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OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

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  • everyone is asking about my outfit. it is custom made by a woman in chinatown. i asked her for a bright red christmas meme sweatsuit. she said come back in an hour. she charged $40 (forty dollars).

    • Jesus loves you all and is coming back soon! Believe in His death and resurrection and repent of your sins and be saved! Remember that He died and rose up again for you to be in heaven with Him! Have an amazing day ❤️❤😊😊

    • Ioooo@tigergreg8 woii

    • y

    • eye reveal

    • That outfit is fucking awesome dude

  • Technically Casey’s drone broke the world Record for highest drone flight

  • Me: almost get kicked out because I’m too loud Casey: flies a drone in the air plane.

    • @hatusne mike LMFAO

    • Bro I just saw your comment and casey said I’m about to fly a drone on a airplane ✈️

    • I hate kids that shout in planes lol

    • @Domovini Vjerni i flew a drone inside another, larger drone

    • They just kick you out the door while the plane is flying

  • Imagine needing the bathroom so bad but Casey is filming soap inside

    • @Sammy Heartiest daddy

    • Funny

    • Lmao

    • He was on this plane all by himself lol notice how all the suites were empty

    • 😂🤣

  • Currently on my annual re-watch of all Casey’s airplane vids.

  • I loved when Casey said “You could fit a small family under here”.

    • He probably meant Wee-Mans family

    • Welcome to the FBI Watchlist Club!

    • sixty night it’s cool bro

    • That suite is just a bit smaller than the apartment i lived in Tokyo for a couple years

  • Everyone else on the plane: dying of heat and neck pain Casey: LOOK AT THESE BARS OF SOAP

    • Its always cold on flights

    • @MB4 im always so fucking cold on flights lmao

    • Lol no its not hot they have good air-conditioning, and I don't think it could get hot in any type of airline.

    • @idksom body heat. a lot of body heat in small confinement’s = *very hot*

    • Heat? Please say you are joking

  • I wonder if Emirates gave the employees a heads up... "There will be a large child running around the plane today with a camera. Just indulge him." 😂

    • Nice

    • Jesus loves you all and is coming back soon! Believe in His death and resurrection and repent of your sins and be saved! Remember that He died and rose up again for you to be in heaven with Him! Have an amazing day ❤️❤😊😊

    • The bit with the drone still cracks me up five years later.

  • Who else remembers going to airports and getting on planes? man those were good times.

    • @Leming Tai I agree. I took an 8 hour flight on KLM and it was hard to sleep 🙄

    • Nope not for me we waited 2 hours for our plane to arrive and spent 7 hours in economy then 2 in dubai and then 7 hours to malaysia, and guess what my lovely friends, we had to do this a second time

    • 🥺💯💯💯

    • i got stuck in canada and had to get a hotel

    • First started off as a kid and hella good times too. My last flight back in 2019 from Seoul, South Korea - Atlanta, GA. Man I miss those good days😪

  • i feel like i would never want to bother the flight attendants because i would feel so spoiled

    • If you’re polite to them they won’t mind, but yeah I would feel the same

    • They will stop by regularly...and I do mean regularly. If you want privacy though...a flip of the DND switch and you will get a gentle nudge and wakeup 1 hour before landing. With on demand dining in First Class, you eat what you want, when you want and as much as you want. The Dom champagne is delicious as well.

    • Yeah same, i dont think im made for fancy things like this with my tendency to honestly enjoy 'cheap' experiences just as much along with absolutely hating the idea that id be bothering the attendants (even though i know its literally their job to cater to passengers). Im the typa dude thats just as happy sleeping on the floor then a plush bed and eating meal deals on the curb over a expensive restuarant as long as ive had a good memorable time around good people 'cheap thrills' is the term, i suppose

    • If you guys are too lazy to read the article, their stays in hotels in between fights are compensated for by the airlines, they get free or heavily discounted flights, and even food is accommodated. Although these perks are very eye-catching, I personally would like to have a job that lets me see my family often.

    • @Scruff D0g The median annual salary for a flight attendant as of July 2021 was $78,425. The top 90% of flight attendants make over $114,000 per year, and the lowest 10% makes about $48,850 per year.

  • Let’s be honest, This isn’t our first time watching this

    • Ive watched this deadass easily over 20 times just in the past 2 year.

