Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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  • إلى عربي لايك خلنه نشوف كم عربي


  • Am I the only one who feels like they just watched an 11 minute IKEA ad?

  • me encanta tu video

  • ideas increibles para mejorar tu hogar de millonario con tu vida de millonario y tu tiempo libre de millonario jajajajajajja

  • I enjoyed the human boiler at 4:25. Many think fried is the best option, but boiling is clearly better once you've tried it.

  • Fish and plastic, yeah, right.

  • QuantumYech: DIY is the best! Me: IKEA the wonderful everyday!

  • 마지막 타일 바닥이 죽입니다..ㅎㅎㅎ

  • How can more than 2 people sit N that Lobster Pot? & where do U get tha pressure Plate 4 tha feet washer? INANE & INSANE 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • com tantas visualizações eu pergunto: quem realmente são os bobos....

  • براعه موطبيعيه

  • Thanks for sharing the creative ideas. I am amazed by the negative and condensating comments. It's as if our society has become addicted to criticism.

  • hello

  • What? Just how do you create a water-tight, wooden Jacuzzi, using simple carpentry techniques and no sealant?

  • it must be a challenge having to clean the dirty fish water every week or so.....

  • Omg this poor Gold fishes. They need Not this pvc but they need deep water and other stuff !

  • fenol floor? no thanks

  • Muito legal

  • Why is it, the only reason I watched this video, was close to the end, and had no part of how it was made?

  • Thanks for that detailed build plan for the outdoor step-up shower! (not) In addition, the water pressure from a typical garden hose may be woefully inadequate to give a good upward spray. Prob why you didn't film any higher than a kneecap!

  • Душ крутяк!)

  • интересная подюорка видео. С рыбками идея класс #кирпич

  • Are you fukn serious?

  • Omg. That bathroom is horrible. Not only does it look tacky as hell, but it’s also not functional if you wanna stand after a shower. Slip city. I thought maybe they were gonna do a complete redo as a white, clean bathroom. Nope. Dumpster fire.

  • The illegals will be like Mexican jumping beans the first time they cut that lawn with the buried trampoline.🤕🌮

  • ...& everytime they eat dinner, it smells like fish shit! Brilliant!

  • Poor fish...

  • тетка норм полку собрала, чел скалолаз прибьет себя со своим бетонированием

  • уровень и цены понимаете???

  • Xx

  • the last one is horrible ... the technique is good but the bad taste is inimitable ... who would want a floor like that?

  • Amazing ways to sever your fingers by not being safe.

  • Amazing


  • Does anyone know where I can find tutorial to make the shower system?....for after using the pool and cleaning the chlorine

  • I hate it when youtube translates video names

  • أحسن ظنك بالله

  • None of these are really cost efficient or could your average Joe do it with out equipment

  • applying that ugly plastic sheet on your toilet floor is a downgrade, like you will literally devalue your home with that shit. ask any realtor

  • I thought the thumbnail as someone taking a shower outside 😭

  • Dig a hole in your yard for some dumb trampoline...

  • 最初の風呂すげー

  • I only like the wooden outdoor shower and the sauna.

  • b

  • I m lazzy, I prefer CS-tv to DIY.

  • absolutely a click bait

  • comment que ça s'appelle la planche que quand tu t'y mets dessus, ça déclenche des jets ? Génial ; j'en voudrais une

  • ý tưởng rốt tốt

  • Spikey shoes during white coating of shower floor?

  • Can you please delete this stupid fish table idea! It is just mollesting of animals. And it looks stupid as well. Actualy this entire video sucks.

  • The last one was the worst.. other then the rest.. ha ha ha.. one was the hot tub

  • The trampoline hole would obviously fill with water the first time it rained? It needs drainage pipes installed and or a pumped drain system

  • The rapper “ French Montana “ has the underground trampoline in his home

  • Fish will fly out

  • дизлайк, выставить чужие ролики большого ума не надо.

