Diaz Jr Tevin Farmer Jamel Herring Gary Russell Jr Emanuel Navarrete. But now his next fight is barrios instead of him going again Josh Taylor.

  • anyone no the sparring partner at 7:00

  • When you have a coach that will tear up for you you can do anything 💯


  • He will not going to be a super star and icon if manny doesn't retire

  • Gerbonta youre The best yo me

  • Broner is nowhere near this guy, tank is serious tank does his business quietly he backs his talk. Tank is the future

  • Not going to Spain. Egypt have food

  • Again. U dont want to brake ur hand. Like me Mayweather and manny.

  • "It's Mayperview." LOL

  • Gervonta davis charged with HIT and RUN.( CRIMINAL CHARGE COULD FACE 7 YEARS in PRISON) .sounds like his mentor IV FLUIYD MAYWEATHER. hits and runs and hugs.

  • we need and wish anew film movie or series about pool 8ball billiard sport , soon please

  • Ayyy he from bmore💯💯

  • Thanks you man you luck man 😂😂😂😂😂 How much get Man

  • they put desde morro on here? thats fire as fuck

  • Gervonta has a brighter future than Adrien Broner

  • Gervonta "Hit and Run" Davis

  • Yan si Eros ang Magaling. Pano si princess leah sumuko.

  • The play by play guy that yells constantly on SHOWTIME Boxing is annoying....trying to make it exciting I guess...Santa Cruz vs Davis fight was fire...That uppercut was killer

  • Free tank

  • 9:17 song?

  • His Baltimore accent is killing me 😭

  • Floyd has liked his own pic too🤣

  • Este luchador le va a dar la paliza de su vida a Bryan García

  • Making excuses for the first frampton fight

  • Is this the Calvin the Calvin off the show The Wire is based off?

  • He will get knocked out soon

  • Nobody wanted to tell him to shave whatever that is on his face? Lol guess they didn’t wanna get punched in the jaw😂

  • I don't know if its the hype but I do think Davies can surpass Floyd

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  • Davis vs Garcia my money is on Tank

  • UFC wayyyy better

  • Fuck showtime sports

  • Floyd is just all good vibes and tank just quiet lol,love to see it

  • Floyd better get Gerbal Davis i mean septic tank under control, Keep disrespecting fans by slapping phones from their hands asshole. You wont have a fan leaft

  • Gervonta "Little Tyson" Davis

  • Yo! IF YOU ARE A DEVIN HANEY FAN, THEN YOU ARE A STRAIGHT UP TRICK, DEVIN HANEY TRICKED YOU INTO THINKING LOMACHENKO DUCKED HIM WHEN IN ACTUALLY HANEY HAD NO LEGITIMATE CONTEST (all set ups) ON HIS FIGHT RECORD THEN AND HE STILL DOES NOW. Ha. No reason to fight someone with Haney resume, his “ title “ was earned through a vacancy. Teofimo was then and is now the better fighter. HANEY BEAT NOBODY FOR HIS “CHAMPION TITLE “ACCEPT IT!! ppppssssssss ... hey., {SETUPS!}..for real

  • What's that good Mexican song when Santa Cruz came on? Thx

  • 🥂

  • tank is so pressed under mayweather's wing :D i am sure, the tank is thinking to bite mayweather as soon as he is strong enough to stand on his own :D

  • Gervonta “50 cent” Davis

  • nno lo traducieron al español que horro se ganaron su no me gusta !

  • Tank is the future 4sure!!!


  • Santa Cruz and tank have both gone thru so much bro good luck to both of em

  • Bro they all look mad scary but they sound gentle...

  • Bro please shave the hairs off ya cheeks bro

  • lol bitching while hitting the bag......


  • Davis gotta bad beard

  • Garcia will win within 4 rounds 🇲🇽

    • 💀

  • Ryan will kick his ass

  • You can hate either of them but you have to realise Tanks Potential , The fact he has Floyd in his corner , Puts him miles ahead of everyone money wise an knowledge of boxing wise , Davis gonna be great , Mark my words

  • Leo is no joke 9 million net worth and 40 bouts with only 2 losses If Tank can KO this guy surely Tank can KO Ryan Garcia Ryan is way out of Tank's

  • This is like Mike Tyson Lightweight version with good discipline thanks yo Mayweather guidance.

  • How can you not like Floyd mayweather

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  • Stay safe May god bless you and your fam 🙏🏻

  • What a story tank