    • It’s my 15th time lol

    • It’s a tradition to come back to watch this every once in a while

    • It’s my first time

    • This is my 5th time 😂

  • Casey: What would you need 11 bars of soap for?? Covid-19: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Fun fact: there’s more planes in the ocean than boats in the sky

  • Casey - "I will now attempt to fly my drone inside this airplane." Pilot - "Attention all passengers we are experiencing interference with the flight controls".

    • 😐.....🤣😂🤣😂

    • The navigation system has been interfered by a object of some sort~ we cannot navigate to the destination,

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • That’s gotta be against some FAA regulation somewhere. If not, they’re not prepared for the likes of us.

    • I’ve never been on a plane before

  • Casey: I couldn’t finish it all Also Casey: It was too much Flight attendant: gives him more food

  • to be honest who would hate this guy he is so innocent trying to make reviews of airplane flights

    • One subs without a single video how would he have killed everyone?

    • Drone in a plane

    • So innocent he almost killed everyone with a drone

    • Joby Obrien Exactly he is just a person reviewing 1st class plane tickets

    • This Is my first time watching Casey, never heard about him, i read His name in another video. I got bored with this video

  • It’s amazing to me how Casey is so professional and proper while still exuding that sense of childlike wonderment and excitement.

  • I keep coming back to watch this. Casey your infectious joy at being able to have this first class seat is absolutely THE best advertising that Emirates could have hoped for. When I hit the lottery the very first thing I am going to do is fly somewhere, anywhere, that I can book a first class ticket with this airline. Thank you for the smile yet again.

  • Normal people: sleep on the plane at night Casey: let's see if my drone can fly on the plane ✈️😂✈️😂✈️😂

  • Laughed so hard during the drone flying incident. 😂😂👍

  • There are 3 types of people: guys who fly drones, guys who fly drones near airports, and then you have this man flying it inside the plane. Just wonderful

  • Casey: I don’t know why you would need eleven bars of soap Me: stealing

    • @Klutxy Lol I literally thought the same just before I read your comment

    • Oi you don't have a 100 000 subs!

    • 100,000 Subs without a video ?

    • Why the hell is everyone in replies putting one word with wrong spelling?

    • if ur rich enough for first class u probably don't need to steel soap

  • Casey is always like a little kid exploring everything and it just makes me smile

  • I love Casey's every reaction and review to every corner of the plane ❤️

  • I miss being under 18 and living at home with my parents. I got to travel to so many beautiful places all around the world, and did it in luxury. One time we even flew First class to Portugal!!! It's such a shame that I didn't appreciate all of the thing and places I saw and experienced, because i was too young to know, it's not a common occurrence. From 9 years old to 18, we would travel twice a summer to another country. When I was 15, my parents even paid for my girlfriend at the time, to come with us to visit Cancun Mexico! Now... I haven't even seen my local beach in 6+ years. I'm poor and have nothing. All I have are wonderful memories to think and dream about. Appreciate what you have while you have it.

  • Imagine the flight attendant walking in and seeing a 30 year old man playing with the floor lights

    • He’s almost 40

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • @davEd they don’t

    • Im pretty sure they have to knock but yeah

    • What's wrong with it

  • This guy is a legend. I don’t know how he doesn’t get pissed off when flights are constantly getting delayed, he would be a nice guy to meet. Also, great video Casey.

  • There’s something so genuinely sweet about Casey’s excitement in this Video. Like watching a person turn back into a kid again

  • Imagine if a flight attendant came in when he was under the table.

    • That what happened to Noah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • E

    • if i was paying $20,000 or however much it costs for this plane seat, i'd expect my personal slave of a flight attendant to be the one taking the blame for me doing something weird

    • No lol they'd knock on the door first

    • @xiiereity Lol

  • 8:15 Pilot: everyone please stays in your seat cause we’re landing. Meanwhile, Casey having fun skateboarding.

  • Watching Casey always puts me in a chill mood, such positive vibes 💪🏼💯

  • I hate flying...but you make it look so damn cool

  • Casey seems like such a nice and genuine guy, no flexing, just a pure review and a good one.

  • Casey is so chill in a first class suite like that, if that was me I’d be taking everything my backpack could carry

  • Casey seems so naturally enthusiastic and excited about this trip. Thank you for the content!

  • Other people on a plane: ugh this is boring Casey: I will now attempt to fly my drone on this plane

  • Back then, no one would have ever predicted the direction this channel would end up going in. Casey was so brilliant and inspiring as a CS-tv creator. It is sad that this channel is a shell of what it once was. Not bitching at all about Casey's evolution - just missing what once was.

  • Emirates pilot: we’re delayed a bit Me in first class: no problem man take ur time

    • Wow ,what a suite,must have been $$$$$.

