AMAZING ACOUSTIC Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

čas přidán 19. 08. 2019
Check out the top acoustic auditions from America's Got Talent and Spain's Got Talent 2019!
Featuring performances from:
Benicio Bryant on America's Got Talent
Mario Carva on Spain's Got Talent
Chris Kläfford on America's Got Talent
Sophie Pecora on America's Got Talent
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  • Thanks for making believe, I almost believed

  • Quiero un CD del señor que tocó guitara

  • Last singer , woke the world..


  • AND i WILL.

  • How to change this world , i WILL TRY....

  • Am I the only one who thinks she can’t sing and the sound was horrible?

  • Amazing..

  • The last one was terrible, really bad... Others were really good though..

  • 13:19 Simon remember all the times he got bullied in the 7th grade!😅😅😅

  • Torn down in the seventh grade...and the sixth, fifth, fourth, third and oh ya eighth etc. you get my point. Bullying sucks, no way to get away from it. Went back to school (college) at 27 and discovered I was smart, was just shy and scared when in public school. Now I am a grandma, pitty the fool who bullies my grandbabes. Her song made me relive the worst years of my life, made me cry. Kids are cruel.

  • What is the song title of old man sing?please

    • What's his name even? I don't understand a word of what he's singing but that feels got through, man.

  • Então foi isso q Thor fez depois de Ultimato?

  • learn koran it will do better for u than singing:P

  • Oh man, that last performance! That was simply amazing!

  • All are wonderfully talented, had replay the last one,she's great

  • First girl was great. The guy with the long hair was good but I hate that song Imagine. An atheist song

  • my god jay looks like a cartoon character

  • My Sky love

  • Benicio the best voice..

  • Chris Kläfford with Imagine just totally nailed it .... After long time I cried at a song

  • no.3 its amazinggg 😢😳😲

  • I was torn down in the 7th grade..?? wait till 9th

  • Love them when their talent swemt in my ears and just melt in my brine 😊😃

  • The last girl is like Hobo Johnson's little sister

  • Ya que moi ici fr😅😅😅

  • Got Talent Parabéns - Maravilha 🍸 BRASIL

  • Cómo se llama el hombre de pelo largo y barba, que tocó la guitarra y canto maravillosamente? Tiene algún canal de CS-tv?

  • So far first kid's great !!! So far the Imagine guys got ti !!! Sorry kid you can keep the rap crap. { music has a melody }

  • i Love you THOR from End game...😍😍😭😭😭

  • Awesome talents by all.So enjoyable 👍👍 the guy that done Imagine was the bomb Loved his performance the way he made it his own.AWESOME 💕💕💕

  • At least people from TwoSetViolin know how trash this show is (^ ^)

  • Daqui do Brasil ... curto de montão !!! SO WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLL !!!

  • Hooooooo...Pay me!

  • That is where authentic creative talent parts ways with 99.9% of everyone else in or around the music industry. This girl is super, super, super rare!! Every bit of that is coming from places inside of her. Reminds of Kate Bush writing Wuthering Heights at 16 or Bernie Taupin writing Border Song around that age too.

  • Yawn! Time to sleep.

  • What is the Name from the spanish Song?

  • So sweet, so touching the guitar in its original soft flow with the global manifold voices and interpretation of love, passion. The slow down of our over wired world in purity & radiance in soul & heart felt echo of all our Oneness! thank you! Thanks to all vocalists & their courage!

  • Sounds like it's the climb.

  • bruh

  • All of you just do stuff people already have done bunch of worthless trash

  • 7th grade LOVE THE SONG prob my fav song of all time

  • Lol what the hell does Jay Leno know about music LMAO, because he's in spot light, he knows everything so funny,( he looks like a idiot) 😂😂😂

  • Stop singing sad songs

  • Colonel Sanders detected!!

  • Just imagine 🙏🙏🙏

  • nr 3 ..magic

  • nr 1 ...amazing voice

  • Absolutely fantastic ........

  • Was it Ringo of the Fab four @2:12?

  • O cara que canta imagine è demaissss

  • helllo

  • Imagine.... woooowwww

  • wow

  • I don't watch much TV so I don't get to see these things live, but that was probably the best Imagine cover I have ever heard.

  • kick ass


  • Timo

  • interesting .... two repeat performers from prior season's x-factor

  • The chap singing Spanish song on guitar was fabulous...