  • name kinook music please

  • Just buy a shop and spend about 100 grand on tools. So you can make your own 5 thousand dollar jacuzzi. Wow great idea!.

  • Omg, she is amazing!

  • Wood in direct contact with concrete? That rock wall is gonna rot out and fall on is head.

  • Way to much effort being put in for basic stuff, that you can buy premade. The th shelf could have been bult with 2x4 in half the time with less effort, or just buy a basic mdf unit and paint it white.

  • So lame...

  • Only a matter of time before you lose your thumb to that angle grinder!

  • Пиздец, 3 месяца делал.. В итоге такая хуйня! Пиздец как не кайфово когда струя попадает прямо в нос, а детям по глазам хуярит... Ослепли к сожалению( Ну похуй новых сделаю..

  • Wow great video Hello new my friend Like like

  • Did I miss the section where they told us how to make the older mister....about 7:50?

  • animal abuse mother fuckers

  • Have the woman on the wooden garden shower floor do it nude, I might be interested.

  • Cx

  • That dolphin floor refurb is the ugliest, cheapest, tackiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • what a stupid fucking shower install! Pissed away a bunch of money on that! Morons.

  • stirfry fish!

  • אלמוג ים של חברת התעופה בן דוד שלי הוא אמר שזה היה ממש נחמד אבל זה לא היה ממש כיף לי

  • Climber dude what a nerd

  • Useless

  • I fail to see how sticking some tacky pictures on my shower floor will upgrade my home.

    • imagine: hidden camera during open house when that home is for sale.... just saying

  • This video is advertising items that you can buy for your home while stopping every few minutes for MORE ADVERTISEMENTS !!!!!!!

  • What a waste of time. Old and useless ideas. Thanks for nothing

  • all ideas are terrible, but the last one is the worst

  • Ok the out door shower how do you stop the water from going up your nose ? 8.17 time into video

  • I'm tired asf after work and I ain't doing all that shit on my day off

  • Goldfish table not practical for the regular cleaning/change of water. bit silly really.

    • A carpet of hair algae

  • Things to do after buying a house with these things: Repair the water damage caused by the "aquarium". Buy soil and fill it in the huge hole in the ground. Throw out the bacteria infested hot top. Throw out the shelves for the media centre and repair the damages done to the wall. Sell the climbing wall to a hippie. Applaud the previous owner for installing a shower in the garden, where you can shower while redoing the tacky slippery dolphin slide called a bathroom.

  • I like the first one.

  • Geil der Tisch mit den Fischen. 😂😂😂 Aber in Germany würdest nur Shitstorm ernten.

  • Ok, I'll start with the goldfish. You need to put the fish and water in the bag in the water in the plastic pipe so the water in the bag gradually becomes the same temp as the water you are putting the fish in. If you don't you could shock the fish by putting them in water that is a different temp. I guess since I didn't/don't have a use for any of the other stuff showed and didn't find anything wrong with it I have nothing else to say. 😁 Nice video if you need or use any of this stuff. 👍

  • who tf would put dolphin wallpaper on their floor?

  • где б приобрести такие полукругые фрезы?очень надо

  • Gotta say, kinda like the hot tub. Although, I would have not left the wood open to soak up water, and rot, or use pressure treated, that would leach chemicals into the water, only to have them soak into my skin. That wouldn’t go well.

  • After all , do you still eat dogs for dinner ?

  • 08:35 aonde compraaaaaaa adorei

  • Perfecto! solo falta tener esa carísima herramienta y boom!

  • O aquario foi horrivel 😭

  • Dumb video.... so sick of “life hack” videos. Fucking tools!

  • I really wanted to see how and what they made 7:52 :(

    • Same here what was the point of showing it if you're not going to show to make it

  • I like some of these ideas.....

    • Skeeter Love DING DONG DICK

  • Qual nome da trilha

  • I am impressed how much time these guys have to kill

  • show us the fish table after a month.......nasty

  • how does your hose have that much water pressure to shoot thos jets higher than the woman???