    • Elon Musk in the first class : come on there isn't any bath in this plane. Even not a golf. How can i stay longer in this hell ?

    • meanwhile economy class: E

    • Meanwhile economy class: 🤬

    • @lol lol you would need to get off the plane then

  • @ 7:54 Casey trying to shut the drone down then quickly puts it down...HILARIOUS!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casey with his drone is like when my phone goes off in class accidently. Lmao

  • Casey would be the type of kid you would take to the store and would touch everything 😂

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Casey: *"A door that opens and closes"*

  • It’s a tradition to come back to these airplane videos every once and a while

  • That is cooler than my entire house! 😱

    • Mustafa Salah Im just messing with you, sorry. ;)

    • Mustafa Salah Actually I️ can do what I️ want because it MINES comment and I can’t do anything about it go focus on your own MINES comment and I’m not listening to you since it’s MINES brain.

    • Mustafa Salah I️ seriously don’t get why people like you are taking this comment serious...

    • dont you get it?

    • TrueMOBSTER not in my case man and i think it is not cooler than yours cause man even you have a flat (i don't know if you have a house or a flat) man it's much bigger than this sit

  • you can literally watch these videos forever. casey you will forever be unmatched. much love

    • Yessir 4 year later squas

  • Believe me or not casey is the type of passengers my flight attendants love

  • casey has got to be one of the most chill guys out there ps: start uploading a bit more🤣

  • Damn the flight attendants genuinely looked sad to see him go

    • U don’t know what genuine is then -FGW

  • Out of all the first class seats he’s reviewed, this one is by far my favorite

  • Thank you Casey for taking us for a ride in something most of us will never experience.

    • @Alex & Erika oooo some up and coming CS-tvrs

    • I love this response and the time you actually took to destroy ignorance in the comments section. Thank you.

    • It's incredible how the emirates have some money to spend :0 Those lights on the floor man. More futuristic than StarWars

    • I have experienced the old first class Emirates cabin and the new one

  • Casey: *Checks out the pens, journals and what not* Casey: There are 11 bars of soap. The Middle-class in me: What among these can I take home?

    • The pens and journals are complimentary. I'm also absolutely sure you can take some soap with you, they restock it to exactly 11 bars of soap on a regular basis.

    • Meeee!!!

  • Casey is the only guy that would fly his drone in a airplane 🤣🤣

  • 0:36 That is the grin of someone that knows he is about to fly a drone in a plane

    • It’s like a toddler on Christmas

  • This is just one of those videos that will never get old no matter how many times you watch it.

  • These videos give people so much hope and excitement for the future, please make more videos where your reviewing these first class flights. Much love 🤙

  • I hope you are fortunate enough to board a plane like this one day.

    • @NostalgicHobo madlad

    • Aaliyah.B Reviews & Vlogs You’re too young to be on CS-tv

    • Claire Pandicorn True

    • Thx but I'm poor and I obviously wont afford this.. EVER.. My parwnts can barely afford regular seats for me and my siblings. And we don't go on as a plane as often. We go like every other 2 years.😢 hope you can afford something like this too..😢

    • Me? I already went to this... but twice only

  • They should use OLED screens for those monitor windows, would’ve definitely made the sunset look more true to life. Given the price of the ticket, I’m sure they can afford the upgrade!

  • The cabin crew on Emirates are really great staff thankful for all of them

  • 7:31 - Four years after watching this scene the first time, I still find it absolutely hilarious😂!

  • I really like the fact that he spends the money to get these seats and uses every single part of it. Even the notebook and pen. He makes it worth it

  • This guy really flew a drone inside an airplane... respect

  • I love how he walks around like he owns the place 😂

    • Chuck Lonz he does no one else is there

    • @Rudol Von Stroheim I know right

    • @Tyrone so well that he didn't have to make this one 10 minutes

    • I mean if your paying 20k for a seat u better be able too 😂

    • I mean, he did pay like 20,000

  • The drone moment was just something unforgettable

  • After watching these videos on and off for the last few years I have figured out what makes it work so well. Casey is basically Kevin McAllister at the plaza in home alone 2

  • Imagine he went on the flight but when he was done he realised he forgot to press record

  • Any real rc enthusiasts would fly there drone inside a plane!!! Way to go my man!!!

  • I agree with Casey, I feel like that flight is more of a hotel room. I would love to be on this flight.

  • Lol at the drone scene 😂😂

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • O thought it was gonna hit someone if they walked in lol

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 7:50 hes looking at the camera like SHIT HELP! 😂😂😂😂

    • I was like that would so be me tho

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I've watched this many times throughout the years and I've only just realised how insane he looks wearing sunglasses during the whole flight.

  • casey's excitement is so contagious

  • Having started my own channel... I honestly don't think a lot of these viewers really understand how creative your shots are... My goodness dude you are rediculously amazing!

  • Casey , I love how ur being so nice to the flight attendants anyways I love ur videos I’ll ask all my friends to subscribe to u keep the great work up

  • I remember watching this when it first came out out three years ago and this is like my sixth time binge watching all of his comprehensive reviews

  • he should get a guiness world record for highest drone flight

    • And suddenly you start seeing other YOLOers attempting this shit in plane in an attempt to beat the record

    • He was like 20,000 feet or something so the world record

    • FearlessJbx Gami

    • Thanks for all the support guys! Never had this much likes and replies in one comment! Thank you so much!

    • Thats like saying you are the tallest person in the world for being in the international space station...

  • The fact that this man brought a drone on an airplane is amazing

  • It’s crazy to see how extra nice they r being to him

  • I whach these videos over and over again because there so enjoyable and nostalgic, love Casey

  • Dude the flight attendants are so cheerful and happy and sooooo welcoming. I wish I get on a plane like that

  • At one point that drone was moving faster then the plane itself

  • Casey is probably the first person to fly a drone going 500 mph!

  • The way Casey puts his drone away is how I put my phone away when I'm watching CS-tv at midnight and my mom opens the door.

  • I love how nobody in the comments would be able to consider affording this yet we are all watching.

  • Emirates : we offer really comfortable seats Casey : proceeds to sit on the floor

  • Technically casey also broke the record for world's fastest drone

    • @StephCurryMcFlurry96 Probably, so let's just stop having this argument. Everyone is fast and no-one is fast. The End

    • @Daniel Di Carlo Wait. Wouldn't technically everyone be the fastest person on Earth, because of the planet's rotation?

    • @StephCurryMcFlurry96 But surely any other person on that flight, or other people taking flights at the same time are co-record holders, or if someone was flying a fighter jet at the time, then that pilot would be the record holder. Just retract your statement

    • @Daniel Di Carlo I said man. Not plane.

    • @StephCurryMcFlurry96 nope, any plane travelling faster than the speed of a Boeing, or the Mach 0.85

  • 4 years ago today this legend flew a drone in a plane

  • That is the most outrageous airplane suite I've ever seen. So unnecessary. So absurd. So ridiculous. ... _I need it_

    • CulpFiction Vlogs yep!!

    • Diamond Tiera pyramid schemes

    • i woundt say unnecessary. I would love having my own little cabin. I cant stand other people

    • literally tho!!

  • Casey your a really nice guy to flight attendants love your videos by the way I’ll ask my friends to subscribe to you keep the great work up

  • Casey's drone problem made me laugh, thank you very much. I needed that after today.

  • i must watch this every other day his videos are so well produced i love them

  • Casey is the type of dude that would be like Aye excuse me can I get some caviar While the plane is falling

  • I love that Casey acts just like a little kid when he is first class suite

  • Only Casey would try to fly his drone in an airplane! LOL WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING HAHAHAHA (casey I travel vlog check me out

  • Casey be living some good vibes in the suite

  • Best part of this video is 1:51 with casey explaining how a door works

  • Casey:this is full review of the new first class suites on emirates Also casey:on this ipad here you can do stuff

  • Those flight attendants are so friendly

  • everyone else in first class eating and sleeping: Casey: with a Christmas costume and playing wit a drone

  • I could watch Casey review first class planes for hours.

    • Ikr

    • Noah Howes ditto. I wasn’t sure at first but it was awesome

    • Same 😂

    • Why? You know he's just a corporate shrill. He only makes the videos to advertise for said company. He's part of the problem that's been festering on the internet. Which is the infiltration of old media policies and imfustructure trying to shape the internet so the can control and profit from it. Look how what CS-tv has turned into, very little difference between TV, and radio now.

    • Lol it’s his money he can spend it how ever he wants he doesn’t have to donate tbh I couldn’t give less of a fuck if I saw a homeless person on the side of the road because I wonder how they got where they are right now.

  • I like how he vlogs because he vlogs like he is talking to you or like a group people. He’s not just talking, like he’s really into it. Great video! I loved all the details!

  • The people on the plane are so friendly and amazing